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"A Good WWll Game"

The famous MOH series, originating on the PS1, has since done nothing but improve. MOH games are based on the WWll era, usually placing you behind enemy lines somehow being separated or the sole survivor of your allies. This game is IMO far outdone by MOH: Allied Assault, but it still holds a place in my game shelf. Anyway, on to the review!

Graphics- 7/10
''WOW!''............ This is something you will not hear from viewers of MOH. The faces are disgusting, just look at your fellow soldiers in D-Day... *shudders* Only the main characters look like they had much work put into their faces and bodies. The guns are mediocre, some look real and some don't. Animations are fluid, yet they can also be
rather fake. For instance, you can shoot an enemy soldier in the head and it can take periods over 4 seconds for him to die. Just a little dramatic if you ask me. Environments
are slightly above average, but you won't be thrilled by them.

Sound- 10/10
''WOW''............. This IS something you will most likely hear from your friends. The gunshots are all realistic, convincingly close to their real life counterparts. You can hear the roar of a tank as it approaches, and the yelling of the Nazis. The enemies have an assortment of German phrases they yell. Overall, the sound is great.

Controls- 8/10
When you get this game, immediately go to options, controls, and make sure your's are set to MOH Sharpshooter. This sets the buttons as follows: A-action, B-melee, R-fire, L-manual aim, X-crouch, Y-jump, C-stick-look/turn, Analog-strafe/move, Z-reload. The only thing that brings the controls down is aiming. At close range it's nearly impossible to hit a moving opponent. The controls are OK, overall.

Gameplay- 9/10
This game is great! It's broken into 5 missions, with separate levels in each. Your first mission is D-Day, which is just one of the 5 you will do. In some missions, you are accompanied by fellow soldiers who help you, which really adds some spice to the game. You will be up in the front with your BAR, watching your teammates drop like flies around you as they're mowed down by a stationary .50 caliber machine gun. There are an assortment of true WWll weapons including the famous BAR, a Springfield 1903, a Colt .45, and of course: grenades and bazookas. At the end of each level, you are awarded a star of either bronze (complete the level), silver (complete level-neutralize 95% of enemies), or gold (complete level-neutralize 95% of enemies-end with 75% health). If you get all gold stars in a mission, you are awarded a medal. This game will keep you hooked for months!

Features- 4/10
-Multiplayer: Allowing up to 4 people to duke it out on various levels that are segments of missions taken straight from the campaign. There are many weapon sets to choose from, and you can select the music also. While the mutliplayer is not as customizable as I would've liked, it still has the potential to be a blast. - 7/10
-Sadly, the videos and extras found in the Xbox and PS2 versions have been cut from the Gamecube version...

Whompers Buy-O-Meter: 9
I'd like to thank EA games for making this game and GameFaqs for posting my review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/12/03, Updated 03/12/03

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