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"WWII FPS are awesome."

I played the first Medal of Honor on Playstation. Needless to say the grainy graphics and impossible control scheme made me give up after the first few minutes. I could never kill those German Shepards that attacked you in the sewers. Thankfully one of those flaws has been corrected in this one.

-Graphics: 8/10

Pretty solid graphics. The animations for the people are a little strange. They seem to move like aliens and their faces all look distorted. But the backgrounds and guns all look good. The bombed out villages are nicely done.

-Sound: 7/10

This was really good, too. All the guns have realistic sounding effects. The footsteps are also good. One strange thing is the voices. No matter where you are on a level, you'll be able to hear a person talking to you. On the beach at Normandy, you could be standing all the way across the level from your commanding officer and you'd still be able to hear his orders clearly. I guess they had to make it like that since it would be hard to hear over the explosions otherwise.

-Music: 7/10

Really Good music. It gives a lot of atmosphere to the World War II surroundings.

-Controls: 5/10

It's a little hard to play this FPS with the D-Pad, so they included the analog stick. Still it's hard to maneuver around and especially aim. I usually find myself pointing over the enemies' heads while I try to shoot them. With a little practice, though, you'll get used to it.

-Game Play: 7/10

Rarely do I see a WWII game that I don't like. Because they all revolve around the basic principal of you arming yourself with guns and blowing things up. Those Germans will blow the hell out of you, though, if you don't remember to aim down.

The multi-player is great on this game. The only thing I wish they had done is allow you to pick your own weapons instead of the preset weapon sets. But that's really the only con about the multi-player. The levels are all great and it's really fun. Trying to blow each other up with the hand grenades or sniping each other out from the windows of buildings are great family activities. At least in my family they are.

-Overall: 8/10

This game is a definite buy. If you liked the first one, you'll really like this one. At some points it does get hard, but eventually you'll get the hang of it. It's better than most FPS that I have played.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/08/03, Updated 02/08/03

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