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"Medal of Honor continues to be the best WWII FPS out there"

The first two Medal of Honor games mostly took place behind enemy lines and had a secret agent kind of feel. When Allied Assault came out for the PC, you took on historically accurate battles with the Allies by your side. The campaign in the European theatre of Operations was fully realized. Frontline continues the franchises award winning game play with a mix of both worlds. Picking off Nazis is still as fun as ever.

And when he gets to Heaven
To St. Peter he will tell
One more soldier reporting sir
I’ve served my time in hell

Thus begins the adventure that is Frontline. The game kicks off during June 6, 1944, the date when Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in what is known as D-Day. You are in a boat, but you can’t move. All you can do is look around as you move closer to the beach. Suddenly, a German plane fly’s by and guns down a boat next to you, blowing it up and killing all the soldiers aboard it. Soon, you arrive at the beach, with a very rude greeting from the Germans. Before anyone can get off, an explosion sends everyone flying into the water. As you rise to the surface, you see fellow soldiers get slaughtered by German machine guns. When you arise from the water, you run to your Captain, who gives you some orders. They include providing covering fire for some soldiers, escorting a demolitions expert, and sneaking into a bunker. The entire level is truly a sight to behold as bullets whiz by, soldiers get shot down, and mines go off. When the beachhead is finally taken, it will leave you breathless. It’s only the beginning.

Game play: Frontline is nothing new compared to past MOH games. It’s still very linear with simple objectives. But, it is perfectly executed with WWII accuracy and authenticity. After D-Day, you travel to a French City in ruins, a German U-Boat, Nijmegan Bridge, a Holland countryside, German buildings, a train, Dutch villages, the war-torn city of Arnhem, and more. There are about 20 missions, each with different sets of objectives. These range from finding an informer, disguising yourself as a German officer, or simply destroying stuff.

To achieve these objectives, you’re gonna need some firepower. Luckily, you’re armed to the teeth with about 20 weapons. Your arsenal ranges from the Thompson submachine gun, M1 Garand rifle, sniper rifle, Mark II grenades, B.A.R., shotgun, Colt pistol, bazookas, and more. There’s also a fair amount of mounted machine guns. Each weapon is authentic, from the reloading process to the recoil.

On certain missions, you will be joined by U.S and British Allied forces. Their AI is decent, although sometimes they will get in your way. Nazi AI is also well done, as they will take cover, lie down, jab you with their gun, and even throw grenades back at you.

Control: For a console FPS, Frontline does a great job with the controls. The control scheme is good, although aiming can be difficult. But after a few levels into the game, you’ll get used to it.

Graphics: Too bad EA couldn’t have improved more on the Cube port. Aside from a slightly improved (though still choppy at times) frame rate and some better looking character faces, Frontline is still plagued with the washed out textures of the PS2 version. Still, it’s a decent job.

Sound: As always, this is where MOH games excel the most. Bullets and explosions all sound as real as possible. Allies scream for help and Nazis yell in German. The best demonstration of the sound effects is the D-Day level. Bullets fly and mines explode. Intense. The music is finely orchestrated and fits the mood of each level. An example would be Arnhem Knights. Sorrowful music plays in the background as Axis and Allies wage war in Arnhem. Gunshots and yelling are constantly being heard while British soldiers are ambushed by Germans. Many fall to their knees, dead. See? The music suits the scene perfectly.

Overall: Frontline is a welcome addition the MOH franchise. Though it lacks a good multiplayer, it is still worth playing for the intense single-player experience. While the game is very well done, it never reaches the greatness of Allied Assault. Nevertheless, buy this game. This is an excellent game that every console owner should have in their collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/22/03, Updated 07/22/03

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