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"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"

My dad had gotten this game because he loves to play war games. Though I hated violence at the time, I decided to give this game a "shot." I ended up liking it, defeating my dad by a crazy 7 points. I then began to play solo, and because I have played it for a long time, I decided to also give this game a review.


The story was very good, even for a war game. You are Jimmy Patterson, and you are going with your partners to the battlefield. Upon entering, your team is brutally shot down, except for your captain, along with 5 other soldiers. Upon getting closer to the inside of their base, your captain tells you to continue by yourself, while they guard for any troopers trying to follow you. When making it far enough, you see with your own eyes your captain, along with one of your companions, get shot to the ground by a group of opponents. Now you must complete the mission; defeat Strumgeist, and end the war for good.


The game-play, though repetitive, is really awesome. To play this game, all you have to do is progress through the levels. How do you get to the next level, you may ask? By knocking the brains out of the enemies! Blow them up with a grenade, shoot them with a machine gun, knock multiple enemies with a bazooka, and use other kinds of methods to bring them down!


The graphics are very detailed. Every soldier's face is detailed, rather than a block. The buildings have rubble, bullet marks, and scratches all over them. This game really has some good graphics, with guns, grenades, and bullets looking like the actual model in real life.


The control is hard to learn in this game. To shoot, you have to press the L button. The Z button is used to reload, and the B button is used to whack your opponents with your weapon. The Control Stick is used to move, and the C stick is used to turn around. The Control Pad is used to change weapons. This game is very hard to learn, especially because the controls are so strange.


The sound is actually really good. The gun shots are easily heard, and the sound decreases as you back away. There are cries when they are shot, and when hit, you can here it hit you. I was really impressed with the sound the most, mostly because the music was also good, and fit the scene.


The difficulty was pretty good. I had trouble on the last few levels, the difficulty slowly increasing as I approached the final level. The opponents are difficult, and it's pretty hard to get all Gold Stars on the levels. I think that this is truly one of the most difficult games I have ever played thus far.


Though this game is really hard, I don't think that the re-playability is as fantastic. I mean, the enemies are now easier, and because of this, getting Gold Stars isn't so hard. You know where all the objectives are, and you can breeze through a level without much trouble. The re-playability is good, but it wasn't as hard as the first time I played this game, which is quite the disappointment.


Though the control was only average, I thought this game was still a pretty good game. The the story was awesome, and the graphics were put to perfection. The sound and difficulty were also good. I thought this game was an overall success.

Rent Or Buy?

Though the game is overall a good game, I suggest a rent. The control isn't worth a buy, mainly because even I haven't mastered it yet. You should probably rent it for more than a week, however, because the game is still pretty good, and should be played to truly experience the difficulty at its best.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/12/07

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