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"The Best WWII game i've ever played"

This is my first review but I am not new here. This review is for Medal of Honor Frontline. In the game, you are Lt. Jim Patterson, a well trained and fierce soldier. It is set in WWII in mid to late 1944

Historical Detail 10/10
The historical detail in this game is incredible. The weapon detail was very realistic and the veicles were very accurite. I, being a history buff, could identify every car and tank. The detail of the landscape is very well done and they really look like WWII locales and battlefields

Graphics 9/10
The graphics in this game are very good, not the best but very good. the D-Day level was just stunning. The character models are very good and it is very fun to snipe a guy in the head and watch his helmet fly off.

Storyline 10/10
The story in this game is very good. yuo start with the landing on Normandy and become a OSS agent and try to steal a top secret jet fighter. Youo travel to differant places like a secret U-Bout factory or a town in holland to help the dutch resisttance fighters. You journey to the place of a famous movie, A Brigde too Far, and cross the Nijigem Brigde.

Fun Factor 10/10
This game is fun, from popping a sniper at 500 meters to mowing down a platoon of german shocktrooper with a MG-42. The funnest part is watching drunk germans having a bar fight. The various weapons add alot to the fun factor. your arsonel includes the good ol' tommy gun, grenades both US and german, a BAR, a sniper rifle both US nd german, a bazoka, a silencsed pistol, a very cool german assalt rifle, the STG-44, and a very fun shotgun. With one cheat you can unlock several differant goodies like one hit kills and a bullet shield.

Multiplayer 6/10
The multiplayer in this game is ok but could of been better with AI bots and better weapon selections. It is still fun though. Four people can play at once and yuo can chose between ten sets of weapons and I think eight maps

Rent or Buy
I would recomend buying because of the good gameplay and for the fun of it and not because of the multiplayer. The level are fun to play over again and there are some unlockables

Overall 10/10
This is a great game hands down and one of the best I have played

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/10/03, Updated 03/10/03

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