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"Spot on ya mate it's a good game."

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a good plat former for beginners because it is very easy and can get addictive. Only if you really get into the story will it get addictive. The story can get really boring and you will most likely stop playing for a while. This game is okay but Krome could have done a much better job. The story is still very typical for a plat former. The whole save the world from the big Baddie. Ty isn't the worst plat former I've played but it's certainly not the best.

The graphics are good, they kind of resemble claymation
(clay animation)during the cinemas. The graphics are smooth and fluid for a plat former.The texturing is great when you look at the snow it looks like snow. The environment responds to your actions just like in real life. when you jump in the water it makes a splash equal to the force in which yo jumped in. The graphics rating I give Ty is 9/10.

Ty has a great game play based on a Tasmanian Tiger named Ty who was raised by a family of bilbies who are now being held by Boss Cass. You must save the bilbies in every level. You must also collect thunder eggs which are crystals that have tons of energy inside. You must also stop Boss Cass from collecting the talismans which have mystical properties''. To stop Boss Cass you have to collect the talismans before he does by powering a machine that gets the talismans for you. The machine is powered by thunder eggs. Ty's game play rating is 8/10

Ty has a great sound track and sound effects. The sound track is really good because it fits every mood and stage of the game. Like the classic forbidding boss music in every game or the happy go lucky music in an easy level. The sound effects are in their element. You can here everything in the game from when you jump to when you hit the ground. You can here an enemy sneaking up on you by the grass being rattled behind you. I give the sound a rating of 10/10.

Like most platform games it has a horrible, horrible camera angle. It swings around to a bad angle to where you can't see anything. The good thing is you can swing it around to where you can see but it can get very aggravating.
I give the camera angle a rating of 4/10.

Ty is a very good game for the beginning gamer or the intermediate but not for the pro gamer. All in all Ty deserves a good rating of 7 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/04/03, Updated 07/04/03

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