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"The feeling of life...... the feeling of war....."

This is the game that feels as if you're playing a WWII movie on your GameCube. This game gives you an experience, a journey, a mission, the feeling of a war., and it really is much more than your average FPS.

Control: 7/10
The controls in this game are very sophisticated. First off, the default setup is very hard to master, even after I had beaten the game, I was still struggling to aim quickly and efficiently. The problem is the c-stick, which is probably the least accurate stick on any console's controller, and it gives you a hard time aiming. Other than this, the tough controller setup has its rewards, because when you master it you can play real good.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is very very fun to play. The dream game of anyone who's enjoyed a good WWII movie, but also for the average FPS fan. The story is ok, and despite the fact that a war game's story is pretty much self-explanatory, the idea of being a soldier on a mission fits it well and the little tid-bits are nice. Bottom line here is that you will really like the missions.

Sound: 9/10
As you'd expect, there's heavy emphasis on the sound of the weapons in this category. The guns all sound well, all slightly different and especially enemy fire because it really varies depending on the enemies position against yours. And since I speak German, I would like to add that the many things that enemy soldiers yell at you fit the situation well. Another bonus here is the sound of airplanes flying up ahead in some levels, which really gives you the movie feeling.

Graphics: 9/10
In my opinion graphics is the most important category in a war game. Everything in this game is right. When I played this game I was really amazed to see how much detail there is, the game really gives you everything when it comes to detail. You'll find cuckoo-clocks, bakeries, Nazi limousines, and of course destroyed cities. The guns are all realistic and look realistic, no exceptions here especially the recoil factor, it is so strong that you'll think twice before holding down the button and blasting away with a machine gun. The best thing is the scenery and level design. Peaceful Dutch scenery in one mission, destroyed cities, trains, a Nazi mansion, and they all look great. Visibility is great, using the scope on one of your rifles looks really cool becasue it the game has a slight blurriness to anything far away which is very realistic. Nothing in the game is out of place which is really an achievement. Keeping in mind that this takes place in the 1940s, one can really appreciate the effort that the designers put into getting every tiny little detail correct. The only reason i didn't give a 10 is because from up close, soldiers whether enemy or friend look blurred and not smooth on the edges.

Replayability/Length: 6/10
The game comes in 3 difficulty levels, but even if you decide to beat all three it won't take you long. I beat this game in three days, and I was left wanting more. As for replaying the levels it can be fun at first, but there really isn't much to do after you've beaten the game. You can earn medals for beating missions with exceptional skill, but ultimately it is not very rewarding and not worth the effort.

Final Recommendation:
The best thing you can do with this game is rent it, beat it, return it, and you'll be happy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/24/03, Updated 04/24/03

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