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"World War Two at its very best!"

You all may have seen the wartime epic drama by Steven Spielberg, “Saving Private Ryan”, and thought to your self, “Wow, I would love there to be a game just like this so that I can relive the bullet flying frenzy”. Well now you can in the form of Electronic Art’s Medal of Honour: Frontline.

You see, there’s simply nothing in videogamedom as immensely satisfying as shooting down hordes of shouting, big-nosed Nazi soldiers. And when you pop a cap into their knee they scream in ear piercing agony and drop to the floor like puppets with their strings severed.

Many have come to love such satisfaction in EA’s brilliant Medal of Honour and Medal of Honour: Underground on PSone. And now like a burning man running to a lake, Medal of Honour: Frontline is set to make a splash on you so far extinguished war time collection of games on your PS2.

Game play

When you place the disc into your PS2 and wait in agony for it to load because you want to hold down the trigger and spray like a weak-bladdered tom cat, you can’t help thinking to your self that this game is going to be special. Not just another game that you add to your dusty collection of disowned PS2 games.

When the game finally loads, you are placed straight into the action of the Normandy beach landing. As you approach the beach, your comrades are sick with gruesome accuracy and kiss their crosses praying that they won’t be the next to fall fatal to the deadly weaponry of the German’s.

Once the boats land you get blown unwilling and reluctantly into the already bloody and bullet laden water. As you swim for your life towards the unwelcoming sands, you almost become another dead body to the water because bullets dart through the water as if they were knifes going through butter. When you finally arrive on the beach, you are greeted with you worst nightmare. Your first task is to find the captain amongst the severed bodies and treacherous landmines. This is fairly simple as long as you avoid the exploding landmines and MP40’s of the Nazi guard.

The following 17 missions do not disappoint either. They vary hugely, mixing the trigger-happy style with the more stealthy objectives. You aren’t quite the Rambo-esque one-man army you were in previous MOH games. Now in several missions, you must rely on your comrades to cover you with fire but you must be willing to return the favour.

When you engage on the enemy for the first time, the amount of survival savvy they have is striking. Instead of standing motionless, taking lack lusted pop shots at you, they duck and dive and weave around making it damn difficult for you to kill them. Of course the ultimate way of murdering you opponent is to attack with the method of stealth. Creep up behind them before depositing a silenced pistol bullet into their temple.


Well the story is a very simple one. Its World War Two and you are Jimmy Patterson.

Jimmy Patterson, a twenty-four year old Lieutenant in the Air Transport Corps, bravely piloted his over laden C-47 troops transport through bad weather, poor visibility and heavy enemy fire to deliver a regiment of U.S Airborne Paratroopers to their drop zones behind the beaches of Normandy. The date was 5th June 1944, D0day minus one. As the last man hit the silk, Patterson’s C-47 was fired upon by German fighters. With a hole in the tail and one engine burning, Patterson crashed-landed his plane into an open filed bounced by the unrelenting hedgerows of Normandy.

When they finally get rescued, the game begins.


MOH: Frontline must have the best bullet sounds ever created in a video game. When your crawling your way up the beach, with bullet whizzing past your ear, nothing can compare to it. The music also, creates a mesmerising atmosphere, as the strong ballads and climaxes in the music are enough to make your stop playing. Without the music there would be no game. When your closing on an enemy position, the music becomes ever more faster and intense, which makes you want to wet your self!

The graphics are breath taking, never has the Normandy beach looked so real. There is no slow-down what so ever, and everything runs at an ultra fast frame rate. The detail on the Germans faces is incredible and you could stare at his big nose for days on end.


You could play this game again, but only on a different difficulty level. But on Hard this game is mightily though and so I would recommend that you play the game on all of the difficulty settings.

Buy or Rent?

Definitely buy! This game is beyond superior, in fact there is no word that describes the gameplay, sound, graphics and story. This game is a “Must Buy”, it must be added to your GameCube collection.


Difficulty – 8/10 (On Hard)
Story – 9/10
Graphics – 9/10
Sound – 9/10
Gameplay – 9/10

OVERALL – 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/29/03, Updated 06/09/03

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