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"Know this was a great game!"

I personally like this game alot. I've been waiting for a good war game to come out for GameCube. Me and my friends have been waiting for this. This is about the best FPS game to come out on GameCube. Well here goes my review.

This game has the pretty good graphics that I expected from it. There are a couple flaws with enemies falling through walls and stuff but its ok. And the levels are huge so you can see really far. And you can see the soliders faces which is really cool.

This is a game you will be hooked on after the first level. You just want to keep getting further in the game. Sometimes when you get bored you can put in passwords to make it more fun. And replaying levels are still fun, which some of the levels I know you will be hooked on and you will like to play them more and more. And its cool with the three difficulties.

Now the sound for this game was awesome. You can here the guns perfectly. Also you can here every step you take. This is one of the games biggest strong points.You can even hear the enemies talking in German, and that is very cool. And the music in the levels are great, it goes from fun, fast songs to sad songs. And its even better because your own soliders talk to you giving you instructions.

Now this was just a very fun game to play. You can go through many levels, even in houses and stuff. And to get to chose from many guns. And there are many soliders you need to beat with others on your side helping you. And this is a game you will beat in 2 seconds, it takes time. Because you can't save in levels or anything, you can only save after one.

A fun add on to Medal of Honor. You can play with up to 4 players and chose over many charecters. It would have been better to be able to plat together with your friends, but oh well. The levels aren't huge but its still fun to be able to go to war with your friends! This is a good add on to Medal of Honor.

This was a good game I think to make for GameCube. It has great graphics and sound. It has huge levels and its fun with all the guns you get. And this game will take you time to beat. All together this is a good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/27/03, Updated 02/27/03

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