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"Mixed feelings."

Alright, so I go to an out of town mall, trade in my Agent Under Fire, Tony Hawk 3, and NHL Hitz 2002, to get a whopping $25 off my purchase of this decent game. I just well, have very mixed feelings.

Gameplay: 8

Well, this game was hyped up. So I'm like, hey! FPS, multi-player, what could be wrong? I mean, first mission, Invasion of Normandy (Your Finest Hour). Wow! That was a fun level, and the confusion, it was perfect. I mean, you're running behind some guys, and they get blown apart by an artillery shell. Shows you what that battle was really like.

... and then, after that, it got rather, well, dull. I must say, how is it that one man, without any high-tech gadgets, can sabotage the German Army? Basically, from this point out, it's James Bond, only set in the days of World War II. The enemies are fairly smart, a little too smart for humans (sometimes). Hey, don't get me wrong. It makes the game harder, and thus, makes it last longer.

Don't worry, though. Many missions feature you with allies, who are pretty sharp, themselves. Running through a ruined town with members of the 10st Airborne Division is interesting and fun, to say the least. Or roaming the Dutch countryside, blowing up tanks with your buddies.

You get a diverse set of weapons, which is nice. However, they (all) have pretty poor accuracy, which I guess was true of the guns back then. Heck, you can even pistol whip a guy if you run out of bullets!

Graphics: 7

Wasn't too impressed. The landscape is quite magnificent looking, however, soldiers look horrible. They look like graphics that the first PS2 games had. At least they could have them move their mouths properly when talking.

Guns, weapons, tanks, and everything else looks perfectly fine. I would have given this category a nine, however soldiers are pretty much the game itself, and was not excusable.

Sound: 10

The music is great. It's better than great. The music sets the tone for the seriousness of missions, and it couldn't have been done better.

Same goes for the sound effects. Shots beings fired, German soldiers yelling, grenades and bombs exploding, airplanes flying overhead, it's all just jaw dropping. A lot of effort was put into the sound effects, as I have not seen anything better in a First Person Shooter (except maybe Splinter Cell). Perfectly done. Period.

Multi-player: 8

It's pretty good, I can say. The levels are very large, due to the fact that they're taken straight from the single-player missions. Up to four players can duke it out in multi-player warfare. Plenty of weapon combinations to choose from, as well as different characters to choose from. However, the other options are not very extensive.

It's fun, because it's very realistic. However, far too many first-aid kits can be found everywhere, and most of the time, you won't even know you're being hit by bullets. Getting shot does not affect you at all. Your health meter simply flashes and drops. Heck, no noise is made when you shoot someone either (thud thud thud)! The only way you can tell is to see bullets ricochet off everything around you. Very disappointing.

Replay Value: 6

Well, play the single-player missions, get all your golds (which is very easy), and that's it. Aside from multi-player, there isn't anything else to do. No items, cheats, or multi-player boosts can be unlocked. Quite sad.

The Final Word

Hey, it's just a good, fun game. However, it is just an average game, at that. Computer A.I. is very smart (heck, the enemy even throws your grenades back at you if there's time left), and the music is compelling.

Multi-player is there, but that's all that can be said about that. Worth your $50? Maybe. Rent it first, you may be disappointed. I'm still trying to figure out if I am or not.

Final Score: 7
(Not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/22/02, Updated 12/22/02

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