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"Decent. I'd rather be playing Timesplitters 2 though."

Medal of Honor Frontline is one of many First Person shooters that have come the Gamecube recently. It sure as hell isn’t the best, but it is well, one of the more honorable ones, that have come to it. Metroid Prime and Timesplitters 2 overlap this game in popularity and just being a much better game in general. This game has its merits and its flaws, which are about evenly split. Graphic design, story, and sound are the good points. Coloring, gameplay, and replay value are its high points. Overall, the game is worth a look at if you like WWII games or First Person Shooters, but I’d stay away otherwise.

Story- 8/10- The story is fairly good and is very realistic to WWII. In the game, you assume the role of Lt. James Patterson, better known to the player as Jimmy Patterson. You are a member of the United States Army. You will go through several missions including D-Day at Omaha Beach, and you must complete the objectives assigned to you. This will determine whether or not you can defeat the Nazi scum and keep history straight so the Allies can win the legendary war. I think it is worthy of a score of 8 out of 10.

Graphics- 6/10- The graphics are a mixed bag. The environments are excellently designed and extremely broad. Objects placed are in the environments are well defined and can easily be made out. Weapons are designed well and look different from each other. A Thompson looks like a Thompson from WWII and the Bazooka doesn’t like an extremely large stick that can send ammunition, which will destroy anything that will come into view. The downside of this category is the coloring in the game, and the people. First, the people have faces that resemble something from the swamp. The Nazi has a nose, some eyes, and a line for a mouth. They can be pointed out though. And you can tell what is the head and what’s not. The other downside, the coloring, is also bad. The environments are hard to see and enemies can easily be in front of you without you noticing due to it. Overall, the graphics earn a 6.

Sound – 9/10

Sound Effects- 10/10- Hell, the main things I love about this game is the amazing sound effects it provides. These are some of the best sound effects of any First Person Shooter. This isn’t saying much about it though. The guns sound extremely realistic and actually sound like you are firing an authentic assault rifle. The environment effects are very nice and well. The menu effects do not disappoint you either. This deserves a 10, hands down.

Music- 8/10- Musically, the game is pretty decent. The environments each have their own original music that suits the mood of it. The menu music does get a bit annoying and repetitive though. You can customize your music in the multiplayer mode. The music gets an 8, which is deserving, for a game with the sound of this caliber.

Gameplay- 4/10- The gameplay in this game would receive a two if it where not for the multiplayer and the excellent assortment of World War II weaponry. There are two main modes in this game. The first is single player mode, which could also be called Mission Mode or Story Mode. You proceed through levels doing objectives. This just seems boring and all that other crap. It all started to go down hill with Agent Under Fire. You proceed through 6 missions and 19 levels earning stars ranging from gold to bronze depending on how well you did in the mission. The other mode, which is the multiplayer mode everyone loves. It has varied restricted levels from the single player mode such as the one at the docks or the on at the mansion. Weapon sets, time, kills needed to win, etc., are all customizable. The weapons in the game are all very different and are very fun to use. The control in this game is really hard at first, but takes time to master. The game just doesn’t feel all that fun. I think Medal of Honor Frontline deserves a very honorable 4 in the gameplay department. I know you people at EA can do better.

Replay Value- 3/10- The game is plainly not worth playing again, unless you enjoyed the multiplayer.

Rent or Buy- Rent- Makes a nice rental for a fan of the genre. It isn’t that hot for anyone else however. You people will enjoy it the first time through though.

Excellent Sound Effects
Fair Story
Excellent Graphical Design
Good Music
Horrible Replay Value
Bad Gameplay
Bad Control
Bad Coloring

Overall- 6/10- Mediocre first person shooting at its finest.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/05/02, Updated 07/26/03

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