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"A good FPS, but there are much better ones out there"

This was the first Medal of Honor game that I ever played. I was watching my friend play the D-Day level at his house on his PS2, and he told me that this game was out for Game Cube too. I ran over Blockbuster, and I saw it. I rented it, but after playing for a little bit, I realized that it was as fun as I was hoping. I found the game sort of disappointing.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are good, but they could be much better. The buildings, and environments look nice, and are extremely detailed. The first level is one that excels in good graphics. Watching artillery shells exploding on the beach, the opening scene, and the sight of your allies getting shot down are wonderful. The people look pretty good from a distance, but once you run up to them, you notice that they aren't very well detailed. Especially their faces. They may not seem that bad, but when compared to a game like TS2, they're poor.

GamePlay: 5/10
Two words: Frustrating and Dull. The game was fun for the first couple levels, but then it just got boring. I found out that going around shooting Nazis with sniper rifles and Thompsons wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. The controls weren't too bad, but sometimes they didn't seem responsive, and other times, they were too sensitive. For instance, when you try to manually aim with some guns, it was hard to aim with them. Other times, you could just tap the analog stick, and you’re way off your target. The game wasn't too hard. There were a couple of levels that were very difficult but the rest were just moderate.

Sound: 9/10
This has some of the best sound effects I have heard for a FPS. One word: excellent. From the realistic sounds of the bullets hitting the buildings near you, to the Nazis shouting orders at you or each other, they were overall very good. Once again, a perfect example of quality sound is the Omaha Beach landing. The explosions sound cool, and go well with the good graphics.

Replay Value: 3/10
The game is so-so. It starts out very easy, but gradually gets tougher, and as you progress you'll run into tougher and smarter enemies. The game took me a while to finish. I didn't time myself to see how long, but I would guess it took me around 8 hours to beat.

Buy or Rent
If you like other Medal of Honor games, or you're a diehard FPS fan, then you should buy this game. If not, then I would recommend renting it and seeing how you like it, then from there you should decide whether you want it or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/15/02, Updated 12/15/02

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