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    Pro Challenge FAQ by brak2000

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
        Pro Challenge FAQ
      for Nintendo Gamecube
    Also compatible with Playstation 2 and X-Box versions
    Guide written by brak2000 (James Morgan)<brak2000@hotmail.com>
    Version 1.1 <11-9-2002>
    1) Introduction
    2) Update History
    3) The Challenges
       a) Tony Hawk
       b) Bob Burnquist
       c) Steve Caballero
       d) Kareem Campbell
       e) Rune Glifberg
       f) Eric Koston
       g) Bucky Lasek
       h) Bam Margera
       i) Rodney Mullen
       j) Chad Muska
       k) Andrew Reynolds
       l) Geoff Rowley
       m) Elissa Steamer
       n) Jamie Thomas
       o) Custom Skater
    4) Reference List
    5) Frequently Asked Questions
    6) Credits/Contact Me
    This FAQ covers how to complete the pro challenges specific for each
    player in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.  While the guide was wrote using
    the Nintendo Gamecube version, it should be useable no matter what
    console you have the game for.  If someone would like to email me
    the button combinations for the X-Box version, I'd be glad to make 
    this guide a little more universal.  Email all submissions to
    brak2000@hotmail.com. Hopefully you'll enjoy and if I get enough
    positive feedback count on a full fledged walkthrough next.
    1.1 - 11-9-02 - Now that my FAQ is finally up on gamefaqs.com, I can
                    get to the first update which is rather large.
    1.0 - 11-4-02 - First Version...only minor content so far.
    <a> Tony Hawk
    Skater: Tony Hawk
    Level: College
    Location: Right off from the start of the level, you should see Atiba
              just as you enter.
    Title...............................................Sky High Transfers
    The Premise: In 2000 Tony risked it all when he made a roof to roof
                 gap 7 stories high.  8 months later he followed that up
                 with a McTwist over an 18 foot gap and an incredible 24
                 foot frontside air.  Now you put them together...
    Intro: "Man, that ramp is huge! Are they really going to move that
           scaffolding further out as you go?  I'll get the photos, while
           you concentrate on nailing the tricks across the gap.  Good
           luck man, and don't look down!"
    Time Limit: 4:00
    For your first pro challenge, this one can be rather intimidating.
    The gap between scaffolding starts small but gets bigger as you land
    more and more tricks.  To make it even harder, the tricks will also
    increase in difficulty.  Luckily, if you fall off the edges, you will
    magically appear back up top so dont worry about failing if you
    accidentally slip and fall.  Maxing all your vert skills will really
    help you in this challenge so make sure you adjust your stats to get
    the most air/height off your ramp jumps! I'll break down the sections
    for you now.
    SECTION 1 - Small gap
    Tricks    - Nosegrab (Up + X)
              - Tailgrab (Down + X)
              - Indy (Right + X)
    The first section is rather easy.  Just make sure you pull the tricks
    off while transferring from one side to the other.  And just to end
    any confusion, you do not need to do all the tricks in one combo.
    SECTION 2 - Medium gap
    Tricks    - Benihana (Down-Left + X)
              - Japan (Up-Left + X)
              - Madonna (Up-Right + X)
    It's getting a little bit harder now, but still you shouldn't have any
    major problems with this section.  As stated above, these moves do NOT
    need to all be done in one combo.  Also, if you have troubles holding
    the control stick in the corner positions, try switching it up with
    the D-pad.  It really does help!
    SECTION 3 - Large gap
    Tricks    - Barrel Roll (Left, Down + B)
              - Indy 900 (Right, Down + X)
              - 360 Varial McTwist (Right, Left + X)
    Oh boy, here we start the frustration of the pro challenges.  Not only
    are you doing hard moves over a large gap, but you also need to have
    your special maxed as these are hard moves.  All I can say about this
    is practice makes perfect and good luck.  If you're having problems,
    try angling your jump off the ramp, it can help avert problems of
    over/under jumping the other side.  This is the last section, so be
    patient and take your time (as long as your time is under the time
    Playstation 2 controls for this mission:
    Nosegrab             - Up + Circle
    Tailgrab             - Down + Circle
    Indy                 - Right + Circle
    Benihana             - Down-Left + Circle
    Japan                - Up-Left + Circle
    Madonna              - Up-Right + Circle
    Barrel Roll          - Up, Right + Square
    Indy 900             - Up, Down + Circle
    360 Varial McTwist   - Up, Right + Circle
    <b> Bob Burnquist
    Skater: Bob Burnquist
    Level: Zoo
    Location: At the beginning of the level, skate forward past the
              enterance and over the fountain.  Look over to your left as
              you go under the bridge and you should see Atiba standing
              in front of the rhino exhibit.
    Title..................................................Broken Loop Gap
    The Premise: So you skated a loop, then skated it in switch.  Next?
                 Well, for a recent pay-per-view competition, Bob
                 Burnquist built a loop in his back yard - then removed
                 its top. Gapping the loop switch, Bob made history - and
                 won the competition.  Warning: Severe disorientation
    Intro: "Yo Bobby, wasn't that loop at your house big enough?  See this
           time they're making the gap bigger and bigger as you go.  Oh,
           oh, yo, I'm on it, but try not to land on your freakin' head."
    Time Limit: 4:00
    This is a tad bit familiar.  Much like the last challenge with Tony
    Hawk, this one includes doing moves over an ever increasing space.
    I find this one much more challenging due to the disorientation of
    the loop in general.  Just make sure you stay on the loop after doing
    your move because landing is one of the hardest parts.  Once again,
    here's a break down of the moves.
    SECTION 1 - Small Gap
    Tricks    - Kickflip (Left + B)
              - Cannonball (Right + X)
              - Airwalk (Down + X)
    Once again, easy tricks are around in the first stage.  Use it to get
    yourself oriented to the nature of a loop and don't get to use to the
    gap as it's only going to be getting bigger!
    SECTION 2 - Medium Gap
    Tricks    - Wrap Around (Up-Right + X)
                Hardflip (Up-Left + B)
                Varial Heelflip (Down-Right + B)
    The key to these is making sure you're jumping the right distance and
    angling everything right. You might want to practice your angles while
    doing tricks that involve two directions at once and then restart the
    entire mission once you've mastered it.
    SECTION 3 - Large Gap
    Tricks    - Method (Left + X + X)
                Samba Flip (Left, Right + X)
                SitDown Air (Left, Down + X)
    With two of these moves being specials, you're going to need to have a
    special meter most of the time.  If you think it's a pain, just
    practice the moves gapping between a few ramps.
    Playstation 2 controls for this mission:
    Kickflip           - Left + Square
    Cannonball         - Right + Circle
    Airwalk            - Down + Circle
    Wrap Around        - Up-Right + Circle
    Harflip            - Up-Left + Square
    Varial Heelflip    - Down-Right + Square
    Method             - Left + Circle + Circle
    Samba Flip         - Left, Right + Circle
    Sitdown Air        - Left, Down + Circle
    <c> Steve Caballero
    Skater: Steve Caballero
    Level: Kona Park
    Location: Rick Thorne will be on his bike over by the halfpipe in the
              corner of the level, take a right at the beginning of the
              level following the fence line on the edge of the level and
              you should be able to find him easily.
    Title......................................................BMX Doubles
    The Premise: Cab and Pro BMX rider Rick Thorne have been good friends
                 for a long time.  While on tour together, they've been
                 known to throw down a doubles routine when the crowd
                 calls for it.  Time to put on a show...
    Intro: "Ah, that's my dog! What's up Cab? You ready to bust these
           doubles? The kids are gonna be stoked.  We're gonna go over and
           under each other.  I'm gonna start off with a flip, you're
           gonna go over me, and then I'm gonna signal you, you do some
           lip tricks, then I'm gonna go over you."
    Time Limit: 2:00
    I find this to be one of the easiest pro challenges I have come across
    so far.  Basically you pull the move it tells you where it tells you.
    I think it's the same every time, so I'll follow this paragraph with
    the order (12 tricks total) and if you pull it off over/under Rick.
    If you want to mess with your stats before hand, Lip Balance and any
    vert skills would be good to move towards before attempting this pro
    1) Pop Shove-It (Down + B)         - Over Rick
    2) Impossible (Up + B)             - Over Rick
    3) Cannonball (Left + X)           - Over Rick
    4) Disaster (Left + Y)             - Under Rick
    5) Axle Stall (Right + Y)          - Under Rick
    6) Invert (Down + Y)               - Under Rick
    7) Benihana (Down-Right + X)       - Over Rick
    8) Wrap Around (Up-Right + X)      - Over Rick
    9) Indy Nosebone (Down-Right + X)  - Over Rick
    10) One Foot Invert (Up-Right + Y) - Under Rick
    11) Blunt to Fakie (Down-Left + Y) - Under Rick
    12) BS Boneless (Down-Right + Y)   - Under Rick
    Playstation 2 controls for this mission:
    1) Pop Shove-It (Down + Square)           - Over Rick
    2) Impossible (Up + Square)               - Over Rick
    3) Cannonball (Left + Circle)             - Over Rick
    4) Disaster (Left + Triangle)             - Under Rick
    5) Axle Stall (Right + Triangle)          - Under Rick
    6) Invert (Down + Triangle)               - Under Rick
    7) Benihana (Down-Right + Circle)         - Over Rick
    8) Wrap Around (Up-Right + Circle)        - Over Rick
    9) Indy Nosebone (Down-Right + Circle)    - Over Rick
    10) One Foot Invert (Up-Right + Triangle) - Under Rick
    11) Blunt to Fakie (Down-Left + Triangle) - Under Rick
    12) BS Boneless (Down-Right + Triangle)   - Under Rick
    <d> Kareem Campbell
    Skater: Kareem Campbell
    Level: San Francisco
    Location: Right at the start of the level, head forwards and take the
              jump up to the roof of the pier 18 building.  You should be
              able to see the location right from the starting point.
    Title...............................................Roof Gap Challenge
    The Premise: Kareem is known for his smooth style and flawless flip
                 tricks.  He's also the first person to kickflip the Gonz
                 gap, proving he can also step up to the big gaps when
                 needed.  Can you showcase both his skills together?  Time
                 for some rooftop poppin'...
    Intro: "Yo Yo Reemo baby, it is time to take it to the rooftops.  Use
           your entire bag of flip tricks - bust the tricks across the
           roof gaps or they won't count.  Survive long enough and we'll
           want to see you do some combos."
    Time Limit: 2:30
    You should know the "call out moves" format from other missions, but
    the trick on this one is that you will have to pull them off over one
    of the two roof gaps.  After a minute or so, you'll have to do combos.
    After that comes the final combo which is a huge pain in the ass! :D
    **EDITOR'S NOTE**  While writing this guide, I noticed a HUGE glitch
    on this challenge.  While sitting on the screen with Atiba Jefferson's
    text, it acted like I was doing the challenge.  If you sit on this
    screen for a few minutes, you can have the entire 2:30 to do the final
    combo!  While it may seem cheap, I do admit this is the way I used to
    complete it. This glitch as also been confirmed to work fine on the
    PS2 by MollyFlogger82
    andrew789654 from the GameFAQs message board gives this insight:
    Only one move actually needs to go over the roof gap so as long as
    your combo says "TC'S Roof Gap II" it should work fine.
    <e> Rune Glifberg
    Skater: Rune Glifberg
    Level: Alcatraz
    Location: Take a left at the beginning of the level and head between
              the up signs up to the rooftops.  Look for another up
              enterance to take you up to the lighthouse and turn right to
              find the pro challenge right next to a red challenge.
    Title................................................Rune's Pool Party
    The Premise: While most skaters avoid pool skating, Rune seems to
                 thrive on it.  Perhaps it's because he honed his skills
                 in the concrete parks of Copenhagen, Denmark.  For proof,
                 see the latest Flip video - the rougher the pool, the
                 harder Rune pushes it. Now everyone in the pool...
    Intro: "Pool Party! Session these pools and do the tricks that the
           kids call out!"
    Time Limit: 5:00
    This goal seems simple enough... pull off 8 tricks the kids call out
    from inside the pool.  Then you remember, this is a PRO CHALLENGE and
    the difficulty just kicks you in the teeth.  Here's a run down of the
    Move #1 - Spine transfer in the pool while doing your special trick:
              Heelflip Handflip (Left, Right + X)
    This one should be self explanatory.  Spine over between the pools
    (L + R) and while you're going over, just pull off the move.  Easy
    Move #2 - Great! Now try a liptrick on the watertower railing and do
              this: Blunt to Fakie (Down-Right + Y)
    Once again, an easy enough move.  Stay in the second pool after the
    last move and aim towards the watertower in front of you.
    Move #3 - Sweet. Vert over that plank those kids are pushing out over
              the pool with this: Melon (Right + X)
    A little bit trickier.. spine your way in to the second pool and look
    for the plank straight in front of you up on the second balcony.  Once
    you find it, just do your best to pull out a melon above and over it.
    Move #4 - That's some serious height! Can you liptrick on the
              cellblock rooftop?  Eggplant (Up + Y)
    Here's where you really start having some problems.  To get the air
    required to get up to the roof, you'll probably have to pull off a
    Boneless (Up, Up) coming off the ramp to get the air required to get
    up to the roof.  Once you get the air, the eggplant shouldn't be a
    Move #5 - There's a bowl in the watertower! Spine from the pool into
              the watertower OVER the wooden planks around the top!
    Well, if you can manage the Boneless from the last one, this one
    should be a snap, just boneless and then spine transfer at the peak
    and you should just squeeze over the top.
    Move #6 - Now try a 50,000 point combo inside the watertower!
    Hah, if you managed to get this far, this should be a snap!  Just make
    sure to use lots of reverts into manuals and you won't have any
    Move #7 - Now transfer from the watertower to the pools with a special
              trick! Backfoot Flip Nose Grab (Left, Right + X)
    For some reason this is a hard combination for me, but it SHOULD be
    easy enough.  You should have your special built up from the last one
    and just do a spine transfer the opposite as in move #5 and it should
    be no problem!
    Move #8 - Okay, big finale! Do a special lip trick on that grommet on
    top of the watertower: One Foot Blunt (Left, Right + Y)
    Final move!  So this is the reason you came to this FAQ, right?  I see
    it all over the message boards on what exactly is the grommet.  Well,
    on top of the watertower is a guy holding up a board... you know what
    to do now. :D... did I fail to mention that the boneless will come in
    handy here YET AGAIN.  Well now I did!..  One more thing, you need
    your special built up to pull off the move.. heh heh heh  Good luck!
    Playstation 2 controls for this mission:
    Heelflip Handflip         - Left, Right + Circle
    Spine Transfer            - L2 or R2
    Blunt to Fakie            - Down-Left + Triangle
    Melon                     - Left + Circle
    Eggplant                  - Up + Triangle
    Boneless                  - Up, Up
    Backfoot Flip Nose Grab   - Right, Up + Circle
    One Foot Blunt            - Left, Right + Triangle
    <f> Eric Koston
    Skater: Eric Koston
    Level: Shipyard
    Location: Straight in front of you at the beginning of the level,
              should be easy enough to find.
    Title...................................................K-Grind Cables
    The Premise: If it involves skating, Koston can probably master it.
                 If all he did was invent the Crooked Grind, you'd know
                 him.  But Koston keeps pushing in new directions,
                 chomping on long ledges, triple kinks, and handrails that
                 go on for days.  Time to test your balance...
    Intro: "Koston, are you sure you want to chomp on this? It can
           definitely make a sick photo, but you could get wrecked, man.
           All right, if you want to grind these cables, I'll get the
    Time Limit: 6:00
    If you're good at grinding, this mission should be no problem.  To be
    honest, there isn't much strategy involved in grinding cables.  For
    those of you that still need help here are a few strategies that might
    change the way you go at grinding the long cables.
    Strategy 1 - The good old 50-50 grind all the way down. If you're real
    good at balancing, this is the way to go.  Make sure your grind is
    maxed out or you won't make it.
    Strategy 2 - Jumping and grinding.  This strategy I find annoying and
    hard to pull off, but some people are good at it.  It means less
    grinding and more jumping but it can really throw your balance off.
    Strategy 3 - Changing grind types.  I haven't experimented much with
    switches of grind types, but this may be what you want if you are
    having problems with the above strategies.
    As for the mission itself, it breaks down in to grinding of three
    different cables.
    Cable 1 - Probably the longest one, it has the easiest slope to grind
    down.  Knowing when turns are coming up is a huge help for this run
    and it is highly recommended that you learn the cable by doing a few
    practice runs to make it down to the end.
    Cable 2 - I find this one to be the easiest cable to grind, but the
    tight turn found can be a real pain for people with bad balance.
    Maxing out your grind is a huge help for this one.
    Cable 3 - If you are used to just straight grinding, you might have to
    mix it up for this cable and do some jumping along with your grinding.
    Why you ask? Well, this cable has a short uphill section that can be
    a huge pain if you don't have decent speed.  Also watch out for the
    HUGE drop at the end as balance is nearly impossible on it.
    <g> Bucky Lasek
    Skater: Bucky Lasek
    Level: Shipyard
    Location: Head STRAIGHT FORWARD all the way down to the end of the
              dock to find this challenge awaiting.
    Title............................................,,,....Rusty Old Ramp
    The Premise: Bucky is no stranger to gnarly, broken down ramps. Raised
                 near Baltimore's Landsdown Cement Park and on the
                 infamous 'Hell Ramp', if a ramp is still standing - Bucky
                 will rip it up. Beware of falling objects...
    Intro: "See if you can nail 5 big combos on this busted up old ramp"
    Time Limit: 4:00
    For me, I'm horrible at this mission simply because I am not the best
    at combos.  Suggested for going in to this is to max all your vert
    skills as they'll be very useful in nailing the combos.
    The scores are as follows:
    Combo 1: 10,000 points
    Combo 2: 20,000 points
    Combo 3: 50,000 points
    Combo 4: 100,000 points
    Combo 5: 250,000 points
    Oh, and did I fail to mention a few main points to this mission?
    First off, you're on a ship so theres no skating over to your favorite
    point section of the level.
    Secondly, the ship you are on crumbles apart after each combo leaving
    you less space and more holes to fall in to.  It isn't too bad though
    until you hit the big 250,000 combo at the end.
    Some tips for finishing this mission are:
       The default specials for Bucky Lasek are
            - Bodywrap 540 (Left, Down + B)
            - Heelflip FS Invert (Right, Left + Y)
            - Misty Flip (Right, Down + X)
            - Big Hitter II (Up, Left + Y)
       Of course, not all of these will be helpful on the ramps, but they
       should come in handy still. Also depending on how many slots you
       have unlocked, you should be able to add as many specials you want
       with the button combinations you feel most comfortable with.
       While this may be common sense, if you don't know how to revert in
       to a combo, you will not and most likely can not complete this
    3) MANUAL!
       Doing numerous manual tricks in a row is a huge combo booster when
       you cant get the air required to trick off the ramps anymore.
       Mastering these will give you a huge advantage for the 250,000
    <h> Bam Margera
    Skater: Bam Margera
    Level: Alcatraz
    Location: This one is located at the top of the hill near Rune's pro
    Title...............................................Shopping Cart Slam
    The Premise: Whether it's on the big screen or in his homebrew CKY
                 movies, Bam's one seriously messed up dude.  Fat suits,
                 tree smashing, jumping off buildings, medievel jousting,
                 - it's all in a day's twisted work for Bam.  Ready to be
                 a jackass?
    Intro: "Welcome to the shopping cart olympics! Now in five minutes,
           you gotta pass all 3 trials of shopping cart skill! Race,
           Hurdles, and Slalom.  Now let's see what you got, man!"
    Time Limit: 4:00
    One of the obvious missions that still has a bit of difficulty, Bam's
    pro challenge is broken down in to three runs.
    Run #1 - Race
    This run consists of a straight out run down the hills in to the water
    where you started the level. If you have troubles doing this, practice
    over and over since you will need that practice in the next two
    challenges.  When going around turns, NEVER take ramps (or you will
    bail), and make sure to use as much room as possible to corner.  When
    going past the end of the sewer at the bottom, make sure you are
    holding up unless you want to go flying in the air.  If you have
    troubles going through the sewer section, you can also take the tunnel
    to the left of the sewer.
    Run #2 - Hurdles
    In the hurdles, you will be jumping over wooden planks all the way
    down the hill.  It does not have quite as much speed, but you'll still
    need to take the corners pretty wide.  When you get to the 4 hurdles
    in a row, take the ramp in front of them to clear all 4 at once.  In
    the 3rd stretch, you'll need to jump between slalom walls also which
    can be a huge hassle.  Take the sewer at the end and practice jumping
    over the little wall without taking yourself out on the bridge above.
    Run #3 - Slalom
    Probably the hardest run you'll encounter, the slalom is just as it
    sounds with you alternating left and right around walls.  Once you hit
    the 3rd stretch, you'll need to go between hurdles as well.  The sewer
    will be blocked off for this run requiring you to take the smaller
    tunnel to the left.
    <i> Rodney Mullen
    Skater: Rodney Mullen
    Level: Kona Park
    Location: Head over to the left at the beginning of the level making
              your way down to the skate park section in the far left
              corner of the park. You should see Tony Hawk standing out in
              the open so it shouldn't be too hard to find.
    Title.................................................Trick Inventions
    The Premise: Chances are, any trick you can do - Rodney invented. For
                 nearly two decades, Rodney has been devising
    	     groundbreaking tricks like the impossible, casper, and
                 darkslide. From freestyle to street skating - Rodney's
                 skills seem nearly infinite. Ready for a history lesson?
    Intro: "Hey Rodney! You've invented a ton of tricks over the years.
           Can you still remember them all? Hit all of the tricks in each
           list in a single combo."
    Time Limit: 4:00
    This mission really isnt as hard as it sounds. Don't let the combo
    thing get at you.
    Combo #1 - 4 Moves
             - Kickflip (Left + B)
             - Heelflip (Right + B)
             - Impossible (Up + B)
             - Semi Flip (Left, Right + B)
    Doing this combo is just as you'd expect. I recommend taking a ramp at
    the beginning and getting 2 of the moves out of the way.  Revert and
    manual your way off the ramp and pull off the other 2 on the ground
    while manualing or grinding between moves.  Remember, the semi flip
    is a SPECIAL move and requires your SPECIAL meter to be full.
    Combo #2 - 5 Moves
             - Double Kickflip (Left + B + B)
             - Double Heelflip (Right + B + B)
             - Fingerflip (Up + Up + B)
             - Airwalk (Down + X)
             - 360 Flip (Down-Left + B + B)
    No special moves here...  If you are having problems comboing all
    these moves, maybe try going over to the halfpipe and pulling off the
    double kickflip/heelflip in one move.
    Combo #3 - 6 Moves
             - Casper (B + Y)
             - Casper Flip (B + B)
             - Anti Casper (B + X)
             - Handstand (X + X)
             - Handflip (B + B)
             - Rusty Slide Manual (Right, Down + Y)
    The manualing combo can be pretty intimidating, but remember to do it
    quickly and keep your balance.  If you have problem pulling off the
    special Rusty Slide Manual move, try doing it FIRST and then leading
    in to the other moves.  It makes it easier for keeping your balance.
    <j> Chad Muska
    Skater: Chad Muska
    Level: San Fransisco
    Location: Take a left at the beginning of the level and head over to
              the spiraling stair cases with the glass railings next to
    	  them.  Grind up to the second level and head down to the
              end furthest from where you started to find this mission.
    Title..............................................Trick Out The Beatz
    The Premise: Chad Muska is both an accomplished pro skater and a
                 musical artist. Through his Muska Beatz label he offers
                 a fresh take on hip-hop music. For Muska, the two worlds
                 of skating and music are inseparable. Time for some
    Intro: "So, you want to make an album with us.  Well, we're gonna have
           to hear some beats first. Nail tricks and combos to increase
           your beat meter. Don't bail! Nail 8 beats, and we got us a
    Time Limit: 5:00
    For me, this mission just screams stupidity. All you have to do is
    skate around without bailing to increase your music levels.  There
    really is no strategy involved.  Just take it like you would a score
    challenge taking it easy on bailing and you have this one in the bag.
    <k> Andrew Reynolds
    Skater: Andrew Reynolds
    Level: San Fransisco
    Location: Head over a little forward from the opening of the level and
              Atiba should be out in front of the small plywood manualing
    Title...............................................,..Drop The Hammer
    The Premise: Andrew Reynolds constantly amazes with his ability to
                 conquer any gap. Whether it's massive stair sets, monster
                 gaps, or simply taking a pyramid ramp to the floor,
                 Andrew can take it all. Flip this..."
    Intro: "Hey Yo Drew! We're all set up for these photos. These could be
           the biggest gaps you've ever hit, man. Warm up ollieing the 
           gap, and then we'll get a photo of each trick. If your knees
           don't blow out, your back definitely will."
    Time Limit: 3:30
    Jump 1 - Gap the Pier
    Simply head straight forward grinding the rail and take the ramp
    towards the pier a floor below.
    Jump 2 - Hey, great! Now do a Double Kickflip over the Pier:
             Double Kickflip (Left + B + B)
    Same as above, but pulling the move in midair.
    Jump 3 - Now do a Triple Heelflip over the Pier (Right + B + B + B)
    For this one, you might want to try angling your jump to give you more
    air time, but you should be able to pull it off either way.
    Jump 4 - Now gap overhead the Walkway.
    Head straight forward hitting the pipe for some air and turn around
    toward the kicker ramp jumping over the walkway in front of you.
    Having your special meter full will make it WAY easier.
    Jump 5 - Hey, great! Now do a Double Kickflip over the Walkway:
             Double Kickflip (Left + B + B)
    Look familiar? Same strategy as before.
    Jump 6 - Now do a Triple Heelflip over the Walkway (Right + B + B + B)
    Well, if you have any problems clearing the ramp, try a Boneless
    (Up, Up)
    Jump 7 - Now gap the fountain.
    It's going to begin being annoying now. The gap is semi-obvious, but
    you need your special meter to clear it. Grind the stuff directly in
    front of you and take the ramp hard.  It may not look pretty, but as
    long as you get between the weird statue parts you've cleared it.
    Jump 8 - Hey, great! Now do a Double Kickflip over the Fountain:
             Double Kickflip (Left + B + B)
    You know what to do.
    Jump 9 - Now do a Triple Heelflip over the Fountain (Right + B + B + B)
    See above.
    Jump 10 - Now gap in to the EMP bowl.
    The next gap section, this one is the most annoying.  You will need
    your special and you'll also need to boneless off the ramp.  Grind
    everything in your path until you get to the ramp ahead and then
    boneless towards the closest part of the bowl.
    Jump 11 - Hey, great! Now do a Double Kickflip into the bowl:
              Double Kickflip (Left + B + B)
    Same as above.
    Jump 12 - Now do a Triple Heelflip into the bowl (Right + B + B + B)
    Once again, see above.
    Jump 13 - Now gap over the street.
    You'll do this one just like you did jump 10. Also, if you arent
    noticing, hitting the ramp at an angle makes it easier to jump over
    the street so experiment!
    Jump 14 - Hey, great! Now do a Double Kickflip over the street:
              Double Kickflip (Left + B + B)
    Jump 15 - Now do a Triple Heelflip over the street (Right + B + B + B)
    <l> Geoff Rowley
    Skater: Geoff Rowley
    Level: London
    Location: Head over to the section with the cat fight game under the
              bridge.  Look towards the walkways that lead up to the over
              head road to find this challenge.
    The Premise: Watch 'Sorry', the latest Flip video, and you'll see what
                 Geoff's all about. It's not enough to grind a sickening
                 handrail - you've also got to flip into it, or clear some
                 sketchy gap to get to it. The lesson is clear: Geoff
                 destroys everything he skates. Three spots - kill them
    Intro: "Let's see if you can nail these grind gaps! See, we'll start
           off small then we'll work our way up. The higher we go, the
           harder the combo gets."
    Time Limit: 3:00
    Insane Grind #1 - Gap over the street and land a FS Shove-It (Up + B)
                      to a FS Nosegrind (Up + Y) on the rail
    A pretty easy jump, just head up the walkway jumping at the top,
    quickly pull off the move and land in the grind.  Make sure you don't
    get cocky and overdo the grind like I did the first time.. :D
    Insane Grind #2 - OK, now Land a FS Shove-It (Up + B) to a FS 5-0
                      (Down + Y) on the rail
    You shouldn't need to do a boneless yet, but if you have troubles, go
    ahead and try a boneless at the end of the ramp.
    Insane Grind #3 - OK, now Land a FS Shove-It (Up + B) to a Rowley
                      Darkslide (Up, Right + Y) on the rail
    Now you're going to need a special so take a few runs to get one
    unless you already do. Then it should be just as easy as the last two.
    Insane Grind #4 - OK, now Land a Inward Heelflip (Up-Right + B) to a
                      FS Crooked (Up-Right + Y) on the ledge below
    New location! You are already perfectly lined up, so don't move an
    inch.  You should easily be able to make it to the rail you need to
    clear under the trees.
    **EDITORS NOTE** Another huge glitch I found... while writing this FAQ
                     I stopped before the ramp at the very beginning to
                     type out what the screen said. When I tried to take
                     the ramp again, everytime it would say "Sorry, try
                     again" causing an impossible loop that could only be
                     stopped by ending the mission or the clock running
    Insane Grind #5 - OK, now Land a Inward Heelflip (Up-Right + B) to a
                      FS Overcrook (Up-Left + Y) on the ledge below
    Same as above.
    Insane Grind #6 - OK, now Land a Inward Heelflip (Up-Right + B) to a
                      Rowley Darkslide (Up, Right + Y) on the ledge below
    You'll need your special once again, but as long as you didn't bail
    you most likely will have it by now.
    Insane Grind #7 - Now... Hardflip (Up-Left + B) to a FS Feeble
                      (Down-Right + Y) on the light wire to a Kickflip
                      (Left + B)
    NEW LOCATION! This grind takes the usual formula and adds an extra
    move to it. Once again, you start out all lined up with easy to make
    jumps. It's all just a matter of landing all the moves.
    Insane Grind #8 - Now... Hardflip (Up-Left + B) to a Rowley Darkslide
                      (Up, Right + Y) on the light wire to a Double
                      Kickflip (Left + B + B)
    Same as above, except now you have an added special move requiring
    your meter to be full.  Also remember that you'll have to turn a
    little bit after the Rowley Darkslide in to the kickflip or else you
    most likely will wipe out.
    Insane Grind #9 - Now... Casper Flip 360 Flip (Down, Right + B) to a
                      Rowley Darkslide (Up, Right + Y) on the light wire
                      to a Triple Kickflip (Left + B + B + B)
    The final and hardest move, you've got 2 specials to deal with this
    time and the triple kickflip at the end. Good Luck!
    <m> Elissa Steamer
    Skater: Elissa Steamer
    Level: Alcatraz
    Location: In the same area as the other pro challenges for Alcatraz,
              take a left at the beginning of the level going 2 floors up
              and you should find the guy straight in front of you.
    Title..............................................Elissa's Super Gaps
    The Premise: Elissa's goal is simple - skate longer handrails, bigger
                 stairs, and more massive gaps than anyone else. Not
                 content to be known as the best female street skater in 
    	     the world - she wants to be a great skater, period. Can
                 you hang with the big boys?
    Intro: "Giz - now I know you all about going big these days. Let's get
           some photos of you busting on some of these big gaps. OK? Now
           Yo! the run-up's pretty sketchy so hit the ramps and rails to
           help you line up."
    Time Limit: 3:00
    Gap 1 - Gap from the Guard's Walk Ramp to the Planks on the Yard 
    For this gap, head straight forward grinding the planter in front of
    you and then grinding down the staircase. Quickly pull over to the
    ramp heading up to your left and boneless (Up + Up) over to the planks
    on the stairs.  You can manage without a boneless if you have your
    special maxed.
    Gap 2 - Hey, great! Now do that gap again, only do this: Triple 
            Impossible (Up + B + B + B)
    Same as above, just pulling off the move mid-air.
    Gap 3 - Nice! Now try a special air trick: Judo Madonna
            (Left, Right + X)
    Once again, same as above, but make sure you have your special meter
    Gap 4 - Now gap down this massive stairset from the lighthouse walkway
            to the parade grounds.
    New location, here you'll want to grind on the rail directly in front
    of you first and then leap at the top of the set.
    Gap 5 - Now do this!: Airwalk (Down + X) to Double Heelflip
            (Right + B + B)
    Same as above, just pulling both tricks mid-air.
    Gap 6 - Alright, now try your special air trick again: Judo Madonna
            (Left, Right + X)
    Once again, same as above, but make sure you have your special meter
    Gap 7 - Gap from the switchbacks down to the drainage pipe!
    Probably one of the hardest jumps, clearing the 2nd leg of the
    switchbacks may prove to be your enemy.  Boneless is your friend if
    you need it.  Also, use the rail to line you up with the ramp as this
    one can prove to be rather confusing.
    Gap 8 - Now do this!: Benihana (Down-Left + X) to Pop Shove-It
            (Down + B)
    Same as above, just pulling off both moves mid-air.
    Gap 9 - Okay, last one: Triple Kickflip (Left + B + B + B) to a late
            Judo Madonna (Left, Right + X)
    Without a doubt the most frustrating of Elissa's combos, you most
    likely will need to Boneless (Up + Up) to clear this section of the
    <m> Jamie Thomas
    Skater: Jamie Thomas
    Level: College
    Location: Directly in front of you heading in to the level.
    Title................................................A Day in the Life
    The Premise: When pro skaters shoot photos for a feature story, it
                 can often take weeks or even months. In 1995, Jamie Thomas
                 decided to shoot his pro spotlight in a single day. In
                 all, Jamie hit 10 spots in just 12 hours. Time to get
    Intro: "Chief, nobody shoots an entire spotlight in one day! OK - all
           right, all right, if you say so. Do each trick as fast as you
           can and then we'll break for the next spot. Chief, let's do
           this man."
    Time Limit: 0:20 (added time for each completed move)
    9:40 AM - FS 5-0 the lower School Pool Lip (Y + Down)
    This one took me quite a while because I never realized that you are
    actually grinding the back of the lip instead of doing a lip trick.
    The trick name should have set me off, but nope, it didn't!  Just jump
    in to a BS 5-0 and then jump forward in to a FS 5-0
    10:20 AM - 360 Flip over the Tennis Net (Down-Left + B + B)
    Follow over to the tennis net by following the arrow.  Doing this move
    requires you to begin and end your move ON the tennis court at the 
    right angle (which can make some frusturating mistakes).
    12:00 PM - Noseslide the Stone Bridge Ledge (Y + Right) or (Y + Left)
    Once again follow the arrow and do the noseslide (depending which
    direction you are facing the button combination changes)
    12:30 PM - Smith Grind the Philosophy Building's Ledge (Y + Down-Left)
               or (Y + Down-Right)
    Yet again, follow the arrow over to the small ledge next to the
    Philosophy building  ...and no this grind is not on the roof like you
    may think, just on the small ledge in front of the building.
    1:10 PM - Do a FS Shove-It between any of the Outer Coliseum Rails
              FS Shove-It (Up + B)
    Follow the arrow to the rails and pull this one off between the shown
    rails, not much to it!
    2:00 PM - Nosegrind the Elementary School Rails (Y + Up)
    Following the arrow again, make your way to the rails leading up to
    the enterance of the elementary school.
    3:15 PM - Tailslide the Curved Clock Tower Bench (Y + Right) or
              (Y + Left)
    Tailslide on the bench the arrow points out.
    4:00 PM - Kickflip off any of the Information Kiosks Kickflip
              (Left + B)
    Grinding on the bottom part of the kiosks, combo in to a kickflip at
    the end.
    6:20 PM - Nosegrind the Keg Ledge (Y + Up)
    Once again, use the arrow to make your way to the ledge where you can
    easily nosegrind this challenge.
    7:15 PM - Benihana the Roof Gap Benihana (Down-Left + X)
    Without a doubt the hardest and most time consuming, follow the arrow
    and spine transfer on top of one of the buildings.  Use the ramp near
    the one the arrow is pointing to on the next building to transfer
    over while doing this move to do this final move.
    <m> Custom Skater
    Skater: Any Custom Skater
    Level: Shipyard
    Location: Directly in front of you at the beginning of the level.
    Title...............................................Movie Stunt Double
    The Premise: For better or worse, Hollywood has taken note of the 
                 rising popularity of action sports. Just check the movie
                 listings - chances are, your favorite action sports star
                 is ripping it up in a movie playing near you... Time to
                 break a leg...
    Intro: "We only have a couple minutes of light left and we have to get 
           these shots, people! You have to hit all of the detonators and
           the only way to dodge the enemy fire is to be in a combo...
           ready, set, ACTION!"
    Time Limit: 2:00
    You'll begin the mission heading down a ramp. Once you make your grind
    on the rail in front of you, the combo has to keep going for the rest
    of the level.  Grind your way on the right rail through the first few
    detonators.  On your way around the corner you'll see some dynamite
    on your side of the track. Transfer over to the other side of the
    track heading forward.  Take the ramp up and revert/manual back along
    the track taking the other direction when you hit the turn. Transfer
    back and forth between the rails to the end and get ready for the most
    frustrating part of this mission... The final lip trick on the 
    helicopter.  I hope you have enough speed and good luck!
    Tony Hawk......................................................College
    Bob Burnquist......................................................Zoo
    Steve Caballero..............................................Kona Park
    Kareem Campbell..........................................San Francisco
    Rune Gilfberg.................................................Alcatraz
    Eric Koston...................................................Shipyard
    Bucky Lasek...................................................Shipyard
    Bam Margera...................................................Alcatraz
    Rodney Mullen................................................Kona Park
    Chad Muska...............................................San Francisco
    Andrew Reynolds..........................................San Francisco
    Geoff Rowley....................................................London
    Elissa Steamer................................................Alcatraz
    Jamie Thomas...................................................College
    Custom Skater.................................................Shipyard
    Here's a section with questions that are frequently asked.  If you
    have a question of your own, email it in to <brak2000@hotmail.com>
    Q: Where are these pro challenges?
    A: They become unlocked after you complete 90 regular challenges.
    Q: Do I get anything for completing them all?
    A: You unlock a video for each one complete(Bails 1 for Custom Skater)
    Q: Do the secret characters have pro challenges?
    A: No.
    Q: How do I complete the challenge for _______________?
    A: That's what the FAQ is for! :D
    Q: Theres no good regular FAQs out yet for this game! Will you make
    A: If there is demand, I will consider it.  Email me if you wish for
       me to make one as I enjoy this game.
    Q: What are the secret characters?
    A: Okay, this has NOTHING to do with my FAQ, but I'll put it in here
       to hopefully avoid a couple annoying emails!  The secret characters
       are.....not listed in this FAQ! GO LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE..bahahahaha!
    Props to:
    Neversoft and Activision for continuing this excellent series.
    A HUGE thanks to MollyFlogger82 for some of the PS2 controls, I'll
    look forward to some more later if you want to send them in.
    andrew789654 for the tip on Kareem Campbell's challenge.
    The readers (you) for making this FAQ possible
    If you wish to contact me:
    email/MSN: brak2000@hotmail.com
    AIM: braktheman
    website: http://www.geocities.com/brak_2k/
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 to James Morgan.  Stealing this work and
    using it as your own is not acceptable and a criminal act.  If you
    wish to distribute/print it without a profit, feel free.  Placing this
    on your site is acceptable as long as
    A) The content is not changed.
    B) An email is directed to brak2000@hotmail.com with a link to the
    C) The current version is kept up to date.

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