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"Do I smell a Nazi?"

Ahhhhh, gunning down Nazis always seemed like it would be a great feeling, but to my disappointment, it was barely pulling mediocre. I would say this game was fun for the first few levels, but then it just got kind of repetitive. The first level, their recreation of D-Day, I thought it was pretty cool, except for the fact that your objectives were not specific enough. I also thought it was kind of lame how you had all those guys out there doing nothing, just waiting for me to help them. Was our army so poorly trained back then that they left all the work up to one fictional character? I do appreciate the fact that the creators did their research on the guns, uniforms, planes, tanks, and cars. They did do a good job to make sure they were all accurate, but did they miss the fact that there was more than one person fighting in the war? There was a multiplayer option featured in this game, but if you don't have a friend there to play it with you don't even bother, they didn't include any bots.


Gameplay...ok, yes, there was some of that in this game. I liked the gameplay; it wasn't too shabby at all. I only found one major flaw in the gameplay, no auto aim whatsoever. So whenever I saw a Nazi that looked like he could use some lead in him, I found myself inches away from him. While that my not seem that bad, but it is when their but hurts worse than their shot. Sure, you can but them with your gun to, but it's seemingly worthless, because during the process your probably gonna loose a good fourth of your health, and that's if your a good butter. The rest of the controls were very smooth and responsive, no problem here Sam. Just your basic first person shooter controls, with a double joystick setup. One thing that I did like, well I didn't, but my friends did, was the fact that you could change the way up is down and down is up when you are looking around.


Hold on one second; let me check if I'm playing this on my Gamecube or my Nintendo 64. The graphics on this game needed to step up some, the Gamecube doesn't have all that power for nothing. The graphics were not up to par in my opinion, and there was very little variation in the people you are fighting and a lot of the time the bland textures the levels are made up of seem to blend together. But they were bad enough to make me not want to play the game, like Hexen 64 did...just hearing that name brings a shiver down my spine.


The sound on the first level, that was good sound, it sounded as if you were really on the frontline. From then on the sound declined. All of the gun sounds were very realistic, but when the 9mm guns fired they sounded to timid to me. Usually when you get hit it will play a sound clip that sounds like a bullet flying through your chest, but it didn't always play, so sometimes I wouldn't even know if I was hit. The voice was decent. I could judge it a lot better if I could understand German or whatever the hell they were speaking in. The music, I didn't even pay much attention to it, it obviously wasn't good enough to grace my ears.


Let?s see, it's WWII! That's the story! You play a fictional character by the name of Jimmy Patterson who obviously was a highly skilled man to be included on almost every operation, especially to go at almost all of them alone. That's basically it.


You know what? I'm leaving this up to you, I bought it and I still haven't decided if it was worth it or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/27/03, Updated 06/27/03

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