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"Fun game for kids, but lacking some depth in gameplay"

Being an avid fan of platformers in the same style as Banjo Kazooie, I picked up Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, hoping for something of the same caliber as Banjo or Vexx, but it finally was missing a lot of quality elements, but is still pleasant to play in the end.


The game takes place in the kangaroos and koalas land, Australia. Some talismans where stolen from Ty's family and he must take them back from the evil bird, Boss Cass. You start in the main area of the game, from where you can access every levels. Like any platformer, you can collect many different items in the levels for many purposes. To get the Thunder Eggs, you have to complete some goals and tasks in the levels, the Golden Cogs for their part can be found laying around in the levels, some well hidden, others in plain view. There are other things to collect like 300 opals in each level and 5 Bilbies to get a Thunder Egg. These are the main and only goals of all levels.

With a certain number of Thunder Eggs, you can access new levels, and Golden Cogs give you new boomerangs, which I'll talk about later. There are 9 levels, all set in an australian environment, this really reducing the variety of the levels. The themes of the levels are rainforest, beach, snow and safari. You can imagine most of the levels take place in the same environment, something really disappointing. Plus, unlike the conventional platformers where you wander around large open areas to find the collectibles, the levels in Ty were done in a very linear way, mostly like following the main path and finding the items on your way... Ty is also sadly extremely easy, reducing the longevity. Mainly aiming at kids, most of the items to find are in plain view and the tasks extremely simple...

The only good point in the gameplay are the boomerangs. There are many different types of boomerangs, fire, ice, thunder, and others. They each have their utility, the flamerang puts things on fire and melts ice, the frostyrang freezes the water, the zappyrang does electricity, the aquarang works in water, etc.. Ty can have two boomerangs at the same time and can use them to glide. Sadly, for most of the things to collect in the game, you won't even need the powers of the different boomerangs. The frostyrang only serves once in the entire game, the zappyrang twice and the flamerang a little more. The elemental rangs sound like a great idea but why not using it more than this ? There's even a Kaboomerang, that supposedly blow up large boulders (like said in the game) but this rang will never serve you! There's nothing to blow up, no secret passageways nor nothing... very disappointing as the rangs could have been use for puzzles or things like that...


It's all cartoony, it's all nice, but it lacks details. The ground looks terribly bland and the plants too. Most of the plants are 2D.. Hopefully the background are really nice and the draw distance is pretty good. The characters looks good, especially Ty, but some could have been better considering how good they looked in the FMVs. There's some really nice touches like the paw prints Ty leaves on the ground behind him as he walk. I though there wasn't enough variety in the graphics, too enough will you see a level that looks similar to a previous one... In overall I liked the graphics but there could have been a little more work put into them since they could be compared to Dreamcast graphics, only slightly better.

AUDIO 7/10

The music is pretty good, with guitars sounds and such. If you like this type of music, you'll really enjoy Ty's music, but if you don't, you will most likely hate it and all the game has that type of music... I didn't really love it or hate it, I found it to be nothing special, but it goes well with the Australian theme. The sounds were so-so, some didn't sound exactly like what they were supposed to while others sounded really great.


A very easy and short game. I'd say 10 hours for the main quest, a little more to collect everything to 100%. There is a Bonus World to unlock, but it's very small and disappointing. I wouldn't call it a ''bonus''.. The only thing that could take time is collecting the 150 hidden portrait boxes, but revisiting all the levels to find your last 5 missing is very redundant and boring so you'll likely not want to. A second play through the game is pointless, one time is enough.

OVERALL 6.5/10

A game aiming at kids. Kids will really like it for its simplicity, but older players should pass over this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/01/04, Updated 01/28/04

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