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"World War 2....Cubed"

I just co-bought Medal of Honor(MOH) with my dad, and I am quite impressed with it. I am a avid World War 2 buff, and this is my first review of a video game. My dad and I love this game. It boasts good visuals, a robust single player mode, and absolutely, positively, great sound.It is an awesome game!

Let's not scoff here. Medal of Honor is one mighty fine looking game. Everything looks incredibly detailed,at least A FAIR DISTANCE AWAY. When you get right up in its face, lots of things look pixilated, especially foliage. However, all the German uniforms and men are very detailed, and the graphical effects are amazing. Very, very nice. Solid.

This is one of the best reasons to get this game. I could go into detail about the sound, but everything is so good, it would take forever to write! Great! I was surprised! From the whiz of bullets next to your head, to the siren effects, to the Germans' sounds when they are alerted to your presence, the sounds are amazing. Absolutely amazing.

FPS's are not generally known for their stories, and this is no exception to the rule. You are Jimmy Patterson, US jack of all trades and elite commando. YAWN.
Your mission is to steal an airplane that could change the course of the war. This is kind of far-fetched, as by that time, Germany was running VERY low on both fuel and pilots. Not to shabby, however. I kind of liked it.

This is the major downfall of the game. This multiplayer feels tacked on, with only 1 mode which is (yawn) deathmatch., lack of options, crummy maps, and NO BOTS! Terrible move by EA games. I wanted to cry. Not too good, but it's there, I guess...

The controls are very tight and responsive. However, I find the grenade cook very hard to do, but that's okay, grenades aren't very good in my opinion.

Single Player-10/10
The best part of this game has many different weapons and mission varieties. I went from storming the beaches at Normandy, to sabotaging cars, to riding a cart through a mine wasting Germans! I constantly find myself playing through missions again and again to see if I can do better! Solid!

Buy or Rent?
I would rent unless you are a fan of the genre or a war buff like me, to which I would most heartily recommend a thumbs up.

Single Player-10


By TheSpaniard

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/10/03, Updated 02/10/03

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