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"This a great game and I have had it since I was 9"

Wow, this game may be old but it never ceaces to impress me.I have almost always had a Gamecube and I am usually always playing a FPS, but the instant I played this game it changed the way I looked at First Person Shooters. It was one of my first game. I got it when I was about 9 and I still play it all the time. This is definitely a great game even despite its age.

It definitely pushed the Gamecube's graphics to the limit. Altough the sky looks like it was painted and when characters mouths move it is always out of sync. I have to sat that they are still pretty good considering it is old and is a Gamecube game. Its graphics are defintely better than most Gamecube titles.

One of my favorite levels is Operation Rapunzel. It is where you sneak inside of a German mansion in order to rescue an allied prisoner named Garitt. What I like to do is at the beggining where your behind the truck is get behind a guard where they can't see you and lay some silenced pistol rounds into his back and then get your papers back out. Another part of the level I like is to shoot chandeleirs and let them come down on top of somebody and kill them. And the last part about that level I like is when you go on a little bridge and this man will shout at you and then shoot the bridge with a Panzerfaust and the bridges collapses as the man with the Panzerfaust dies because of a chandelier falling on him as you fight of Germans with a shotgun, silenced pistol, or STG 44. The levels are very elaborate and playable.

When I play this game I feel like I'm actually there fighting of the numerous soldiers coming at you from different directions with their STG 44s, MP40s, and Kar 98 Ks. I feel like I'm holding a Colt 45 shooting German U-Boat workers as I plant timed charges in the aft torpedo room. I feel like I'm at Ohmaha Beach trying to clear the huge bunkers laying down heavy oppresive fire on me and my comrade trying to deliver the bangelors to clear the seawall. It gives you a different perspective of things in war when you see it this way. I will probably have this game as long as I have my Gamecube.

I also love the music that is on that game. It always puts you on edge and makes you wonder what is around the next corner.

This game has left its mark in FPS and Gamecube history and is recommended to all people who love First Person Shooters.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Medal of Honor: Frontline (US, 11/07/02)

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