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"A great WW2 FPS for your Gamecube."

While none of the MoH console games are as good as the PC versions, that dosen't mean that MoH:FL is a bad's quite good infact.

A touch cleaner and sharper then the PS2 version, also the textures don't look as muddy on the Gamecube other then that, both versions look about the same. the levels look good with lots of little details in every room. for example in one level you go into a bar and each table has bottles and things on them. each level was designed this way to include cool little objects like that placed around the levels giving the game a very realistic touch. the enemys you fight however don't look like their designed as well..but they look good enough(some guys are even smoking a cigarette) cool ain't it? each weapon looks like it would in reallife too. although a few of the animations are over-used like for example sometimes a shot to the head with a shotgun looks the same as a shot to the chest. with that minor flaw aside the Graphics/Animtaions are good the ''D-Day Beach Invasion'' level alone is amazing and quite possibly the best level in the game.

Graphics my score 7.3/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 7/10

The sound effects in this game are amazing. bullets come flying past your head in all directions and the closer the enemy that fired the shot at you is the gunshot actaully sounds louder! unlike alot of FPS games out there. each gun sounds different and after you've been playing the game for awhile, you'll hear gun fire in the distance and be able to tell what weapon it is. the music of each level is well done and fits in with that level also.

Sound my score 8.3/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 8/10

Moving around can be a little hard to get used too, you move with the control stick and turn in different directions with the C-Stick(after a few hours of playing I got used to it though). other then that the control is great.

Control my score 6.7/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 7/10

The Gameplay is great, and the levels are varyed enough to keep from getting repetitive. a cool feature in this game is that when you run out of Ammo you can hit the enemy with your gun(the bad thing is they can do that to you too!) the enemy AI is pretty good the bad-guys take cover behind cars, duck behind tables, charge at you while your trying to reload your weapon ect. the game isn't very Challenging on Easy, but on the higher difficultys it's downright frusterating. I find myself wanting just a bit more stealth elements added in though. overall this is a great game though and the replay is kept high by challenging you to get a ''Gold Metal'' on every level.

Gameplay my score 9.1/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 9/10

Final Comments
for those of you looking for a WW2 game or just a good FPS this game will keep you busy for awhile. and the Gamecube and Xbox versions of MoH:FL have the bonus multiplayer option(I've never played it but I've heard that it's nothing special) but still multi player is always a nice bonus.

Game rating my score 9.4/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/11/03, Updated 03/11/03

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