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"They should have left this another two years then it might have been a good game."

Medal of Honour: Frontline continues the MOH series with much improved visuals, effects and missions. You play as Jimmy Paterson throughout a tough set of missions to bring about the destruction of the Nazis. The gameplay is exactly the same and you are still briefed by a set of slides as well as black and white footage. Most of the game mode selections are still there just presented in a different way. You can enter passwords in an enigma machine or start you missions from a field manual. All these additions try to go for authenticity but it would be nice to see more of a change. Especially to do with the intros to the levels. High quality CGI could have been used instead of bad quality film, I guess didn’t want to do any extra work. On offer is a wide range of missions to work through, each offering a new challenge with many more objectives to complete.

Graphics: 6/10
The battlefields look quite good to start out with but then you notice that they are of a low resolution and jagged. It is a real let down that EA haven’t improved the visuals from the Playstation 2 version, and if they have it certainly doesn’t show. For example the water effects demonstrated on the D-day beach landings are terrible, the waves look like blocks of textured blue wood that slides back and forth to indicate the tide. These are nothing compared to the great water seen in Pikmin that was transparent and moved organically. All the surfaces are square, flat or both. Only the weapons are well done, but they are the least important thing to admire. While the game may have looked good on PS2 it looks bad here and spoils the game slightly.

Sound: 7/10
Sound effects are good here, they help you believe you are in the heat of battle. On the first level, the beach landings you will hearing the pat of bullets as the beach is raked by a fighter. Or an explosion and earth being thrown into the air. The effects are realistic and are good to listen to. They have added German voices for all the likely situations. To help you understand what they are talking about a handy subtitle box appears at the bottom of the screen, unfortunately you don’t usually have time to read it in time before it disappears because you are too busy trying to take down the enemy.

Gameplay: 6/10
Tricky, frustrating and linear are the three words I would use to describe the part of the game you are most involved in. To start off with the game is hard, the enemies although stupid are good shots and will take off your life quickly with a few bursts from a MP-40. Plus there are tons of soldiers to dispatch. Added to this are the annoying controls. You can use the “C stick” to aim your weapon and look around and the main stick for running. Aiming I set up so it’s over sensitive and difficult to hit your target when you are getting shot in several places at once. You would get more used to the aiming system after extended play but it detracts from the starting mission’s fun. The German soldiers do speak fluently, giving orders and telling their mates to take cover. Not that their makes listen, due to the fact that most of the men you fight just stand still, in full view of you firing their rifles. Rarely do they do for cover, but then they come out and you can shoot at them again. It just demonstrates the poor A.I of the Germans, if they had been this dumb in real life then the war would have been over in no time.

Overall: 6/10
Medal of Honour: Frontline is the perfect example that PS2 games do not fit well on other consoles unless they are improved, otherwise we could have just got the game on PS2 for cheaper and not had to wait as long. It has some plus points such as the multiplayer mode, but was it ever going to be that great? The levels are just smaller versions of the levels you have already fought in.

Rent or Buy?
You should rent it if you have not played this game on PS2. Some gamers might like the MOH style, but the game feels linear and that takes the fun away. If you like it when renting you can buy it. Just make sure you see first before handing over the cash.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/11/02, Updated 12/11/02

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