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"A Game as Fine as the Hair on a Kangaroo"

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger in my opinion is a superb all around game for many reasons. Plus the accents are cool.


The graphics in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger are superb. From the waving grass to the enemies nothing is wrong here. The Golden Cogs glisten like there is no tomorrow without them. The Thunder Eggs patiently wait there for you to pick them up while looking their best. The Opals glisten just about everywhere you look in a level until you pick them up. Bilbies sparkle once you save them from their cages, and much, much more down under.


The sounds are spot on in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. The levels sound like they are straight out of Australia and once you get into the game you think that you are in Australia. Splashing water, boomerangs flying, enemies dying, just about everything in the game makes some sort of noise.


The weapons in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger are severely limited to boomerangs and bites. The bites are just the well bite attack and super bite attack, which free bilbies, attack enemies and so on and so forth. There are lots of boomerangs however, from the regular boomerangs you have at the start to the zoomerang, and multirang there is a boomerang for just about anything that you could possibly think of.


There could definitely be a wider variety of enemies in the game as there just aren't enough to be specific to a level although there are some that are specific to a level, you see some enemies in every level throughout the whole game, this kind of gets rid of the fun of hitting something in the face with a boomerang if you have to see it over and over again.

GAME PLAY---10/10

The levels are spectacular in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. From a swamp to Two-Up, everything is just as fine as they are fine. The levels encompass several areas which can be just about anywhere that you can think of or wish for, from an ocean to the top of a snowy peak ravaged by brush fires, nothing went wrong in this game.


Having the large and wide assortment of pick-up items in this game gave it a lot of replay value because some stuff can get by you without you even noticing it got by. Plus lots of stuff is hidden in either hard to get to areas or just hidden extremely well.


This game is cooked well-done al the way through, although there could definitely be some improvements such as more enemies, and nothing else. Hopefully if there is another game it will be just as great as its predecessor.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/22/03, Updated 07/22/03

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