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Reviewed: 12/07/02 | Updated: 03/24/03

Sir! You might want to get your head out of the wall

After trying to find a certain game that I've been wanting to rent for a while now, I rented this. The main thing is I went down to block buster and found this game and rented it.
I looked at the cover and I thought about how I always wanted to try a medal of honor game. So I rented it and took it home. I started to play it and I found it to be fun for a second and then I didn't like it for the rest of the time.

Story: This a World War 2 game. You take control of a soldier and start your mission. They didn't change the events in the story due to the fact that they probably wanted to stay historically correct. And that makes sense. If you don't like world war 2 then you wont like the story. You can't really say any thing bad about the story.

Graphics: The Graphics are good. They are not the best that I've seen on the the gamecube, but the graphics for this game are pretty good. Things look nice and there's a little detail in the game. The back grounds look very plain. And every thing appears to be gray. I also found it hard to spot supplies and other items that could help. Maybe it was because I never had the time to look down, but when I did look down I couldn't tell if it was some thing you could or couldn't pick up. Detail was good for every thing but the items and the people. The People looked ok, but up close you could tell they lacked detail.

Game Play: On the first mission your start out on a boat going to the beach. This is were you take control. But at first you can only look around. Then your able to walk and shoot stuff. Then you have to help out your fellow soldiers that are pinned down. If your using the c-stick this can be a pain. The c-stick is too hard to aim with up and down. You find ammo for different guns and then you can use them. At one point you man a machine gun. I always found the machine guns to be fun since you could just mow down the enemies. I forgot to mention the ladders. I found them very hard to climb up. You have to get right next to them and and push up or down, if you push up too fast you'll fall off, and once you get to the top I had no idea how to get off the ladder. Jumping off usually ended up in me falling back down. Going around Corners and trying aim up and down to shoot people wasn't that fun.

And then BOOM! some thing made me stop playing and turn my gamecube off. After dying twice from mines and Nazi machine guns, I try again. I do all the things I was suppose to do better than before. I move up again the wall and I see commanding officer run up. Thats good. But what wasn't good was the fact that he kept running. Once he got to the wall he put his head through it and stayed there (his legs and feet were still moving). Then I played again the next day. I jumped next to a box and I couldn't get down. I couldn't jump down, I couldn't walk down. That got me really upset. I doubt these things will happen to you though. Or maybe they will, I don't know its some big head in the wall glitch or some thing.

Controls: There are many controller types. There are several of them. I didn't think there should be so many. I found all of them hard to use. The C-stick is useless if your trying to aim up or down. Remembering what button does what is also hard. using the cross pad to duck is annoying. But for its two or three other uses its good. shooting with ''A'' is alright, and I prefer it over ''R''. The controls were too hard for me to learn.

Funny/other stuff: I can't remember any thing really funny in this game. I played the multi play with one of my friends. I didn't find it to be fun and neither did he. I've been told its

All in all, it wasn't worth it to me. Think a couple times and read the back of the box before you rent the game. Don't straight go out and buy it. If you like World War 2 you might like it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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