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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DTran

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                        Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
                                    By: Legomondo
                        Version: 1.04 (Last Updated: 04/21/03)
                             Game System: Nintendo GameCube
      1.  Version
      2.  Introduction
      3.  Basics
      4.  Walkthrough
      5.  Weapons & Items
      6.  Force Powers
      7.  Enemies
      8.  Codes & Secrets
      9.  Multiplayer
      10. Legal Information
      11. Thanks
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[1. Version]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    04/21/03 - 1.04: Added a new Secret Area which I left off, but was reminded of
      by the afore mentioned reader.  Thanks!  Also added the latest codes which I
      had previously left off.  If you haven't noticed, the "Force Powers" section
      is still unfinished, but I'll get to work on that.
    04/12/03 - 1.03: Almost two months, but everything is now officially complete!
      Yah, since the update has been so long, those of you that sent me the Secret
      Areas may have had some of yours rejected since the spot was previous filled
      by another submission.  Thanks to Tom Price for giving me most of the final
      ones I'm missing, and if you notice, your submissions follow what I said
      above.  I probably won't be updating this in a while, and it's thanks to
      readers like you that make this FAQ above and beyond.  Not really.  Also,
      I've deleted previous versions that displayed information when the FAQ was
      incomplete.  Maybe you'll see a Wind Waker FAQ from me one day, or maybe the
      next Jedi Knight game... if they release it on the GameCube.
    02/13/03 - 1.02: Added more Secret Areas thanks to the help of some readers.
      Note that if you choose to send one in, it probably won't be posted for a
      while now, since I'm trying to make my next update the last one.  In case you
      haven't figured it out, it means I'm waiting until I get all of the Secret
    02/02/03 - 1.01: Added more strategies to Desann, and added more Secret Area
      locations.  I still need them all, so if you would like to pitch in, free
      feel to email me their locations.
    01/25/03 - 1.00: Finished the whole FAQ, but I need some help with finding the
      secret areas.  Check the "Codes & Secrets" section to find out which ones I'm
      missing, but take heed of the requirements that I ask before you submit.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[2. Introduction]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Welcome to my third Star Wars FAQ, and this time, it's for one of the best
    ones, in my opinion.  Jedi Knight II is supposed to be a sequel, but since I
    haven't played any of the previous ones, I don't know if this one is the best
    yet.  To tell you the truth, even though I'm a Star Wars fan, I don't know too
    much about the universe and the things going on around it except from the
    movies.  The sheer amount in this game is amazing, and writing a FAQ for this
    game [was] hard.
    If you have any questions that you want to email me, you can do so at:
    Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com.  If you're wondering why I spelt out the @ and
    ., it's because I get a lot of spam mail due to my guides, which I'm guessing
    is due to lots of spam bots.  So, instead of depriving you all a way to contact
    me, this will [hopefully] stop a new wave.  Oh, and by the way, when you're
    emailing me, include the title of the game in the subject.
                                                   - Legomondo
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[3. Basics]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    From [my] controls to basic maneuvers, this is the place for people starting
    the game/series.
    There are actually different types, which you can set in the options menu, but
    this is my preferred type.  I believe it was called "LH Legacy" or something
    Control Stick: Controls the movement of the character and turns him left or
      right.  If it's on default, left and right will make you strafe left and
    + Control Pad: Different things will happen depending on the direction of each
      UP - Selects different Force powers.
      RIGHT - Scrolls through the available weapons.
      LEFT - Scrolls through the available weapons.
      DOWN - Scrolls through your inventory for items.
    A Button: Jump.  If you have the force, hold down the A Button to jump higher.
    B Button: Used to interact with the environment if a green hand appears on the
      screen.  If not, use the current selected item in your inventory.
    Y Button: Draws your Stun Baton/Lightsaber.  Press it again when your
      lightsaber is out to switch between different combat modes.
    X Button: Crouch when standing still, or roll when running.
    Z Button: Alternate Fire/Attack.
    R Button: Primary attack for weapons.
    L Button: Use currently selected Force Power.
    C Stick: Controls your view, or controls the lightsaber's arc in combat.
    Start: Access your options menu and also pauses the game.  To unpause, press
      the button again.
    You will be engaged in fierce combat in this game, mainly with the lightsaber.
    With this awesome weapon, you can chop your opponents into pieces (not
    literally) and send them into their doom.  Basic attacks for lightsabers are as
      -=[Basic Attacks]=-
    Forward Top-Down Hack -
      Forward + Primary Attack
    Basically an up and down slash.  Good for opponents who are jumping, and when
    you're landing on an opponent.
    Horizontal Swipe Attack -
      Strafe Left/Right + Primary Attack
    Good for enemies that are in front of you, and also who have their backs turned
    to you.  This will be a slow wide-sweeping attack.
    Diagonal Slash Down -
      Forward + Strafe Left/Right + Primary Attack
    I don't find this one useful at all, but still, a move nevertheless.
    Diagonal Slash Up -
      Backward + Strafe Left/Right + Primary Attack
    Good for when you're retreating, and an opponent wants to chase after you.  You
    can still attack, just watch out for where you're going, or you might fall off
    a ledge.
      -=[Advanced Attacks]=-
    Stab Backwards - [All]
      Backward + Attack
    You won't get to do this move too often, unless you constantly find yourself
    turning around to attack the enemy.  You can only do this when an enemy is
    behind you, or trying to execute this action will just make you run backwards
    and swing your saber.  If you choose to execute this with the light style of
    combat, you do a backwards stab.  If you choose to do it with any other, than
    you do a 180 degree backwards hack.
    Forward Lunge - [Light]
      Forward + Attack from Crouching
    A quick jab with your lightsaber, than a quick thrust up, this will probably
    catch your opponents off guard, but since you're in the light style, you're not
    going to do much damage.
    Flip Forward and Attack Downward - [Medium]
      Forward + Attack + Jump
    A very good move, run towards the enemy with your saber swinging, then jump
    just as you're about to hit them.  You'll do a flip, and your lightsaber will
    hit them in the back of the head, sometimes doing a one hit K.O.  Rarely does
    that ever happen, you can get yourself out of tight situations.
    Forward Jump, Downward Hack - [Strong]
      Forward + Attack + Jump from Standing Position
    Unblockable, which is the only good thing.  It's very, very slow.
    Roundhouse Spin - [Medium]
      Backwards + Strafe Left/Right + Primary Fire
    The instruction book didn't mention this one, and I'm not sure if it's Medium
    only, but doing this will make you execute a 360 degree turn and slash out with
    your lightsaber, good for people who are behind you.  It's a little slow
      -=[Acrobatic Moves]=-
    Kickflip -
      Strafe Left/Right + Jump
    Rather simple really.  Strafe either left or right into the wall until you're
    up against it.  Then, tap the jump button and you'll flip over the wall.  It's
    really nifty to get yourself out of tight situations.
    Roll -
      X + Any Direction
    I don't find too much use for this, mostly because I forget that you can even
    do this.  Rolling crouches you up in a ball, and you can roll in any direction.
    You can try to roll behind your opponent and then perform a Backstab.
    Backflip -
      Back + Jump
    Kind of like a Legend of Zelda move, you'll perform a simple backflip.  The
    height of your jump will depend on your force powers, but holding down the
    button all of the way will not allow you to jump very high.  At the most,
    you'll jump to double your height, even with Force Jump Level 3.
    Wallflip -
      Run into Wall + Jump + Jump
    Now I would consider this cool.  Run into the wall, and then double tap the
    jump button, holding it down the second time you push it.  You'll kick off the
    wall, and then land a few feet behind your original stance, a good strategy if
    someone is chasing you.  However, it takes time to master, but once you do, you
    can surprise your friends and enemies.
    Wall Running -
      Forward + Strafe Left/Right + Jump
    To execute this, you must be next to the wall.  Strafe towards the wall while
    running, and you'll run across it.  Neato, because you can run over your
    opponents and then kick off the wall in midair if you want or you can simply
    run down again.
    You all probably know what a lightsaber is, but this is just the basics for it.
    "In the hands of a novice, the lightsaber is a clumsy tool, as much a danger to
    the user as to enemies.  In the hands of a Jedi, the lightsaber is an artist's
    brush: elegant and powerful."  That phrase describes it all.  When you first
    get your lightsaber, you might be a little chaotic, meaning that when you first
    face a lightsaber wielding enemy, you're just going to do some random attacks
    with it.  But, in time, you'll learn to master it.
      -=[Combat Styles]=-
    Three combat styles to choose from.  The first of course, is the Medium Style.
    Medium Style - A balance of speed, attack, and defensive power, this is the
      stance that most every Jedi uses.  Using this style means that you can only
      string together a certain amount of combos before you pause.
    Fast Style - The first new type you'll learn, fast style involves quick rapid
      attacks, with less damage.  If you can learn to master it, enemies will be
      unable to block most of your attacks.
    Heavy Style - This is a behemoth style, which means that your attacks will be
      slow in coming, but powerful upon delivery.  Your attacks are so slow
      however, that an enemy might be able to dodge them.  They can't defend
      themselves against it, and usually one hit will cause them to die.
      -=[Lightsaber Locking]=-
    I never fully understand how your lightsaber gets locked with another, but it
    does happen.  When it does, you'll usually find yourself face to face with the
    enemy, and he's pushing against you.  What you have to do is to tap the Primary
    Fire button repeatedly, to try to throw him off balance.  Doing this then, you
    can jump up and hack him.  If he wins, you get pushed down, open to his attack.
    The amount of power you can push depends on your Attack Power, which you will
    gain as you progress through the game.  When you have Force Push 3, you can
    attempt to use it against the enemy.  They'll be thrown back, and you can then
    slash them.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4. Walkthrough]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Just a reminder, this walkthrough will cover Jedi difficulty and will contain
    spoilers, so read at your own risk.  If you would rather have the plot kept
    secret, and you're stuck, always remember that you will never have to backtrack
    in this game, and if you do, new enemies will have spawned so you'll know
    you're going the right way.
                           A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
                           far away....
                                       Star Wars
                                    Jedi Knight II:
                                     Jedi Outcast
                             It is  a  time  of  relative
                             peace  in the galaxy.  Eight
                             years  have   passed   since
                             the  Empire's defeat at  the
                             Battle    of   Endor,    but
                             the   New   Republic   still
                             struggles  to restore  order
                             and vanquish its enemies.
                             After  defending the  Valley
                             of  the  Jedi  from the evil
                             Jerec and the nearly falling
                             to  the dark  side  himself,
                             former  Jedi    Knight  Kyle
                             Katarn   has   severed   his
                             connection  with  the  Force
                             and    returned    to    his
                             mercenary  ways.   With  his
                             longtime  partner,  Jan Ors,
                             Kyle   continues   to    aid
                             the Republic  in  the  fight
                             against     the     Imperial
                             As   the  Remnants  launches
                             its  latest gambit to regain
                             control  of the galaxy, Kyle
                             and   Jan  have  been   sent
                             by    the    New    Republic
                             to  investigate  the  planet
                             Kajim,  home  to   a   long-
                             dead Imperial outpost....
    Mission 1.1: Kejim Post
    Starting Objectives:
    - Investigate Kejim Post
    - Engage Local Remnant Forces
    Your first mission, but it'll prepare you for things to come.  Follow Jan a
    bit, until you come to an Imperial Shuttle.  If you fire off a round, a
    Stormtrooper will remark about it, and then come to engage you.  Jan will fire
    at them, but you'll want to help her out.  Take their E-11s and then turn to
    your left.  Inside, jump up until you reach the top and your first Secret Area.
    Go back down, and follow the path.  You'll come around a corner where you'll
    meet your first Imperial Officer.  Kill him, and take cover behind some of the
    Your first major firefight, and Jan will rush out into the open, trying to take
    them down.  From your position,  use the E-11s alternate fire to take down the
    Stormtroopers, and the one on top of the ledge.  Jan will try to blast the door
    open, but it won't work.  Out pops more Stormtroopers for you to kill.  You
    need to blast the door open, so go ahead and try the laser cannon near the
    ledge.  It's not powered on, and you'll need to use it.  Go past the dead
    bodies, and turn right until you reach a passage.  Fill up your shields with
    the converter, and then stand in the elevator.  If you don't push the button,
    it will take you downstairs, where an Imperial Officer is waiting, and two
    drone guns.  Press the button to take you up into a control room, and push the
    button, activating the defenses, and alerting Stormtroopers.
    Go back outside, and you'll see Stormtroopers below you engaging Jan.  Take
    them out from above, and head towards the cannon.  Use it to blast open the
    door and take the massive elevator down.
    You'll tell Jan to wait here, but she'll follow you if you open the door
    anyways.  Since doing so will cause lots of Stormtroopers to come out, wait for
    the elevator to rise again, and drop down on the ground below it.  Go through
    the door, and turn left.  Shoot the machine, and quickly backtrack until the
    fireball passes you.  You could've turned it off, but, we like to be
    destructive.  Go past the now broken machine, and rise the lift up.  Blast open
    the grate, and kill the Officer.  Activate all of the switches, and Jan will
    run in, while dozens of Stormtroopers rush out of the doors.
    The rightmost door contains some Thermal Detonators, and an explodable crate,
    as well as a hidden grate under it.  Don't fall down though, or that will lead
    you the broken machine again.  Head back out into the hallway, and open the
    door.  Blast the Stormtroopers in here and take the Light Amplification Goggles
    out of the storage box, with the funny colors on its side.  Head towards the
    left corner of the room, and you should find a console pad.  Activate it, and
    ride it down to a very, very dark room.  Use your LAG to help you see, and if
    you explore it thoroughly enough, you'll find another secret area.  You'll come
    to a cleaning bot, and past that an opening into what looks like a generator.
    Kill the four Stormtroopers, as well as the officer and take a look at the
    consoles.  You'll notice a picture with the blue area highlighted, which is
    what you're in right now.  Look down at the consoles, and activate the other
    two so that the red and green light comes on.  This is important or you'll
    never make it past the doors.  You can also use the security camera console to
    get a look of the drone guns hanging on a ceiling in a different room.  Look at
    the blue symbol on the wall, and deactivate the forcefield.  Climb the stairs
    up, and watch out for any hidden Stormtroopers you may find.
    - Enter Blue Passcode into Main Array
    You might want to search the area to your right for an officer and more
    Stormtroopers, but if not, head left and you should come to a huge room with a
    console in the middle.  Try to activate it if you want, but there's no power.
    Go to the left most walkway, with a green Imperial symbol up on top, but watch
    out for two drone guns.  Walk in slowly, and when one starts to fire at you,
    back up.  When it reverts back to its normal position, come in and use the
    alternate fire on the E-11 to destroy it.  Do the same with the other one, and
    the Officer in the observation room will run away.  Enter through the door, and
    kill any Imperials in the hallway.  The first door to your left will contain a
    computer that you need to get to.  Destroy the Stormtroopers inside, and for
    some odd reason, firing upon the structures will cause them to glow red.  Once
    you make it to the console, you will radio Jan to help you use it.
    Unfortunately, Jan will get stuck in a crossfire, so you'll need to backtrack.
    Exit out, and when you're in the central room with the dead consoles, kill the
    Stormtroopers guarding the way back.  Enter through the hall, and more of them
    will be waiting.  You will find Jan in the same room where you found the LAG.
    In the room, surprise the Stormtroopers from behind, and escort Jan to the
    computer console.  She'll open two doors for you.  Enter through the right one,
    and kill the three Stormtroopers inside.  Follow the ledge until you make it
    into a room with lots of consoles, and an Imperial Officer.  The Officer will
    run (what a coward) when all of his henchmen are dead.  Kill him if you want
    and look at the symbol on the wall, next to some consoles.
    - Enter Green Passcode into Main Array
    You still can't operate the console, so go to the only hallway you haven't been
    into, the one with the purple Imperial insignia on top.  Take care of the two
    drone guns and head inside the door.  This section is going to get much more
    complicated than that of the green, so watch out.  Once you're in the hallway,
    climb up the left set of steps, and deal with the two Stormtroopers.  Take the
    lift beside them up, and deal with the enemy opposition hear.  Push the button
    on the console, which deactivates the forcefield on the other side of the room.
    Run on the ledges to that console, and push it to activate the power to the
    console in the center of the egg room.  Go back, and Stormtroopers will have
    appeared, along with an Imperial Officer.  Get rid of them both, and take the
    lift back down.  Ignore the doors with a red light on them, for they're locked,
    and proceed to the door across the hall.  You're outside on some sort of bridge
    thing.  Go through it, but along the way, it'll explode.  Jan will radio in and
    you'll say it's just part of your job.  Don't backtrack, or you'll fall to your
    In the next room, you'll encounter three probe droids.  Take them down, and if
    you can, try and get it so that they're stuck behind the glass projection
    thing, but leave half of their body out in the open.  Ride the lift up next to
    the door if you need to refill your guns, but don't use that door.  If you do,
    and run across the bridge, it'll blow, and you'll be stuck in the middle.
    Instead, ride the lift in the center of the room up.  You'll be outside, where
    you'll see two more probe droids.  Take them out any way you wish, and then run
    across the top.  The bottom section should blow up below you, like I said
    before, but it doesn't apply to you.  Drop down, and kill the Stormtroopers.
    Watch out, they'll be some stuck in the bridge.  Enter the door, and take care
    of the Officers, and any other guys inside.  Enter through a different door,
    and find the last passcode, the red one.
    - Enter Red Passcode into Main Array
    You're almost done with this part of the level.  Backtrack to the egg-shaped
    room, by exiting through doors, NOT but using the broken bridge.  The power is
    now back on, and you'll need to manipulate the consoles so that they display
    the correct symbols.  Underneath each console, will be three mini ones that
    change a certain aspect of the picture.  Fool around with them a bit to see
    exactly what each changes, and then turn them into the pictures in your
    DataPad.  Then, press the three activation consoles.  If you got the passcodes
    right, they'll light up, and a walkway will extend to the protected door.  The
    force-field should go down, and the door should unlock.  Enter to complete this
    Mission 1.2: Kejim Base
    Starting Objectives:
    - Investigate the Hidden Section of the Outpost
    - Engage Remnant Forces
    - Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw
    Go forward, until you hear someone yell "Fire!".  Lots of Stormtroopers will
    blast the glass right in front of you.  You can throw a Thermal Detonator and
    bounce it off the wall to explode next to them, or engage them in a firefight.
    Relieve the Officer of his security key and check the adjoining rooms for some
    supplies.  Unlock the next door, and take out the gun in the room.  It's built
    into the wall, so you might have a hard time finding it.
    The right door is locked, so head left, and take out any enemies.  You'll
    notice a forcefield.  Press the switch to reveal a glass window.  Break it, and
    enter through it.  Kill the Officer and press all of the consoles that he was
    guarding.  Doing so will activate the machine in the center of the room.  Break
    one of the glass windows, drop down, and run for the door.  If not, you'll take
    damage from the lack of warmth.  Go to your right, and open the door to reveal
    a switch that turns down the temperature in the previous room.  Climb up the
    stairs, and deal with the Imperial scum that tries to stop you.  The door down
    the hallway is locked, and you'll see a catwalk above you.  How to get up
    there...?  Follow the steps up, and you'll make it back to the main room.
    Step inside the machine again, and this time, jump up onto the arm in the
    center, and climb up it until your reach a doorway.  Go through, and eliminate
    any more Stormtroopers.  Following the path, you'll run into some sentry
    droids.  Take them out, and follow the ledge to an office building where
    Stormtroopers are conveniently firing on you.  Take them out, and look in the
    window.  You'll notice an explosive barrel.  Shoot it to activate a switch
    which allows you to enter the office, via a walkway.  Push the button inside to
    extend a walkway above the electrified water.  Enter the door, go down, and
    crawl through the tunnel.
    Go to the console and pick up the BioTech Canister, as well as activating the
    console.  Go through the door, and you'll find yourself in a hallway.  Fire off
    a few shots to get some Stormtroopers to notice you.  Kill them, and the
    Officer in front of you, then activate his console before the turrets come
    online.  Doing so will deactivate them.  If you head left, you'll come into
    lots of prison cells.  Instead, go to your right, and kill the officer, using
    his key to unlock the next door.
    The room will have a drone gun, much like the previous one in the wall.
    Destroy it, and the explodable crate near the wall to expose a grate.  Climb
    through it and you'll be in a large room with various routes.  Go through the
    door with the pink force-field.  You would think that it would've been locked,
    but it opens up.  Ahead, you'll notice a large blast door, and a force-field to
    your right.  Head for the blast door, take cover behind the crates.
    Stormtroopers will come to you, and you can't expose yourself for there is a
    trooper manning a gun.  After you're sure that no more Stormtroopers are coming
    for you, use a thermal detonator, and hold down the button until your
    controller pad stops rumbling.  Then chuck it across the crates, aiming for the
    ceiling.  It should hit the Imperial and blow him up.  Equip your E-11, and
    around the crates is an enemy.  Behind the gun is another enemy.  Kill them,
    and push the switch on the wall behind the gun to deactivate the force-fields.
    Go through the room, and draw out any Stormtroopers in the area.  Head for the
    operation booth in the corner, and activate both consoles to overload the
    machine which sends out deadly lasers.  Stay where you are, and duck, for a
    laser beam will travel over your head.  The lasers will also blow up a chunk of
    the door which you need to enter.  Once all laser beams seem to have stopped
    moving, you'll need to travel around it, in a counter-clockwise manner to reach
    the door.  The machine will explode, and you can run down the steps.  Notice
    the console behind a locked glass window.  Go through the only door, but stop
    when it opens.  You'll notice some green gas floating around, and the dead
    bodies of the Imperials.  Eye the Officer on the floor, and quickly rush in and
    out to pick up his keycard.  Use the Instant Medpack on the wall if you don't
    have enough health.
    Use the security key to unlock the glass window, and activate a droid.  Guide
    him through a little opening next to the door, and into the room with the
    poison gas.  Have him turn right, and go down the hallway until he comes to a
    room where circuits are overloading.  Have it activate a button, and stop the
    gas.  Use it, and backtrack, and in the tunnel, right before you enter the room
    that HAD poisonous gas, you'll find another button on the wall.  If you
    activate it, it does nothing...?  I don't know...  Anyways, go back to Kyle,
    and go through the room.  The next room will have large crystals hanging
    around, and lots of Stormtroopers.  Kill them all, and go through the next
    door, where you'll learn about some crystals and a mining operation...
    Mission 2.1: Artus Mine
    Starting Objectives:
    - Infiltrate Mining Facility
    - Cripple Mining Operations
    Go down the valley, and drop down.  There aren't any enemies in this open area,
    except for two probe droids, and two drone guns.  If you search near the toxic
    river, you can find a dead prisoner and a Wookie Bowcaster.
    Try to enter the building across the gorge, by running across the pipes.  By
    now, the drone guns have spotted you and are attempting to pelt you.  Step back
    until they stop firing, and then zoom in with your binoculars.  Get them in the
    center of your screen and switch to your gun, preferably the Bryar.  Use its
    accurate secondary shot to take them down with ease.  Now, try to cross the
    pipes, but do it slowly, as they will break.  Once you make it to the top, open
    the door, and kill the Stormtroopers inside, as well as the Officer on the
    Take either lift on the sides of the room to reach the now dead officer and
    obtain his key.  Use his key to unlock the next room, and fill up on your
    shields and ammo.  The next room has some Officers, so deal with them in the
    only language that you both understand.  Kill them and get both keys from their
    bodies.  Proceed to the next room, and take care of the Stormtroopers in the
    area.  Ride down the elevator and open the door and prepare to engage some
    Stormtroopers.  Take cover behind a crate if needed, and blast them from afar,
    is possible.  Once they're all dead, notice the catwalk above you.  Head for
    the left door at the other end of the room, and enter inside.  Equip your
    thermal detonators and blow the Stormtroopers that come down in the lift.  Ride
    the lift up, and turn left where you have a crossroads.  Going left will lead
    you to a supply crate and some troopers and going right will take you back to
    the large room with the catwalk.  Instead, go back to the lift and go pass it.
    Enter the room, and if you use the security camera console, switch it to camera
    number 4.  You'll see Stormtroopers trying to shoot it out.  Wait long enough,
    and they'll finally hit it.  Get out of that mode, and turn around.  The
    Stormtroopers have arrived, and since they're about 9-10 of them, you'll want
    to be constantly on the move, or else take serious damage.  Take the Wookie
    Bowcaster ammo in the room if necessary, and the BioTech Canisters.
    Go outside, on the catwalk, and follow it to you reach a room.  Kill the
    Officers inside, and use the shield converter if you must.  Notice the two
    doors that lead to a hole outside the glass.  You might want to save your game
    here, for you're going to need to do things fast.  Drop down into that hole,
    and quickly rush into the tunnel.  If you start to take damage, then you're in
    trouble.  Out of the tunnel, notice the protected central structure.  To turn
    the shield off, shoot at the four red pipes to the left and right of it to turn
    it off.  Then shoot the central structure to stop the room from frying you with
    its radiation/heat.  Take the lift up and then walk on the support beams that
    lead up over one of those trams.  Jump on it when it's below you, and then duck
    as it leaves the room, or you'll take damage.
    Wait for it to round the corner, then jump off to the left as it passes a big
    hole.  You can use your LAG if you want, but the crystals in the mine
    illuminate the place well enough.  Prepare to deal with giant bugs with giant
    teeth.  Alternate fire with the E-11 does well here.  Proceed down the mine
    until you reach a dead miner and some batteries.  Use the batteries if needed,
    and continue following the mine.  You'll run into plenty more of those bugs on
    the way.  If you're going the right way, you'll eventually come to a mining
    drill.  Press the "Use" button on it to have it drill a hole and plummet into
    the lava below.
    Go to the hole at the very far end and wait for another tram to appear right in
    front of you, getting rid of its garbage.  Jump down on top of it, and wait for
    it to take you near a walkway and then jump off.  Kill all of the Stormtroopers
    on the ledge, and the Imperial Workers down below.  Take the lift down, and go
    through the only open door, which is on the other side of the lava pit.  Kill
    the Stormtroopers on the ledge, and then ride the trash compactor up to the
    next level.  Enter the door, and then snipe the Officers and Imperials down
    below.  Ride the lift down, and then use the Officer's supply key to open the
    supply crate nearby.  Press the button on the console to blow it up.
    - Proceed to the Detention Facility
    Pick up the BioTech Canisters and exit out the door.  It leads you back to the
    main room, but the way out is blocked by debris.  Instead, take the door in
    front of you again.  Your main goal here is to make it back to the room with
    the massive Stormtrooper ambush.  Once there, go out the north door, and jump
    into the car, and press the "Use" button on the console to end the level.
    Mission 2.2: Artus Detention
    Starting Objectives:
    - Rescue the Miners From Prison and Release Them
    Wait for the car to finish its stop and watch as some things blow up, killing
    one of the Stormtroopers.  Finish off the other two, and jump from the car to
    the nearby platform.  By now, an explosion should have knocked one of the
    support beams down from an upper level.  Climb on it to reach a console which
    will unlock the nearby door.
    In the next room, Stormtroopers are behind walls with little slits in them and
    firing upon you.  Take them out, and watch out for any other Stormtroopers
    above you.  You can take a lift up, but it doesn't really do you any good.
    Proceed to the door to your left, and some Stormtroopers will burst out from
    behind you and ambush you.  Well, I screwed their plan up, so be prepared and
    chuck a Thermal Detonator if you wish.  Head into the door that they came from
    to pick up some extra ammo and stock up on your shields.  Press the button
    inside to unlock the door that you were heading for.
    Through this door, you'll see where the miners are kept, but there's no
    apparent way yet to release them.  Kill the Stormtroopers on this level and
    ascend up.  You'll have to go through lots of levels, and each contain at least
    a dozen Stormtroopers, whether they be on the stairs, or on the actual levels
    themselves.  To help you out though, there are some weapon racks that hold ammo
    for your guns, and health.  Kill the Officers in your way first, and run to the
    other doors on the other side of the rooms.  You'll eventually reach a control
    room where lots of Officers are.  Kill them, and use a security camera console
    to get a lock of three different cells.  Unfortunately, one of them has those
    crab-like bugs and will kill one of the miners.  Look around a room for a
    console and push it to free the miners.  You'll get a little cutscene of them
    fleeing the area.  Next, you need to find a console that activates the fan.
    You'll know by a little display of a fan, which is not destroyable.  Push the
    console and picture of the fan will start moving.  Activating all switches will
    also unlock a new door at the bottom of the steps in the outer room.  Go
    backtrack down the steps and then turn into the room to your right.
    Take out the drone gun on the ceiling, and use the shield generators if you
    need them.  Explore the room for a bit, and notice most of the enemies are
    dead.  There may be one or two of them still kicking.  Go down the glass
    hallway, and you'll see a destroyed gun.  There, you'll meet one of the
    prisoners leading an uprising, trying to free themselves.
    - Capture the Base Commander and Force Him to Open the Main Hangar
    Follow the man out and you'll come to the hanger.  There, several prisoners
    armed with E-11s are battling against the Stormtroopers.  Help them out, then
    explore the are a bit.  You'll find two lifts that take you up to where several
    TIE Fighters are located.  Unfortunately, you can't pilot them.  Run around the
    upper ledges until you reach a door.  Enter and dispose of the three
    Stormtroopers that are guarding it.  Go through the next door, and you're on a
    walkway.  Jump to the small grate to your right, and follow it to a lift, which
    will take you to an upper level.  Follow the tunnel until you reach a big
    opening in the ground.  Hopefully, you've activated the fan, or you'll need to
    go back and do that now.  Jump down, and wait until you glide down.  Aim for
    the silver spot on the floor, or you'll be mince-meat.  Head left and go to
    into the tunnel.  If you're fast, you'll spot one of those crabs running into
    it.  Be careful, follow the tunnel until it rises and you can see some dead
    Stormtroopers.  Collect the supplies in the tunnel first, and then pop out and
    kill the crabs.  Go through the next door, and turn right for a moment.
    Dispose of the Stormtroopers up the steps, and then head back down to the door
    that was on the left.  Open it up and you'll find the base commander.  What a
    To make him move, simply set your reticule on him, but don't fire.  You can zap
    him with the Stun Baton if you want, but it's not necessary.  He'll [slowly]
    walk to the previous set of stairs that you just cleared out.  Slowly...
    Slowly... Slowly... he'll make it to the top, ever so slowly...  After
    activating a console which unlocks the door, a Stormtrooper will burst out,
    followed by 6-7 crabs.  Most of them will go after the Stormtrooper and
    Commander, so you'll need to squash them with your blaster.  Continue directing
    the Commander until he says: "Enough of this charade!", he'll whip out an E-11.
    That scum!  Shoot him right in the head!  Muwahaha!  Shortly after his death,
    Stormtroopers will rush out to fight you.  You know the drill.  Kill them, then
    enter the door they came out of.  Kill the Imperials in the next room, and
    break one of the two vents.  Crouch, and then go to your right where's you'll
    promptly end this mission!
    Mission 2.3: Artus Topside
    Starting Objectives:
    - Disable Artus' External Defense Systems to Allow Prisoner Evacuation
    - Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw
    Immediately, you're thrust into combat.  Stormtroopers on the ground, and a
    gigantic (at least from this perspective) AT-ST that's attacking the prisoners.
    You're going to have to move fast.. and this sounds like a job for... The
    Crimson Chin, and Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder! (Do you watch that show?)  Er, I
    mean, Kyle!!!  Quickly hop into the gun turret to your left, and use it on the
    AT-ST to down him.  Then use it to take out the various Stormtroopers around
    you.  Once all is clear, you can then jump off and go to the door on your
    right.  Kill the guys inside, and activate the console to get the lift up.
    Ride it down, and continue down the valley, eliminating those pesky
    BOOM!!!!  Another AT-ST comes to kick your butt.  You don't have the firepower
    to destroy, just yet, so run past it and to the hanger door.  Look to your
    right quick and rush in.  Safe.. for a moment.  Ride the lift up in the room,
    and kill the Stormtrooper running towards you.  Use the Shield Generator if
    need be, but skip the first gun, and cross the Ion Cannon.  You might notice
    that when it fires, electrical currents surge on the platform.  Simply stay on
    the pipes that connect the Ion Cannon in the back and then cross to the other
    side.  Man the second gun and then focus on the AT-ST below.  You need to do
    this FAST!  Quickly hold down the fire button and hope that you're going to
    kill it before it kills you.  While you're busting it full of energy, it'll
    fire missiles at you.  Hm.. I thought it had a concussion grenade launcher.
    When you finally destroy it, continue to the building ahead, and take care of
    the Stormtroopers.  In the next room, you find yourself in a large room where
    several dormant AT-STs lay.  Kill all the Officers and Stormtroopers in the
    area.  You can travel to all of the different offices, but watch out for a trip
    mine.  Simply blow it up, and use the Shield Generator to replenish your
    Ride the lifts down and open the supply crate.  Then, go in the door and take
    care of the Stormtroopers and Officers.  Head to the very end of the room where
    you can find a room with a console with a switch that deactivates the Ion
    Cannons' shields.  Head up and back outside, taking care of the new enemies,
    and use one of the guns to blow up the Ion Cannons.  Backtrack to the garage
    with the AT-STs yet again, and kill more Stormtroopers who have now appeared.
    A new door is unlocked, so head towards it, but beware of the Trip Mine if you
    didn't destroy it.  Inside is a hallway with about six Trip Mines that are
    activated and a drone gun.  If possible, throw a Thermal Detonator to blow the
    one guarding the door, and then destroy the drone gun.  Proceed with caution,
    and use your blaster to get rid of the rest.  The door will take you outside,
    where you will confront Desann.
    Jan has been taken captive, and after a few words, Desann orders his
    apprentice Tavion to kill Jan.
    You're in a short fight with Desann.  Basically, it's over before you know it,
    at least for me, because when you regain control of Kyle, all I saw was the
    lightsaber being thrown, and then.. blackness.  You'll wake up on Yavin with a
    new goal in mind.
    Mission 3.1: Yavin Temple
    Starting Objectives:
    - Find Luke Skywalker
    This mission is simple.  You'll stupidly reject the help of the droid who's
    talking to you.  Notice that all of your weapons are gone.  Head right, towards
    a lift.  Ride it up and skip the two doors in this level.  Ride the next lift
    up.  You can enter one of the doors here to watch some Jedi practice.  Very
    cool!  Remember the locked door on this level, and take another lift up.  After
    traveling down a hallway, and into a big room, you meet up with Luke Skywalker.
    After talking a bit, head back down, and into the locked door that I previously
    mentioned about.  It's not unlocked, so go through it.  You'll enter a
    beautiful courtyard.  Head to the left and go up the steps.  In the next
    courtyard, climb up the steps, and check the wall for a hole.  Drop into that
    hole to start your trials.
    Mission 3.2: Yavin Trial
    Starting Objectives:
    - Find the Lightsaber
    - Complete Each Trial to Regain Your Force Powers
    Once you're down in the hole, turn behind you and go through the door.  You'll
    receive your first Force power: Push!  I like this Force power a lot, and
    you're probably going to use this one often.  Anyways, equip this to the L
    Button on your controller pad and get ready for your first, but simple puzzle.
    At least I thought it was simple, but a quick look on the GameFAQs message
    board proved me wrong.
    Continue down the hallway, picking up the Force power, until you come to a room
    with floor tiles on the floor, arrows pointing down the center of the room, and
    brown slabs on the wall.  Quite simple really, if you're on the Padawan
    setting, I've heard that the slabs have revealed themselves, but since you're
    on Jedi settings, they'll be turned around.  Put your reticule on the brown
    slabs first, and it should change to a swirly blue.  Push them to get them to
    turn around and reveal a symbol that should match one of the pictures tiles in
    front of them.  Do that for all of them and then take a look on the floor.  The
    arrow points toward the center of the tiles.  Push each tile into the middle
    that correspond with the slab on the wall so that they align with the arrows.
    After you've done that, the door should unlock, and you're ready for your next
    Force power.
    Pick up your new Force Power: Pull.  Enter the next room, and jump into the
    water.  You can see that the exit to the room is near the top of the room, and
    there are no [apparent] ledges to jump upon.  Well, take a look at the walls,
    and you should be able to see rectangles that are a little bit lighter.  Put
    your reticule over them, and they should swirl blue again.  Equip Pull, and
    then pull them out of the wall.  Continue to do so until they reach the exit.
    Then, climb on them, and jump towards each one.  However, there's a Secret Area
    in this room.  From the exit, look to your left, or the direction opposite of
    the pulled out ledges.  You should see more of them.  Pull them out until they
    reach a little slit in the wall.  Quickly jump on them and go the ledge,
    because they retract.  Claim the supplies and exit.
    Out the door, you'll be in the main room again, only this time, you're at the
    top.  Pick up Force Speed and then drop down into the hole in front of you.
    Kyle will remark about how Skywalker is not going to make this easy for him.
    Both doors are locked.  Turn to your right, and look at that door.  To the left
    of it will be a floor switch.  Step on it and it will open the door.  Step on
    the large switch inside, and wait for all of the doors to open.  As soon as you
    step off, they'll start to close again, so you'll need to activate speed and
    zip by it.  At the end, you'll acquire your Force Jump.
    You'll exit back into the main room, with no way to go.  Look back at the very
    first door you went into, the one that contained Force Push, and notice that
    there's an upper level above it.  However, your Jump is only basic enough to
    get you about halfway up there.  Look to your wall on your left, and notice how
    there's debris.  Stand on one, and then jump onto the debris on the wall.  Jump
    from piece to piece until you reach the upper ledge.
    You won't be picking up a new Force power in the next room, but it will be more
    practice for the previous ones.  Stand on the black strip on the ground, and
    notice that bars block the exit.  Look up at the four gargoyles, and use Force
    Pull on all of them to make the water level rise.  Go back to the entrance of
    the room, and watch the gate rise up.  Wait until its risen to its max before
    you start to run for it.  You can make it without activating Force Speed.
    Past the door, look to your left, and notice the huge floor switch.  Notice
    that standing upon it will make a bridge move horizontally once, allowing you
    to cross the water.  Use Force Speed, and activate the switch and run for the
    bridge.  The bridge will cross right in front of you when you reach the ledge.
    Continue to run towards the small hole in the wall, and jump into it.  Go down
    the path and use Force Push to blow open the wall with a crack.
    You're almost at your lightsaber.  Use Force Push on all three blocks in the
    wall to push in the wall to cause the three stone structures to slide down.
    You're going to have to jump from one to the other to reach the exit at the
    top, but your jumps not high enough to directly jump from one carving to the
    next.  You're going to need to jump on top of the very small ledge at the top
    of the each carving and then jump into the next one.  Do this until you're at
    the top.
    Finally, your lightsaber, but it's on top of a very large pole in the center of
    the room, and covered by a cage.  First, use Push to push the small poles
    holding it up out so that the pillar can lower down.  Then, look at the small
    ramp that leads to a wall.  Go back up, and jump over the small decline and you
    should step on a switch.  The switch will lower you back to the small ramp and
    raise the gate.  Running to it is too slow, as well as activating Force Speed.
    Stuck?  Well, midway, after activating speed, you'll need to switch to pull and
    pull your lightsaber out before it closes again.  Then, exit the room (make
    sure you're not going backwards) by using the Lightsaber Throw to cut the two
    stone pillars that are hanging by the door.  If your range is too short, stand
    on one of the small rocks and then cut it from there.
    Enter through the door where you will meet up with Luke.  He tells you that
    he's surprised that you aced the trials with such ease, after you severed your
    connection with the Force.
    Mission 4.1: Nar Shaddaa Streets
    Starting Objectives:
    - Track Down Gangster Reelo Baruk
    Force Powers Attained:
    - None
    You'll be starting this mission out without the ability to draw your lightsaber
    out.  What a shame, you don't even get to use it for combat... yet.  Explore
    your surroundings, but be careful not to fall off.  Then, enter the door on the
    left wall.
    After some Rodians tell you to disarm, you can talk to the locals here.
    However, to get things moving, you're going to want to talk to the bartender.
    After a brief conversation where you flash your lightsaber in front of him.
    He'll press a switch which lowers the bar and you'll be thrown in the middle of
    a fight.
    - Get Out of the Bar Alive
    You'll be encountering Weequay, Rodians, and Gran here.  Gran almost always
    carry Thermal Detonators, which they like to chuck from afar.  The Weequay
    carry Wookie Bowcasters, and the Rodians [for now] are armed with the E-11s.
    Kill everyone in the room and watch out for any snipers from above.  There's a
    small shield generator down here, and its past the area where some crabs are
    fighting, in a small room.  Use it to boost your shields before exploring more
    of the area.
    Find a ramp up, and if you take the one that's near the bar, they'll be a
    Rodian armed with a Tenloss Disruptor that can end your mission quick.
    Instead, head for a small kitchen, where it will lead to the upstairs, allowing
    you to bypass him for the time being.  You'll be up in a nice office, where you
    can pick up some various weapons, including another Bryar pistol.  Some
    supplies are on the desk, but you'll want to push the switch on the wall to
    raise the bar's wall around it.  Head back towards the bar, and enter it.
    Press the switch inside the bar to activate the sequence that will involve you
    interrogating him.  Unfortunately, you don't get to kill him.
    Pick up the two BioTech Canisters from the bar, and head back up to the upper
    level.  Kill the Rodian that's spawned and enter through a door behind an
    overturned table.  Following that route, you'll end up outside.
    - Find Reelo's Hideout
    Just to let you know, I hate this part of the level, and I suggest that you
    save quite often after important events, because you'll constantly find
    yourself getting vaporized by a Rodian.
    Head to your left, but beware of the Rodian there.  Continue to the left,
    eliminating the Rodian, and crossing a catwalk.  Beware here, because there is
    a sniper that will kill you if you stay in one place too long.  After crossing
    the walkway, two Weequay will come out.  Kill them and enter the room that they
    came out of.  In the room, there are two Gran they will throw Thermal
    Detonators down.  Press the switch to get the lift going, but two Weequay will
    come off of it.  Kill them and then ride the lift up.  Kill the sniper Rodian
    and the two Gran.  Watch out, because the sniper that's outside can fire
    through the windows and vaporize you.  I found this out the hard way!  Two
    enemies will come out to your right, behind the lift.  Kill them, and check the
    back room for some much needed supplies.
    Then, head back into the room with the lift, and there should be an exit to
    your left.  Push the box and the enemy off, and watch out for sniper fire.
    Take a running jump and leap off to the building to your left.  Immediately,
    take cover behind the ramp.  There are two snipers in this area and will most
    likely pick you off, unless you kill them first.  The snipers are across the
    street, in a walless room.  You can duck out than quickly duck back in to get
    an accurate location of them.  Once they're dead, you can continue on.  Go up
    the ramp, and kill the Weequay that's just standing there.  You know, I think
    the programmers purposely tried to use him as bait so they could kill you.
    Once you're at the top, head inside the door, but don't take the lift up.  You
    might notice that two enemies are to your left, down a ramp.  Use a Thermal
    Detonator and chuck it at them.  Once they're dead, check their surrounding
    area for a BioTech Canister.  Go back up and ride the lift down.  Turn left,
    and try to cross the bridge, but it will blow up [before you get there].  Jump
    across it and kill the Weequay on the other side.  The gap between the next
    bridge and the door is too great a distance.  Your problem: You need to cross
    and the control room is locked from the outside.  Head back in the lift, and
    ride it back up.  Once there, go back outside where the ramps were, and find a
    mini-balcony that overlooks the control room.  You're going to need at least
    over 30 points of health to survive your next task.  Stand on the balcony's
    rail, and then jump towards the control room.  You should land on the top.
    Simply use your lightsaber and slash the glass roof and fall down.  There are
    two BioTech Canisters to help replenish your health.  Press the console inside
    to extend the bridge.
    Cross the bridge, ride the lift up and go down the glass hallway.  Equip Force
    Push, and push one of the red crates in the storage room onto a switch.  A lift
    will then drop down.  Stand on the lift, and note that it won't go up.  You
    must use Force Push again to push the crate off the switch and send you back
    up.  Follow the corridors and you'll find yourself on a rooftop with three sun
    roof type of things.  If you really want to go down there, you can if you want,
    but all it leads to is a secret area and some BioTech Canisters, plus the
    chance to snipe some enemies.
    Instead, skip those three holes, and search the area around you for a lift that
    takes you down.  Edge around the corner until you can see a floating car with
    three enemies.  These are the enemies that you could've taken out from the
    secret area location.  They're armed with the Disruptor rifles, so you better
    watch out!  Once they're dead, their platform or car will start to drift.  Jump
    into the car when it's at the closest point to you are risk going dying.  Then,
    jump to the next building to your right.  You might want to get to the front of
    the car for this jump.  Ride the lift up and kill the Weequay guarding the
    glass bridge.  Notice to your left that there is a proximity mine on the
    bridge.  Very very sneaky.  If you try to cross it, it'll blow you to kingdom
    come, so it's best to destroy it early.  Once the job is done, you'll need to
    step over the holes it blew up and cross to the other side.
    There's some electrified water in this room.  How to solve the puzzle you ask?
    Well, look to your left, and blow up the crate next to the wall.  It should
    blow up a portion of the wall with it, allowing you to solve your problems.
    Simply destroy the sparking wires in that room and presto!  Head back in the
    water, and notice that no matter how hard you jump, you just can't go high
    enough.  Look at the door, and look at the black rectangle underneath it.  Pull
    it out with the Force and then jump on it to the roofs above.  Kill the
    Weequay, and press "Use" on the R5 unit or on the switch itself [if you destroy
    it] to access a crane.  Before you do that though, you can access a secret area
    by running over the glass bridge and jumping to the building to your right.
    Kill the Rodian if you hadn't already done so in a previous shoot-out and find
    the secret items.  Go back to the R5 unit.  Instead of jumping down and risking
    your neck, you can take an alternate route.  Simply jump on R5 [because you
    simply can't jump high enough] and then jump on to the light fixture to his
    right.  Break the crate open and go down the small hole.  Take the right
    passage for another secret area, and take the left to exit.  You'll end up on a
    garbage bin.
    Equip Force Push, and push the two console panels next to each barrier to alter
    the bin's course, so it can continue to Reelo's garbage facility.
    Mission 4.2: Nar Shaddaa Hideout
    Starting Objectives:
    - Track Down Gangster Reelo Baruk
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Jump Level 2
    Your ride on the garbage bin will come to an end, and you'll be dropped in a
    very short ride to an incinerating machine.  Well, while you're on the conveyor
    belt, simply look to your left for a very large grate.  Break it open, step
    inside, and enter the door to enter the garbage facility.
    If you notice, this place is quite big, and if you travel around a bit, you
    will be under attack by the various Gran trying to blow you up with Thermal
    Detonators.  Also notice, that when you're traveling by the right wall, a Gran
    will sometimes fall from the top.  Maybe he blew himself up?  Who knows, but
    look carefully at your surroundings.  Find a garbage chute that doesn't have a
    bin under it to catch all the garbage, and jump up inside it.  You'll end up in
    a red room, where a crusher is conveniently on.  Time it so that you don't get
    squashed, and exit outside.  You're back in the garbage factory, but in a
    different part that was inaccessible before.
    Enter the door, and you're in a very BIG storage area.  So big that there seems
    to be no bottom.  Using your new found jumping ability, you should be able to
    jump from crate to crate in this room.  Simply find one that's near you and
    jump to it.  You're going to have to fall to lower crates, and then jump back
    up, until you finally reach the end, where there is a walkway.  Pull the box
    off the walkway and then jump on the walkway.  Go through the door, and follow
    the hallways till you reach the upper levels of the storage room where a Gran
    is patrolling.  Give him a little push and send him along his way.  There are
    some supplies up here, but they don't count for secret areas.  Through the next
    door and down the next hallway, you'll come to a garbage bin.  Pull it toward
    you, and head back out, over the walkway, back down the hallway, jumping back
    over the crates, and under the masher back out!  Save just in case you die.
    Then, once you're back out of the chute, head for the wall right in front of
    you.  For easier directions, if the entrance to the factory is south, than head
    east.  First door is locked, but you'll be able to open it from the other side.
    Skip the next door, and be careful for two Rodians who fire from a secret area.
    You can enter that door, and blow up a portion of the wall in that room to find
    them and a BioTech Canister.  Head for the third door on the right wall and
    you'll be in another storage area, of sorts.  Behind the unbreakable glass is
    what appears to be a switch?  Anyways, thorough inspection of this area will
    reveal a crate that you can pull out revealing a little niche in the wall.  Go
    through it and turn left.  Turn to your left again, and eliminate the Rodian
    and then proceed down the other passage.
    At the end will be another garbage bin.  Push it and it should reveal an
    entrance to an incinerator.  Quickly hop on and then jump off to the window
    ledge.  Quickly break it and push the button using the Force.  It should unlock
    the door, so hurry and kill the Rodian that's been sniping you in the office.
    Proceed down the passage, but watch out for little peepholes that Rodians use.
    Kill the Gran a top of the ramps that throw Thermal Detonators, and use Force
    Push to have them blow up in their faces!  Heh..  Notice along the way the
    little sideramp and a grate on the wall.  Continue clearing the way up first,
    so that you won't forget about them and die, and then hop in the grate.  You'll
    end up over the room with the explodable wall and the two Rodians in the
    Secret Area.  Kill the Rodian and then blow up the crate propped up against
    the wall.  It should open another hole leading to a prison area.
    Go down there, via the side ramp that we noticed earlier, and drop down.  Kill
    the two enemies down here, and proceed through the hole to find some detention
    cells; one containing Lando!  After a short conversation on how Lando was
    looking for Reelo (What a popular guy!), you'll have another objective added.
    - Release Lando
    Lando will help you along your way by telling your a password to open a
    somewhat nearby door.  Head back out, and jump on the crates in the room
    outside the prison cells to get back on the sideramp.  Continue going up the
    hall, and you'll end up at the top of the garbage facility.  You can see all of
    the mashers on the bottom.  Check any nearby crates for some supplies if you
    need them, but travel to the end of the room.  Ride the lift down, and go
    through the nearby door.  Head through the next door, and kill the three Gran
    in the room armed with Thermal Detonators.  Push them back at them, but kill
    them nevertheless; just be careful not to fall in the holes.
    Head back out to the previous room, and this time, stop in front of the big
    door.  If you didn't have Lando's password, you would've [obviously] said the
    wrong thing and perhaps fallen in the trap they set.  Instead, you'll be able
    to enter.  Go down the lift, and take continue down the hallway.  Go down
    another lift, and you'll face some opposition.  Kill the enemies in the hallway
    first, then equip your E-11 and focus on the moving drone guns on the ceiling
    in the next hallway.  There are 2-3 of them, and since they are moving, you'll
    need to direct your fire in front of them.  Once they're all destroyed, you can
    proceed down the hallway.  Use Force Push on the set of switches, and continue
    down your merry way.  Unfortunately, six Rodians are sniping behind a wall, and
    you have no way to kill them yet.  Once you make it to the end though, turn to
    your right, and there they all are.  Kill them, and use the Ammo Generator to
    refill any of your weapons.  Head back out into the hallway, and search for an
    area behind some glass that holds a BioTech Canister, and a Shield Generator.
    Finally, you can head into the main door at the end of the hallway.
    You'll finally meet Reelo Baruk himself.  A fat, obese Rodian who has formed an
    alliance with the Imperial Remnants to make money!  Your conversation will turn
    ugly when he activates the drone guns hanging over your head.  You can simply
    run around avoiding their fire, and wait for your lightsaber to automatically
    block, and perhaps hit them, but it takes too long.  Instead, equip your E-11
    and use its alternate fire to repeatedly pound the guns.  Since the guns are
    moving though, you may have a hard time.  Or, for an instant kill, use the
    alternate fire on the Thermal Detonators so that you can have a "splash"
    After the guns' destruction, several Weequay and Rodians will pop out from the
    various doors.  You can deflect the Wookie Bowcasters they fire at you, but the
    Disruptor Rifles are the problem.  You're going to want to jump around a lot,
    and saber them while you're jumping to eliminate the threat of them vaporizing
    you.  Nasty.  Kill any enemies that are left, and then proceed through the
    doorways and up the steps.
    Head into the office... and there's nobody there.  Intriguing.  Press all of
    the switches in the room to release Lando, and reveal a Secret Area.  Once
    that's been done, the center of the room where you engaged all of those enemies
    has been opened up to reveal a circular lift.  Ride it down, and exit through
    the door at the bottom.  You'll meet up with Lando, and together, you'll ride
    on a lift to end this very long, long level.
    Mission 4.3: Nar Shaddaa Starport
    Starting Objectives:
    - Find Lando's Ship, Lady Luck
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Jedi Mind Trick Level 1
    - Force Speed Level 2
    Finally, the last of the Nar Shaddaa levels.  Unfortunately, this won't be the
    last time you'll see those Rodians with those deadly Disruptors.
    You'll be in the lift again.  Wait for it to finish and let it "come to a
    complete stop" before heading out.  Follow Lando, as he will guide you to your
    way.  Lando will eliminate the single enemy standing there, and then direct you
    to a lift.  Both of you will ride up, where you will get an overhead view of
    his ship.  After fiddling with the controls for awhile, he'll tell you that he
    needs you to open the hanger doors.  Grab the BioTech Canisters.
    Now you have an option, you can either ride the lift down in that very room
    where you'll end up outside, or you can go back down the previous lift, and
    head through one of those doors where the single enemy was.  This walkthrough
    only covers the latter, but it's really up to you.  Head through the right
    door, and you'll pop out in a room with an orangish pit.  Push the enemies into
    the pit and go into the next room.  It's quite dark, pitch black actually so
    you'll need to equip your Light Amplification Goggles.  Since the view is
    limited, I'll tell you where to go.  Turn right, jump over the small pillar,
    and go left.  Crouch and squeeze through the small hole and kill the lone guard
    in here.  Go left for some batteries, and go right to exit.
    Ah, back in the cool night air, but you'll run into some trouble along the way.
    Kill them, but don't stay in one place too long, as there are Rodians swarming
    this part of the city, all ready to snipe you.  Take one out on top of the
    crate, and head down the long walkway.  Watch out for the Rodian sniping you
    from a window.  Enter the door to your right at the end, and kill the guards
    inside.  Watch out for the two Gran, and the Rodian holding a Disruptor.  I
    find Push to effective here, or Jedi Mind Trick.  Once they're lying flat on
    the ground, proceed down the next hallway.  Notice the glass portion of the
    wall.  Peek out cautiously and kill the Rodian on the ledge.  Wait a few
    seconds, and another enemy will come to take his place.  Kill him too.  Proceed
    through the door.
    You're back outside, this time at the other side of the "city" where lots more
    of those enemies are waiting.  Head out into the protruding strip of land that
    looks out over the city below you.  Look up to your left, and you should see
    some drone guns that Lando was telling you about.  Destroy them, and then jump
    onto their ledge.  Enter the room, and kill the two Rodians to your right.
    Pick up the much needed supplies, including some BioTech Canisters.  Head down
    the hallway and take the only open door.  You should be in a room with a single
    enemy guarding some consoles.  Kill him, activate the console, and look out the
    windows.  Use your Disruptor Rifle to snipe some of the guards to your right.
    Notice that the enemies are patrolling around a FUEL PUMP!
    Once that's done, backtrack, and find your way to the hanger.  I believe that
    if you jump down from the destroyed turrets onto the little peninsula of a
    catwalk and proceed down the rest of the walkway, you should come to some
    stairs on your right.  Go right, and through them.  Follow the door ahead of
    you, the door to your left is locked, and go down the next set of steps.
    Continue down the walkway, and you should end up in front of the fuel pump.
    Head left or right, and continue down the walkway and you should meet up with
    Lando and the Lady Luck!
    While you're waiting for the fuel to pump, you'll be under attack from the
    nearby locals.  Use your saber and slash them, while Lando provides backup
    cover.  Midfight, he'll tell you to hold them off while he tries to get the
    ship running.  Once they're all dead, check the area for an Ammo and Shield
    Generator and then head up into the Lady Luck itself.  In the cockpit, Lando
    will tell you of his current problem: The pumps weren't even working.
    - Activate the Fuel Pumps
    Argh!  Ah well... what else is better to do?  Lando will mention something
    about codes and that they shouldn't be too hard to find.  Well, he's right.  If
    you follow the tubes connecting the ship to the Lady Luck, you'll find that
    they lead to two fuel pumps, one on each side of the hanger.  Look at the
    symbols on top of the fuel pumps which they are connected to and remember the
    symbol.  One should look like an X while the other should look something to a
    "No Smoking Sign" of sorts.  Head back towards the fuel pump we saw earlier and
    jump to the very top by various points jutting out, as well as some nearby
    pipes.  Activate the pumps until you input the correct symbols and Lando
    confirms.  Head back for the cockpit of the Lady Luck.
    Oh boy!  Today is just not your day.  You're all ready to go, but the hanger
    doors are closed.
    - Open the Hanger Doors
    There are two that you need to activate, and all of the doors to the consoles
    are locked.  How dandy!  You'll need to activate them, via underground of sorts
    (It can't be underground if you're high in the city!) by breaking some nearby
    grates in the hanger.  Look at one of the walls, and try to find a red crate
    that can be manipulated by the Force.  Once you find it, push it aside and
    break the grate.  Follow the path, until you reach another grate at the end.
    Break it and jump up.  You're in for a fight, as several Weequay guard the
    control room.  Kill them, and notice that there are five controls.  Activate
    the four in the middle, as well as picking up any supplies between them.  Then,
    activate the one in the corner and Lando will tell you that he needs one more
    of them open.  Head back towards the hanger.
    The other grate is on the opposite side of the wall, covered by some explodable
    crates.  It's partially obscured, but you can clear the way with your saber.
    Drop down, and repeat the process as above.  Notice that once you do, the doors
    leading out of the rooms and to various areas of the city are also unlocked,
    which means that you don't have to keep on backtracking to the hanger if you
    want to enter the rooms.
    Head back towards the hanger once again..  Back in the cockpit, Reelo will
    confront you with some of his henchmen.  They won't pose too much of a problem,
    especially since you can man a gun.  Why he couldn't have just fried them or
    sorts with the engines is a mystery to me.  Anyways, look to your left while
    facing the cockpit windows and you'll find a console.  Activate it and you'll
    take the ship's gun as your perspective.  Use it against all of the enemies,
    and you're finally done with this blasted mission.
    Mission 5.1: Bespin Undercity
    Starting Objectives:
    - Infiltrate Bespin City Through Lower Levels
    - Find Lando's R5 Unit Near Carbonite Chamber #17
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Push Level 2
    - Force Pull Level 2
    - Force Heal Level 1
    You'll end up in the [extreme] lower levels of a Bespin Gas Platform and your
    plan is to meet up with Lando's security forces and hopefully trap Desann
    like.. a sandwich!  I could use one of those! :P  Break one of the grates on
    the walkway, and stand back.  Otherwise, you'll be blown clear off from the
    wind that the lift inside blows when it drops down.  Stand by its side though,
    and wait until you see the lift drop down.  Then, crouch, get in the lift, and
    ride it up to the very top.
    Kill the enemies at the top, by giving them a push.  Stock up with a Shield
    Generator and go through the only door.  If it's locked, wait until it unlocks,
    after a period of time, mainly, in conjunction with the lift you just rode up.
    Proceed through the rooms, killing any bad guys you'll come along.  However,
    there are lifts along the way that will take you to rooms with baddies, but
    with lots of supplies.  Eventually, you'll come to a room where a small
    incinerator is nearby, as well as an Ugnaught behind a glass window, and some
    Weequay and Rodians.  Kill them off, and then Mind Trick the alien so that he
    will unlock the door in the incinerator.  Quickly run through, and try not to
    get burned.  Open the next door using your lightsaber.
    Take the lift up, and use the Shield Generator to further aid your mission.
    Open the door, and you're in a very, very, big circular room, with various
    enemies inside.  If you notice, there are lots of levels, but first, run and
    take cover behind one of those pipe connectors of sorts, and snipe the two
    Rodians before you get fried.  Notice that the pipes around the room briefly
    turn red and then turn black, repeatedly.  Also look that there is a lift at
    the opposite side of the room that takes you up to the next level.  Now, you
    can run across the pipes, and try not to get burned, while using the Force Heal
    to ensure that you survive.  The pipes take a huge chunk of your health off, so
    that's not advised.  The easy way to get across is to notice that a red
    forcefield appears when the pipes light up.  Unfortunately, it doesn't last
    that long, which means, that when it turns off, you die.  Activate Force Speed,
    and haul butt!  Climb up the lift, and wait for it to take you to the next
    level.  Save often, and notice that various levels of the room will have
    different enemies trying to kill you.
    Once you're at the top, repeating the above tactic, jump on one of the cement
    structures.  Two Gran and a Weequay will come out from the door.  You need to
    kill them, and fast!  Use a Wookie Bowcaster, and kill the Weequay quick and
    then focus on the Gran.  If not, they'll blow you away.  Enter the door they
    came out of.  The next room will contain some enemies, but kill them.  Take the
    supplies behind the pillars, including the BioTech Canisters, and then break
    the grates on the three giant pipes.  The center takes you nowhere, you get
    stuck along the way, and then fall back down.  The right takes you in a loop.
    The left is the way to go!
    You'll pop out on top.  Kill the Weequay on the ledge.  If you have nowhere to
    go, look a little to your right, using the pipe as south.  You'll see that
    every few seconds, a huge gust of air will come, depicted as some white
    streaks.  Run into it as soon as it starts, and let it carry you to the next
    level.  Push the enemies off, and continue until you reach the very top, where
    you encounter your first challenge, dueling with a Reborn.
    To tell you the truth, I was quite nervous with my first lightsaber wielding
    enemy, but you should make it out alright.  Stay where you are, and let the
    Reborn jump from his platform to yours.  You might want to equip Force Push or
    Pull.  Duke it out, and if you can catch him off guard, push him off, or just
    slash him to death.  Speed is not advised, due to the fact that you CAN fall
    off.  Once you kill him, Kyle will remark that his powers felt warm...
    Jump across the platforms, towards the door that the Reborn was guarding.  You
    might encounter some Weequay along the way, but send them running, or flying.
    If you think the gap is too big for you to jump, all you have to do is to jump
    right in front of the air pressure in front of the gap to send you forwards.
    Once you enter the next room, you'll find yourself in a carbonite freezing
    chamber, much like the one from the movies.  Better yet, you also have another
    lightsaber duel with another Reborn.  Use the same tactics you used to defeat
    him and head up into the main doors.  Kill the enemies in this room, and then
    activate the R5 unit by pressing a nearby switch to "wake" it up.
    Mission 5.2: Bespin Streets
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Desann
    - Engage Hostile Forces in the Area
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Grip Level 1
    You're still in the platform with the R5 unit.  Once the lift reaches the top,
    follow R5, until he gets stuck by a wall.  You'll need to activate the lift
    he's standing on, with the nearby ledge.  Jump on the ledge that's next to it
    and open the door.  Chuck a Thermal Detonator inside, and hopefully, you'll
    blow the Weequay inside.  Dispose of the three Trip Mines guarding the door,
    and enter.  Pick up the Large Shield Generators, and then activate the console
    to activate the lift outside.  Go back out, and jump to the ledge where the R5
    unit is busy trying to open the door.  Save at this point, for things are going
    to get ugly.
    As soon as R5 opens the door, you're going to either want to pull it, or push
    it back.  Stand in front of it, so that it can't get through the door, and try
    to blow up all of the mines from your present position.  If you can, snipe the
    enemies on the ledge outside too.  Use your Heavy Repeater that you've picked
    up from the previous room.  The only mines that you have to destroy are the
    ones on ground level.  The rest that are above his head are only meant for you,
    I guess.  Once all enemies are dead, escort R5 to the next door, and wait for
    him to open it up for you.
    Kill the Rodians, Weequay, and the Gran in here.  Once they're all disposed of,
    if the R5 unit is still alive and running, follow him, and wait for him to open
    another door, revealing a Secret Area containing an Ammo Generator.  Go through
    the door to your left, and you're surrounded by lots of metal looking things.
    Head through the door to your left, and kill all four occupants inside.  You
    could just leave them in there, for there's nothing inside.  Exit out the door
    to your right and break the lock with your lightsaber.  You're in some sort of
    mini-hanger as you can see two Cloud Cars.  Dispose of the enemies in the area,
    and try to head into the door on the far side of the room.  You'll hear a
    Reborn screaming "Die Jedi!" and come jumping down.  He's no different than
    what you've faced before, so just dispose of him.  Once you do, the door
    unlocks, and you finally meet up with Lando's Security Team.
    Peek out a bit, and notice that the friendly security guard will follow you.
    Look to your right and snipe the two Rodians in front of a hanger door with
    your Tenloss Disruptor Rifle.  Head over to their position, and collect their
    ammo, but as you try to leave, a Thermal Detonator armed Gran will appear on
    the building beside you.  Proceed down the streets, and head for the parked
    Cloud Car.  Turn left and snipe from around the corner at the Gunner and a
    Rodian who are firing upon two trapped Security Officers.  Save their butt, and
    take out all of the snipers on the roof.  Several have spawned behind the Cloud
    Car and on a rooftop above.
    Enter the large room to the left of the cannon, and ride the lift up.  Walk
    around on the ledge, until you can find the way out, and back onto the streets,
    this time, on the rooftops overlooking the action below.  Following the path,
    you'll enter a door, with various enemies.  Find a door with a lightsaber lock
    and use your lightsaber to bust it open.  Out pops more Security Guards who are
    ready to follow you.  Find a door out that leads back to the ledges and Push
    any enemies that you run into off the ledge.  Follow the ledge, until you reach
    an area, that was sealed off by a large door.  This area has a large pit in the
    center.  Ride the lift down, and ride the new one up.  Enter the door at the
    very end of the ledge that the lift brought you to, and kill the enemies
    inside.  You could draw them out of course, and then push them off.  Press the
    switch on the wall, to open up the doors next to the large, circular pit.
    Once you reach a certain point on this ledge, you're going to do battle with
    two Reborns.  Don't freak out here, although they DO attack you at the same
    time if they can, they're quite simple to beat, and you should focus on one.
    However, you might also want to use Speed and take the advantage.  After their
    death, take the nearby lift up and stop when you get onto the ledge.  Notice
    the bridge in front of you.  Once you reach the middle of it, hidden Trip Mines
    will activate, and some Weequay and Rodians will emerge from the other side to
    blow your up.  Jump back, so that you're not caught in the middle.
    Unfortunately, they're smart too, and won't run into the mines.  Simply equip a
    gun, and shoot them all.  Then, lay a Detonator Pack and blow up the mines.
    Proceed across the bridge, until you come to a dead end.  Look down to your
    right, and snipe the two Rodians guarding the door.  Jump into the pool below
    you, and enter the door.
    You're going to want to move slowly, as several Rodian snipers have taken spots
    outside and are ready to snipe you as you move down the hallway.  Equip the
    Disruptor Rifle yourself, and proceed slowly.  One is to the northeast of you
    once you make it into the hallway, and others are scattered in various places.
    Round the corner, and dash for the door at the end.  You'll face four
    Stormtroopers but you can quickly dispose of them.  Use the various generators
    nearby, and ride the lift up.  As you take it up, you should hear a
    conversation ensue with a Stormtrooper, telling the locals they're moving out.
    You'll enter shortly afterwards, so kill them off.  Head down a corridor where
    you'll end up outside.  Kill the Reborn, and the Imperial Officers for his
    security key.  Use the key back in the previous room to end this level.
    Mission 5.3: Bespin Platform
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Desann
    - Engage Remnant Forces in the Area
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Lightning Level 1
    - Lightsaber Defense Level 2
    Look from your starting point into the northwest corner of the second pillar to
    your left.  You should notice a little dark bundle.  Once your reticule is on
    it, it will reveal itself to be a Reborn.  Dispose of it, and head down the
    door at the end of the hallway.  There will be some Trip Mines in front of you.
    Get some of the Stormtroopers' attention, and wait for them to fire at you.
    Stick yourself in a little corner.  Finally, after a while, some Stormtroopers
    in the room to your left, hearing all of the commotion will come out in front
    of the Trip Mines.  Push them in.  Finish the rest of the Stormtroopers in the
    immediate area, and head through one of the doors in the central room.
    Take the right door, and blow up the various Trip Mines.  You'll soon encounter
    a floor drone gun, which will fire at you.  Wait until it does, and some
    Stormtroopers will dash out from nearby doors.  Deflect the shots at them,
    until the gun runs out of ammo, and then dispose of them yourself.  Go into the
    room that they came out of, and finish off anymore that are left inside.
    Destroy the droids if you want, although they look like C-3PO and R2-D2, they
    aren't.  Pick up the BioTech Canisters, and enter the door on the low ledge.
    Kill the Officer inside, and take his security key.
    Go back to the central room, before the two sets of doors, and take care of
    anymore drone guns you encounter.  Stand on the lift, but BEFORE you activate
    the lift with the switch, equip your Bryar.  Look up, and you should spot two
    trip mines.  Blow them up, and then use the lift.  Once the doors open, take
    care of the Stormtroopers in the hall and the Sentries.  Open the locked door
    with the security key, but beware of the Reborn that comes out.  This one seems
    to be a little bit tougher, as he seems to be more immune to your Force powers.
    Kill him though, and enter the room he came from.  Dispose of the two
    Stormtroopers inside.  Pick up the two BioTech Canisters, and press the nearby
    switch.  Take a look outside the window, and notice that some Stormtroopers
    have appeared, and that some are running inside the building.  Also notice that
    Tavion is standing by a ship...
    Head back out into the hallway, and you'll encounter more Stormtroopers.
    Dispose of them, but watch out for one carrying the Golan Arms FC-1.  He tends
    to use the secondary fire.  Ride the lift down, and you'll encounter yet more
    enemies.  Get rid of the Stormtroopers and Officers, and take the security key.
    Use the security key on the set of doors nearby.  The right one contains an
    Ammo Generator and a BioTech Canister.  The left contains a Shield Generator, a
    BioTech Canister, and a Reborn.  The Reborn is hidden from sight, but as soon
    as you enter the door, he comes jumping down.  Took me by surprise at first.
    Kill him, use the shields, and then go back out.  Head through one of the
    double doors in this room again, and continue down the hall.  There should be
    no enemy presence since you took care of all of them.  Head through the
    unlocked double doors this time.
    After a brief conversation with Tavion, who will reveal their plans, you'll
    engage her in combat.  She's just about the same as a Reborn, except she moves
    faster, and uses Force Lightning.  If you're having a hard time, even with
    Speed, than equip Force Lightning, and zap her when she gets near.  Eventually,
    she'll come near death and start to charge you.  Simply finish her off with a
    slash, and the help of your Force Powers.  If you run low on health, drop down
    to the lower level, where you can find some BioTech Canisters in dark hallways.
    Once she's defeated, she'll reveal that Jan is still alive.  Kyle, being the
    nice person he is, will let her live.
    Mission 6.1: Cairn Bay
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Galak's Ship, Doomgiver
    - Find a Way Out of the Hanger Bay
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Lightsaber Throw Level 2
    - Lightsaber Offense Level 2
    After the brief cutscene, you'll start out next to the hauler you just rode.
    Kill the Stormtroopers at the top of the walkway although you can't reach it,
    and search the nearby "mini-rooms" for some various items.
    Enter through one of the doors in the mini-rooms and there will be a security
    console in each one of them.  Use them to take a look of the next room, which
    is a docking bay.  You should see that there are lots of Stormtroopers inside.
    Also notice that in one of the doors that the mini-rooms exit into, there are
    two Stormtroopers in a hallway, guarding a locked door.  I believe this was the
    left one, but it may be the right.  Anyways, enter the docking bay, and stand
    in a corner for a bit.  All of the Stormtroopers will try to kill you, but you
    can use your defensive powers to deflect their shots back at them.  The only
    ones that will probably remain are the gunners.  Run towards a gunner, and
    stand in front of it so that the gunner you are trying to destroy is in-between
    you and the other one in the far side of the room.  With a little patience, the
    other gunner will destroy the one right in front of you.  Run towards the next
    one and do the same.  If you try to activate the lifts in this area, Kyle will
    remark about how they are off-line.
    Backtrack into the hallways that I told you about, and enter one that is
    unlocked.  You should see a Stormtrooper standing there, but before you can
    kill him, a green lightsaber emerges from his body, before he lies dead on the
    ground.  Who could it be?  Why none other than Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
    himself!  A cutscene ensues, and than you both get to battle a wave of
    Stormtroopers.  You can actually sit back and watch him saber all of them.
    It's really fun and nifty.  Once they're all dead, four Reborns will come from
    the walkway above.  Now this is the fun part.  Practically all of them will
    battle Luke, leaving you to deal with one.  Luke can take care of himself very
    well, and you can focus on slashing the Reborns in the back.  Using this
    method, they'll go down pretty quick.  After their death, you'll learn about
    the Valley of the Jedi, and how Luke managed to scatter Desann forces from it,
    while Rogue Squadron managed to chase them off.  Luke will then jump onto the
    walkway above and exit.
    After your skirmish, the lifts back in the hanger are now active.  Head back
    into the main room, and ride one of them up.  Enter the main office inside, and
    dispose of everyone.  After all of them are dead on the floor, you can see two
    console panels near the windows.  The left one can be pushed unlimited times,
    and with each push, you'll notice that the lights on the panel go in a
    clockwise manner.  These lights represent the bay doors.  The left one is the
    room where you and Luke met up, while the middle is where you started this
    mission.  Make sure that the light is on in the direction of east, and then use
    the right console to activate your command.  You should see the right bay door
    open up.  Quickly ride the lift back down, and hurry through before the bay
    As usual, there's the compliment of Stormtroopers around.  Once you dispose of
    them, check your surroundings for some supplies, and then jump onto the ship,
    and use it to jump onto the walkway above.  Both doors are locked, so you'll
    need to enter, via a grate.  Check up above you, and look at the wall.  There
    should be some sort of huge vent, with a grate.  Break it, and enter inside.
    You're going to need to descend to the lower levels, so follow the paths until
    you find a forcefield covered floor.  Press the nearby switch to deactivate it.
    Take a good look around, and look for a Reborn.  Force Lightning will take a
    good chunk of him, before he decides to attack.  Once he's dead, enter his
    hallway, and repeat the process until you come to the last floor, symbolized by
    a forcefield over an office area.  Press the switch nearby, and drop down.
    You're probably right in the middle of several enemies, so instead of being
    monkey in the middle (not literally), before dropping down, you can check
    around for a grate that drops down into an actual booth, where you can kill an
    Imperial Officer and exit out through the door.
    Once all are dead, check inside the booths for three panels.  Two of them will
    open a door at the end of the room and the other will deactivate the drone
    guns.  The door opposite the one you unlocked leads to the upper area.
    However, if you don't want to traverse that way, you can Force Pull a nearby
    crate to the center of the room, and jump on it and back up.
    Enter the door you unlocked, and jump into the first elevator shaft to your
    right.  Check to your left, and look up.  Jump inside, and wait for the
    elevator in the next shaft to lower before you.  You're going to need to check
    around as the elevator goes up and down for a hidden hallway that will lead out
    of that shaft and into another.  The hallway is a tealish color, so hopefully
    that's some help.  After you make it out, you'll have to ride the next shaft
    and jump to another through a small doorway that has practically no ledge!
    Save, if you haven't done so already, and slightly push the Control Stick
    forward as the elevator is descending.  If you did it light enough, you should
    walk forward onto the ledge, but not fast enough so that you can't stop
    yourself from falling off.  Jump into the next shaft, and into the elevator
    with the broken roof.  Drop down into it, and wait for it to reach the bottom
    to finish the level.
    Mission 6.2: Cairn Assembly
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Galak's Ship, Doomgiver
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Grip Level 2
    Once the mission starts, kill the Imperials in the surrounding area, and the
    two drone guns.  Collect the supplies, and Jedi Mind Trick the Imperial Officer
    inside to get him to unlock the door.  Enter, and kill him, as well as the
    other Officers.  Take the lift on the right, and then dispose of the other
    Officers inside.  You can use the panel if you want, but all it does is move
    the platform outside the window.  After experimenting with it a little bit, it
    doesn't matter if you push it or not, because your jumping abilities are able
    to reach it from either position.
    Head back down, and this time take the other door.  You'll come to a small
    chamber, guarded by some Imperial Workers, where a machine is busily trying to
    build or repair the central structure.  You're going to need that machine to
    blow open the nearby blast door, but how?  Jump onto the ledges inside the
    machine, until you can reach the ledge on the wall.  Break the grate, and
    enter.  To get the machine to go haywire, you're going to need to slash those
    four pipes.  Instead of blowing them up in your face however, place two
    Detonation Packs [if you have any left] in-between two pipes.  Then, blow them
    and step outside to watch the fireworks.  Enter the new door.
    Follow the hallway, and you'll come across several Stormtroopers guarding the
    way.  Deal with them, and enter the many doors, until you come to a room where
    there is a security camera console.  Use it to view lots of different places,
    but mainly the one where Admiral Galak Fyyar is talking to some Reborn Jedi.
    Once you view that, you can stop, and continue along your way.  Take out any
    enemy resistance you shall come upon, until you enter a circular room with an
    Imperial Worker, and an electrified floor.  Kill the Imperial Worker, but
    beware of the Imperial Stormtrooper to your left, that will shoot some mines at
    you.  Very painful.  Try and kill him as soon as possible, and then hop to his
    crate.  If you land in the electrical current, immediately get out of there and
    heal yourself with the Force.  Jump around until you can get inside the central
    Once inside, head up, using the lift, until you come to the top floor.  Climb
    out of the windows, and jump onto the small platform.  If you notice, this was
    the platform in the beginning of the level that I told you it didn't matter if
    you moved it or not.  Jump onto it and use the nearby Shield Generator.  Enter
    the booth and push the console to deactivate the electrical floor.  Head back
    downs, via a lift and go through some blast doors.
    Deal with the troopers, and you'll have to continue down this hall.
    Eventually, you'll have to combat some Reborn Jedi and then you'll move onto a
    room where there are giant crates on the floor, but no enemies.  Walk a few
    steps, and then two AT-PTs will burst out.  Gave me a heart attack when they
    first popped out!  Jump around a bit, avoiding their fire, and pick up a DEMP 2
    Cannon from a nearby crate.  Use it on the AT-PTs when you get the chance, or
    just use your trusty old lightsaber.  Either way works, but the DEMP 2 Cannon
    is faster.  Once they're both destroyed, head to the door to your right.  As
    soon as it opens, a Reborn Jedi should jump out, trying to kill you.  Kill it
    instead, and enter the door again.
    Ride the lift up, and kill the Imperials inside.  This room is much like the
    very first one in this level, as this also has two drone guns.  Follow the path
    until you reach a console panel.  Activate it and ride the lift back down,
    battling with at least five Reborn Jedi in the way.  Finally, you'll reach an
    area where there are two Reborn Jedi in a wide open space.  Kill them both, and
    then an AT-ST will come.  Jeez!  Give me a break!  Immediately after it
    appears, run to the crates to your left, and hopefully, it should get stuck
    behind the wall.  Now's your chance to fire upon it with the DEMP 2 Cannon.
    Presently however, you'll run out of ammo.  Switch to the Imperial Heavy
    Repeater and then use its secondary to finish the job.  However, if you run out
    of ammo, you can try to deflect its shots back at it, or kill it with your
    lightsaber by slashing its feet.  Just don't get squashed.
    Enter through the very large doors to your left, and you'll enter a small
    chamber.  Six Stormtroopers will come down the steps, but you can distract them
    with some drone guns.  Once they're all dead, climb the steps for some
    supplies, and then drop down into the level below.  Blow up the Trip Mines, and
    then drop down the central hole.
    Mission 6.3: Cairn Reactor
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Galak's Ship, Doomgiver
    - Make Your Way Through the Hazards of the Core
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Speed Level 3
    - Force Heal Level 2
    As you start the level, you might notice the fact that a Reborn is standing
    some distance off ahead of you, behind the deadly beams that turn on and off.
    To defeat him and ensure that you don't take damage, simply stand behind the
    last beam, and use your Force Lightning to kill him.  Then, proceed along his
    path.  As you end it, you'll notice that another beam of laser emits down the
    hallway, every few seconds, too fast for you to normally outrun it.  Equip
    Force Speed, and activate it as soon as the laser stops.  Run towards the end
    of the hallway, and then enter the next one.
    Here, you'll face vertical and horizontal beams.  To get past this point,
    you'll need to shoot the pink, glowing box next to them and short circuit them.
    Once you do that for all three, heads towards the middle pink box, and the
    explosion should have knocked a hole in the wall.  Same situation here,
    activate Speed, and get the heck out of there.
    After battling more Reborn, and coming across a dead Imperial Worker next to
    some Instant Medpacks, you should come to a gray, cylindrical structure, that
    has a control panel on it.  Push it to turn off all the lasers, and start to
    backtrack towards the beginning.  Along the way, you should notice that there
    is a hole on the roof of one of the hallways.  A Reborn will drop down, so kill
    it!  I've noticed that I've gotten a lot of emails regarding this current part
    of the level, so I'll elaborate.
                           _____________   _____________
                                        | |
                                        | | - Dead Imperial Worker
                                   _____| |_____________
                                  |___________________  | - Do not travel!
                                                      | |
                               Basically, think of the dead Worker as a pit
                               stop where you can stop and wait for the laser
                               to turn off.  However, continue down the SAME
                               hallway, not the new one or you'll get zapped
                               by the lasers.
    Jump up, and enter the room at the top.  You'll enter into a cylinder type
    room, with lots of small platforms extending from the central structure.  Jump
    on those platforms, and look for a door, but stay light on your feet as
    they'll zap you every few seconds.  Enter the door, and slash the three
    Stormtroopers inside.  Proceed outside, and you'll come to a large room with a
    shielded pipe in the middle.  Drop down to the second floor on your right, and
    eliminate the single Stormtrooper.  In the next similar room, walk onto the
    pipes to your left and to the other side, and walk to the next opening.
    There's no apparent way to go, except if you can look to your left, you can
    spot some low pipes that you can jump over and another area below that.  Jump
    down, and take out the two or three Imperial Workers.  Then, jump up onto a
    nearby pipe, and go out through a blue hallway.  Past some more pipes and
    through another blue hallway and then push the two Stormtroopers on the ledge.
    On this ledge, Imperial Stormtroopers will begin to fire at you through some
    armored walls [with eye slits of course]!  Use your Bryar or Disruptor Rifle
    to take care of them, and then the Imperial Workers below.  Once you deal with
    them, jump up to the ledges and start making your way to the armored walls.
    Don't fall through the gaps and on either side, you can find a small hole.
    Jump into it and take care of any other Imperials that you may have missed.
    Once done, exit out.
    You're out in another pipe or shaft type of structure and some orange rotating
    ledge type structures around it.  In-between them is a single Reborn.
    Shooting him with your Disruptor Rifle won't do any good, for some reason, he
    can dodge them quite well.  Jump over the orange ledges, and becareful not to
    touch them or you'll instantly be vaporized, much like with the Disruptor
    Rifle.  When there are one or two orange ledges in-between you and the Reborn,
    take out your Golan Arms FC-1 and start to shoot him with your primary.  For
    some reason, Jedi, including you, cannot block them that well and with a few
    barrages, he'll go down.  Or you can engage him into hand-to-hand combat and
    try to Push him into the ledges.  Proceed ahead, and wipe out the three Drone
    Guns, as well as the Stormtroopers.
    The next major room will be a large one, and you'll see two platforms with two
    Stormtroopers each rise.  A Reborn Jedi will come to attack, and fortunately,
    the Stormtroopers decide not to fire at this point.  Kill the Reborn, as well
    as the Imperial Workers nearby, and then the four Stormtroopers.  Open the
    supply crate to your left, and then go down to your right and kill the
    Imperial Officer.  You can ride the platform across, but that will summon a
    Rocket wielding Stormtrooper who will blow up your flight during its course.
    Instead, bypass all of that by jumping on the black shafts in the wall.  It's
    slow, but it's the only way.  Fall onto the ledge at the end, and ease your
    way across and kill the Imperial Worker.  You can ease yourself on the other
    ledge to find a Secret Area.  Ride the lift up, and then kill the Imperials.
    Now, you can pick up your first Missile Launcher.
    Out the door, push the Stormtroopers off the ledge, and go around the left for
    some Shield Boosters and some BioTech Canisters.  Go back to the door, and
    take one of the lifts up.  Kill the Imperial Officers, and activate the
    console at the top.  Ride the lifts two stories down, and take out the four
    Imperial Stormtroopers on your way.  Battle the Reborn Jedi, and then take out
    the Imperial Officers, one having a Security Key.  Once obtained, ride the
    lifts all the way back up, and open the security door.
    Mission 6.4: Cairn Docking Bay
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Galak's Ship, Doomgiver
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Push Level 3
    - Force Pull Level 3
    Enter the door, and head for the left door.  Take all of the supplies in all
    four doors.  You'll find BioTech Canisters, so you'll definitely want to pick
    them up, as well as ammo for various weapons.  Head back out into the main
    room, and this time around, go into the right door.  You'll pass some black
    suits along the way, and Kyle will comment about seeing these guys yet again.
    Perhaps they made a debut in the original game?  Anyways, continue through the
    next door, and you find yourself in a circular pit, with various platforms on
    either side.  As soon as you jump on one, the door ahead of you locks, and two
    Shadow Troopers emerge from a lift.  These guys are no Reborn.  They're better,
    and they have thicker armor, as well as the ability to use more Force powers
    than the Reborn.  You're going to want to use Speed, to slow things down a bit,
    and Lightning.  They tend to use Lightning a lot themselves, so try and jump
    over them and backstab them.
    Once they're both dead, pick up their Force Crystals which will replenish your
    Force Meter instantly.  Kill the Stormtroopers that come out, and then enter
    their door.  Kill the Officer inside, and take his security key.  Head back
    into the main room, and open the north door with it.  Go through the rooms,
    until you activate a console and Kyle remarks that he'll have to sneak by all
    of the Remnants because there are too many of them.
    - Sneak Undetected Past the Remnants
    Ride the lift in the room down and into the door on your right.  If you look a
    little bit to your right, you can see a red console panel, which is the alarm.
    Kill anyone who tries to activate it, but hopefully you won't be seen.  If you
    go inside the depths of the boxes in front of you, you'll find an Imperial
    Worker.  Mind Trick him if you want, but kill him nevertheless.  Look to your
    right, and you should see a Stormtrooper guarding a hall.  Turn a little more
    to your right and you should see a small hallway.  Go into that hallway, and
    continue down it, past all the various openings, until you reach the end.  Run
    towards a lift, and take it out.  Notice that on the right of you are
    electrical generators that will fry you if you try and go past them.  We're
    going to need to turn them off...
    Continue on the ledge, left of the generators until some pipes block the
    passage, and you can see various enemies on the other side if you jump high
    enough.  Now look to your left, and you should a small opening on the side of a
    building.  Jump to that, and crawl in, but remain crouched.  The panel in front
    of you will turn of the generators for a few short minutes, but an Imperial
    Officer on the others side of the room will spot you and sound the alarm.
    Equip your Bryar, and charge it up to its max, then fire it at the Imperial.
    Hopefully, you'll have decent accuracy, and you'll kill him on the spot.  Now,
    push the console, and quickly run back outside, jumping back onto the ledge.
    Activate Force Speed and run past the generators before they come back on and
    kill all of the Officers on the other side.  Go around the room and to a dark
    hall where you can see a large mass of Stormtroopers.  Use speed to get rid of
    them, but watch out for a rocket-wielding one.  Use Push on the rocket that he
    fires at you to send it back at him.  Pick up the security key on the crates in
    this room, as well as a portable assault sentry.  You can see that a friendly
    R5 unit has deactivated the alarm.
    Go through the door at the end of the room, and ride the lift up.  Press the
    switch, but its useless now, and continue down.  Press another switch to
    conveniently get rid of all of the Stormtroopers below you.  Go through the
    door, and ride the lift down.  Head for the only unlocked door, past the
    electrical pipes and go out.  You're going to want to save at this point.
    Crouch behind the crates, and notice the three Stormtroopers and an Imperial
    Officer.  You might want to equip your missile launcher at this point, and use
    its homing missile on the Officer first.  Then switch to regular rockets and
    focus on the alarm, for one of the Stormtroopers will rush for it.  Remember
    that they're pretty far off, so if one runs towards it, aim ahead.  Once all
    three are dead, continue along your path, jump on top of the building, and fall
    down on the other side.  Use your key on the supply crate if you want for a
    BioTech Canister.
    The next room will contain some more electrical pipes, but what's different
    about these is that if you try to pass with your lightsaber out, you'll get
    zapped.  Switch to a gun, than switch to the lightsaber again.  Follow the
    hallway down, and notice that the door is unlocked.  Do NOT open it.  Instead,
    jump on a small pillar next to the wall, and then jump on the ledge.  You might
    also notice another hole on the other side of the wall, which is a secret area.
    Continue in the hole, and you're overlooking a control room.  You can't kill
    the guy in the alarm booth, for it's protected by an impenetrable glass, so
    you'll need to get by a different way.  Look at the unlocked door, and then
    look at the console next to you.  Pick up the shield boosters first, and then
    activate the console which will briefly turn out all the lights.  Drop down off
    the ledge, and run for the door.  It helps if you have Force Speed activated.
    Open the next door, and if you make it past the room, you're safe.  If you
    still have Speed on when you reach the next door, use its effects to quickly
    kill the two Officers and the Reborn.
    Enter the door at the other end, and ride a lift up to a large ship.  The door
    in front of you is locked, so go around the other side and step in...
    The level will close with Luke battling Desann.  Luke will jump around a lot,
    before Desann jumps to the ground.  Luke will follow, but Desann uses a
    Lightsaber Throw to cause the ceiling to fall on him.  While you're still in
    the ship, Desann activates it, and heads for Yavin.
    Mission 7.1: Doomgiver's Communication Array
    Starting Objectives:
    - Search for Jan
    - Find the Doomgiver's Communication Array
    - Set Doomgiver's Communication Array to Rogue Squadron Frequency
    - Contact Rogue Squadron
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Lightsaber Offense Level 3
    - Jedi Mind Trick Level 3
    - Force Lightning Level 2
    - Force Jump Level 3
    - Lightsaber Defense Level 3
    Head through the doors in front of you and kill the many Stormtroopers around.
    Take the lift down and kill the Stormtroopers down there.  Watch out for the
    two drone guns in the room.  Press the nearby console to open the blast doors.
    Kill anybody inside, and pick up the security key.  The left door in front of
    you takes you to a small supply room.  Use the security key on the door to your
    right for a small weapons storage room.  Finally, enter the central door, kill
    the Stormtrooper inside, and ride the lift down.
    Kill the Officer for his supply key, and go through either left or right door.
    Notice, that in this room, there is a small hatch which a R5 unit could open...
    Look up in both of the rooms for a breakable grate.  The right grate in the
    right door will lead you to a secret area.  Watch out for the interrogation
    droids in the hallway, and use your Lightsaber Throw on them.  Left also has
    some interrogation droids.  Go right, break another grate, drop down, and kill
    the Officer.  Take his supply key if you want, and activate the console to take
    over one of the five R5 units behind a shield.
    Guide the R5 unit out of the room, and use it to open that small cubby hole
    that I was talking about to reveal a portable assault sentry.  You can then use
    the droid to enter either hole on the left or right side.  They both contain
    the same thing, except one will contain another little cubby hole with another
    portable assault sentry.  Direct the droid to one of the large doors, and use
    him to open it.  If you get blasted by a Stormtrooper, it's really funny
    because his head is blown off.  If it gets entirely destroyed, than you can
    activate one of the four that are left.
    Jump out of that view, and then enter the door you unlocked.  Kill the
    Stormtroopers inside, and then ride one of those huge lifts down.  Depending on
    which side you went down, you'll get to use a Shield Generator, or an ammo
    generator.  If you're in the Shield Generator room, then go left.  If you're in
    the opposite, than go the opposite way.  Take out the two drone guns on the
    ceiling and watch out for kamikaze droids that explode right in front of you.
    Clear the room of Stormtroopers and head for the central structure over the
    pit.  Go past the pipes, and break the glass to drop down.  More Interrogation
    Droids occupy this space.  Ride the lift at the end up and kill the Imperial
    Workers.  Go through the door, and you're back in the control room of the room
    you were in just a minute ago.  Press all four controls to unlock doors in some
    previous rooms.  As you exit, more Stormtroopers will come out.  Head back for
    the door with the Shield Generator, and go out the yellow door on the top.
    Ride the tram and be prepared for the massive wave of Stormtroopers and assault
    sentry guns.  You can deploy some of your own of course to help even out the
    odds.  Kill the Officer nearby, and use his security key to open a security
    door.  Inside will be bunches more of those pesky Stormtroopers.  You're at the
    communication array, but everything is off-line.  Enter the doors on either side
    and kill the two Stormtroopers at the bottom.  Inside this room, there are
    three booths, each controlling a different symbol to contact Rogue Squadron.
    For right now, they're off-line, and you'll need to find a way to activate them.
    Ride the lift in the room down, and you'll be in a room where you need to set
    the frequency to Rogue Squadron.  Unfortunately, there are three levels, and
    each level has nine different symbols.  Check your datapad to see which symbol
    you need to activate, and then walk around and see which one fits the
    description.  Unfortunately, you're going to have to jump across the gap to
    reach some of the doors.  Top level, which is what you're on is the "red"
    level, middle is the "green" level, and bottom is the "blue" level.
                        Red Level    Green Level    Blue Level
                        [ ][ ][ ]     [ ][ ][ ]      [ ][X][ ]
                        [ ][ ][ ]     [ ][ ][ ]      [ ][ ][ ]
                        [X][ ][ ]     [ ][ ][X]      [ ][ ][ ]
    You may want to take notice, that in some of the rooms, there will be an
    Imperial Worker, waiting to ambush you, or vice versa.  Ride the lift back up,
    and make sure not to fall off!  Head back towards the three booths, and
    activate them.  Then, backtrack into the main room where the communication
    array was off-line and press the "Use" button.  You'll see a little scene where
    Kyle talks to Rogue Squadron, then a sweet cutscene where they all come out of
    hyperspace and start attacking the ship.  Mmmm..
    A new door has been unlocked where the three booths were.  Enter that door to
    end this level.
    Mission 7.2: Doomgiver Detention
    Starting Objectives:
    - Find Jan
    - Disable the Doomgiver's Shields
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Heal Level 3
    Kill the Stormtroopers in the surrounding area, and enter through the only
    door.  Kill the guys in this large area, and use your Jedi Mind Trick if you
    want to help you even out the odds.  Just remember to kill them or they'll be
    shooting you in the back.  Pick up the security key one of the Officers left
    behind, and use it to open the security door nearby.  Descend using the lift,
    and take care of the Shadow Trooper.  You might want to kill the Officer here
    first if you can, or else he'll be getting in free shots and for his supply
    key.  Man the controls he was guarding, and you'll take over a mounted gun on
    the Doomgiver.  Use it to destroy passing TIEs, although it's not necessary.
    Note that they fly in the same patterns.
    Head back out, and take the lift up.  If you really need it, there's a shield
    generator in the same room.  Head right this time, and take care of the drone
    gun guarding the door.  Enter through and kill all of the Stormtroopers that
    are around.  In the next room, follow the hall to a massive hanger.  Kill all
    the Stormtroopers and TIE Pilots that are attacking you, but beware of the
    missile toting one.  Use push to send whatever he shoots back at you.  Once
    they're all dead, enter the doors at the far end, and turn left.  Use all of
    the console panels to open the bay doors and watch the Stormtroopers in the
    next room fly out.  Close them when you're done, or you'll get sucked with
    Head back out into the previous hanger, and take the large lift down in that
    room.  It'll take you below, where you can check behind you for a Secret Area.
    Kill the two AT-PTs patrolling about and notice the five drone guns hanging on
    a ceiling-sort of thing.  You may dispose of them now of course, but I like to
    use them to deflect their laser fire up at the various Stormtroopers on the
    upper levels.  Twirl around them if you want to make sure that all
    Stormtroopers in the surrounding area are dead, then use their own laser fire
    destroy each other.  Ride the lift in this room up, and run to your right,
    activating the console at the end.  This will close some of the doors, while
    opening a new one for you.  Ride the lift down, or fall, and enter the new
    door.  Kill the AT-PT, and ride the new lift up.  You're in another hanger, the
    one that you let all of the Stormtroopers fly out of, and you DID close it
    again, didn't you?  Enter the only open door, kill the Stormtroopers inside, go
    use the left doors again to open the hanger doors again to kill the
    Stormtroopers in the next room.  Close them, then go out into that hanger, and
    to the door at the end of it.
    Kill the enemies in this room.  Go through the other door, and kill the two
    Stormtroopers in this area.  Grab whatever supplies you need on the left, and
    try the door.  You'll remark about it, so jump up onto the pipes above, and
    break the grate.  You're going to hear some Stormtrooper conversation, and you
    can tell there will be a lot of them.  Activate Force Speed, and break one of
    the grates open to drop down.  There are about a dozen or more Stormtroopers,
    but what makes this so hard is that there's also a missile-wielding one at the
    far corner of the room.  Kill the Stormtroopers, and the missile guy
    immediately, so you can focus on deflecting laser fire and not about getting
    your butt blow to the far ends of the galaxy.  Once everybody is dead, pick up
    a supply key and a security key.  Open the supply box in the room for a seeker
    drone, and then exit with the security key.  Ride the lift down, and enter the
    door.  Kill the Officer and you have a choice you need to make.
    You can either go left or right, and they both contain the same thing.  One
    Shadow Trooper, and some guards in the next room.  The only difference is where
    you'll be in the next room, the left side of it, or the right side of it.  I
    chose to kill both of them, and that's exactly what you can do.  Just don't go
    too near the next door, or the Stormtroopers will pop out and start to fire on
    you as you're trying to defend your hide from being sliced and diced.  After
    all of them are dead, go down the next hall, and you find yourself in a hanger
    with an Imperial Shuttle.  Big trouble is in this room.  Not only is there an
    insanely tough Shadow Trooper [who I swear is like three combined] but lots of
    Stormtroopers with the Golan Arms FC-1 and missile launcher that like to use
    its explosive powers on you.  No use trying to even out the odds with sentry
    guns, for some reason, the Shadow Trooper can push them over.  It's not fair,
    but hey, that's life.
    After the insanely tough fight, and everyone in the room is dead, you can
    replenish your shields at a generator.  Head to the door left of the generator
    and kill the Officer.  Mind Trick the next Officer behind the glass to get him
    to open the doors for you.  Enter the only unlocked door to find Jan.
    Once you're reunited, you'll need to work together to escape.  What you need to
    do is to hold switches with the B Button while Jan moves to the next one.  Do
    this twice and then head back towards the Imperial Shuttle.  This time, head
    for the door right of the Shield Generator to exit this level.
    Mission 7.3: Doomgiver Shields
    Starting Objectives:
    - Find and Destroy the Doomgiver's Shield Generators
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Grip Level 3
    Go through the door, and push the Stormtroopers off the ledge.  Your evil laugh
    is welcomed in this part.  Fight off the AT-PTs through the doors to your left
    and head right once you make it to the end.  Destroy the drone gun and then
    kill the Stormtroopers.  Climb the nearby stairs and enter the door.  Kill all
    the enemies in this room for a supply key and to safely activate a console,
    which connects a pipe to the central structure in the previous room.
    Exit the room, but kill the new Officer and his two Stormtrooper buddies and
    then go back out into the main room.  If you can, take out your Disruptor
    Rifle, and zoom in on the Stormtrooper in the central structure.  Take him out.
    Jump on the pipe that you just extended, and it should lead you to a door.
    Press the switch next to it to open it, and kill the Imperial Officer inside.
    Go back out of the structure, and three new Stormtroopers have arrived from a
    door.  Kill them, and then enter the door they came out of.  Directly right of
    you, past the door, is another one.  Enter that one and kill the two occupants
    inside.  Use the security key on the door, and activate console.  Going back
    outside, push the new Stormtroopers off the ledge.  Head back into the central
    structure, where four hatches that lead underground have been opened.
    Enter the Northwest hole (the others are dead ends), and Force Push the glass
    up.  Go out the door, and kill the Reborn that's been waiting for you.  After
    he's been dealt with, go and kill the Stormtroopers in the adjoining room, and
    notice the two Sentries behind the forcefield.  Ride the lift up, and kill the
    Imperial for a supply key. Walk across the catwalk to the other door where you
    can find some shields.  Go back on the catwalk, and jump up.  You are able to
    jump up on the next ledge, but a trip mine guards the way.  Rather than getting
    blown up, destroy it first, then jump on the ledge.  Head to the door on your
    right, break the glass and drop down.  Two Reborn want to challenge you, and
    show them what you're made of.  Proceed down the next hall, but beware of two
    drone guns hanging on the ceiling.  Use the shield generator down the hall if
    needed.  Ride the lift up, and destroy the two AT-PTs running around.  Go
    through the door on the left, and you've reached the shields.
    It's protected by generators, which you can see are four blue pipes.  Jump on
    the blue pipes, and you can see a small little black box that's generating the
    power.  Slash the box into two, and the pipe should now be dimly lit blue.
    Slash the pipe in half, and then do the same to the other three in the room.
    When you do, you confront Admiral Galak Fyyar himself.
    There's no real trick to beating him.  He's armed with two Heavy Repeaters, and
    protected by a shield generator, much like the four that you just destroyed.
    Thankfully, he won't use the secondary function of the gun often, except when
    you don't have your lightsaber out.  No joke.  The way to beat him is to lower
    his shields.  To do that, you must repeatedly fire upon them with an explosive,
    such as the missile launcher, or the secondary of the Heavy Repeaters.  Once
    they're down, activate Force Speed, and get behind him.  Shoot him in the back,
    or whip out your saber and slash him.  Don't do it from the front, or he'll
    throw you back.  If you continually inflict damage, his shields will not go
    back up.  Continue the process until he falls.  If you're having a hard time
    however, getting a good shot, you can either trap him behind the destroyed
    Shield Generator, or jump up onto one of those beams.  Beware that the beams
    can be destroyed, and while you're up on them, he uses the secondary function
    of the guns more often.
    After your skirmish, the gravity has been all messed up, the handy work of
    Rogue Squadron.  Exit out of the door, and go over the flames.  Although Kyle
    will remark that he needs to get out fast, there's no time limit.  Go past
    another flame when you're out the door, and back down the lift.  Don't go too
    fast or you'll get zapped by the electricity on the bottom and die.  Simply
    backtrack, and float up to the broken glass.  It's now guarded by an electric
    current.  Wait for it to stop, but you might get zapped anyways.  Use Force
    Heal while you're traversing to ensure your survival.  Once you're in the place
    with the trip mines, float down, but Sentries have been released.  Use your
    throw on them to destroy them, and instead of going back into the tunnel, head
    out the unlocked door.  You should be back in the central room.  Head back
    towards the beginning of the level where you started out, but turn right one
    door early.  What I mean is that the room where you first started this level
    in.  There is a left door besides it when you go out of it.  Enter that door,
    and follow the path.  Gravity has been restored.  Continue down the hall until
    you reach an unlocked door.  Go into it to end the level.
    Mission 8.1: Yavin Swamp
    Starting Objectives:
    - Find Your Way to the Jedi Academy
    - Engage Remnant Forces
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Lightning Level 3
    After a sweet cutscene of Kyle and Jan kissing, jump onto the rocks and choke
    the Swamptrooper to its death.  Continue along your way, choking the
    Swamptroopers to their death, until you reach some large rocks in your way.  As
    soon as you jump to the top of them, two Shadow Troopers will emerge.  I
    suggest drawing one of them at a time, and activating some Seeker Drones if you
    have any, as well as jumping off the ledge and engaging them where the land is
    more flat.  Once they're dead, continue along your way, engaging in the
    Stormtroopers, and Swamptroopers in this area.
    Unlike the PC version, there doesn't seem to be a small rock where water flows
    out of it, at least not when I went through this level.  All passages seemed to
    be open, either by jumping up on nearby rocks, or through some narrow passages.
    Just follow along the path until you can seem some rubble and columns, and a
    few Swamptroopers armed with Golan FC-1s nearby.  Take them out, and head to
    the left.  You'll come to an area where there is a tree stump nearby.  Take
    cover and kill the Swamptroopers.  During the middle of the fight, a Shadow
    Trooper may emerge, so beware.  Enter the little cubby into the left of the
    wall, and follow this passage.
    This is actually Yavin Swamp B in the Level select screen, but it's still a
    part of Yavin Swamp.  Going right will take you to a huge swamp where you can
    dive underwater for a Secret Area.  Head left, on top of the rocks and kill the
    Swamptrooper at the top.  This part is pretty much straightforward now.  You'll
    come across two areas where friendly Rebels are engaging some Swamptroopers.
    The first will come when you're walking on some planks, and you'll hear some
    gunfire.  Hurry up and take care of the Swamptroopers, as they are heavily
    shielded.  You should be able to save one of them.  Use the Shield Regenerator,
    and head left.  You'll come across an AT-ST.  Use your DEMP 2, or your Rocket
    Launcher to make quick work of it and save the Rebels.  There should be four of
    them if they're still alive.  Past the AT-ST will be a downed assault ship with
    more AT-STs, which will also end the level.
    Mission 8.2: Yavin Canyon
    Starting Objectives:
    - Engage Remnant Forces
    - Find Your Way to the Jedi Academy
    Force Powers Attained:
    - None
    At the start of the mission, hop into the AT-ST and squash the Imperial
    Stormtroopers that are below you.  Switch to the side cannons of the walker,
    and use its secondary missile launcher to take out the rocket toting guys, as
    well as the guns.  Continue along the path, until you come to an area heavily
    guarded with some guns.  Take them out, as well as the AT-ST, and then hop out
    of the AT-ST, next to a tall ledge, so you can enter back in it.  Hop out, and
    head into the small dead end in the Northwest corner.  There will be some
    BioTech Canisters.  Head for the destroyed guns, and a Shadow Trooper should
    emerge.  Take care of it, and then hop back into your AT-ST.
    Head into the passage to your right, and go in-between the columns, and take
    out the missile launching guy.  If you constantly find your rockets and laser
    blasts being deflected, it's because there is a Shadow Trooper nearby.  Deal
    with it, and use a Rocket Launcher on the nearby guns.  Do the same thing for
    the other enemy AT-ST and proceed towards the large wall.  After you've knocked
    out the guns, jump on top to start Yavin Canyon B.
    Use the Shield Generator and pick up the nearby ammo.  Hop into the AT-ST, and
    use its weapons to blast the rock arch above you.  Continue down the canyon,
    destroying the gun turrets near the walls.  Park your AT-ST near each of them
    and jump on to the top to find some BioTech Canisters and some ammo.  Hop back
    in, and continue down...
    Along the way, you'll encounter a splitting path.  They all go the same way, so
    just use some missiles on the two guns guarding the entrance to the right path,
    as well as the two Stormtroopers on top.  Pass the rock bridge, turn yourself
    around and blast another hidden Stormtrooper.  Take out the gun on the nearby
    tower, and try to position the enemy AT-ST behind the tower so that you can see
    it, but it's not trying to attack you.  Dispose of it, and head for an assault
    ship or pod.  You have to leave your AT-ST behind, so jump off and head in the
    pod.  Exit out to your left, and head for the large rocks.  At the top, you'll
    face another Shadow Trooper.  This one is very agile, so I found it best to
    Force Grip him, and use a Lightsaber Throw.  Just be warned, that since it's
    not Level 3, your lightsaber might miss.
    Once he's dead, pick up his Force Crystal, and then fall into the hole in the
    Mission 8.3: Yavin Courtyard
    Starting Objectives:
    - Clear the Academy Grounds of Remnant Forces
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Lightsaber Throw Level 3
    From your position, take out the three Stormtroopers guarding the area, and
    pick up the nearby ammo.  Head down the hallway, and as you start to hear
    gunfire, activate Force Speed.  You don't really have to, but if you like to
    save your friendlies, like I do, then do it!  Slash all of the Stormtroopers at
    the entrance of the blown wall, but don't do a Lightsaber Throw as you'll run
    to fast for it to catch up to you.  Once they're all dead, especially the one
    carrying a rocket launcher, run to the right of the crates, and quickly kill
    the Stormtrooper there.  If you didn't, he would have blown the elevator up
    with two Rebel reinforcements.
    After the ones presently in the room are all dead, a portion of the north wall
    will be blow up, and 3-4 more Stormtroopers will emerge.  Your leftover men can
    handle them, but you better take care of the one with the rocket launcher.
    Exit through the hole, and use some Thermal Detonators to blow the three
    Stormtroopers on the ledge above you off.  Jump up to their ledge, and destroy
    the Stormtrooper in the next room.  Activate the next switch, and rush in.
    There are presently three enemy Jedi in this room, consisting of Reborn and
    Shadow Troopers.  However, there are two disciples trying to fend them off and
    a Rebel Guard standing on the nearby balcony, but gets blown away.  Give them a
    hand, but beware when you're using Force Powers, as they can affect your
    allies.  Once all of them are dead, hop up onto the shattered balcony, and push
    the rockets the Stormtrooper sends you way to kill him.  Check his area
    thoroughly for some Seeker Drones.  Now here's the long part.  Since you're
    going to be outnumbered in this mission when you're facing the enemy Jedi,
    you're going to want to use a combination of Force Push and Pull to get the
    friendly Jedi up on the balcony.  Once there, Pull or Push them to the next
    Once you hear the sound of fighting, ditch them for the current moment, and
    drop down to help two more disciples.  Depending on the difficulty, either the
    Jedi Trainer, or the Jedi will have already been dead.  Kill the enemy Jedi in
    the room, and then continue to pull the other two Jedi down with you.  I don't
    know why you can push the three brown stones in the room, but push the large
    one so it's out of your way.  Pull them through the opening, while the other
    two will follow.  A little bit into the hallway, a Reborn Jedi will come down.
    Immediately, the two inactive Jedi will.. activate.  After he's dead, you can
    continue to go ahead, or make a detour into Luke Skywalker's room.
    Since the elevators are busted, you will have to jump up.  Your two active Jedi
    will follow you, so head into his room, and kick the Shadow Troopers' butts!
    Pick up the various supplies, and head back down.  Hopefully, all four Jedi are
    still left, but if not, that's OK.  Drag the two inactive ones into the
    courtyard outside, and they will come "alive" again.  This courtyard has about
    2-3 Reborn, as well as 2 Shadow Troopers.  Kill them all and proceed to your
    west.  Enter the door, and watch Desann Force Push the stairs away.
    Immediately, two Shadow Troopers reappear.  If your Jedi are alive, let them
    battle it out and help them a bit.  If they're dead, but the two inactive ones
    are alive, backtrack to them, and let them handle them.  Once they're dead
    however, you'll be shown a cutscene where Kyle pushes the steps away and goes
    However, there is an alternate strategy against all of those dark Jedi, if
    you're out of friendly allies, or if you've left the two inactive ones in their
    starting room.  Lure the Shadow Troopers and Reborn back to the broken walkway
    and jump back in it.  Get one of them to jump in and lure him back to the
    previous two inactive Jedi.  Once he gets close enough, they should activate,
    and he should be preoccupied with them.  Slash him in the back to make quick
    work of him.
    Mission 8.4: Yavin Final Conflict
    Starting Objectives:
    - Defeat the Dark Jedi Desann
    Force Powers Attained:
    - None
    This is a rather short, but sweet level.  Enjoy it while it lasts!
    Walk down the ramp, and slash the rocks blocking the door away.  Head left, and
    chunks of the ceiling will start to fall on you as Desann laughs.  You can
    dispose of them if you want, by the different colored patches, and how they pop
    out.  Past the door, you could go right, but it leads to a dead end.  So does
    the left!  Well, the left wall is an illusion.  Walk through it, and you find
    yourself near some flames.  Use push to blow them out and walk by them.
    In the next room, you'll be confronted by three Deseanns.  The right one will
    run into another fake wall, but don't follow it because there's a bottomless
    pit behind it.  The central one will lead you to a mirror.  Get close to the
    mirror to see Desann's image behind you, but if you turn around, he's not
    there!  The left one is the correct path then.
    Your way is blocked by flames, but an overhead pipe that's dripping water will
    take care of it.  Break it to cause the water to flood it.  Drop into the hole
    in the ground, and push all of the blocks back.  Two of them will reveal
    another passage behind them, but they only lead to each other.  Notice that
    there's a wall switch behind one of them.  Push it and the fourth wall that was
    behind you has receded, revealing a passage full of moving walls.  You can
    make it past the first one without being squashed.  Use Force Speed to get past
    the rest.  At the end of the corridor is Desann.
    After a few short words, consisting of Kyle telling him about his destroyed
    troops, and how his failure as a Jedi Knight has actually strengthened him, and
    telling each other to join them, you'll finally start the fight.  There are two
    small shield boosters, and two instant medpacks.  There are also two switches
    on the walls that can be pulled.  Doing so will activate a red beam in the
    center of the room, which you might have seen Desann using.  Stand in the
    middle of it to receive it[s power], but you don't really need it.  In fact, I
    don't even know what it does to help you.
    First things first.  If you're low on health or shields, you can pick up some
    health and shields on the upper level.  Just watch out for things that might
    crumble beneath your feet.  Desann is extremely quick and incredibly strong.
    He'll use grip and lightning a lot.  If you run away, he'll taunt you too.  The
    fight is a peace of cake.  You can defeat him without using speed, but you can
    if you want.  Desann is susceptible to Force Push and Pull, so use it to
    exploit his weakness, and then slash him when he's down.  It'll be a fierce
    battle, but when you do defeat him, congratulations, you have saved the Jedi
    Alternate methods for beating Desann go here.  First, if you notice that on the
    upper levels, there are two switches that can be activated with Force Pull.
    Pulling those two switches activate a red beam in the middle of the room, that
    will grant you about a few seconds of invincibility.  Second, the four pillars
    at the corner of the room can be broken and used to crush Desann.  It's a
    little risky, as the pillars are inaccurate, so don't count on them much to
    save you.  Finally, there's the method of getting some help.  Like all enemy
    Jedi that you face in this game, they don't like getting shot in the back with
    a Seeker Probe, so activate all that you have and start to hack at him while
    he's occupied.  Deploy any sentry guns that you may have also, as he will focus
    on the probes first.  Choose any method that you want, or combine a few, but in
    the end, he should guy down and of course, you should prevail.
    You'll meet up with Luke again, after you see a Stormtrooper and a Reborn being
    held at gunpoint.  This time around though, you'll keep your lightsaber, and
    spend a vacation with Jan!
    Mission 9.1: Mission at Alzoc III
    Starting Objectives:
    - Make Your Way Through the Remnant Base to Reach Jan and the Raven's Claw
    - Engage Remnant Forces in the Area
    Force Powers Attained:
    - Force Pull Level 1
    - Jedi Mind Trick Level 1
    - Lightsaber Throw Level 2
    - Lightsaber Defense Level 2
    - Lightsaber Offense Level 2
    - Force Heal Level 1
    - Force Jump Level 2
    - Force Speed Level 1
    - Force Push Level 2
    Depending on where you are in the single-player game, and whether you cheated
    to get this level, you've either been promoted, demoted, or a little of both in
    Force powers.  Also, I believe this was the PC demo.
    Jan will drop you off in a box in the beginning of this mission.  Kill the two
    Stormtrooper patrols in the area, and then kill all of the enemies that are
    sniping at you, mainly the ones in the bunker with your highly accurate Bryar.
    Attempt to cross the bridge, but Kyle will hear a probe droid and remark about
    it.  Simply use a throw to get rid of it.
    Enter the door to the base, and kill the two Stormtroopers, as well as the ones
    that rush out on either side of the doors.  Head to the southeast door to pick
    up some ammo and a shield generator.  A supply crate is also there for future
    use.  The northeast door contains nothing useful, except for two Stormtroopers
    and a drone gun.  Once you try to exit the room, watch out for the new enemy
    thats spawned.  The western doors are your main priority.  The northern one
    contains a BioTech Bacta Canister, as well as an enemy [on Jedi Knight].  The
    southern door leads you to an ammo generator, and a lift.  Ride the lift up,
    and dispose of the Imperial Officer for his security key card.  Kyle will
    remark about enemies swarming all over this place, which is from the first
    Ride the lift back down, and open the door in the middle with your keycard.  As
    soon as you enter, Jan will [yet again] get captured.
    - Lower Forcefield that is Holding the Raven's Claw in Hanger Bay Two
    You can use the security camera console in front of you to take a look of some
    Officers, but other than that, there's nothing else in this room.  Enter the
    door north.  Push them both into the pit in the center of the room.  Go to your
    right, and break the pipes there if you want, but the main thing is the secret
    area.  Jump up onto the blue pipes, until you reach the top to get a Seeker
    Drone, and a large shield.  Jump back down, and ride a lift up to the second
    floor.  Push another two Stormtroopers off the ledge, and head left.  Kill the
    officer and two Stormtroopers for his supply key, which you can use if you wish
    to backtrack.  Push the console inside to deactivate the forcefield for the
    - Rendezvous with Jan at the Raven's Claw
    Exit out of the room, and run to the other side of the platform and kill the
    lone Stormtrooper.  Ride another lift up and push all Stormtroopers up on the
    ledge off.  Run to a forcefield on the floor, and Kyle will remark about it.
    Head into the office left of it and push the console to deactivate the
    forcefield on the central structure in the middle.  An Imperial Officer will
    rush out and try to kill you.  Jump to the building, or use a throw on the
    ropes holding the walkways up.  Once he's dead, push the console he was
    guarding, which deactivates the previous forcefield guarding the door.
    Through the door, kill the Officer, and go right.  Through the next door, use a
    throw on the Officer inside, and slash the Stormtrooper.  Use the shield
    generator if needed and kill another two Stormtroopers in the next room.  Ride
    the lift down and notice how Kyle remarks about "..a disturbance in the
    force."  He's talking of course, about a Reborn, your only real main enemy in
    this level.  Push the button on the door to open it, and go down to battle the
    If you've picked up the Seeker Drone, this is where it can really come into
    play.  If you activate it, the Reborn will be intent on destroying it, only
    focusing on you if you score a hit.  Use the Seeker Drone to its full potential
    before it's destroyed or goes away to kill the Reborn easily.  Once he's dead,
    a new door opens.  Kill the five Stormtroopers and the Officer inside.  Through
    the next door, you'll see Jan being held at gunpoint.  Moments later, she'll
    kill her own captive, and you both escape in the Raven's Claw!
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[5. Weapons & Items]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    All the weapons and items you will use in the game can be found here.  You
    won't have all of them in the beginning of the game, but you will eventually
    acquire them all, even if you lose them during your game.
    Stun Baton: The bad thing about this weapon, is that it doesn't kill.  Darn it!
      It doesn't really matter anyways though, as you're not going to be using this
      weapon, unless somehow you managed to deplete all of your ammo.  If you use
      it against an enemy, an electrical blue field will appear around them,
      stunning them.  They revert back to normal after a few seconds.
    Bryar Blaster Pistol: Kyle's starting weapon.  Very accurate indeed, but fires
      slowly.  Does moderate damage, but the lack of an automatic fire makes it
      very worthless when you pick up something else.
      - The weapon's alternate fire is a charged up blast that consumes five ammo.
        Hits harder than a regular shot, but takes time to charge to its max.
    E-11 Blaster Rifle: Practically all Stormtroopers you will face have this
      weapon.  Fires a single shot that does more damage than your starting pistol,
      though inaccurate the farther off the target is.
      - Secondary fire button is probably the one you'll use most often.  Uses two
        ammo, but fires like an automatic, allowing faster rate of fire, if
        somewhat inaccurate.
    Tenloss Disruptor Rifle: You're going to learn to hate this weapon in the game,
      not because it's a terrible weapon, but because it's a good one.  No joke!
      Does high damage, although slow, and it's super accurate.  The problem is the
      enemies also use this, and one fully charged up shot from its alternate fire
      will incinerate you.  You're going to have to take cover, and snipe the
      - Alternate fire activates a scope.  Hold the button down to zoom in.  Hold
        the primary fire button down while in this mode to charge up the shot.  One
        fully loaded shot will incinerate anybody in your way.  Alternate fire
        takes you out of this mode, as well as moving.
    Wookiee Bowcaster: It's a decent weapon, and does a lot of damage, but it
      consumes a lot of your ammo.  Each shot is worth five pieces of ammo, so
      you'll deplete this faster than you think.  A green bolt will come out, and
      this weapon is extremely accurate.  The only problem is that the shots come
      out slowly, which means a running enemy that does not go head-on will be able
      to dodge your shots.  Hold down the fire button to charge up the shots, up to
      five max.  Doing so will spread the shots out in an arc in front of you,
      increasing the radius of hitting an enemy, that is unless it's far away.
      - Fires a single round, except it has the ability to bounce off surfaces
        before finally disappearing into nothing.
    Imperial Heavy Repeater: This gun rocks!  Using Metallic Bolts, this fires them
      extremely fast and accurate, which means you can pump an enemy full of...
      bolts within seconds flat and only receive minimum damage, if none at all.
      Watch out for enemies that wield ones of these though.
      - A Concussion Launcher is the gun's secondary fire, and they explode upon
        contact.  It's really an energy ball, and it's radius is small.
    Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2: You should know what an EMP cannon will
      do.  Basically, it short-circuits any electrical object, mainly Imperial
      Walkers that you WILL face.  Primary fires a ball of energy that spreads
      along the target, but won't do much damage.
      - Secondary fire charges up the shot which eats up 30 points of ammo.  When a
        target is hit, the ball releases a huge wave of energy, damaging anything
    Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette: Think of a shotgun...  Now you've got a fuzzy idea
      of what this gun is like.  Fires bolts in a widespread area, and is good if
      your aim is off.  Fires fast, but just like a shotgun, accuracy is horrendous
      the farther the target is.  The gun is best for its secondary.
      - A mine will be your secondary attack for this weapon.  The mine will bounce
        a little before exploding.
    Merr-Sonn PLX-2M PMS: This missile launcher is one cool weapon.  Primary mode
      fires a single unguided missile wherever you direct your targeting reticule.
      Fire and forget, or something like that.
      - Seeker missiles are the weapon's secondary function.  Hold down the Z
        Button to and aim at an enemy.  If your aim is decent enough, a red circle
        will begin to form, piece by piece, like a pie graph of sorts.  When the
        circle is fully complete, you can let the button go and the missile will
        home in.  Best used when the enemy is stationary, for they can easily jump
        away and your sights will have to be set again.  If you're ever followed by
        one of these, try to get an object between you and the missile.
    Thermal Detonator: Basically a grenade.  Has a shorter radius than I would've
      liked, but it does decent damage nonetheless.  Hold down the fire button and
      your pad will begin to shake.  When it stops shaking, you're going to throw
      it as far as you possibly can.  The detonator bounces before exploding.
      - Basically the same, although now it's an impact detonator.
    Trip Mines: Throw, and a purple laser beam will emit from the center and strike
      the nearest surface.  If something interferes with it, the mine will explode.
      They are easy to notice, and if you ever see one, you can shoot it to get rid
      of it.
      - Turns into a proximity mine which automatically detonates when an enemy is
        nearby.  Great because it doesn't emit a laser which makes it hard to spot.
    Detonation Packs: Basically C-4.  Stick them on a surface, and then detonate
      them.  Or you can set traps where you know enemies will traverse, and then
      explode them.
      - Explodes the device.
    Lightsaber: Yeah, this is what we're talking about!  This weapon is the coolest
      thing you're going to collect, and once you collect it, you're not going to
      want to revert back to your guns, unless it's a must.  Just like in the
      movies, you can deflect [almost] everything that the enemy shoots at you.
      Use the C-Stick to control the directional attack of the lightsaber.
      - You will throw your lightsaber.  Your power with the saber increases and
        the ability to control it in flight will increase as your force power
    Neuro-Saav Model TD2.3 Electrobinoculars: You get these at the beginning of the
      game, and they consume batteries.  Zoom in at distant objects with the
      primary fire button, and zoom out with the alternate fire button.  When the
      batteries for this runs out, it automatically shuts off.
    Biotech Bacta Canister: Storable health packs.  You can carry a maximum of
      five, and they restore 25 points of your health.  If you find one, and you
      can't carry it, and you also have some of your health depleted, then use one
      and pick up the new one.
    Arakyd Mark VII Inquisitor: Looks like one of the training devices Luke used on
      his way to Alderaan, this seeker probe surrounds you and attacks any hostile
      enemies nearby.
    Light Amplification Goggles: Simply put, they take any dark room and illuminate
      it in a yellow color.  Your vision is restricted to just the viewing window
      of the device.  It uses batteries, and when they are drained, they
      automatically turn off.
    Assault Sentry: You get this in a backpack like form, and then you deploy it.
      It automatically tracks any nearby enemies and releases a barrage of fire
      upon them.  If you face one of these, you're best to take it out with your
      saber, by aiming it down, and letting your saber touch it.  It will
      automatically deflect it's attack and aim it back at it.
    Ammo Power Converter: You'll find these in various places, and they restore a
      portion of your energy based weapon's ammo.  Once they run out, you won't be
      able to come back to them again.
    Shield Power Converter: They come in various amounts, and they restore a
      portion of your shields.  Once they run out of energy, they're gone for good.
    Personal Shield Generators: Coming in various sizes, they come in large and
      small.  Small ones restore 25 points of shield and large ones restore 100
    Stationary Shield: Great for Capture the Flag battles, a stationary shield,
      once deployed emits a large energy wall that cannot be penetrated by
      anything.  You and your teammates are free to pass through it, while keeping
      enemies out.  It also deflects laser fire.  Once its energy runs out, or it
      is destroyed by constant attack, the energy field goes away.
    Battery Pack: A small battery that looks like a BioTech Bacta Canister and
      replaces the current batteries in your goggles.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[6. Force Powers]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    You'll acquire eight force powers within the single-player game, and more will
    be added as you play the Multiplayer section.
      -=[Single Player Force Powers]=-
    Force Jump: When you acquire the Force Jump, you will be able to jump many
      times your normal height, at the cost of some force power.  Hold down the
      jump button to attain the maximum height.
      [1] You can jump twice as high as a regular jump.
      [2] You can jump approximately four times as high as a regular jump.
      [3] You can jump eight times that of a regular leap.
    Force Push: With this power, you can shove enemies off of their feet, and then
      rush in and hack at them with the lightsaber.  If the enemy is near a ledge,
      try pushing them off it for an instant kill.  Whenever you're facing a force-
      attuned enemy though, they may be able to counter it.  Try and use it against
      them when they're jumping in the air, or distracted.  One more thing to note
      is that the push can push back explosive weapons thrown or shot at you, like
      the missile launcher.
      [1] Knocks down your enemies.
      [2] Pushes multiple targets back.
      [3] Pushes several targets a great distance.  You can also try to Force Push
           out of lightsaber locks at this level.
    Force Pull: One that I've found hardly useful, except for Capture the Flag
      modes, you pull the enemy towards you, toward your lightsaber, toward their
      doom.  Yada yada... You can also use this to pull enemies that are on a ledge
      and then move aside as they fly past you and fall into the abyss.
      [1] Pull certain levers and objects in your targeting reticule.  Also, you
           can pull one enemy.
      [2] In addition to Level 1 features, you can now pull the weapon out of the
           hands of an enemy, providing that he is facing you.
      [3] The strongest pull, now you can pull multiple enemies (and their
    Force Speed: Slows down the world around you, giving you the advantage over
      force-attuned enemies such as Reborn and Shadowtroopers.  You might move too
      fast though, and overshoot the target.  In Multiplayer games, only you move
      [1] World is slowed to 75 percent normal speed for five seconds.
      [2] World is slowed to 50 percent normal speed for five seconds.
      [3] World is slowed to 25 percent normal speed for five seconds.
    Force Heal: Once activated, this power will drain your force energy, converting
      it into health for you.
      [1] You must stop and meditate to heal.  Healing stops when you move or fire.
      [2] You can now move, but not attack while healing.  Healing stops if you are
           hit or launch an attack.
      [3] Same as Level 2, only you heal faster.
    Force Grip: Yeah baby!  This force power allows you to choke the life out of a
      living being, although while choking, you cannot defend yourself.
      [1] Use the targeting reticule to select an enemy, then use this Force power
           to choke the enemy for a few seconds.  The enemy is immobilized but not
           hurt.  You may walk away while the enemy chokes.
      [2] Once an enemy is targeted, this level's power will choke the enemy and
           also raise him off the ground.  Hold down the Force button to keep the
           enemy in the air and inflict damage.  Looking away causes the enemy to
           drop to the ground.
      [3] The strongest grip, you can move and look around while carrying an enemy
           - the perfect way to move him over a ledge and drop him to an untimely
    Jedi Mind Trick: If you use this against an enemy character, you will be able
      to cause him to ignore you for a certain amount of time, depending on the
      force power.  In Multiplayer, if you use this, you become invisible.
      [1] Only one targeted enemy will be tricked for five seconds.
      [2] Ten seconds of confusion.  You cause a distraction that affects all
           enemies in the area.
      [3] Create a distraction or target an enemy to become your ally.  Direct your
           reticule to where you want the distraction to occur or to target an
    Force Lighting: A dark power, using this will spew lightning from your hands at
      an opponent.
      [1] A quick burst of lighting that emanates from your hand and shoots
           straight forward.
      [2] Shoots a continuous beam of lighting (until Force power is drained).
      [3] Lightning shoots out in an arc, allowing it to hit multiple targets at
    Lightsaber Throw: You throw your lightsaber out in front of you, which is good
      for cutting enemies in half.  If you're tricky enough, you can throw it past
      an opponent, and then direct it to come through his back!
      [1] Saber flies out straight over a short range.
      [2] Saber flies out over a longer range and spins faster.  Aim it by changing
           the direction you face.
      [3] The saber spins faster than any other levels and intelligently finds
           enemies to hit.
    Lightsaber Defense: Controls your speed and defensive powers when you're
      blocking against blaster fire.
      [1] Lightsaber can deflect some attacks, but if you're under constant fire,
           you'll get hit.
      [2] You can now block all enemy fire at ease, and you automatically try to
           deflect the enemy's laser fire back at them.
      [3] You now block even faster, and all shots are deflected back at the
    Lightsaber Offense: The higher the power, the more choices of combat you have
      to choose from, and the more powerful you are when you have a lightsaber
      [1] Gives you the standard Medium Combat Style.
      [2] Gives you the Fast Combat Style.
      [3] Gives you the Heavy Combat Style.
      -=[Multiplayer Force Powers]=-
    Force Team Heal - [Good]: A power that allows you to heal team members at the
      expenditure of your force power within a certain radius.
      [1] ??
      [2] ??
      [3] ??
    Force Protect - [Good]: Your body is surrounded by a green forcefield, and all
      physical attacks that you take won't damage you, at the expense of your Force
      Meter.  The amount of damage that your Force Meter takes depends on the level
      of this power.  Once your Force Meter is drained, you start to take damage to
      your health bar.
      [1] ??
      [2] ??
      [3] ??
    Force Absorb - [Good]: A forcefield surrounds your body that absorbs all force
      powered attacks, and converts it into force energy for you.
      [1] ??
      [2] ??
      [3] ??
    Dark Rage - [Evil]: Surrounds your body in a red current type of thing, and
      enhances your offensive, and defensive abilities, while draining your force
      powers and health.  Once all of your force powers are drained, you become
      slow and very heavy for awhile until you recover.
      [1] ??
      [2] ??
      [3] ??
    Force Seeing - [Good]: Highlights all enemies in a yellow glow so that you can
      spot them from anywhere, even through walls.  Use of this power also allows
      you to see enemies using the Jedi Mind Trick.
      [1] ??
      [2] ??
      [3] ??
    Force Drain - [Evil]: Much like the Force Lightning, this shoots out a red
      electrical attack that drains the opponent's Force power and convert it into
      health for the user.
      [1] Fires a short, red, straight blast that lasts for a few seconds.
      [2] Fires a continuous stream, as long as Force power still remains.
      [3] Fires in an arc, and can affect multiple enemies within your range.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[7. Enemies]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Storm Troopers: Clad in white, the storm troopers made up the bulk of the
      Emperor's armed forces.  Armed with Imperial blasters, the storm troopers
      were highly dedicated to the Emperor and the pursuit of his goals.  Faithful
      to the last, Stormtroopers could not be bribed or blackmailed and would
      fight in the face of overwhelming odds.  The "Grunt" stormtooper carries a
      standard E-11 Blaster while "Officers" [designated by a colored shoulder
      patch] carry the Golan Arms FC-1.
    Imperial Officer: Clad in the formal uniform of the Empire they once proudly
      served, these dedicated and dangerous enemies still command legions of
      Remnant forces.  They are usually armed with the standard issue blaster
      pistol and fire them with precision.
    Rodian: The bipedal alien species with tapir-like faces and multifacefed eyes
      is native to the planet Rodia in the Tyrius system.  The skin of a Rodian is
      bumpy in texture, and green in color.  Rodians have ears that swivel in their
      sockets, allowing them to hear in several directions.  As a species, Rodians
      are hunters and warriors by nature, and bounty hunting holds a place of high
      esteem within their culture.  Rodians are armed with the Tenloss DXR-6
      Disruptor rifle and are adept snipers.
    Weequay: The Weequay attack with blaster attacks.  Some Weequay carry
      bowcasters to show their strength and ferocity.
    Reborn: These dark disciples are pawns in the Remnants bid to amass an army of
      Force inbued dark acolytes.  The Reborn are an unstoppable force, an evil
      instrument to bring back the ideals of the Emperor, the ways of the Sith and
      the Empire itself.  In battle, the Reborn employ Force powers, lightsabers,
      and personal shielding.
    Gran: The pale-skinned Gran are plentiful in areas and are armed with Thermal
      Detonators which they like to chuck from afar.  The best way to kill them is
      to push them down, then slash them as a head on attack will result in them
      throwing detonators at you and by the time you get to them, you're dead.
    Imperial Worker: Wearing radiation suits to protect themselves from the various
      dangers of their jobs, the Imperial worker keep the Remnant function in its
      day-to-day operations.  From fixing machinery to building equipment, the
      workers are highly skilled in their personal duties.
    Reelo Baruk: Reelo Baruk is an obese Rodian known for his powerful crime
      syndicate he controls on Nar Shaddaa.  Most people, however, just see Reelo
      as the legit owner of a garbage hauling company, since he goes to such great
      lengths to keep his criminal activity under the radar.  Reelo's gang is made
      up of a mix of aliens found throughout the galaxy, some of the worst scum in
      the known regions.
    Tavion: Desann's partner in crime and his apprentice in the ways of the dark
      side of the Force, Tavion is no stranger to wielding a lightsaber.  She is a
      force to be reckoned with.
    Probe Droids: We all know these guys.  They're pretty large in this game, but
      only fire single shots at you.  They move around constantly which means
      getting a good shot of them is rare.  Take them out with the E-11 if you can,
      or some other rapid fire gun.
    Sentries: A round, black droid, with a single blaster rifle in the center.  It
      will follow you around and fires rapid shots at you.  If you have the
      lightsaber, jump and slash it as you come down to take it out with one shot.
      If not, use a decent blaster rifle and pump it full of... energy?
    AT-PTs: Man, when you first face these, there are two of them.  Your best bet
      against these is the DEMP 2 Cannon nearby, but if you're feeling vulnerable
      with your lightsaber, just get close to them, enough so that your lightsaber
      is automatically deflecting its shots, but also so that it's touching the
      vehicle and doing some damage.  After a while, it'll explode on its own, and
      you can finish it off.
    AT-STs: Another walker that you must face.. on FOOT!  The DEMP 2 gun is really
      your only weapon against it.  If you run out of ammo, switch to the
      secondaries of some weapons.  Fires missiles [I thought that had concussion
      grenade launchers?] at you and blasters.
    Admiral Galak Fyyar: During the height of the Galactic Empire, Admiral Galak
      Fyyar was a trusted weapon scientist who reported directly to the Emperor.
      Fyyar left his laboratory in the Maw Installation just before the end of the
      Galactic Civil War to work in secret at various locations across the galaxy.
      Later, he was given command of the Cairn Installation, and Fyyar though that
      he was invincible in power.  With the death of the Emperor and the imminent
      destruction of the Empire, Fyyar had proved his worth to the Remnant forces
      by developing new technological improvements in both weaponry and armor.
    Shadow Trooper: Products of Galak Fyyar's mad genius, the shadow troopers have
      been artificially imbued with the power of the Force and outfitted in
      technologically advanced armor.  These new Remnant soldiers are key to
      Desann's plan to return the Empire to its former glory.
    TIE Pilot: TIE Fighter pilots represent the elite of the Remnant Imperial Navy,
      having undergone grueling physical and psychological training to achieve
      their ranks.  Only 10 percent of prospective candidates are chosen for duty.
      The rest are reassigned throughout the Navy as combat gunners and other
    Swamp Trooper: Similar in look to scout troopers, the swamp troopers are green
      in color to blend into the swampy surroundings.  Swamp Troopers are armed
      with the Golan Arms FC-1.
    Interrogation Droids: Roughly the size of your body, they appear in many
      numbers, usually in a crowded hallway.  If you get hit by them, your screen
      will get all fuzzy and you'll continue to take damage until the effect wears
      off.  A simple way of destroying them without touching you is a lightsaber
    Desann: Desann is a mysterious alien who was once a student at the Jedi
      Academy at Yavin 4.  His mastery of the dark side of the Force and his thirst
      for power prove to be a grave threat to Kyle Katarn and the New Republic.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[8. Codes & Secrets]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This section is dedicated to all of the codes and secrets, hence the title, in
    this game.  This section will be updated daily as new codes are released.
    BUBBLE   - Makes you invincible in all of the Jedi Arena games.  Kind of cheap,
      really.  Also works for single-player levels, but be warned that this code
      cannot be turned off, which will stop your progression through the game when
      you battle Desann for the first time.
    BISCUIT  - Gives you infinite ammo for all of your weapons.
    CHERRY   - Unlocks the first seven levels.
    DEMO     - Unlocks the special console Mission at Alzoc III, that you would
      normally receive upon beating the single-player game.
    DINGO    - Unlocks all levels.
    FLICKY   - Unlocks all FMV sequences in the Extras section.
    FUDGE    - Starts you off with your lightsaber in the beginning of the game.
    PEEPS    - Unlocks all hidden characters in Multiplayer mode.
    SCOOTER  - Gives you unlimited Force Power.
    There aren't too many secrets, only two that I know of, unless more are found.
      -=[Jedi Master Difficulty]=-
    You probably know you can unlock this difficulty only after you've beaten the
    game on Jedi Knight.  It's hard.  To make things easier however, you don't have
    to complete all of the levels on Jedi Knight.  Instead, skip to Yavin Final and
    finish it on Jedi Knight to unlock Jedi Master.
      -=[Secret Areas]=-
    Various levels have various secret areas, which will always contain some
    weapons or supplies to aid you on your journey.  Each secret area will differ,
    and can only be found upon careful observation, some exploration, or by a
    complete accident.  I think I've found all of them, but you're free to email me
    if you see that I've left one off.
    Kejim Post
    - From your starting position in this level, kill the two Stormtroopers so they
      won't shoot you in the back, and then head into the small building on your
      left.  Jump up to the top via the crates to find your first secret area.
    - Once you obtain the LAG and take the massive lift down into the very dark
      room, check around some of the crates to find two racks with some ammo and
    Kejim Base
    - After getting to the catwalk above the freezer machine, turn left and walk
      around the outside.  Look for bridge that leads to the outside wall.  Use
      your LAG to get the goodies. [Stephen Parr]
    - When you're up on the pipe in after the freezer type of machine, look to your
      left and you should see a cubby hole with an ammo generator.
    - "When you are controlling that radio controlled mouse thing that makes that
      strange beeping sound at the end of the level, before you go into the long
      tunnel that has electricity in it, stay in the room with the poison where the
      dead security worker is.  Turn left and you will see a small button on the
      bottom of the wall.  press it and it will cause a door to open in the room
      with all of the hanging crystals." [Anthony - kjajmix1 [at] msn [dot] com]
    Artus Mine [A & B]
    - After you kill the Officers and riding the lift down, look for a small hole
      in the wall as it descends and crawl into it before the lift descends down
      any farther.  Pick up the Thermal Detonators and spy on the three
      Stormtroopers below you.
    Artus Detention
    - After you've safely made your way down with the fan, and you're in a small
      circular room with many grates, look for a breakable one and shoot it to
      collect the supplies inside.
    Artus Topside
    - After you meet your second AT-ST, head past it and ride up the door like
      normal.  Instead of manning one of the guns at the top, walk along the edge
      on the right side of the door so that you're running above the AT-ST and then
      break the grate for a BioTech Canister and some shield generators.
    Yavin Temple
    - NONE
    Yavin Trial
    - In the room where you must put Force Pull to the test (the one filled with
      water and you must Pull the ledges out from the walls), instead of heading
      out through the doorway once you're at the top, continue pulling out some
      ledges from the walls which will lead you to a small slit in the wall.
    Nar Shaddaa Streets
    - When you're in the bar still, check the right table that's placed next to the
      wall on the ground floor, and turn to your left.  You should get the
      'Activate' symbol, and activating it will open the wall, revealing the secret
    - Still in the bar, check the kitchen.  Inside, you can Force Push an object
      that looks like it's against the wall.
    - Once you reach the building where you can break three skywindows, do so and
      kill the Weequay and Rodian inside.  Ride the huge lift up and walk along the
      ledges until you get to a Rodian next to a Detonation Pack.  Killing him will
      explode the bridge, but you can jump over it.  Look next to the walkway and
      up.  You should see a bigger one above you.  Jump on the slanted part of the
      building next to you (no, you won't fall from this one) and then up to the
    - From Secret Area #3, head back down, but fall onto the walkways on your left.
      Land on the light fixtures and doorway frames to break your fall.
      Eventually, you'll land back near the ground floor, next to the place where
      you started the mission and find an Ammo Generator as well as a Shield
    - Once you pass the glass bridge (the one that explodes when you try to cross),
      head up and once up, walk across it from the top.  Jump to the building on
      your right and look around the other side of the building for the secret
    - Once you're at the R2 unit after the glass bridge, jump on his head, and then
      to the light fixture next to him.  Break the grate, and head towards the
      right side to uncover a secret area.
    Nar Shaddaa Hideout
    - As soon as the level starts, jump up onto the pipes before the garbage bin
      drops you off.  Look for a ledge with some generators, and jump to them for
      the  secret area.  Fall down on the other side for two BioTech Canisters.
    - Once you're inside the garbage facility, enter the door on the right, and you
      should end up in a dark, small room.  Blast the barrel near the firing
      Rodians to reveal their position and expose the secret area.
    - In the same room, jump on top of the crates and look up at the wall.  Jump
      into the opening, and much like the Nar Shaddaa Street's secret area, press
      "Use" on the wall.
    - Once you've completed the task of pushing the bins out of the way to access
      the secret incinerator which you must go through to continue your journey,
      head for the locked door at the side and look up for an opening.
    - "This is where there is a hidden area in the nar shaddaa hideout; remember
      the switch you thought was behind the unbreakable glass in the room where you
      pull the crate out?  Well here is how you get there..
      When  you enter the hideout after getting off the garbage escalator go in the
      door turn right follow the wall around to the second door go in this should
      put you in the room where you blow the hole in the wall to find the hidden
      shooters and a weapon power generator .dont go in there though stay in the
      room where you blew the hole in the wall turn to the left there is a pile of
      crates there blow up the top left crate then jump up there and you will fall
      in behind the crates and find a hidden door that will take you to the
      unbreakable glass room and some goodies .you will also run into three
      shooters along the way." [Jason - radd00 [at] hotmail [dot] com]
    - "In Reelo's office, there is a switch under his desk. Push it to access a
      secret wall." [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    - After Secret Area No. Six, "in the wall, there is a pulsing wall, w/a
      flashing light. Go down it to reach some stairs covering a switch. Push the
      switch. The stairs will slide out and you get lots of goodies."
                    [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    Nar Shaddaa Starpad
    - Once you're on top of the gas tank manuipulating the symbols, follow a pipe
      to the wall where you'll find some BioTech Canisters.
    - Once you find yourself in the control room controlling the hanger doors, jump
      out by breaking the glass ceiling.  Once you're on the rooftops, look for the
      Secret Area near the wall.
    - After picking up the goodies on the roof, you can fall back into the control
      room.  Exit out the left door, and look for a slant in the wall.  I think
      it's a tricky jump, or maybe it's because of my now messed up controller, but
      jump towards it to find the final Secret Area.
    Bespin Undercity [A + B]
    - Once you ride the large lift up, look around on the ceiling and check around
      the rim.  You should see a small hole.  Jump into it to find the secret area.
    - Once you make it through the tedious work of ascending each level in the room
      with the huge pits, activate the lift in the next room, and then quickly get
      off of it.  The secret area is underneath.
    - After the [classic] battle between good vs. evil in the Carbonite Chamber,
      find the Ugnaught in the room and explore the area under the stairs he/she/it
      is standing on.
    Bespin Streets
    - If the R5 unit that you're protecting survives it to the very end, it will
      open a door containing an ammo converter.
    - After the clear the streets and the area surrounding the laser cannon, "there
      is a wall overlooking the laser cannon, with some supplies on the right.  Go
      to them and look up. There is a dark ledge up that way, with the SA."
                      [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    - "After you drop into the water and go through the corridor, there is a door.
      STOP! Look right and get on the ledge. Look down at a ledge way down. That is
      the SA. Good luck." [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    Bespin Platform
    - In the room where you destroyed the C-3PO and R2-D2 clones (MUWAHAHA!!),
      there's a small crack under the stairs.  Enter it!!
    Cairn Bay
    - After you power up the lifts, go up the lift and face the room you started in
      and go to the right side of the command room and jump over to the ledge
      holding up the ceiling then jump to the next one then slash about with your
      lightsaber until a part of the wall breaks.  Go in and there is your secret
      area. [Neo]
    Cairn Assembly
    - After your ferocious battle with the AT-PTs or peacock machines, or whatever
      you want to call them, look on the right wall, from the entrance to room, and
      look for a small grate.  Break it and enter to find some Thermal Detonators,
      and other supplies.
    Cairn Reactor
    - After defeating the Reborn, and making your way half-way across the pit
      [making sure you weren't blown off or die], jump onto the other side like
      normal.  However, there's a small ledge, so continue on.  Break the grate,
      and enter it for the Secret Area.
    Cairn Docking Bay
    - Right before you reach the room where you must turn out the lights, head back
      to the hallway and look for a grate on the wall above you.  Jump up there
      using one of the support pillars and break it open.
    Doomgiver Communications Array
    - Before you enter one the left grate to control the R5 units, enter the right
      grate.  Destroy the Sentry Droids and continue down the small hall to find
      the Secret Area.
    - "If you enter the array itself (=array-entrance) go to the far end of the
      array (the far middle room, probably green/2nd level because you can't walk
      on the roofs of the red/1st level). Now drop to the lowest room (blue/3rd
      level). Under this room is a secret area in the form of a platform. To get on
      it easily, on the room go to the middle of the edge farthest from the array
      entrance and drop straight down. You find 1 bacta cannister, 1 detonation
      pack and 1 seeker drone here." [loader - l0wd3r [at] hotmail [dot] com]
    Doomgiver Detention
    - "After you take the first big lift down, there is a hole down low near it."
                    [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    - When you're above the mass of Stormtroopers in the large room, head towards
      the far side of the ceiling, and look up for a hole where the Secret Area is
    - "In the detention facility where Jan is, there is a false wall, with a crack
      on it. Slash it to access the hole."
                    [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    Doomgiver Shields
    - "After wiping the floor with Galak, look around the walls for an alcove,
      while the gravity is messed up."
                    [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    Yavin Swamp [A + B]
    - "After seeing the lander, you go through the water to some troops, then
      through a cave style passage. There is a large shield boost along the right
      side of a ledge." [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    - After battling the invisible Shadow Trooper and climbing through the hole in
      the wall, kill the Stormtrooper to the left, but then drop down into the muck
      to your right.  Go into the dead end, and then go down to find the Secret
      Area.  Make it fast, or Kyle will take damage from the lack of oxygen.
    Yavin Canyon [A + B]
    - "At the start of the mission, go back into the lander and up the lift hole.
      It doesn't work, so jump up." [Tom Price - airwaterwind [at] gorge [dot] net]
    - Once you acquire the AT-ST, continue along as normal until you reach your
      first major blockade, the one with an enemy AT-ST and several laser cannons.
      Take notice that there is a broken bridge sort of structure that you can hide
      behind.  Underneath that are some rubble, which the AT-ST can blast out of
      the way.  Enter the very, very dark room and jump up.  Kill the Stormtrooper
      inside and the sentry and claim your reward.
    - At the beginning of "Yavin Canyon B", note that there is a destructable rock
      bridge in front of you.  If you look to the far left and then straight up at
      the rock wall, you can see an opening.  The only way to access this is by the
      rock bridge, but exposing yourself out there too long will cause the Imperial
      Gunner to shoot at you and destroy it.  Jump on the rock bridge quickly, then
      onto the rock above, and follow the dark path.  You should come to some Bacta
      Canisters and some ammo, and emerge near a missile toting Stormtrooper.
    Yavin Courtyard
    - NONE
    Yavin Final
    - NONE
    Mission at Alzoc III
    - Once you enter the main chamber that has the central pillar in the center
      surrounded by a pit, head right, and jump on top of the glowing rods to find
      the secret area.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[9. Multiplayer]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Multiplayer, or Jedi Arena as it's called in this game gives you the
    opportunity to continue the fight "in a galaxy far, far away..."  But first,
    things that all Jedi Arena games have in common.
      -=[Force Powers]=-
    You will be able to use the standard Force powers in Jedi Arena, as well as
    some special Multiplayer ones.  They're broken into Light, and Dark side
    powers, as well as Neutral powers that are for both sides.
    Force Powers: Neutral                           Force Powers: Light
      Force Jump:   [0] [2] [6]                       Force Absorb:    [1] [3] [6]
      Force Push:   [1] [3] [6]                       Force Heal:      [2] [4] [6]
      Force Pull:   [1] [3] [6]                       Force Protect:   [2] [5] [8]
      Force Speed:  [2] [4] [6]                       Jedi Mind Trick: [4] [6] [8]
      Force Seeing: [2] [5] [8]                       Force Team Heal: [1] [3] [6]
    Lightsaber Powers: Neutral                      Force Powers: Dark
      Lightsaber Attack:  [1] [5] [8]                 Force Grip:      [1] [3] [6]
      Lightsaber Defense: [1] [5] [8]                 Force Drain:     [2] [4] [6]
      Lightsaber Throw:   [4] [6] [8]                 Force Lightning: [2] [5] [8]
                                                      Dark Rage:       [4] [6] [8]
                                                      Team Energize:   [1] [3] [6]
    As you might be able to see, both sides have the same number of unique Force
    powers, and each benefits the light and dark Jedi most, since good Jedi tend to
    focus more on defensive powers, while the dark side tends to have offensive
      -=[Jedi Arena "Only" Items]=-
    Now like the Force powers, Jedi Arena includes some "Multiplayer" only items.
    There are three in total, and you won't be using them that often.  At least, I
    Ysalamiri - Basically, if you can find it in one of the Multiplayer maps, your
      character will immediately hoist it up over his/her head, and a yellow
      protective sphere will encompass your body.  This yellow sphere prevents any
      type of Force effects that your opponent may want to throw at you, and thus,
      save you.  You however, cannot use Force powers either.
    Force Boon - While the instruction book says it "gives the player an unlimited
      Force pool for a short time", this is untrue.  Instead, you use the same
      amount of Force power, with the exception that your Force meter now fills up
      to three times as fast.  Which means using less costly Force powers such as
      Push and Pull will only affect your Force meter for a split second before
      it's completely refilled.
    Force Enlightenment - A better item, they come in two flavors.  Light and dark.
      As you may or may not have guessed, only light Force attuned characters can
      pick up the light Force Enlightenment, and vice versa.  This will grant the
      player with all [light or dark] Force powers with the powers at their maximum
      level [3].
      -=[AI Bots]=-
    Yes, it seems that the developers made each bot in the game having strengths,
    and weaknesses.  However, the best bots will not be unlocked until you have
    encountered them in the single-player game.  As you may have noticed, the
    number of bots are outnumbered in choice of good and bad, and they are not
    limited by their stats below.
                                - [The "Light" Side] -
      Luke Skywalker                           Kyle Katarn
      - Very Fast Reaction Time                - Fast Reaction Time
      - Very High Accuracy                     - High Accuracy
      - Very High Agility                      - Very High Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Heal        - Favored Force Power: Force Protect
      - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber             - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber
      - Aligned With: Lando Calrissian, Jedi,  - Aligned With: Jan, Mon Mothma,
         Jedi Trainer                             Morgan
      Jedi Trainer                             Morgan
      - Fast Reaction Time                     - Fast Reaction Time
      - Average Accuracy                       - Average Accuracy
      - High Agility                           - High Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Absorb      - Favored Force Power: Force Absorb
      - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber             - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber
      - Aligned With: Luke, Jedi               - Aligned With: Kyle
      Jedi                                     Jan Ors
      - Fast Reaction Time                     - Fast Reaction Time
      - Average Accuracy                       - Average Accuracy
      - High Agility                           - High Agility
      - Favored Force Power: Force Heal        - Favored Force Power: Force Heal
      - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber             - Favored Weapon: Rocket Launcher
      - Aligned With: Luke, Jedi Trainer       - Aligned With: Kyle, Mon Mothma
      Mon Mothma                               Prisoner
      - Fast Reaction Time                     - Average Reaction Time
      - Average Accuracy                       - Below Average Accuracy
      - Average Agility                        - Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Absorb      - Favored Force Power: Force Protect
      - Favored Weapon: Disrupter              - Favored Weapon: Repeater
      - Aligned With: Kyle, Jan                - Aligned With: NONE
      Bespin Officer                           Rebel
      - Average Reaction Time                  - Average Reaction Time
      - Below Average Accuracy                 - Below Average Accuracy
      - Below Average Agility                  - Below Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Absorb      - Favored Force Power: Force Absorb
      - Favored Weapon: Flechette              - Favored Weapon: Repeater
      - Aligned With: NONE                     - Aligned With: NONE
      Ree-Yees                                 Lando Calrissian
      - Average Reaction Time                  - Very Fast Reaction Time
      - Poor Accuracy                          - Incredible Accuracy
      - Below Average Agility                  - Very High Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - No Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Heal        - Favored Force Power: NONE
      - Favored Weapon: Thermal Detonator      - Favored Weapon: Rocket Launcher
      - Aligned With: NONE                     - Aligned With: Luke
      - Slow Reaction Time
      - Abysmal Accuracy
      - Poor Agility
      - No Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: NONE
      - Favored Weapon: Blaster Rifle
      - Aligned With: NONE
                                 - [The "Dark" Side] -
      Desann                                   Tavion
      - Very Fast Reaction Time                - Fast Reaction Time
      - Very High Accuracy                     - High Accuracy
      - Very High Agility                      - High Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Lightning   - Favored Force Power: Force Grip
      - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber             - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber
      - Aligned With: Tavion                   - Aligned With: Desann
      Shadowtrooper                            Reborn
      - Fast Reaction Time                     - Fast Reaction Time
      - Average Accuracy                       - Average Accuracy
      - High Agility                           - High Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Drain       - Favored Force Power: Force Drain
      - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber             - Favored Weapon: Lightsaber
      - Aligned With: Reborn, Galak            - Aligned With: Shadowtrooper, Galak
      Galak Fyyar                              Reelo
      - Fast Reaction Time                     - Fast Reaction Time
      - Average Accuracy                       - High Accuracy
      - Average Agility                        - Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Drain       - Favored Force Power: Force Grip
      - Favored Weapon: Rocket Launcher        - Favored Weapon: Repeater
      - Aligned With: Shadowtrooper, Reborn    - Aligned With: NONE
      Chiss                                    Krussk
      - Average Reaction Time                  - Average Reaction Time
      - Below Average Accuracy                 - Below Average Accuracy
      - Average Agility                        - Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Lightning   - Favored Force Power: Force Drain
      - Favored Weapon: Disrupter              - Favored Weapon: Repeater
      - Aligned With: NONE                     - Aligned With: NONE
      Ak-Buz                                   Beedo
      - Average Reaction Time                  - Average Reaction Time
      - Below Average Accuracy                 - Below Average Accuracy
      - Average Agility                        - Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Drain       - Favored Force Power: Force Grip
      - Favored Weapon: Bowcaster              - Favored Weapon: Disrupter
      - Aligned With: NONE                     - Aligned With: NONE
      Lieutenant Cabbel                        IW-323
      - Average Reaction Time                  - Average Reaction Time
      - Poor Accuracy                          - Poor Average Accuracy
      - Below Average Agility                  - Below Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Drain       - Favored Force Power: Force Grip
      - Favored Weapon: Repeater               - Favored Weapon: Repeater
      - Aligned With: NONE                     - Aligned With: NONE
      SP-597                                   SW-967
      - Average Reaction Time                  - Average Reaction Time
      - Poor Accuracy                          - Poor Average Accuracy
      - Below Average Agility                  - Below Average Agility
      - Has Force Powers                       - Has Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: Force Rage        - Favored Force Power: Force Grip
      - Favored Weapon: Repeater               - Favored Weapon: Flechette
      - Aligned With: NONE                     - Aligned With: NONE
      - Slow Reaction Time
      - Abysmal Accuracy
      - Poor Agility
      - No Force Powers
      - Favored Force Power: NONE
      - Favored Weapon: Blaster Rifle
      - Aligned With: NONE
                                     Free For All
    "This game is best summed up as every person for themselves.  All weapons and
    equipment are acquired in the field and each player starts with a lightsaber
    and a blaster pistol, unless otherwise specified in the game rules screen.
    Force powers are based on a maximum Force Level set in the game rules screen,
    taking the Force powers that the character would possess at that level through
    their personal Force Progression settings."
    Eliminating an enemy: +1 point
    Eliminating yourself: -1 point
    The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.
      -=[General Tips]=-
    Like the description suggests, you're on your own.  There's no real strategy to
    this type of game, but try using Force powers that you're comfortable with.
    Generally, lightsabers outmatch any type of weapon except for the Golan Arms
    FC-1.  For some reason, since the shots are spread out, you can't seem to
    deflect all of them, especially at close range, even if you have Lightsaber
    Defense Level 3.
    All maps are available for play, and up to 10 AI bots may join, with up to two
    human players.  The real way to win is to get a feel for the map, either by
    exploring a bit, or playing beforehand.  The real strategy here is to let other
    bots fight each other a bit.  Don't get involved until they are done fighting,
    and then rush in.  Most likely, the surviving player will have been wounded and
    you can simply finish him off.
                                 Holocron Free For All
    "This game is similar to Free For All with one exception: players start with no
    Force powers whatsoever.  Scattered throughout the map are a number of ancient
    Holocrons (Force cubes), which represent the various Force abilities.  Any
    player can pick up the Holocrons and each one provides the full three ranks of
    its represented Force power.  If a player is eliminated, his Holocrons pop out
    from where his body fell and becomes available for other players to grab.  If a
    dropped Holocron is not grabbed within 30 seconds, it disappears and respawns
    in its standard starting location.  A single player cnanot collect more than
    three of the Holocrons simultaneously [unless otherwise specified in the game
    rules screen].  When a player picks up a fourth, the Holocron they've possessed
    the longest pops out for someones else to grab."
    Eliminating an enemy: +1 point
    Eliminating yourself: -1 point
    The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins.
      -=[General Tips]=-
    Well, there's really no difference between this Free For All and the pervious
    one, except that you must collect the Force powers.  You can distinguish which
    Force powers are dark or light by their color.  Pick them up to use them
    against your opponents, but try to use a useful combination.
                                      Jedi Master
    "A lightsaber is placed at a single point on the map.  All players start and
    respawn with standard default weapons (no lightsaber) and must obtain
    additional weaponry in the field.  While players may eliminate one another at
    any time, no player can score any points until one player picks up the
    lightsaber.  Once a player grabs the lightsaber, he/she becomes the 'Jedi
    Master' and is immediately imbued with rank 3 in every Force power and can only
    use the lightsaber for a weapon.  Any player the Jedi Master eliminates by any
    means scores a point.  If friendly fire is on, any player that any other
    eliminates also gives the Jedi Master a point.  When the Jedi Master is
    eliminated, the lightsaber is thrown out a short distance from their body in
    the direction of the player who eliminated the Jedi Master.  The former Jedi
    Master is respawned as a normal non-Jedi, and whoever picks up the fallen
    lightsaber becomes the new 'Master.'"
    Eliminating an enemy while Jedi Master: +1 point
    Eliminating yourself while Jedi Master: -1 point
    Eliminating Jedi Master in play: +1 point
    Eliminating any non-Jedi while Jedi Master in play: +1 point for Jedi Master
    Eliminating any non-Jedi while no Jedi Master in play: 0 points
    The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins.
      -=[General Tips]=-
    If you're worried about someone shooting you in the back, than back yourself
    into a corner, so that you only have to defend from two sides.  Then, you can
    just stand there and let the lightsaber do the blocking, deflecting the
    projectiles back at your opponents, and giving you an easy kill.  Cheap, but
    effective.  Just watch out for explosives, and make sure you Push them away.
    You could stand there all day too, if you constantly use Heal.
    Here's cheap trick number two.  Whenever you're the Jedi Master, you have all
    Force powers including Jump Level 3.  With this, you can jump on top of roofs,
    and stay there the whole time once you're in the lead.  Nobody will be able to
    kill you, such as the Bespin Streets level.
    "The game of Duel is also known as Tournament Mode.  In Duel, there can be a
    number of players competing, but only two are actively fighting within the
    arena at any given time.  The rest of the players must wait their turn as
    observers (disembodied cameras).  Both competitors start a round with full
    health and eequipment, and must face off against one another.  When one of the
    players is eliminated, the loser is put at the end of the observer queue, and
    the next person in line is brought in to fight the winner.  Once again, both
    competitors respawn in their starting locations with fully replenished health
    and equipment.  The winner continues to compete against new opponents, scoring
    points until he himself is eliminated."
    Eliminating an enemy: +1
    Eliminating yourself: +1 to your opponent
    The player with the highest score a the end of the match wins.
      -=[General Tips]=-
    There really are none for this type of game that I know of.  However, the
    levels are different from those of other multiplayer games, and you can see
    some familiar locals such as the Cloud City carbonite chamber thing.
                                       Team FFA
    "This game pits two Jedi teams against each other.  All weapons and equipment
    are acquired in the field and each player starts with a lightsaber and a
    blaster pistol, unless otherwise specified in the game rules.  Force powers are
    based on a maximum Force Level set in the game rules screen, taking the Force
    powers that the character would possess at that level through their personal
    Force Progression settings."
    Eliminating a member of the enemy team: +1 point
    Eliminating yourself or a team member: -1 point
    The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins the game.
      -=[General Tips]=-
    Again, nothing.  This really does not differ than your standar FFA, except that
    you must now work with your allies to kill the enemies.  If you ever see your
    teammates fighting a losing battle, help him out.  Also, you can actually just
    stand outside of the fray, and use your Force powers to tip the odds in favor
    of your allies.
                                   Capture The Flag
    "In Capture The Flag (CTF), there are two teams that cooperate to capture each
    other's flag and return it to their home base.  Any member of a team can enter
    enemy territory and pick up the opposing team's flag from their base.  When the
    flag is stolen, all players on the map are alerted to the event.  The flag
    carrier must then escape from the enemy's territory and return with the flag to
    their own base to score.  If the flag carrier is eliminated, the flag pops out
    and is left behind.  If a member of the flag owner's team touches the flag, it
    is automatically returned to their base.  If a member of the flag thief's team
    picks it up, they can continue to try to return it to their base.  The flag
    carrier's own flag must be 'home' at its base position for the carrier to score
    with the opposing team's flag.
    Capture the enemy's flag: +1 point [for the team]
    Picking up enemy's flag: +10 points
    Capturing the enemy's flag: +100 points
    Your team captures enemy's flag: +25 points
    Recovering your flag: +10 points
    - Allowing immediate capture for the team: +10 points
    Eliminating enemy flag carrier: +20 points
    - Allowing immediate capture for the team: +10 points
    Protecting your flag carrier: +5 points
    Protecting your flag base: +10 points
    The team with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.
      -=[General Tips]=-
    Suggested Force Powers: Push, Pull, Speed, Jump, Jedi Mind Trick, and Protect
    Suggested Items: BioTech Canister, Portable Sentry, and Forcefield
    What I enjoy in this mode is that your AI allies have been programmed to either
    protect, or seek out the flag.  Finally, some intelligence, as you will often
    see many AI bots coming to the aid of the flag holder and escorting them to
    their flag.  Given this strategy, it is IMPORTANT to work as a team.  You
    simply cannot be a one man team and try to capture the flag yourself.  Chances
    are that you're either outnumbered, or you get shot on the way back.
    If you have the flag, the best thing to do is to equip the lightsaber.  Since
    enemy forces are probably some distance away, their lightsaber is worthless to
    them and will result to ranged weaponry.  Make sure that you don't leave your
    back to them, and to deploy any items you have, including a Seeker Drone or
    Portable Sentry.  These items can distract an enemy, giving you time to flee.
    However, the biggest, most important asset is the Forcefield.  Capable of
    denying enemy movement, these can save your hide, as well as stop incoming
    enemy fire.  If you have a human teammate, you can both deploy them, but only
    after the first has disappeared.
    If you are protecting the person with the flag, it will depend.  The lead
    person should use a gun, preferably the Golan Arms FC-1, and shoot anyone who
    approaches them, weakening them before they get down to hand-to-hand combat.
    You MUST sacrifice yourself for the flag carrier.  If you're behind the flag
    carrier, you might also want to equip your lightsaber, and help or take over
    the duty of deflecting enemy shots.  This can allow the carrier to focus on
    what's ahead of him and make sure that he doesn't fall off any ledges.
    If you're after the flag carrier, you're going to want to use ranged weaponry,
    as well as your Force powers.  What I think that most people don't realize is
    that Force Pull can not only pull your enemies and weapons towards you, you can
    also pull the flag out of their hands.  If this ever happens, immediately dive
    for the flag.  A forcefield also helps in this situation, as it may delay the
    flag carrier enough for you to kill him.  Generally, you can find that the flag
    carrier will also run away as soon as they have the flag.  Use this opportunity
    to shoot them in the back.
    If you are the flag protector, the forcefield will really come in handy, as
    well as every other item.  What you should do is to equip a ranged weapon, and
    fire at an enemy from afar.  If they get close to the flag, take out your
    lightsaber and finish the job.  However, since your AI bots will most likely do
    a pretty good job on covering the flag, you can take up the role of a sniper.
    All four levels have a Disrupter Rifle near your flag, and is most always in an
    excellent viewpoint.  From that position, line up your shots with the enemy.
    Be warned however that one charged up shot will not take out an enemy with full
    health and armor.  It will take two shots to completely disintegrate him.
    These four stages are the only ones I made maps for, as it takes way too long.
    Sorry if it looks too cluttered.  The key to identify certain spots are:
     BR=Blaster Rifle      GA=Golan Arms      PS=Portable Sentry       S=Shield
     TD=Thermal Detonator  HR=Heavy Repeater  DP=Detonation Pack      TM=Trip Mines
      F=Forcefield         BT=Bio Canister    BC=Bowcaster             L=Lift
     LS=Large Shields      TD=Disrupter Rifle RL=Rocket Launcher   [-]/I=Doors
    [A]=Connects Places   =/"=Steps          [1]=Tells of Strategic Locations
     FB=Force Boon         FE=Force Enlightenment                     BF=Blue Flag
     RF=Red Flag            M=MedPack
         [Bespin Exhuast Shaft]                     [Garrison 27-D]
                  _____                                   _________________
                 |BT   |         [1] This area right     | F/=___  [1] |BC |
                 |S S_S|             here is where   BT->| /=/  S| RF  I   |
          _______| |________         you can find a      |/=/    S\__  |   |
         |HR___ BR_  PS___GA|        bunker and use the  |=|       S | |L  |<-BT
         | | __| |_|SG| __| |        Repeater inside to  |          _[-]SG_|
         | |/ _| |_ \  |S   |_       man it like a       |       LS|  M|
         |M| /     \ \ |S[]   |      machine    _________|_________|  M|
         |M| \__BF_/  ||S  [] |      gun!      |         |  _________  |
         |M|          | ¯¯¯¯| |                |HR       |M|         [-]
         | |\        /¯¯¯¯¯¯  |                |         |M| |=|     |S|
         | | \______/TD [] []M|              __|      ___| |_/=/     |S|
         | |       |___      M|             |M_      /==_| |_=/      |S|
         |=|     ___   | []  M|               _|    /==/ | |         | |<-TD
         |=|    |"""|__| |----               |      |==| | |[2]      | |
        _|=|_   | |_SD_  |                   |___________| |_________| |
       |S    |  | |  __| | [4] Use Force BT->|  _________ M ___________|<-BT
       |S    /  | |  \TD |     Push to knock | |         | |           |
       |S   /   | |[4]\__|     enemies off!  | |         | | |==|     _|
         | |____|M|______                TD->| |       __| |_/==/    |__
         |__DP__|M|__TM  |                   |S|      /=_| |_==/      _M|
          __    |M|    | |_                  |S|     /=/ | |         |[2] There is
         |  \   | |   /   S|                 |S|     |=| |M|         |    a path
         | TD\  | |  /    S|                 [-]_________|M|       HR|    under the
         | |____| |  |_   S|                 |    _________|_________|    one shown
         |   SD | |    |=|                   |M  |         |              that has
     ____| |¯¯|"""|    |=|                ___|M _|LS       |              shields
    |M  [] |___---     |=|               | SG[-]           |              and a RL!
    |M         |       | |           BT->|  L| |_S       |=|
    |M[] [] TD/¯¯¯¯¯¯\ | |               |   |    \S    /=/|
    |  ______/   RF   \| |               |   I  BF |S__/=/ |<-BT
    | |____  |         |M|               |_BC|__________/F_|[3]
    | []  S| |         |M|
    |_  []S|  \        |M|                 [3] Once you get the Tenloss Disrupter
      |  _S| __\_   __/| |                     Rifle, you can use that position to
      | |___|SG|_| |___| |                     snipe out any enemies coming down
      |GA___PS_  BR____HR|                     main path.  You can also use the
               | |                             nearby Forcefield and Bio Canister
           |S S S|                             to camp out all day long.  Just look
           |___BT|                             out for the Jedi Mind Trick.
                                 [Warring Factions 1F]
                                       |       |
                                    [F]| L     |_   _   _   _   _   _   _
                                       |______   |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |
                                              |        BT      BT      SG|
                                               \  _________   _______   _|
                                               | |         |=|       | |
                                              / /       ___|=|___     \ \
                                     ______  / /       /   HR    \    | |  ______
                                    | FB   | |=|       |   BF    |    |=| |  S S_|
                                     ¯| [] | |=|       \___   ___/    |=| | [] |
                                      | [] |_|=|___________|M|________|=|_| [] |
                                      | []  _   ___________|M|________   _BR[] |
                                     _| [] | |=|           |M|        / / | [] |_
                                    |GA____| |=|           |=|       | |  |______|
                                   _______   |=|       ____|=|____   | |
                                  |  _M_  \__| |______/           \  | |
                                  | [___]  ___________     BC     |  | |
                                  |   M   /           \____   ____/  | |
                               [A]|L|¯¯¯¯¯                 | |       | |
                                                           | |       | |
                                                           | |       | |
                                                          /   \      | |
                                                         |     |     | |
                                                         |  PS |     | |
                                                         |     |     | |
                                          ____            \   /      | |
                                         | F  |            | |       | |
                                         |L[B]|            | |      / /
                                         |    |____________| |______| |
                                         |  _____   _______| |_BR_____|
                                   ______| |     | |       | |
                                  |  _S____|    /   \      | |
                                  | |          |     |____/ /
                                  | |          | TD   """""/
                                  | |          |     |¯¯¯¯¯
                                  | |           \   /
                                 /   \           | |
                           _____|     |          | |
                          /"""""   TD |          | |
                         / /¯¯¯¯|     |    ______| |
                        | |      \   /    |  __S___|
                ________| |_______| |_____| |
               |  ___BR_| |____________     |
               | |      | |            |    |
               / /      | |            |[C]L|
              | |       | |            |__F_|
              | |      /   \
              | |     |     |
              | |     | PS  |
              | |     |     |
              | |      \   /
              | |       | |
              | |       | |                       _
              | |   ____| |____             _____|L|[D]
              | |  /           \___________/  _M_  |
              | |  |     BC     ______   __  [___] |
              | |  \____   ____/      | |  \___M___|
     ______   | |       |=|           |=|  ______
    |_     |  | |       |=|           |=| |    GA|
      | [] |_/ /________|M|___________|=|_| [] |
      | []BR_   ________|M|___________   _  [] |
      | [] | |=|     ___|M|___        |=| | [] |
     _| [] | |=|    /         \       |=| | [] |_
    |_S_S__| |=|    |    RF   |       |=| |___FB_|
             | |    \___ HR___/       / /
             \ \        |=|          / /
             _| |_______|=|_________| |
            |                         \
            |SG_   _ BT_   _ BT_   _   |______
            |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |         |
                                    |       L |[E]
                                 [Warring Factions 2F]
                                                |M|   ______________________
                                                |M|__|          [5]         |
                                                |____           TD      __  |
                                                     \_________________/  | |
                             [5] Where you find                           | |
                                 the Disrupter Rifle is                   |=|
                                 a great place to stand as                |=|
                                 a sniper and kill any enemies            | |
                                 any enemies from afar.  Just             | |
                                 watch the left path and try to           |=|
                                 push anybody near off.                   |=|
                                                                         / /
                                                                        / /
                                       __                              | |
                                      |  |____                         | |
                                      |       \_____                   | |
                                      | SS  TD ___BT|                  | |
                                      |  _____/   | |                  | |
                                   [A]|L|         | |____              | |
                                                  |____  |             | |
                                                       |S|             | |
                                                       |S|_____________| |
                                                       |  """""""""""""  |
                                                       | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |    ____
                                                       | |             | |___|    |
                                              _        | |             |  ___  SD |
                 _____                    [B]|L|_______| |             | |   |____|
                |     |                      |  ____   __|             | |_
                |_RL _|                      | |    | |                |   |
                  | |                   _____| |    | |                /   /
              ____| |__________________/   LS TD\___| |_______________|   |
             |    _______________   MMM  FB[]FE  MMM_______________   ____|
             |   |               | |   \   BT___/                  | |
             /   /               | |    | |                       _| |_
            |_  |              __| |____| |                      |  RL |
      ____    | |             |  _______  |                      |_____|
     |    |___| |             | |       |L|[C]
     | SD  ___  |             | |
     |____|   | |             | |
              | |_____________| |
              |  """""""""""""  |
              | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|S|
              | |             |S|____
              | |             |____  |          _
              | |                  | |    _____|L|[D]
              | |                  | |___/       |
              | |                  |BT___ TD  SS |
              | |                        \____   |
              | |                             |__|
             / /
            / /
           |=|[6]         [6] This really applies anywhere, but if you
           |=|                have the power Pull and Level 3 Jump, you
           | |                can jump up straight up, and pull anybody
           | |                on the second floor down, past you and into
           |=|                the bottomless floor.
           | |   _________________
           | |__/                 \____
           |          TD           __  |
           |_________[5]__________|  |M|
                                  [Temple Tournament]
          __________     [7] If you place proximity [Trip] mines on the pillars,
         | TD _  __ \        they "sink" into the pillar and turns them invisible.
       __|   /     \F\________                          ______________________
      | _____|      \___HR__  |                        / ___  M  _RL\       SG|
     _|___  BR    BT        | |      ____________     / /BT \___/  [-]____    |
    |____ |                  \ \    |   __   __  |   | |     BC           |===|
    |___ ||                  / /    |  [__] [_S] |   | |                  |===|
    |___|||  O O O O O      /  \____|            |___| |                  |===|
    |   |||    [7]         |    ____              ___  |             _____|===|
    |RF |||                I  M/    |_ []    BR _|   | |            | ____|===|
    |___|||  O O O O O     |  |      _|        |_BR->| |            || ___|===|
    |___|||                 \ |     |[8]      _  |   | |     ___    |||___|===|
    |____||              ___/ |     |   _  PS| | |   | |    |___|   |||       |
    |_____|             |DP  _|     |  | |   |_| DP->| I            ||| BF    |
      |                  |BC/   ____|  |_|       |   | |            |||___    |
      |                  | |   |  __             |   | |            |||___|===|
      |SG    BT______BR  |  \__| |  |_BC   BT   _|  _| |            ||____|===|
      |----| |       |   |   ____|   _|        |_  |  M|            |_____|===|
      |____|_|_      |   |  /       |        FB  |_| | |                  |===|
           RL->\ \___|___| |        |             ___| |    BC      BT    |===|
                \__    ___M/        |____________|   | \___________   ____|===|
                   \TM/                               \_HR____F______|__TD[9]_|
      [8] You can jump onto a small ledge   [9] Another excellent spot to snipe
          with Level 3 Jump, and chuck          at enemies!
          detonators down below.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[10. Legal Information]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This document is copyright 2003 Legomondo, all rights reserved.  This should
    not be reproduced in any way for the sole purpose of profit and without my
    consent.  You may however, have a printed version of this, unaltered for home
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    As always, the most recent version of this guide will be at GameFAQs.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[11. Thanks]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Thanks goes to the following:
    - Nintendo and their GameCube, and for finally putting their games on discs.
    - LucasArts and the development/production teams.
    - Ice Dracolich for giving me the name of the comic superhero in "The Fairly
      Odd Parents".
    - And you, the readers who make this better.
                            Copyright 2002 - 2003 Legomondo

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