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"Pretty good...but a few flaws that get irritating."

If you are looking for an FPS experience to change the genre, you won't find it here. It includes everything that makes first person shooters great, but, with this greatness, comes the flaws.

The graphics in this game are pretty good, just not great. Some of the terrains are rather large and well detailed- especially the city stages which are scattered with rubble. There are some of the normal effects like bullet holes in walls, but not much more. The game feels a little generic. The enemies are okay looking, but not very crisp. To put it in a sentence: the graphics are definitely not pushing the Gamecube's power but won't make you puke either.

Anyone who tells you different is lying. There is no opinion; there is fact. And the fact of the matter is that the sound is some of the best you'll ever hear in a game. From the orchestrated music to the outstanding bullets whizzing passed you, everything related to audio in this game is awesome. The voices are also well done during your mission briefing and some of the cut scenes. And it's always fun to hear some German yell something at you right before you kill him.

WWII- that's all I should have to say. You play a private sent on missions to do stuff. I won't give it away because you should know what to expect. The story isn't that intriguing, but because I love war movies/games/etc., I had to rate it good. You never meet the ''big man'' himself though, which is why I took off a point.

Horrible. This game's controls summed up in one word. It's not that the controls themselves are bad (as you can change control formats, invert axis, etc.), but there is no auto aim. If you only play PC FPSs, you won't know why this is such a struggle. With an analog stick, it is impossible to hit someone without auto aim. You will be standing five feet from someone and chances are you won't hit him.

This game is definitely an FPS. It has no stealth, no real strategy- it is a run 'n shoot game. But that isn't to say it is bad. You go through a lot of missions performing various tasks (ranging from blowing up tanks to killing an officer) to complete your goal and go on to the next mission. The stages are very long and huge. And your enemies are smart. You will have to halt your running in this game when you battle large amounts of enemies. If you throw a grenade that doesn't blow up right away, they will throw it back. They take cover and cover each other to advance on you. The only thing I truly dislike in this game (besides the lack of auto aim) is the lack of blood. There is not one trace whatsoever. So if you are into gore, this might not be the game for you. But on the plus side, deaths are very cool and ''life'' like. And then there is the multiplayer mode. There are different things to do like capture the flag and deathmatch. There are some cool maps. Many people dislike it and throw it away as a hastily put together afterthought, but I have played over 15 hours with my friends. But that is just me, so you might be better listening to everyone else.

If you have an XBOX, there are definitely better FPSs out there. If you're stuck with only a GC, this is one of the best FPSs, save Timesplitters 2. It will provide some good fun, but isn't an AAA game. Rent it first and see if you like it. You will probably beat it and will have no need to buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/31/03, Updated 07/31/03

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