Additional ArtVince Arroyo
Additional ArtJoel Boucquemont
Additional ArtRussell Cahalan
Additional ArtGordon Chen
Additional ArtDexx Dorris
Additional ArtVince Fung
Additional ArtIvetta Harte
Additional ArtMike Kaczmarek
Additional ArtTim Keon
Additional ArtStewart Lew
Additional ArtMike Park
Additional ArtJustin Prazen
Additional ArtHolly Ruark
Additional ArtLionel Voillat
Additional ArtMatthew Wynne
Additional ArtDebbie Young
Additional Audio RecordingMarc Farley
Additional EngineeringRod Ang
Additional EngineeringDavid Bunch
Additional EngineeringRyan Ingram
Additional EngineeringAcorn Pooley
ArtCharlie Fujikawa
ArtDerrick Nakamura
ArtChris Thompson
Audio DirectorKen Felton
Development DirectorSteve Coallier
Dialog EditingJames LeBrecht
Dialog EditingPatti Tauscher
EngineeringBryan Chan
EngineeringMasami Yamada
Executive ProducerDave Davis
Executive ProducerNick Earl
Executive ProducerGlen Schofield
In-Game Commentary ScriptSteve Olson
In-Game Commentary ScriptGreg Roensch
In-Game Commentary TalentMax Kellerman
In-Game Commentary TalentMills Lane
In-Game Commentary TalentJimmy Lennon Jr.
In-Game Commentary TalentJim Medellin
In-Game Commentary TalentLarry Michael
In-Game Commentary TalentJoe Paulino
In-Game Commentary TalentBruce Robertson
In-Game Commentary TalentDavid Rosenthal
In-Game Commentary TalentRichard Steele
Introduction MovieKen Felton
Introduction MoviePaul Gorman
Introduction MovieCody Murry
Introduction MovieAlbin Pomnichowski
Introduction MovieGreg Reisdorf
Lead EngineerBill Chin
Lead EngineerMark A. Fong
LightingArt Matsuura
LightingLarry Weiss
Line ProducerCody Murry
ProducerScoot Bandy
Voice TalentMax Kellerman
Voice TalentMills Lane
Voice TalentJimmy Lennon Jr.
Voice TalentJim Medellin
Voice TalentLarry Michael
Voice TalentJoe Paulino
Voice TalentBruce Robertson
Voice TalentDavid Rosenthal
Voice TalentRichard Steele


Data and credits for this game contributed by alaskanpie, discoinferno84, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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