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    Jedi Master Difficulty Walkthrough by doninss

    Version: 1.52 | Updated: 08/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough for Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast,
    Xbox, Jedi Master difficulty setting.
    By Man_with_saber, AKA doninss,
    AKA Tilde_boy. ~~~~~~~~~~
    Version 1.52, complete.
    Updated 08/03/04
                        J6Yc+!:~''....    .   . . .....'~:>c
                        56t=!;~'''...''''...        .. .'~:+j
                      tNWKD5ti>!!>+==!.        ';!>+=ct5SQHWMWY
                      JWKKNNWWMMMMMMMS'        jWMMMMWNHKDXt6H6
                     JYKQMMMMMMMMMW6;....       'tKMMMMMMMMNjc=j
                     5i6JDMMMMMN6+'...''.          !6NMMMMMJ>~.=
                     Y!tS!YHQY+~....'~~~.      .     .>5KHY;c' >
                     J;iHi!:~'...''~~::~.      ...    ...'~=X;.!
                      >JNX!~'''''~~~;;:'          ..   ...:DH+.=
                     JtSHt:~'''~~'~;;:'~t6JJ5!         ...'5Hc~iJ
                   j==JSX+;~'''''~~::+Y6WQJYWSY=. .     ..';Xc+;>j
                  Yctt==5t!:~'''''~i6N6i!.  ~>cKY+.      .':+;;>=!c
                 JDSj+;:;cc!:~'':cSXj>:'.      '>JX=' . ..~:''~;!=>j
                 5Qj>;~''~>=!~:=j>;;;;~'.      .. .;c+' .~' .''~:!cj
                 6H5!:~''''!i>!;~~~~~~~'       .  . ..'''.   ..'~>SY
                 JDKt;;!!!!!>!;~~~~~~''.            ..''''''''''>66
                  JXSYj>:~~~~::~~~~''...'~::'.       .... ..'~;=55J
                   JSj>:~'''''~~~''.  .+XKDS5:'     ...    ...';tJ
                   J5i;:'.....'''..  .!HMMMMMQ;'    .        .':c
                    Yc;~'...=6QX='..'=WMMMMMMMS>:  '=i>''.   .';Y
                    Jt+~'.'=HHNWS.;;iMMMMMMMMMMX!~~QWHHJ ;  .':tY
                         JJYYJtJJtJJ    5SSSJ     YjccjtJJ
                                 Courier New 10 pts.
                              >>> Version History. <<<
    1.00 - 04/22/03 - Complete.
    1.10 - 04/27/03 - Updates to Walkthrough, Intro. and Tips sections. Added
                      version history.
    1.20 - 05/05/03 - Fixed some typos and speeling errors, reworded a few
                      sections, changed some of the tactics, formatted a little
    1.21 - 05/11/03 - Nothing worth mentioning, but an update none the less.
    1.30 -          - Phantom update.
    1.40 - 05/22/03 - Added @Extra1 (thanks Leeboblue).
    1.41 - 05/26/03 - Typo, fine tuned tactics (@Option15).
    1.50 - 11/02/03 - Added sites with permission to post, reformatted (shortened
    1.51 - 12/29/03 - Minor format change.
    1.52 - 08/03/04 - Added a site to permission list.
    The most recent version of this walkthrough will always be found at GameFAQs
    <www.gamefaqs.com>. (This walkthru was submitted to, and will recieve my updates
    at GameFAQs.) A copy may  also be available at my 'site.'
    (www.geocities.com/doninss/) If you are going to quote this walkthrough
    verbatim, please use quotes ("") and reference the document. Copyright
    information is located at the bottom of this document. (Please read.)
    This walkthrough was written for the Xbox version of JKII. The main difference
    from the PC version seems to be at the beginning of Artus Topside, and a small
    section of Artus Mine B. Also, one secret area is missing in Yavin Canyon.
    Although written for Jedi Master difficulty level, the tactics should work on
    any difficulty level. The differences I noticed between difficulty settings
    were: Number and type of enemies; Items found; Amount of damage taken from
    weapons; Saber blocking effectiveness; Max health; Amount of shield points
    available from converters; Max amount of shield points available from shield
    generators; Hit-points, and AI of some Bosses (?).
    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Contents. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Xbox controls.
    General tips.
    FPS tips.
    Lightsaber tips.
    Force Tips.
    Intra-document links.
    Copyright info.
    ~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Intro. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    I played the original JK and part of Dark Forces. JK was my fav. 'FPS' for a
    long time. I awaited the arrival of the Xbox version of the sequel with high
    hopes and a little dread. I've had bad experiences with other sequels living up
    to the original, and consoles are at a disadvantage when it comes to view
    control. I put off buying and waited for a copy to become avail. at BBV. When I
    finally played it, I kicked myself for waiting and bought a copy. I don't buy
    many games these days, my gaming dollar stretches farther with rentals. But
    this was a keeper. JKII Xbox is not perfect, and it has changed from the
    original in some ways. All in all though, it lives up to the legend and the
    port to the Xbox was handled well, IMO. At the eighth level I experienced deja
    vu. The wonder of Jedi Knight had returned. :) So when I finished I decided to
    play thru on Master, and write up an in depth walkthrough. This walkthrough
    comes as the buzz for the Xbox version has died way down, and the release of
    JKIII has been announced. Two steps behind. That's me.
    I played on Jedi setting for the "Experience." It was great fun. On the other
    hand, for me Jedi Master difficulty was about survival. I'm not an exceptional
    FPSer, far from it. As a swordsman I, sorta suck. ;) I'm not a Jedi_Knight,
    more like a Man_with_saber. So I played each level section by section many
    times, trying different tactics. I was looking for ones that minimized the
    amount of pure 'shooting or saber skill' required. I am not that hot at
    strafing and firing, so I strove to avoid situations that require it. Ditto for
    snap shooting. You will still need a certain level of competence with the
    controller to succeed. It's mostly stuff you can learn though, and not stuff
    you need to be born with. I do have patience, and am persistent. I have no
    qualms about sniping, running away, or hiding. So these are the type of tactics
    I concentrated on. I _tried_ to find and use the favorable aspects of the level
    design and AI. (I would like to believe the dev. team left some of these for us
    as gifts.) You may have to load the last save and play sections more than once
    to get a favorable 'roll of the dice' with the AI for some of these tactics to
    work. Some tactics may also require loading an earlier save to setup properly.
    I tried to limit the items needed for the tactics offered to those available in
    the level. (But...) Even though to get to Jedi Master difficulty you must
    finish the game, I wrote this as if it was the first time thru. It is also
    written pretty much as a step by step guide, especially early on in the FPS
    levels. I'm afraid I have done a less than perfect job of describing certain
    things. It was very hard in places to describe the area and tactics in enough
    detail to ensure understanding. *In some places I'm sure the opposite is true.*
    I am open to constructive criticism. I will consider posting screen shots of
    hard to describe sections if there is an interest. The walkthrough is aimed at
    getting a 'lesser Jedi' (such as me) thru the levels with a minimum of 'twitch'
    skill, and the reflexes of a fifty-year-old. One of my goals was to begin each
    new level with fifty health and one hundred shields. Much of the walkthrough
    will seem like overkill. (And I do things a little differently than the average
    bear sometimes. ;) I eased up a bit in the later levels, but may still offer
    options. If you are a better player just looking for help with a puzzle or
    tough section, you may have a harder time than normal finding it. Sorry.
    *Again, these tactics rely heavily on propitious (word for the day) level
    design and AI. Lucky for me, the Dev. team was generous for the most part.
    There are other fine JKII walkthroughs at GameFAQs. The PC game is very close
    to what you'll find in the Xbox game for the most part. Two of the PC
    walkthroughs at GameFAQs (Azraelot, KyleKatrn) were awarded FAQ of the week,
    and for good reason. The one by Azraelot (Matthew Rorie) in particular has many
    tactics applicable to Jedi Master difficulty. All have something to offer. As
    far as I can tell from the walkthrough here and some personal JKII-GCN play,
    the GCN game is exactly the same except for controls. (I did sorely miss those
    quick buttons, and much prefer the Xbox control scheme.) Most of these other
    walkthroughs have expanded sections on enemies, weapons, and force powers you
    should read. All are more concise and probably better for general walkthrough
    needs on normal difficulty settings.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Xbox controls. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Right trigger: Primary fire.
    Left trigger: Alternate fire.
    Left thumb stick: Control movement of character. (Forward, back, strafe.)
    Note: Push down on thumb stick to use the selected force power.
    Right thumb stick: Control player's view. (Camera tilt and pan.)
    Note: Push down on thumb stick to crouch.
    D-pad: up: Toggle force powers, left or right: Toggle between weapons.
    down: Toggle inventory items.
    A button: Jump, hold for force jump.
    B button: Draw lightsaber, press with saber out to toggle styles.
    X button: Use, interact with environment. (A hand icon will appear when near
    something that can be used or interacted with.)
    Y button: Use selected inventory item.
    Back button: Mission Info, Data-pad.
    Start button: Pause menu.
    White and Black buttons: "Quick" buttons. Weapons, force powers, and inventory
    items can be assigned to these two buttons.
    To configure quick buttons: From the controller setup menu (off the main menu),
    press the X button.
    In game: Use the D-pad to select a weapon, force power, or inventory item to
    bind. While the selection bar at the bottom of the screen is highlighted, press
    and hold the white or black button down until you hear a short "beep" (about
    six seconds to be safe).
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    General tips. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Having a large number of saves can increase save and load times considerably. I
    would recommend five to ten working saves that you cycle thru at the top. And
    one or two 'permanent' saves in each level, spaced to save you time when going
    back to check things out after you finish.
    I would also recommend spinning the analog sticks around the edge of their
    movement limits a few times whenever loading a save after a reboot. This will
    'center' the sticks.
    There are more enemies, and they are more accurate on this difficulty setting.
    The AI also seems changed. Saber defense is also less effective, and you will
    take more damage from weapons when hit. It's hard (it's supposed to be,) but
    the level design seems to be well thought out with regards to the various skill
    levels of players. There is much to work with. The AI while quite good, and
    fairly complex, also offers an advantage to those who are observant and
    Shield management is important on Jedi Master. You start with fifty points.
    Power Converters can take you to a hundred, but only hold fifty points each.
    (In general.) Shield generators can only take you to fifty. So try to avoid
    using the power converters if you are lower than fifty until you can find a
    Check out the controls menu. Adjust the sensitivity to fit your reflexes. *I
    set my horizontal and vertical quite low for the FPS section. And turned it up
    a hair for the rest of the game.* You should feel very comfortable when running
    around. Auto Level can be a big help, but there are times when it will only
    hinder. Some shots may only work with Auto Aim turned off. (This walkthrough
    assumes it's on.) Slow the sensitivity down when sniping.
    Save hard to find explosives (Det-Paks, Trip mines) for situations where need
    them. There are quite a few Thermal Dets, but try to keep a couple on hand
    Save the seeker drones for bosses, and multiple Jedi if you can. (You can only
    carry five though, and there are many more than that to be found.)
    In the early levels, use the Medi-paks you find before using your Bactas.
    When the third person view becomes available, make use of it to look around
    corners with out being seen. (Over and under horizontal edges also.)
    The verbalizations of the enemies can give clues to their 'state of mind.'
    Listen, and try to get a feel the different types of behaviors that may follow
    certain ones. The music also will speak to you. *The sound engine seems a bit
    'buggered' in this version. Cheap TV, and not many sound options in the menu?*
    The AI of the enemies is advanced in many respects. Oh, they can seem a bit
    dumb at times, but there are many behaviors and they can change on the fly.
    They also have good eyes and ears, sometimes a stray round can substantially
    change the way a section plays out. You may have to replay sections for some of
    these tactics to work, or wing it at times. The randomness of the AI
    interaction which may work against you the first try, gives you a shot at a
    more favorable 'throw of the dice' on subsequent replays. This is one of the
    reasons I have recommended so many saves.
    While the Xbox "Exclusive Feature" of configurable black and white buttons may
    seem trivial at first glance, it's an excellent feature. Overcoming to a great
    extent one of the limitations of Jedi Knight on a console. Somebody somewhere
    (Vicarious Visions?) needs a pat on the back. (Pat, pat.) Having your fav. gun
    handy is nice, but being able to use multiple force powers consecutively
    without the dangers of wild D-pad slapping is much better than nice.
    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    FPS tips. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The left side cover advantage is a strong asset. I'm referring to using a
    corner to your left as cover. You expose yourself less to enemies this way. You
    can target an enemy before being detected. The cross-hair can 'see' (and the
    weapon kill) an enemy around a corner before it is visible to you. (Or you to
    it.) You can snipe enemies close and far away like this. Tapping the left stick
    to strafe in small increments to move slowly left or (more important right
    will come in handy. *If even tap-strafing is moving you too far, try facing the
    wall at the corner, then turning slightly toward the corner. You can then tap
    forward to ease up to the edge of the corner very slowly.* A slower horizontal
    sensitivity setting, combined with tapping the left stick makes easing the
    cross-hair around corners slowly much easier. When I refer to a corner, or
    doorway, or door jamb, or cover in the walkthrough, I'm probably referring to
    this technique. Always approach an opening or doorway from the left side if you
    have a choice. Vertical edges will also sometimes work for cover. *If you are
    sniping around a corner, and have a red cross-hair but the Briar secondary
    is not connecting, be sure you're not hitting the corner. If that's not the
    problem, try adjusting your aim or firing two or three primary shots instead.*
    Try strafing instead of turning to make fine adjustments to your aim. This can
    make adjusting your aim while crouched much less painful. And seems to be
    easier to do while under pressure. (Backing away from enemies while taking
    fire.) If aiming up or down at something, moving forward and back works the
    same way vertically.
    Fight from cover. Use any obstruction handy to minimize the size of the target
    you expose to gun wielding enemies. An open doorway faced at an angle from the
    left side can be like firing thru a slit. *Narrow doors and hallways will also
    funnel your enemies, turning mobs into single foes.* Distance can also work as
    Don't confront if you can snipe. The binoculars combined with the excellent
    accuracy of the Briar pistol make long range sniping possible early in the
    game. There aren't that many opportunities unfortunately. There are plenty of
    chances to snipe short and medium range from cover though. This walkthrough
    relies heavily on sniping from cover. The Briar and E-11 will be the primary
    weapons for sniping. Kyle fires them from the right side of his body, so they
    maximize the "left side cover advantage." The Bowcaster is ill-suited to this
    Sight in your weapons with the binoculars early on. You need to know where the
    rounds will group, and the size and shape of the group. The Briar Pistol is a
    'tack driver,' the Blaster Rifle somewhat less accurate. The bowcaster is quite
    accurate also, and a good second choice for long range sniping when close cover
    isn't needed.
    Find a 'defensible position' to fight from early on in a level or section if
    you can. This can be as simple as a narrow spot in a hallway. Or as elaborate
    as a sweet spot where you can hit but not be hit. Bait the enemies that can't
    be sniped back to these whenever possible. This tactic is also frequently used
    in the FPS levels of this walkthrough.
    *I use the term snipe to refer to a kill where the victim is either unaware of
    your presence or can't effectively return fire. In a few places this may need
    to be a one shot kill.*
    *When I refer to the Briar, I almost always mean secondary fire, fully
    Check the other walkthroughs and the web for more FPS tips.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Lightsaber tips. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Once you acquire the light-saber, it should be the weapon of choice. The other
    weapons will be used almost exclusively in specialty roles. (Primarily
    sniping.) The saber acts as a shield, a melee weapon, and a short 'ranged'
    weapon. Used in combination with the force powers it will bring the effective
    game difficulty setting down a notch. (The level design adjusts somewhat as
    well though.) ;) This walkthrough assumes only a moderate amount of saber
    mastery however. Three moves you should practice and be adept at are the
    Top-Down Hack, linked short slashes, and the Forward Lunge. There are more
    moves of course, but I will describe only these. These are the three I used
    primarily. *Well, these and the 'hold the trigger and dance around' move. (To
    the tune of Aaahhh! by Homer Simpson.)*
    The "Top-Down Hack" is available to all three saber styles, but is in general
    most effective on medium for the walkthrough. Press attack while not moving and
    looking down, or while moving forward or back. It's the standard finishing move
    for non-saber wielding enemies on the ground. (Also used on saber wielders that
    are down, of course.) The blue will work but should be aimed down. Top-Down
    Hacks can be chained by holding down the attack while moving forward or back.
    Four times it appears for the medium style, unlimited for fast. (Two for strong
    style.) It takes some practice but by moving forward and back at the right
    tempo while holding attack, you can land the chain in a small area. You can get
    in multiple hits on strong enemies that are down this way. These chained moves
    are delivered much faster than when you just hold the attack and look down.
    Linked (or chained) short slashes aren't in the book, and probably aren't even
    real 'moves.' They are just short, quicker versions of the normal horizontal
    swipe. They are started by side strafing left just after pressing the attack
    button while not moving. Then while holding attack, strafe back and forth. The
    timing of the strafes varies with the style, of course. You can link four with
    medium style it seems, and indefinitely with the fast. Medium is much easier.
    The technique will deliver many quick blows to an opponent directly in front of
    you. When used with speed after a grip, they can take out a Shadow Trooper or
    Reborn nearly as fast as the Forward Lunge. They deliver damage (although
    possibly slowly) even thru saber defense. They are relatively easy to master,
    and needn't be aimed with too much precision. Just a step above dancing about
    with the attack held down, but a step in the right direction.
    The "Forward Lunge" is only available with the fast (blue) style. While not
    moving and crouched, press and hold forward, _then_ press attack. (The quicker
    the better, but foremost is consistency.) A variant will be executed if you
    press attack before forward. Holding the attack trigger will chain the move
    indefinitely. You can steer with the right stick, but the left stick must be
    pressed forward. Practice this simple move until you feel very comfortable with
    it. You should be able to do it from a dead run, or while backing up. It's
    fast, and in my experience it's power when landed solidly is on par with any
    strong style move. When coupled with speed or grip (or both,) it's one of the
    best moves in the game IMHO. ('Don't look half bad either.)
    You can also injure enemies with the saber defense. If the saber is in their
    body or will move thru it when it moves to deflect an incoming shot, it will
    cut. For lesser enemies one time usually kills. This can speed up melees when
    you can't afford to swing. Saber defense can also be used kill Squad Leaders
    whose rounds you cannot reflect back at them. And it is an excellent way to
    destroy the little mechs you will run into later on. It seems to work best when
    you are moving near the target at the time of the block. *Dance around them. To
    the tune of...*
    You can also use the saber defense to safely set up shots near the edges of
    obstructions (cover.) Tap strafe back to the edge of cover while blocking fire
    until the firing just stops. You should now be able to target with the FPS
    cross-hair without taking fire.
    Check the other walkthroughs and the web for more lightsaber tips and move
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Force Tips. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Speed, push, pull, and jump are the first forces you'll receive. (Along with
    saber throw.) Speed will give you an obvious advantage over foes that aren't
    using it themselves. (I believe it also increases the power of some saber
    moves.) It also slows things down when attempting stuff where the timing is
    critical. (Combat and other.) Push and pull are two sides to the same coin.
    Both can be good for setting up saber kills on non Jedi type enemies. And free
    shots on Jedi type enemies. (By the time you meet Jedi type enemies, it and
    push are rank 2.) Both can be used to break the rhythm of attacking Jedi type
    enemies. (Either can 'break' a saber attack in mid-swing.) Both work on
    mechanical enemies. Both can catch Jedi in the air or when performing
    acrobatics. And when the rank goes up, both can be used to break grip. Push is
    much more forgiving of aim, and has a wider reach. Pull will bring your foes
    closer, and _seems_ to leave them at a disadvantage a bit more often. The
    higher rank pull will also strip weapons from non Jedi.
    Saber throw has its place, but you are wide open while it's out. I used it
    quite a bit, but usually aimed low for a quick rebound off the floor just
    beyond the enemy. Or for taking out enemies around corners.
    Mind-trick is another important one on my list for non saber enemies. It uses
    a small amount of force, and in the early levels the button can be held down
    until a target is found with no loss of force. A machine gun force of sorts.
    (The third person animation is hilarious.) Used at a doorway with the saber as
    enemies file thru it can be very effective. It either stops them in their
    tracks or slows them to a walk, blocking the door long enough for a safe saber
    kill. *Be sure to let go of the button when the mind-trick 'takes' (blue
    sparkles,) or your force meter will be quickly drained.*
    I consider rank 2 grip (and above) the most important for Jedi type enemies.
    Although it can kill lesser Jedi types, its main utility lies in it's power to
    stun momentarily and cause the enemy to sheath their saber. Your foe is
    stationary, and empty handed. It only takes a small amount of force to stun,
    it's efficient. Followed by a powerful saber move, I consider it the force of
    choice. *I prefer rank 2 for this as rank 3 moves your opponent away if your
    close.* Speed enhances it, if you can handle the speed. Early Jedi type enemies
    may not match your speed. When you run into those who do, use grip first and
    then speed. This seems to prevent more advanced Jedi from matching your speed.
    (At least right away.) When it is being broken quickly by your opponents,
    switch to multiple shorter duration grips. Short grips (any rank) can also be
    used at doorways with the saber (as above with mind-trick.) Grip will continue
    to work thru doors and walls after it has been initiated.
    Heal makes Bacta much less valuable. Bacta works immediately though, and uses
    no force.
    Lightning is great for mech. enemies, but until it reaches rank 2 there are
    usually better choices for breathing foes. At rank 3 it becomes a formidable
    Check the other walkthroughs and the web for more force tips and descriptions.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Intra-document links. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You will see these in the document. Copy and insert them into your browser or
    text reader's search or find function.
    @Option# : A Ctrl-F (find) on these will take you to the bottom of the
    walkthrough to an optional tactic for the section. (Warning! Spoilers!)
    @Extra# : A Ctrl-F (find) on these will take you to the bottom of the
    walkthrough to optional side-trips or special tactics. (Warning! Spoilers!)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Walkthrough~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Kejim Outpost
    Kejim Base.
    Artus Mines A.
    Artus Mines B.
    Artus Detention.
    Artus Topside.
    Yavin Temple.
    Yavin Trial.
    Nar Shaddaa Streets.
    Nar Shaddaa Hideout.
    Nar Shaddaa Starpad.
    Bespin Undercity A.
    Bespin Undercity B.
    Bespin Streets.
    Bespin Platform.
    Cairn Bay.
    Cairn Assembly.
    Cairn Reactor.
    Cairn Dock.
    Doom Communications.
    Doom Detention.
    Doom Shields.
    Yavin Swamp A.
    Yavin Swamp B.
    Yavin Canyon A.
    Yavin Canyon B.
    Yavin Courtyard.
    Yavin Final.
    BTW = By the way.
    IOW = In other words.
    AFAIK = As far as I know.
    FYI = The name of a fictional news show, in a sitcom starring Candice Bergen.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Kejim Outpost. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Jan likes to help, a lot. She can die, but will usually do just fine. She
    >isn't all that accurate, but she has unlimited ammo and a high rate of fire.
    >If Jan does keep dying, Ctrl-F down for "@Jan dies." (No quotes)
    >Enemies. Storm Troopers, Officers.
    When Kyle starts responding to the helm, turn left and go through the unlocked
    door. Jump up to the Secret Area and grab the Bacta. On the way out note the
    Ammo and Medi-pak in the alcove to the right. Walk under the Imperial shuttle
    and take up a position near the left landing gear. After the two Storm Troopers
    finish chatting and move to their sentry positions, target the one to the right
    and take him out with the Briar Pistol secondary.
    The other Storm Trooper will run to the left side of the shuttle and should be
    unable to hit you. Let Jan check her sights on him while you use the landing
    gear as cover. Move to the front of the shuttle and use the drums to climb to
    the concrete ledge. *Make sure Jan has followed.* Slowly move toward the
    corner. An Officer will hear you, then speak. He will then come around the
    corner to investigate. *If he doesn't, ease up to the edge and head shoot him.*
    Avoid his fire, Jan will get him eventually. Once he is out of the picture,
    stay on the ledge and move to where you can see the Storm Troopers around the
    corner. Now move to your left, about half way to the edge. Survey the scene.
    There are three stationary sentries, and three patrolling. (One is on the upper
    walkway.) Two are patrolling left to right farther out, one to and fro closer
    to you under the walkway. *You may not see him.* The patroller that passes
    closest to the stationary STrooper behind the crates, needs to be taken out
    with a clean Briar shot. *He may cause problems if you don't.* Use the
    Binoculars to set up a shot where he stops after walking to the right. On his
    next round, take him out. *Charge the pistol before he gets back, and resist
    the temptation to lead him. Release the trigger just after the cross-hair turns
    red, and he stops.* As soon as you let the Briar shot fly, run back off the
    ledge you're on and get behind the barrels that are next to the shuttle.
    Jan will usually handle anyone who comes without taking damage. (Most of them
    will be trying to fire at you.) When she stops firing, get back up on the ledge
    and finish things from the corner. (You can usually snipe the guy on the
    balcony safely from there.) As soon as the last Storm Trooper's gone, Jan will
    try shooting the door. Save?
    Get into position for the three Storm Troopers who will respond. You can use
    the three crates with reddish tops for cover, but be sure the explosives near
    them are gone. *Fire a few rounds at the three STroopers as they round the
    corner to get their focus.* Head shoot the ones you can, while Jan peppers them
    from behind. When it's quiet, head 'round to the door they came out of and ease
    There is a Shield Power Converter to the right (Shield Management) and to the
    left another door, behind which an Officer waits. Consider trying out the left
    side corner advantage here. Open the door from the left side. Tap the strafe to
    ease to the right until you can see about half of him. Get a red cross-hair and
    hold down a trigger for as long as it takes. Grab the key he has, and get on
    the round lift. Press the button to go up. Get off and go into the room to your
    right. Ride that lift up.
    There's a switch to power up the perimeter defenses (Mountable Turbo Laser.)
    Press it for a cut scene. Three Storm Troopers will come running out onto the
    balcony from a side room up here. Get their attention with a shot or two, and
    let Jan finish it. In the room they were in are a Bacta and some ammo. After
    your done head back down and fill up on ammo if need be. Now get to the Turbo
    Laser and use it to blow the door. Follow Jan to the lift and ride it down. Get
    off and wait for it to rise. Don't press the switch by the door. Save?
    Blue section.
    Once the lift has started back up, drop down into the hole underneath it. There
    is a little door, go thru it and look left to see a malfunctioning machine.
    Then turn right and follow the tunnel. Around the corner is a switch for the
    broken machine. Press it and make your way to the now idle machine. Go around
    it and thru the opening. Use the lift in the corner. Shoot the defective
    looking grate, and drop down. Take out the Officer (Supply Key) and look
    around. Note the Ammo, Medi-pak, and four switches.
    *FYI: From the left: Switch 1 unlocks the door next to the entrance. (The
    entrance door is already unlocked.) Switch 2 unlocks the door to the room you
    are in. (Jan will enter.) Switch 3 unlocks the door at the far end of the hall.
    And switch 4 unlocks a door at the far end of the room that switch 1 provides
    access to.*
    You have to press switch 2, so go ahead. @Option1. Press switches 3 and 4 also.
    Leave the control room, turn left and go thru the door at the end of the hall.
    There will be doors on either side of you. Open the one to the left, and fire a
    few rounds inside to get some attention. Quickly turn and run thru the other
    door (not the one you came in) and hang a right thru the next door just beyond.
    There will be a single crate near the left wall at the far end of the room, aim
    for its left edge. You will want to end up behind the crate, crouched, and
    tucked in tight between it and the wall support it's up against. *Be careful
    not to get hung up by the wall support you pass close to on the way.* If all
    went well, no one is hitting you, and you took no damage, Save? (The crouch
    won't be saved.)
    Charge up the ol' Briar and turn until your cross-hair is at the edge of the
    crate. (Toward the door you just came thru.) Strafe right just a wee bit.
    (Tapping forward will strafe you right while exposing less of your back.)
    Search around the edge of the crate with your cross-hair and you should find a
    target (red cross-hair) soon. No need to rush things here, sometimes these
    STroopers take awhile to decide what to do. If you don't get a red cross-hair
    after waiting a bit, quickly strafe out and back in a time or two. You may have
    to ease out and look for these guys once in awhile, but always strafe back to
    safety if you see movement. (Remember to lead with your cross-hair.)
    The last two or three STroopers may be intent on staying on the left side of
    the crate or in front of it. Take them out while crouched if can, but you might
    have to stand. You should be able to clear the room with little or no loss of
    shield. Gather up the ammo you need, and then check the room for goodies.
    (Small Shield Generator, Thermals, and a Battery.) *If you shot the three
    STroopers in this room from below, their rifles may be under the explosive
    crate.* Save?
    Now head back out the door and turn left. Go thru the door straight ahead, and
    look around the corner to the right. You'll see a lone Sentry down the hall.
    When you shoot him two others will attack. These two are closer to you behind
    jogs in the wall on the left and right. Charge up the Briar, and as soon as you
    release the trigger, make for the safety of the _crate_. Take the guys that
    follow just like you did before.
    Head back to the hall these guys were in and go as far as the stairway. There
    are four more STroopers ahead. Two fairly close and two farther on. To get all
    four alerted, fire straight down the hall. Try to hit the wall at the very end
    of it. This doesn't always work. If not, move up the left side of the hall
    until you can shoot the first guy on the right, or he sees you. _Crate_ again.
    *Or just use the narrow hallway to funnel them and use distance for cover. (Try
    strafing to aim, rather than turning.)*
    If only three follow you, the fourth will most likely be on the bridge over the
    pit. He can be sniped from the room with a bunker style window that overlooks
    the pit. (Crouch to sneak up on him.) When all four are dead, make your way to
    the large room with a power droid. (Battery recharge.) In the lock-box is a set
    of Light Amplification Goggles(LAG,) grab them. Press the switch near the
    elevator and get on.
    At the bottom it's dark, but safe. (Watch out for the mouse.) There are some
    Ammo and Medi-Paks on one wall (Secret area.) At the end of the dark room is an
    opening into a chamber with a short door. On the other side is an Officer and
    four STroopers. Save?
    Crouch and move to the door to open it. Snipe the Officer (Supply Key,) then
    strafe left to safety. Use the corner for cover, or strafe back and forth
    across the door. You can use a thermal or two if want, but save one. When the
    room's clear, look at the code (it'll be entered into your Data-pad) and press
    the two switches to unlock the red and green sections of the outpost.
    Check out the surveillance cams for a glimpse of the other sections. (Note the
    auto- turrets.) Exit thru the big door, press the switch to lower the force
    field, and climb the stairs. (Ammo, and Medi-Pak off to the left near the top.)
    Turn left, and after you've "walked on down the hall," (ammo, Medi-Pak off to
    the left) follow the bridge out to the center of the hole. The Main Array. Turn
    to the left but don't cross the yellow line. Save?
    Green section.
    You can take out the auto-turrets, but it is quicker and easier to just run by
    them. Run into the control booth and take out the Officer there. (Round the
    corner with the E-11 secondary going.) Hit the switch to turn off the guns!
    There is Ammo, and a Bacta in here.
    Move down the steps until the door opens. Turn left to face the hallway.
    Crouch, and tap-strafe out until you can see a kneeling STrooper. (If he's not
    there, load the last save and run in again.) Take him out without any stray
    fire going past him. Then strafe right until you can see the two STroopers
    further down the hall. (You don't _have_ to crouch now.)
    Target the one on right. Then strafe left. You should be able to target (red
    cross-hair) both of these guys using only the left stick, if not move forward
    or back a bit. Crouch if want for a little added safety, and target the one on
    the right. Equip the E11, then press and hold primary fire. When he goes down,
    strafe left to target the other. Switch to the secondary if he gets near. Stop
    firing when he goes down and wait here, a third STrooper from even further down
    should be on the way. He will probably run right into your cross-hair. Start
    with primary fire, and switch to secondary if he gets close.
    There is one more STrooper in hallway, way down there. He may be alerted, but
    usually stays put. So, stand up and move down to where the hallway opens up on
    the left side. Hug the right wall as go, he will be at the top of some stairs.
    (Note the two locked doors you pass.) If alerted he may rush you, if not you
    can snipe him. (Binocs.) Retreat to the booth if necessary. Save?
    When these four STroopers are dead, it should get quiet. Ah, the quiet. Go up
    the stairs at the far end of the hall. There will be an unlocked door to the
    right. And another farther on and to the left. Just to the right of that one,
    is a narrow door. Run past the door on the left and thru the narrow door. Turn
    off the turrets. (Ammo, Medi, and a Bacta.) Head into the turret room, and thru
    the narrow door in there. Open the lock-box for another Bacta. The round
    elevator goes topside.
    Go back out into the hallway and thru the unlocked door at the top of the
    stairs. There's Ammo and a Medi on the wall, a couple of explosive crates, and
    a little machine in a corner. Move over behind the machine and face the door,
    then crouch. Seems defensible. Save?
    Leave the room and go just thru the unlocked door at the bottom of the stairs.
    There are four STroopers in this room. Crouch, and ease your cross-hair around
    the corner. Target the first STrooper that shows up. Take him out with a single
    Briar shot if can, but as soon as you fire retreat thru the door. Run back to
    the room with the little machine and explosive crates. Crouch behind the
    explosive crates... Just kidding, crouch behind the machine and face the door.
    Once these guys show up, make like a Jedi Jack in the Box with the crouch
    button. *I like the E11 secondary.* Adjust your aim while crouched of course.
    Three STroopers should have followed, four if the first guy didn't go down in
    the room before. If they don't all follow you, load the last save, or be
    prepared to clean up. Head back into the room at the bottom of the stairs.
    There are some square electronic looking things running thru the room
    vertically in here. And a set of switches. One is blinking, but don't press it
    yet. Save? *Get out the E11 or Briar, and experiment with the conduits in here
    for a break if you want. Then load the last save.*
    When you press the switch Kyle will contact Jan. She'll run into trouble and a
    timer will start. The conversation time is free time. So press the switch and
    immediately head toward the Main Array. Jan will die if you take _too_ long to
    get to her. *As a reference, when she finally says "Hurry up, Kyle," you'll
    still have about twenty-five seconds get to the room she is in. (The room with
    the power droid.)*
    The first obstacle will be two STroopers on the ramp connecting the Main Array
    to the blue section. Crouch just before you get to the ramp, and take out the
    furthest one with the Briar secondary from there. Switch to the E11, and get
    the other as he rounds the corner at the Array.
    Stand back up and run over to the blue section. As you enter turn right and hug
    the right wall, then just keep running to the end of this hall. You'll pass
    three more STroopers, who will start shooting at you. Two will give chase. Pay
    them no mind (zigzag a bit if you want,) just keep going. Pass close to the
    door on your left to open it as you go by. (Listen for a scream.) When you get
    to or near the end of this hallway turn around.
    Crouch if you want, aim, and mow down the STroopers following you as they are
    funneled by the hall. Switch to primary fire and tap strafe until you can
    target the last one. (He's way down there.) Head back to the room Jan is in
    when you finish. There should be plenty of time left. (I believe the timer
    stops when the door opens as you run past.)
    Once you are in the room, Jan is safe as far as I can tell. And these guys will
    be oblivious to your presence. *A good time to see what the Stun Baton feels
    like in action.* Lead her back the access panel, where she will open the two
    doors that were locked before. These doors both lead into the room with the
    green code. There are also seven STroopers and an Officer inside.
    Leave the room Jan is in thru the door farthest from where she is working. Run
    close to both doors of the code room (to open them) on your way to the room
    with the little machine and explosive crates. *Fire a shot or two as you go by
    the doors.* After another session of pop goes the weasel, head back to the code
    room for the green code. There's also Ammo, a Medi, a Large Shield Generator,
    and a Bacta in here. (Hopefully, you only need the Ammo.) Head back to the Main
    Array. (Ammo up.) Save?
    Red section.
    >New enemy, Probe Droids. (Garrulus Apparatus Probare?)
    >New enemy, Auto-Turret.
    This section starts out like the last. Run past the auto-turrets, kill the
    officer and shut down the turrets. (Ammo, Bacta.) Leave the booth and move to
    the bottom of the stairs. There are two STroopers on a landing up above. Hug
    the left wall and move up until you can see about three cross-hair widths of
    the stairwell wall.
    Fire an E11 shot at the right side of the wall, then move the cross-hair to the
    left side. When the first one runs down and _stops_, secondary fire. If you
    lead him, he'll stop and bolt. Adjust your aim if need be, of course. Repeat as
    necessary. *You may have to bait them by running up the stairs a bit, and then
    Up above you'll find an elevator. (Large Shield Generator in this room.) On the
    top level are two more STroopers. Ride the lift up and get a bead on the first
    STrooper while you count how long it takes for the lift to go back down. Charge
    up the Briar, and when the lift takes you up again fire just before you figure
    it will head back down. Get off the lift when it bottoms, then head shoot the
    other guy when he shows up.
    Ride up the elevator again and press the switch by the windows. (Small Shield
    Generator in the corner of this room.) Head around the pit on the ledge that
    circles it. There is a switch on the far side. It will activate the power to
    the Main Array. It will also bring an Officer and four STroopers up to
    investigate. Save?
    Press the switch. You can run back and toss a Thermal Detonator in the elevator
    hole if you're quick. A little luck and they will all be dead. *Or stay out
    here on the ledge, and position yourself so that the Main Array is between you
    and the middle of observation room. Use the Briar on the two guys that came
    outside first. Then slowly move right and pick off the others one by one, using
    the cylinder in the middle for cover. Watch out for the Officer (Supply Key,)
    he's a cut above the STroopers.*
    When it's over, work your way back down to door beyond the stairs. Save? Move
    close enough to open the door where a large computer bank will be visible.
    Inside the door and to the right is the first STrooper to be dealt with. Charge
    your Briar and strafe in. Quickly set up the shot, let it fly and head back to
    the control booth entrance. Equip the E11 and prepare for another STrooper that
    may come thru the door.
    If he doesn't show, run up to open the door and then back away prepared to
    shoot. If he still stays put, he probably wasn't alerted. *Move to where the
    first guy was, then take this next one out from cover at the corner of the
    computer.* Save?
    On the far side of the computer is a hallway. *The two lock-boxes contain
    Bacta.* Two STroopers are waiting in it, so approach it from the left side.
    Snipe one from the corner, then strafe out and mow down the other with E11
    secondary. *Or run to a defensible position to finish him, and then return.*
    Up around the corner to left is a camped STrooper. Easy snipe from the corner.
    Near where he fell, are a pair of charging stations. There is a window close
    by, and a door. Move close enough to open it, and watch the mayhem. There's a
    STrooper kneeling just inside to the right. And another standing way down the
    tunnel to the left. Strafe in and out for the kneeler, then use the left side
    of the tunnel entrance for cover to get the one in the tunnel. Battery in the
    corner if you need it. (Crouch.)
    Into the tunnel you go. It's falling apart, but will last long enough if you
    hurry. When you regain control keep going to the end and head down the stairs.
    You'll hear the sound of Probe Droid chit-chat. One will be near the doorway
    but will fire and bolt for cover when it sees you. There are three of them down
    here in the Probe Droid break room. Two shooting the breeze while the third
    soaks up some... (Why does this remind me of Bender?) Save?
    Take out the Droid in the wall indentation first, then the other two. The E11
    is more efficient. *Snipe rather than confront.* Ride the lift with yellow
    stripes up to the Ammo Power Converter. There's more Ammo and a Medi on the
    wall. Go thru the door up here and grab the Thermals in the corner. Then take
    out the STrooper in the tunnel.
    Move to where he was, then move slowly ahead. The tunnel will rumble, and then
    further along, explode. Move down a little more until you can snipe the Officer
    standing in the window of the control room. (Binocs.) Head back to the break
    room. *Jump over the missing floor section in the tunnel!*
    Ride the other elevator up, and move to where you can take out the first Probe
    Droid outside to the left. *Snipe it if you can. Until you can see about half
    of it, it won't be able to see you.* Then move up to the edge and snipe another
    Officer in the control room across the chasm. Make a run to the break room for
    ammo and come back. There's another Droid to the right. Save?
    Hit it once with the Briar from here, then drop down to the next ledge and use
    the dish for cover to finish it off. There is a Large Shield Generator in a
    corner by the satellite dish. Cross the chasm using the tunnel top. At the
    other end is a hole leading back into the tunnel. Take out the two STroopers,
    and drop on in.
    One Officer remains in the control room. Pop him in the head from the corner of
    the entry-way. The door on the far side has three STroopers behind it facing
    your way. So go around the left side of the room. (Ammo, Medi.) Ease up to the
    corner, and snipe these guys one by one.
    There's also an Officer in there. If he didn't move out when the STroopers were
    falling, he'll be around the corner. Schnipe. Also around the corner is the red
    code, and a door. Three STroopers are waiting for you behind it. *They are the
    last in the level.*
    Fire a couple of shots out the door to get two of them moving. When they run by
    the door, head for the turret control booth near the main array. Then after
    taking out the two that follow from there, go back for the kneeler in the hall.
    When your done, ammo up, heal up, and max out your shield. Then go to the Main
    Enter the codes from your Data-pad into the symbol consoles on three sides of
    it. *There are three separate switches at each colored code input console. Left
    right and center. Cycle thru each one to make the center display look like the
    code in your Data-pad.* This powers up the switches on the fourth side. Press
    all three. Head across the now extended ramp, and go thru the door to the next
    level. Save?
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Kejim Base. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >New enemy, LBoDs (Large Buttons of Death.) *Aggressive yet cautious button
    >shaped, repulsor equipped droids with a high rate of fire.*
    Ease up until you can shoot the flammable gas bottle on the floor. This should
    take out two STroopers. There are four more, and an Officer around the corner.
    Ease your cross-hair around the corner carefully and you should be able to
    snipe them all. They are alerted, so use the E11 in case one of them gets antsy
    and rushes you.
    The Officer has a Security Key. There is Ammo, a pair of Light Amplification
    Goggles (LAG,) and a Medi in one side room, and Ammo (Rifles) in the other. In
    the Rifle room, move into the corner closest to the door and opposite the Rifle
    racks. Find the position where you can see one cross-hair width or so of the
    hall outside. Call this a defensible position for now.
    Head back to the locked door. Use the key to open it, then immediately back up
    to avoid the turret fire. Either mow down the guys that come running with
    secondary E11 while backing up, or head to the defensible position and wait.
    *Fire whenever you see them, or they may come in. Chances are you will have to
    go out for one.* Save?
    Ammo up, and go back to the door. Move close enough to just open it. You can
    safely take out the auto-turret from there. In the far corner of this room is
    an unlocked door. Move up close enough to open it. You'll have a couple seconds
    before the enemies inside fire to get one in your cross-hair and open up. When
    the first guy goes down start backing away and strafe to target the other.
    In this room (more of a hallway) is a switch, a closed blast door, and an entry
    way blocked by a force field. (Ammo, Medi) Look thru the force field, there is
    an Officer at a panel in there. Press the switch to will open the blast door.
    Shoot the window and jump up onto the sill. Snipe the Officer (Supply Key) and
    drop into the room.
    Press the two switches to move a robotic arm inside the very large refrigerator
    in the center of the room. (Press the left one, wait 'till the arm stops, press
    the other.) There's also a security panel to left providing access to three
    cameras for a glimpse of the "road ahead." Turn to face the fridge. Shoot out
    the window to the right of the thing that looks like a very large Bacta tank.
    (Avoid going close to the opening to the right in this room.)
    Flick the switch by the force field to lower it if you want. Then go thru the
    window into the fridge. *If you fall to the floor in here, it'll hurt you until
    you move off of it. The cold gas that comes out the vents is also unhealthy.*
    Note the door at the bottom on the far side. Make your way around the ledge
    you're on, to a spot just above that door. Back slowly off the ledge. Press
    forward as soon as you start to drop, to move quickly out of the fridge. Follow
    the hall to the door on the right. Go inside and shut down the refrigeration
    Then while hugging the right wall, go up the stairs and press the switch to
    unlock the door. Don't move. Look around. You should soon notice two of a new
    type of droid (LBoD,) in a cubby hole just in front of you. *Faster, smarter.
    They don't seem quite as accurate, but have a higher rate of fire to
    compensate. They have very effective force-fields, and can only be damaged when
    firing or preparing to fire.*
    Turn off your Auto Aim if it's on (Advanced Controls menu,) and send them to
    the junkyard. They will turn toward you after the first shot, but won't move
    out if you don't expose yourself too much. *You will be sniping just the edge
    of them.* Now move ahead while looking up. The two STroopers on the catwalk
    will come into view thru the grating.
    Shoot them thru the grating. Turn back on the Auto Aim, and head back into the
    fridge. Use the arm this time to jump up to the catwalk the STroopers were on.
    *There's a secret area in a room on the far side of the fridge. Use the ledge
    around the outside of the fridge to get to it. (Ammo, Medi, Battery and Small
    Shield Generator in a lock-box.* Head down the catwalk toward the door.
    *Another secret off to the left in the dark area with pipes. You have to jump
    over to it. (Ammo Power Converter, Thermal Dets.) Save?
    Behind the door is STrooper. As soon as he goes down either back clear off the
    catwalk onto the arm in the fridge, or back up, then jump to the secret area
    and hide behind the pipes. There are two (maybe three) more LBoDs looking for
    If you're in the pipes, use them for cover and snipe. These guys are fast so
    ease out slowly. *You may have to bait them out of the room by moving close to
    the door.* These droids have reflective shields that cannot be penetrated by
    your guns. To snipe them, you will have to target a part of them without them
    'seeing' you. Try to get a red cross-hair while only being able to see a
    quarter of them, or less. You may want to disable the auto-aim. If you can't
    get thru their shields, strafe in and out to take pot shots while they charge
    their guns.
    If you're on the arm in the fridge, you'll be jumping up and taking pot-shots
    at them. You will only get thru their shields when they are firing, or
    preparing to fire. Luckily, that will be almost every time you jump. *You may
    have to bait them out of the room by getting up onto the catwalk.* When you
    have some luck with this, save.
    The last one is waiting inside to the left if it didn't opt in for the fun.
    Ease into the room 'till you can just see the edge of it. Three shots from the
    E11 will take it out if it isn't alerted. Now enter the room they were guarding
    just far enough to take a look around. Note the windows to the right of a door
    to nowhere, off to your left. Note the red cross-hairs you get if you slowly
    sweep the windows.
    Take the bridge out to the round structure, and go around the right side of it.
    Ease around to where the windows just show up. Use the structure for cover to
    snipe the two STroopers and an Officer over there. Move up toward the edge of
    the ledge your standing on and look down. There's an entry way with two more
    STroopers. Snipe them. If you miss, and they run into the room behind them,
    don't worry about it. (It's a very unfriendly room.)
    Now make your way around the ledge at the outside of the room over to the
    windows you just trashed. Shoot the explosives, to fry the switch, that extends
    the bridge, to the room you want get to. Oh yeah, on the subject of fry, the
    water down below is electrified. Head back around the ledge and use the new
    bridge to check out the room you just gained access to.
    There's some Ammo, a Medi, a switch and an elevator. Take the elevator down for
    more Ammo. There's also a narrow hallway down here, follow it to a room with a
    view. Press the switch to watch the floor change. You now have access to one of
    the blocks hanging from the walls down there. The center one. There are three
    Bactas, and a Large Shield Generator on that block.
    Ride the lift back up, and press the switch if you didn't before. Then head
    back to the central structure, then across the bridge to the right. Turn right
    and follow the ledge to an elevator. Take it down to the lower level.
    >>>Block room 1st time: Save? If you need any of the goodies on the hanging
    block, go left and then down the ramp to enter the block room. There are three
    auto-turrets active now. The first one is close to the door and to the right.
    The next one farther down on the same wall, behind the first support beam. The
    last one is on the far wall to the right. When the turrets are destroyed, use
    the blocks to jump to the goodies. Go back out the door and to the bottom of
    the little lift.<<<
    If you don't need the stuff, go the other way, (to the right) all the way
    around, and find the bridge over electrified waters you extended with the
    switch above. Cross the bridge and go thru the door. Drop into the hole of no
    return and then go thru the pipe. There is a switch in the corner on a panel
    with a Bacta sitting on top. Pressing this switch raises some very familiar
    looking... Phantom Menace? (These do nothing as far as I know.) To the right is
    an unlocked (green) door. To the left is access to the block room again. Save?
    >>>Block room 2nd time: At the far end of the room are two sets of stairs. One
    up, one down. Go up. Then down the hall and thru the familiar looking door.
    Press the switch only if you must. (You get one shot at each block of goodies.)
    The other stairs lead down to the goodies. (Two Blaster-paks, a Large Shield
    Generator, and a Bacta this time.) First turret is to the left, close to the
    door in a hole in the wall. Next, the one that shot at you on the way in, in a
    hole on same wall as the hanging blocks. (Just to the right of the center
    hanging block.) Another one on the wall of hanging blocks, farther down in a
    hole. The last is in a hole on the farthest wall. Go back up the stairs when
    you're done, thru the room and back to the green door you first noticed in
    When you open the green door, there will be an Officer (Supply key) behind
    glass. E11 secondary until he succumbs, then strafe left off the edge. Exercise
    time. Jedi Jumpin' Jacks, assume the position. Jump, fire. Adjust your aim,
    jump, fire. Six STroopers you'll have to kill. There might be a straggler,
    usually around the corner to the left. Sometimes down in the detention area to
    the right. There's an auto-turret just inside the room and to the right. Save?
    You can strafe out and shoot it, or run into the hole the Officer was in, and
    shut it off with the switch there.
    In one direction are some detention cells. (Red force fields.) Go the other
    direction almost to the corner. There is an Officer in a little alcove to the
    right. Toss in a Thermal and then take his Security key. Note the locked
    security door at the end of the hall. Then turn around and head down into the
    detention area. Save?
    Find the lift and ride it up. Off to left is an Officer behind bulletproof
    glass. Shoot the glass to get his attention, then take him out as he comes thru
    the door. (Or go around the room on the right side to sneak up on him, and toss
    in a Thermal Det.) Press the switch in his office to lower the force fields in
    the cell area. (This also sets free a couple of interrogator droids.)
    Head back toward the lift you rode up. Go thru the narrow door there into a
    turret control booth, and press the switch to unlock the other door. (Now you
    have easy access to the beginning of the level.) Ride the lift back down to the
    cell area and run thru it to the stairs at the far end. Go up the stairs and
    turn around. Take out the droids when they arrive. These guys have no blasters,
    just hypos. Back up to keep some distance from them and you shouldn't be hurt.
    Go back into the cell area now and in two side rooms are Thermal Dets, Det-
    Paks, Ammo, a Medis and a Bacta in a lock-box. (Save the Det-Paks.) Back up the
    stairs now and back to the room that had a security door at one end. Follow the
    hall around to the security door. Use the key you have to open it and go
    The switches to the left can give access to the Shield Power Converter I failed
    to mention before. (Press the right one first and then keep pressing the other
    until the glass shatters in the room below and in front of you.) Head back down
    there for a shield recharge if you need one, and return. (Shield management.)
    Now go thru the door past the switches and follow the hall to the next room.
    There are two auto-turrets in here. Ease in until you can see an explosive
    crate in one corner. Shoot it until it's gone. Now you can either take out the
    turrets with blaster fire, or just run to the corner and jump up on the crates.
    Enter the vent tunnel and follow it to a grate. Shoot the grate and drop down
    into the control room. Hit both switches and ease out the door. Save?
    The closest door is locked, as is the one at the end of the hall. If you
    approach the closest one though, it will unlock and then open. There will be an
    explosion, STroopers will die, and you will take damage if you are too close.
    Move to a position left of the door and on the opposite side of the hall. You
    want to be able to just see into the room when the door is open. Move in to
    trigger the door, then back away.
    The door will open, but stay back until after the explosion. While the door is
    open, fine tune your lateral position so you can see into the room thru a
    narrow slit. Move in as soon as the door closes, far enough to reopen it. Fire
    at the five STroopers and an Officer (Security key) as they enter your field of
    fire. A STrooper or two may try to make it out the door. Punt, or load the last
    save. If they stop moving into your cross-hairs, back up and let the door
    close, and then move back in. You may have to go in after the last one or two
    of them. *You're getting close to the end of the level. If you did well earlier
    and know there are Shield Generators behind you, you can afford to lose a few
    shield points here.*
    When all five are dead, look around the room. (Ammo.) There is a pink narrow
    door at one end. Leave it for now. At the other end are a locked security door,
    and a familiar looking hall with a door. Open the locked door with the Officers
    key, and move away. There are two STroopers inside. Shoot them, or toss in a
    Thermal. If you bounce in a Thermal just right, you can take out the trip mines
    along with the guards. The mines are on the right side of the door. *If you
    don't need the goodies in the room below, just go in and grab the Thermal
    Dets.* The other door on this end of the room leads to the last block room
    switch. Save?
    >>>Block room 3rd time: Access is via the lift in the room you just killed the
    two STroopers in. One new turret on the far wall. Three new turrets on the wall
    with hanging blocks. And one new turret on the wall with doors. Use the
    elevator in one corner to get some Thermal Dets. The block has three
    Blaster-Paks, and a Large Shield Generator. Make your way back to the room
    above using the lift again.<<<
    Time now to go thru the pink narrow door. Save? As soon as you enter the door
    will lock behind you. The blast shield in front of you will raise to expose a
    STrooper. There's also a manned laser cannon at the far end of the room. Target
    and kill the STrooper while strafing left to avoid getting hit by the big gun.
    Hugging the left wall, move forward as far as you can. You are fairly safe
    There are eight more STroopers in here. (One is camped.) Crouch and shoot any
    STroopers that come for you. You can also bounce shots off the force field
    nearby. If you are lucky, most of the guys in here will line up and pile their
    weapons at your feet. When they stop coming, strafe out to the right and back
    quickly to bait any stragglers. (Mind the big gun.) Another straggler or two
    may wait behind the closest crate. Toss a thermal over if you have extra. (Save
    at least one for the cannon.) When it looks like you can safely move, stay
    crouched and move to the crate. Save?
    Back away from the crate a bit, and aim a thermal about halfway down the right
    wall near the ceiling juncture. Hold the primary until it stops vibrating, and
    you should take out the guy on the big gun. Jump once to see. Ease your way
    down the room and take out any remaining enemies. There will be a guy camped
    behind some short crates near the other turbo laser. Shoot all the small
    explosives and find a switch.
    It will lower the force fields and unlock the pink door you entered thru. Five
    STroopers will probably enter the room shortly after the force fields go down.
    So grab the closest laser cannon and save yourself some ammo. There are two
    more STroopers who will probably stay in the other room. When they are gone,
    explore the next room. Carefully. The switches you find will overload the
    apparatus in the center of the room. Deadly laser beams will wander about.
    Press the switches, then move to the right, up against the wall of the little
    room the switches are in. When the beams have stabilized, crouch and move
    toward the apparatus. Avoid the slightly raised areas marked by yellow stripes,
    and go under the beams and thru the hole in the door. Once you go thru the
    beams disappear. At the bottom of the stairs, move over to the narrow door.
    When it opens you will see an Officer on the floor close to the door. Also,
    some unhealthy looking green vapor floating around. Run in and quickly get the
    Security Key off his body. Use it to open the door at the other end of the
    hall. (Bacta.) Inside is a droid control panel. Take control of the mouse droid
    and go back into the room with green air.
    To the right inside the room is a droid size tunnel. Follow it to another room.
    Find and press the droid height switch and head back. Near the other end of the
    tunnel is a short side tunnel to the right. In it is another droid switch.
    Press it for a secret. Leave the droid now and return to Kyle's body. Go into
    the now safe room with dead Officers on the floor. Crouch and get close to the
    Ammo Power Converter to register the secret. Then find the door around to the
    Behind it are eight STroopers among a bunch of hanging crystals. *These are the
    last enemies in this level. There is a Shield Power Converter ahead, and there
    should be at least one Large Shield Generator and a Medi-Pak or two behind.
    IOW, you only need to survive this room.* Clear the room, then back-track for
    health, shield generators and ammo if need be. *It is possible BTW, to get the
    shield generator on the middle block in the goodie room from the block to the
    right by grabbing (use button) at the end of a jump.* Make your way back here
    when finished, and go thru the door at the far end of this room. Use the Shield
    Power Converter, and run to the end of the tunnel to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Artus Mines A. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Jan drops you in a narrow arroyo. Follow it down to where it opens up. Drop
    down to where you have a decent view of the area, but not down to the level of
    the landing pad. Note the search lights to the left. Being 'seen' by these will
    set loose a couple of Probe Droids. Beyond the pad are some tanks and
    associated piping. Above that is a fortified structure. On two higher corners
    on either end of this structure are auto-turrets. Find them and take them out.
    Then drop down to the rock surface the landing pad sits on. Move to the left
    side but avoid the beams of the search light. Watch the lights. When they are
    both moving up, hug the wall and quickly get to the door of the round structure
    they are mounted on. (A meteor will rock your world momentarily.) Press the
    switch inside to douse the lights. Head back up to the pad for some Blaster
    Paks and a Bacta. Then follow a narrow path on the right down near the green
    waters' edge to find a Bowcaster and a Large Shield Generator. Go back to the
    pad and jump to the top of the lowest tank. Use the pipes to get up to the
    walkway of the fortified structure. (Careful, they've been weakened by meteor
    blasts.) Save?
    Take the stairs up to the door on the right and knock. (Open it to announce
    your presence.) Then run off the edge to land on the walkway below. Use the E11
    on anyone who comes around the corner. There are five STroopers in the room,
    and an Officer on the second floor. Many of the STroopers will hurry a little
    too much, and fall to their deaths. *In fact you can drop down to the left
    pipe, and then the center one after opening the door and four will usually fall
    off. Get back close to the structure while on the pipe, or the ones that went
    thru mine safety training awake may shoot you. Ease back up to the walkway
    until you can snipe them, or they fall off. *
    If you've heard five screams, head up and take the Officer from one of the
    doorways. Otherwise, bait the rest of the STroopers outside to their end, and
    then take the Officer. There's Power Cell Ammo in here, and some Medis. The
    Officer has the key to the security door on the lower level. Use it and exit
    the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Artus Mines B. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >New enemy, Enormous insects with large toothy mouths. I'll call them Fludas.
    >(Flea & Barracuda?)
    >New enemy, Imperial Worker.
    You will start in a hall with some Power Converters and a door. Save? In the
    next room are four Officers, and three STroopers will soon enter. Left of the
    door where the pipes end, is a small section of ledge you can jump up on. Open
    the door from the left side, and quickly take out the Officer you can see to
    the right. Jump up on the ledge I mentioned and take out anything that enters
    your field of fire. (It's easier for me to get up onto the ledge by strafe
    jumping while facing the door.)
    Use the E11 for the ones that appear, and when things get quiet switch to the
    Bowcaster. Fire a secondary round at the door jamb, and if anyone screams fire
    a few more. If no one does, wait a bit then drop off the ledge. Ease the cross-
    hair around the door jamb and snipe what you find. If anyone rushes you, hop
    back up on the ledge and repeat what you did before.
    When the room is finally clear, collect the Ammo and Supply key. Go thru the
    security door and onto the elevator. Turn around to face the hall you entered
    it from, and get ready to crouch thru an opening in the wall about half way
    down. You'll go thru another little door into a secret area with a belt of
    Thermal Dets. There's a hole in the floor and you can see three STroopers
    below. Snipe one, then kill the other two from here. *If you have a det-pak,
    you can get all three.*
    Back away from the hole a bit and fire a shot into the floor below to get the
    attention of the Officer down there. Take him out, then call the lift with the
    switch at the shaft. Save? (This elevator like many mechanical things in these
    mines, bites hard if don't pay attention.) Jump on as it goes by, and get off
    at the bottom. Jump onto the teeny ledge on the left side of this hallway. Move
    as far forward as you can. The door will open. Back up until you can snipe the
    STrooper up on the catwalk, then run into the room and get behind the crates on
    the left side. Head shoot the last STrooper down here, and then take a look
    You will find Trip Mines, and a Large Shield Generator in the lock-box. There's
    also a locked door and an unlocked one. Open the one you can, then move down
    the hall until the lift starts up. Duck into one of the openings between the
    support pillars on the left. Four STroopers will ride the lift down. They seem
    to have orders to guard the lift, and not leave it. Good for you, bad for them.
    Use the corner of the support for cover, and eliminate these four. Ride the
    lift up and exit. Turn left and head down the slope far enough to trigger a
    patrolling STrooper in the hallway beyond. Once you see him, turn around and go
    back up the slope and follow the hallway past the lift you rode up.
    Go thru the door at the end of it into a room I'll call the 'ambush room.'
    (Those STroopers you heard are behind blast doors, in two side rooms in here.
    They are only a problem if you explore the room now, so don't.) There is a
    battery off to the right if you need it. Go thru the narrow door opposite the
    one you entered. Follow the catwalk around until you can see straight down the
    hallway the STrooper you triggered before is patrolling. You can snipe him, or
    run up behind him and bushwhack. Save?
    Follow the hall he was patrolling around to a narrow door. Get to the right and
    open it. Get a bead on the closest Officer and let fly with the Briar
    secondary. Turn and run, taking the first left down the slope. At the bottom of
    the slope turn right. Run past the hole (death) and get behind the little rock.
    Wait a few seconds, then tap strafe to the right until you can target one.
    Careful, the Officers can be hard to see.
    When the first one's dust, wait to see if someone takes his spot. If not, move
    right to target the next one. When all four are gone, get the Supply Key,
    crouch and move toward the lock-box visible at the far end of this passage way.
    Save? A couple steps onto the rock surface beyond the metal floor should be
    enough to trigger two imperial mine workers. Back away from them onto the
    metal, then move around the corner until you can't be seen. You can snipe them
    from here, or sneak to the little rock again.
    When they both are gone, move up to the corner where they were. Peak around the
    corner and snipe the first one, then run to cover for the two or three that
    follow. Repeat until it's safe to grab the Trip mines, Ammo, and the Bacta in
    the lock-box. When finished, go back up to the room you cleared just before
    this. There is a Bacta in here and a Shield Power converter. Hopefully, you
    need neither. Save?
    The ore carrier.
    Go thru the first door to the right and use the power droid if need be. Watch
    thru the window, but don't enter the next room. Instead, return to the main
    room. At the far end of the room are two doors, go thru either and around the
    corner. Drop into the hole, and watch the pipe from off to the side. If it's
    open, let it close. When it opens, quickly get into it and follow it to a small
    room. Calmly but swiftly, shoot the two red coils on each side of the piston,
    and then the coils on the piston itself.
    When the piston lowers, get on it and wait for it to rise. Move off at the top,
    and make your way to the side of this room opposite the door. Save? Climb onto
    the arched frame, then drop down onto the top of the next ore carrier. Crouch
    as it leaves (you can stand once it clears the door). After it stops and turns
    to the right, look for an opening in the rock wall on the left and jump over to
    it. You will be running into huge fleas with mouths as big as they are in the
    green tunnel ahead. They take large bites. Equip the bug zapper (stun baton)
    and crouch.
    Move up the tunnel until the first Fluda attacks. Press a trigger and hold it
    while aiming at the bug, and slowly back away from it. Hold the fire button all
    the way up the tunnel. Back slowly away whenever attacked. As long as no Fludas
    get behind you, no harm should come. Taking the left tunnel whenever there's a
    fork seems as good a path as any in here. At the top will be a self propelled
    drill. Press the switch to set it in motion and follow as it bores thru the
    rock. It will fall thru a hole into a large pond of molten metal. Equip a gun
    and ease up to the hole.
    There are four each, STroopers and workers. Work your way around the hole using
    the edge as cover to clear this room. (There is some power cell ammo ahead, but
    more of the blaster variety.) Save? When it's clear, shoot out the grate, and
    jump on the first bus out. Drop down to walkway, and collect the stuff up here.
    (Ammo, Medi-Pak.) Then ride the lift down, and find the door. (Thermal Dets.)
    As soon as the door opens a worker will be visible, snipe or ambush him. Two
    STroopers are visible on the catwalk above. Two more wait farther around up
    there, and another worker down low. Clear the room from cover, and ride the
    hammer up. (Ammo, Medi-Pak.) Head to the door and open it from the right. Move
    around until you can get the STrooper inside to the left. On the lower level in
    this room are three Officers and five STroopers. Stay in front of the door so
    you can back thru it if necessary, and use the edge of the ledge for cover as
    you clear the room. (These guys like to move. Horizontal aim, move in, shoot,
    back out.)
    Ride the lift down and gather up what you can. (Bacta in the lock-box, Det-
    paks, and two more Bacta loose.) *Save the det-paks.* Press the only switch in
    the room to open an exit. Thru the door is a hallway and another door. There
    are four STroopers waiting behind it. They won't chase you, and there's nothing
    to use for cover. You can open the door and try to shoot as you back away, but
    may have better luck running past these guys to cover. (Crates in the room, or
    supports in the hallway thru the door beyond.) Clear the room though, before
    riding the lift up. There is hopefully still a large shield generator here.
    (Shield management.) Save?
    Take the elevator up, moving to the right front as it ascends. There will be a
    STrooper at the top to the left. And a worker a bit farther away to the right.
    Take out the STrooper, then the worker. Then, take out the STrooper you can see
    thru the openings in the rock fall. Move down the hall past the elevator.
    Behind the door at the end of the hall await six STroopers and a couple of
    Fludas. Save?
    Steel yourself, then run thru the room and out the narrow door. Turn right past
    the door and follow the catwalk around to where you can examine the situation
    thru bullet proof glass. Use the door jamb for cover, and clear the room.
    'Might want to save after each successful kill? *Opening the big door while
    firing, and then running back almost into the elevator also can work well.*
    When you've finished, go up one of the ramps at the far end of the room. Two
    auto-turrets and three Fludas are behind the second door. The Fludas are easy,
    but the first turret is not. *If you can take out the right one first, you can
    run into the room to the far end and the second one will shut down.* When you
    are done, back track to fill up on Ammo, shield points, and health. (You can
    ride an ore carrier again to get to that part of the level.) Return to this
    room when done. There is a Bowcaster in one of the side rooms in here. Get on
    the waiting shuttle car, then activate it to ride to the end of the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Artus Detention. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You will start in the shuttle car at a station. The car offers no cover, so
    quickly target the two STroopers on your level and kill them. Then drop off the
    car onto the rock ledge on the left. (Or quickly jump down to the nearest rock
    ledge and move to the edge of it. They won't be able to hit you thru the
    platform they are on. Back up and head shoot 'em.) Save?
    Jump up to the metal grating section and move toward the light post to kill the
    guy up top. (He's behind glass, save your ammo.) Go up and press the switch he
    was guarding. This will unlock the door below. Go back down and approach the
    door to open it. There will be one STrooper close, and two behind a slit
    farther on. Ease around the corner, and snipe them as they show up in your
    cross-hair. Move down to the corner when you're done.
    You'll see two locked doors and two slit windows. (There is a third window out
    of view.) The farthest of these windows, the one out of view, has a STrooper in
    it. There is also a sensor panel in the floor at that end of the room that will
    open the door in the corner when you step on it. Two STroopers will come out to
    So, hug the left wall, and ease toward the third window. Crouch, and move just
    far enough to snipe the STrooper in the window with a Briar shot. Then run up
    to the window he was in to be behind the pillar for cover, and turn to face the
    far end of the hall. Ease your cross-hair around the edge and snipe the
    STroopers who came out the door.(If you came into the level with det-paks, use
    one on the two Stroopers who come thru the door.) When they're gone move down
    to the door they came out of.
    Ease around the left door jamb to take out two kneeling STroopers inside the
    door and to the left. Stay in the doorway and turn to face the Trip mines (save
    these) and Det-paks (these too) in the corner. Run up to the wall with a rifle
    rack by the Det-paks. Look up and back away 'til you can head shoot the guy
    above. Ride the lift up for more Ammo and a Medi. Press the switch by him, and
    fill up at the Ammo power converter. (Hopefully you don't need a shield charge
    yet.) Go back out into the hall and move up to the door you unlocked, and open
    it. Save?
    The cell-block.
    Move to the right and wait for a patrolling guard to show. Take him out with
    one Briar shot at the end of his walk. Save? Move to the other side, and do the
    same to the patroller on that side. Go out the door and work your way right
    along the outside wall until you get another shot. Take him out clean, then
    turn and run back past the narrow door you came in. You'll see a big door past
    it on the left, run thru it and get behind the crates in the corner. Crouch and
    wait a few seconds, then turn toward the door and stand.
    You are not completely safe here, but pretty close. The farther away and the
    higher the enemy, the higher the chance of you being hit. Stay close to the
    crate for optimum cover. Head shots, anyone? When it's clear head up the
    stairs. There will be another STrooper about halfway up to kill. Open the door,
    then run for the crates. (I prefer to not use Thermals, or even shoot, it will
    go quicker.) Get behind them and crouch until the door to your right closes.
    Stand up and pick a good spot on the stairs. Try to get them as they come
    around the corner.
    If they run away just wait, they usually come back. (It may take a while.)
    There are four STroopers, and an Officer. (Shoot the Officer last, it will go
    quicker.) Go back up the stairs and grab some stuff if need be. (Ammo, Medis.)
    Go thru the door and turn left. Run right by the next door close enough to open
    it, and continue around and back down thru the next door. Get behind the crates
    Two STroopers will show up soon. Go back up and enter the stairwell the two
    were guarding. There will be a STrooper kneeling about halfway up. At the top
    of the stairs you will see some Trip mines, Ammo, a Medi and another door.
    (Save these trip mines.) Behind this door are two Officers and six STroopers.
    Five to the left, three to the right. Two more STroopers stand guard farther
    around on this level. Before you open the door, shoot it, and someone should
    You can open the door and run for the crates. Or snipe one of these guys from a
    lower level to get their attention, and then run for the crates. Take out as
    many as come down, from the safety of the crates. Then make your way back up to
    the door beyond the last one you opened. Watch for sniping opportunities on the
    way, and be ready to retreat to the crates. (In general, the ones who didn't
    run after you will now be stationary.)
    Behind this next door are two kneeling STroopers at the very bottom. Open the
    door from the left and ease around the door jamb for easy kills. There will be
    another standing about halfway to the top. At the top of this stairwell an R5
    will be working on a panel that the LBoDs waiting beyond the door have been
    using for target practice. (They won't show up until you cross the threshold of
    the door.) You can bait these guys down to the crates but they take forever to
    get down there. And they're tougher to shoot from there than the STroopers and
    Officers. Save?
    So, equip your trip mines. Get in the center of the doorway, then cross the
    threshold to bring up the droids. Back into the stairwell, dropping a mine just
    outside the door as you go. Strafe to the right when you're back inside, then
    turn to face the door. *You will need two trip mines shortly, so save at least
    two for after the droids are gone.* Be in a position to run up and drop another
    mine in the center of the doorway, but just inside. If you're lucky, you'll get
    two with the first one you plant.
    If one or two droids come in around the mine, run up and put one in front of
    (and between if two got in) it/ them, and back away from them. If the first one
    went off, run up and quickly plant another, centered and just inside. Within a
    few tries you should be able to kill them all.
    Another method is to use the bug zapper on them, believe it or not. Hold the
    fire button down, and get close enough to see electricity. Try to keep the one
    you're attacking between you and the rest. Don't stop moving until they are all
    dead... non functioning. With a little practice you can take them all out with
    little or no loss of shield points. One mine in the doorway, and then the bug
    zapper is another permutation to try. *BTW, they can't fire when you are in
    their face, or when under the influence of the baton's charge. And they are
    lousy at leading a strafing target.*
    When you've been successful with this, go outside the stairwell and go right
    until you see the next door. Save? There are two more LBoDs guarding it. Hit
    the first one from behind with a secondary Briar. It will go down in one. Head
    back thru the door you came out of and fire up the bug zapper again. Get off to
    the right side of the door so it closes. When the droid comes in, rush in and
    stay in its face until it explodes. Save?
    Head on to the next door. The one they were guarding. Approach from the left.
    The first STrooper is just inside. Ease around the corner and pop him in the
    head a couple times. Note the locked door. The next one is up the stairs a bit.
    Strafe in, then quickly target and eliminate him. Save?
    The next two are at the top of the stairs, one around a corner. Move up a long
    the outside wall until you just see the first, then use the binocs to set up a
    Briar shot. The other will have been alerted, but won't come down. Hug the
    right wall, and move up toward the corner. Save? Move up slowly and when he
    jumps out, let fly with E11 secondary while backing away. You should get him
    without taking damage by the second or third reload. Save? (There is a chance
    one or more Officers will rush you when he falls, punt or load your last save.)
    Next are the three Officers in the control room. Crouch and strafe along the
    wall opposite the entrance until you can watch these three. Equip the trip
    mines and when it's safe, move into the hall leading into the room and put one
    on the floor in the center. Back out of there before you are spotted, and head
    down the stairs. Put another on the wall low enough to jump over. Move into the
    corner up top where you can target the stationary Officer. Take him out quickly
    with your fav. weapon and run down the stairs. (Remember to jump.) Turn around
    at a safe distance, and head back up once the mines have done their thing.
    Inside the room are two switches and a surveillance station. There's also some
    Ammo and Medi-Paks. Press the switches and use the cameras. The switches
    activate the fan in the central air shaft, and unlock a door out in the
    stairwell. Find the door and go thru it. Just around the first corner is an
    auto-turret on the ceiling. Target and destroy it. Move under it and start down
    the glass hall until stuff happens. Shoot the STrooper when he appears, then
    check out the room to the right. *A couple of Power Converters. (Shield
    generators are just ahead.)* Walk toward the prisoner out in the hall now for a
    Find the Base Commander.
    When you get your legs back, follow him to the doorway and watch him and his
    buddies kill some STroopers in a hangar. Then scour the room for loot. (Bacta,
    Small Shield Generators, Ammo, Batteries, Medi-paks.) When you can't carry
    anything else, find a lift to get up on the catwalks above. Get to the left
    side of the door that you find up here. Three STroopers are inside, ease around
    the door jamb sniping as you go. At the far end go thru the door and then cross
    the bridge to unlock the next one.
    Then from the bridge, shoot out the grate to the side and jump across. Enter
    the pipe and follow it to a lift. Ride it up, and jump down the hole. This is
    the central air shaft. You'll fall slowly because of the updraft created by the
    fan you turned on before. As you float down look for a grate sticking out above
    the fan. Aim for it, and press forward until after you land on it. Follow the
    short pipe to a round rock-walled room. Turn left inside the room and shoot the
    second grate for a secret. Keep going right until you see another open grate.
    Equip the baton as you follow the Fluda in. Fire it up and kill the Fludas that
    attack as you follow this pipe. Jump out of it into greenish darkness once
    again. Fluda habitat. Hug the right wall and head out, crouched and ready for
    Fluda. Follow the right wall to the top, going slow enough as not to pass any
    Fludas. When you see the grey opening turn around in case you're being
    followed. ;] Enter this cubby hole and listen to the Fluda feed. Save?
    A Fluda will usually attack from the left as you enter this next room (_your_
    room.) Kill the other two and look around. (Ammo, Bacta, a Large Shield
    Generator, more Batteries, and assorted explosives.) Stay away from the door
    until you're ready to fight. When your done look for _cover_. *I used the two
    crates closest the hole. If you choose to do the same, you'll have to watch
    your left side. Any STroopers that head up there will have to be watched and
    taken out first. They may move if winged so use the Briar secondary if they
    aren't firing.*
    Put a trip mine on the stairs to the left, and move to the door. There three
    STroopers on the other side, take one out as the door opens. Then get behind
    your cover and finish the other two. Head out the door when it's over. There
    will be a door to the left (door1,) and one to the right(door2.) And a window
    to the right of that. Shoot the guy in the window. Then turn back and go thru
    the door1.
    There will be a narrow door to the left, and a bigger locked door straight
    ahead. There are two STroopers behind the narrow door. Kill them. (I threw a
    thermal in slightly left of the closest one's knees, from the left side of the
    door.) Press the switch inside to unlock the bigger door (to the hangar,) and
    another door to the Commander's room. (Beyond door2.) Grab what you can (Ammo,
    Medi) and go back to _your_ room. Mine the stairs again, and exit.
    Go to door2 this time, and toss a det-pak into the room as far as you can. Run
    for _cover_, triggering the det-pak as you enter _your_ room. Kill whoever
    follows, then check out the room behind door2. *If no one came to the party you
    just gave, wait before congratulating yourself for superior demolitions
    Check behind door1 first. If someone's there quickly kill him and head back to
    cover. His buddies may have bolted to a stairway off the room behind door2. If
    so they are now on the way.* When you're sure the second room is clear, go back
    to it and nose around, but don't open any doors. (Ammo, a Medi, Shield Power
    There are two more doors in here. A narrow one down a ramp, and a big one near
    the Converter. Open the big door and ease around the door jamb. Cleanly kill
    the first STrooper, and head for _cover_. Two STroopers will follow. When
    they're dead go back to the stairs and take out the two left at the top. Now go
    back and down the ramp, and thru the narrow door.
    Escort the Base Commander.
    *There's a switch in here that opens a door leading back to the hangar.* Target
    the commander and he will walk to and up the stairway you just cleared. Turn
    away from him at the top. There's some Ammo and a Medi here. Save? When he gets
    close to the switch up here, he presses it, unlocking the door. A dying
    STrooper will back into the hall followed by a large number of Fludas. The
    Commander must live to press another switch, so protect him.
    *I backed against the wall facing the door and charged up a secondary Thermal.
    Then I targeted him until he started for the switch. As soon as the door
    opened, in went the Thermal, followed by another a second later. I then
    crouched near him bug zapper humming away, and buzzed in the general direction
    of the Fludas until he was safe.* Save.
    Shoot the officer with the Briar primary until he dies, then load the last
    save. Shoot him again, once less than last time. Target him again. He'll enter
    the room (Ammo, and a Medi) and head for a switch just past the windows. Just
    after he passes the windows but before he presses the switch, un-target him.
    Put a trip mine on the window close to, but behind him. And another on the
    steps on the other side of the room directly opposite the first one. Then drop
    a det-pak in front of the locked door. Careful, now. Make your way to the
    unlocked door. Back out of it, then target him until he heads for the switch.
    Strafe left a bit so he can't see you and watch the other door.
    The mines should take care of him while you trigger the det-pak as the
    STroopers enter the room. Equip a firearm and clean up if necessary, then back-
    track to fill up. When you get back, go thru the newly unlocked door. There are
    two STroopers below, snipe 'em. Then ride the lift down. There are some Trip
    Mines in the corner, and a door.
    There will be four STroopers in the next room, two at the far end and one on
    each side of the door close. Save? Open the door from the middle. Target one of
    the far guards and kill him quickly. Run toward where he was, shooting out the
    large low grate as you approach it. Crouch and enter the hole. If you need to
    use the Power Converters in the room, kill the three remaining guys from here.
    Find a pipe to drop into, and end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Artus Topside. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >There is one room in this level you may find tough, so leave a shield
    >generator (all are large) and one shield power converter if you can. The first
    >shield power converter is the only 'fifty' in this level, the rest (two) only
    >give twenty-five points.
    >New enemy, AT-ST.
    You'll be in poop-storm right off the bat. Turn around and go straight for the
    Turbo-laser. (Every second counts here.) Consider adjusting the sensitivity up
    for this next part. Mount the Turbo-laser and quickly aim up at the ramparts
    and start firing at the guys high and on the right. The guys that target you
    will generally be over in this area.
    Three guys will come out a door at ground level between you and the ramparts.
    Quickly target and kill them once they have all come out. Then move the cross-
    hair back up to where you were firing before. If you get caught up with the
    guys targeting you, target the guys hammering the prisoners the worst. (Usually
    way left.) Watch the Biig door. As soon as the ST is visible, it's the new
    target, nothing else.
    Hold down the fire button, using too much ammo isn't a problem, getting hit too
    much is. Restart if it goes bad. *It's as much of an AI fight between the
    prisoners and the Imperials as it is a test of your skill. Keep rolling the
    dice and getting better with the big gun until it finally works out.*
    Dismount the turbo laser and run to right wall inside the hangar the ST came
    out of. Move to edge of the hangar door. Face the turbo laser, then tap strafe
    back out into the canyon until you can see all three lights on the structure to
    the left of the turbo laser. Zoom in with the binocs on the door below the
    lowest light. STrooper to snipe.
    Head to where the STrooper was. There's an Officer left in the room he came out
    of. Kill him from the door jamb. There are some Thermal Dets in the room, take
    them but save them for later. (There's another unlocked door up a ramp in this
    area. It contains a lock-box (Large Shield Generator) but you have no key.) Go
    to the door and shoot the three STroopers below (careful, they're inaccurate
    but can hit you), then press the switch back inside to summon the large lift.
    Ride it down. To the right is the lower control room for the lift. There's an
    Officer and STrooper inside. Save? A carefully bounced thermal or two will take
    care of them. (The Officer has a Supply Key for the lock box back on the other
    side.) Move out into canyon to bait four STroopers that are standing a little
    ways off. Retire to the safety of the lower control room window to watch them
    line up. Snipe them from the door way. Save? Usually only three will follow.
    Move out into the canyon and snipe the fourth.
    Out in the canyon, you'll start taking very inaccurate fire from high up on the
    far end. *Their fire is inaccurate, but again, it can hit you. So use the left
    edge of the canyon for cover.* Use the binocs to target and snipe these two.
    Your point of impact will change at this distance for some reason. It may even
    change between the two STroopers. So line up a head shot with the binocs and
    then fire the Briar. Follow the shot in with the binocs. (Hold the left and
    right triggers as you charge the Briar, then release the left trigger and tap
    the Y button while continuing to hold the right trigger.) Adjust your aim,
    repeat. Save?
    Head up the canyon next until you see or hear STroopers. Turn and get back to
    the control room for another round of sniping 'round the door jamb. You'll
    probably have to bait these guys twice. Save? Now it's down the canyon and thru
    the hangar door at the far end. An ST and a couple of STroopers will come out
    of the hangar as you approach. Run by them on the right and into the hangar,
    and thru the narrow door to the right. Save?
    Inside the hangar side room is a lift. Ride it up and move to the door. Charge
    your Briar and open the door from the right side. Ease closer until you see the
    STroopers to the left. Quickly target and fire on the largest target. Then move
    back inside to the left of the door. There are three STroopers out there, the
    two you saw, and another farther to the left. They tend to end up moving
    constantly between two points. (If you wing the first one, he will usually end
    up stationary near the door.)
    Ease around door jam until the first is visible. If he's moving, it's easiest
    to toss a secondary thermal out timed to catch him. The second one will be
    moving toward you and away, farther around to the left. He's an easy shot with
    the Briar. Save? Fill up at the Shield Power Converter if it's prudent. (If you
    want the secret (Bacta, Trip Mines, and a Large Shield Generator) go up the
    little steps to the right. Then follow the ledge to a grate. The secret's
    inside. Mind the ST and STroopers below.)
    Now head toward the Ion cannon. There is a kneeling STrooper behind the low
    wall left of the crates. Go up to the wall and look down. Easy kill. Now jump
    on the turbo laser and take out the STrooper just to the right of the far Ion
    cannon. Save?
    Next you will have to make it to the door past the far Ion cannon. Time your
    crossing of the cannon catwalks to avoid being shocked. Hug the wall as much as
    possible. The ST will be taking pot shots. At the far end, crouch and approach
    the door from the left. *As soon as you get past the last electrified catwalk,
    standing up will invite ST fire.* Snipe the two guys you find inside. There's
    another around the corner to the right, kneeling. Bounce a thermal his way.
    There are Ammo, Bactas, and a Medi-pak in here. Save?
    Run out the door and mount the turbo laser. Swing it around and get your
    _horizontal_ aim on the ST, then dismount and go back thru the door. Wait until
    the explosions subside, then run back out and mount it again. The gun will save
    your horizontal aim, but not the vertical. So start firing while lowering. Fire
    until you see the ST target you, then dismount and head for the room. It should
    take two or three rinse and repeats to take out the ST. Save whenever you've
    'done good.'
    Ease around the next door and snipe the STrooper and turret in the short
    hallway. Save? The next door has the best cover blocked. You can get in close
    to the left side quarter round and be safe. Taking out the two STroopers can be
    a little tricky from there though. If you crouch and move across quick, the
    first may stay stationary. Ease around and snipe him, then strafe left. If they
    start moving a thermal is the way to go. (Strafing over for a charged shot from
    the Bowcaster also works well.)
    Ease into the doorway while looking down below. Two STroopers will beg for head
    shots. There's one at the far wall, so crouch, go thru the door and get to the
    wall. Use the pop up and fire technique to take this one. Then ease up and use
    the edge for cover with the remaining ones down there. One Officer and six
    STroopers total. *The Officer usually hides. Look for a red cross-hair near the
    center ST, then bounce a couple Bowcaster rounds into him.*
    The next door is booby trapped, jump over the trip mine. (Ammo, and a Medi.)
    The next room up here has a Shield Power Converter. Ride the lifts down to the
    hangar floor. (Trip mines and Det-paks, Large Shield Generator in the lock-
    box.) Save two trip mines, and two det-paks for later. Check out the narrow
    door down here. Seems they have blocked the left-hand corner again. Save?
    There's just enough room however. Run into the spot between the door and
    support beam on the left side. Use the Briar secondary. Many of these guys (two
    Officers (Supply Key) and six STroopers) will move into one of two spots you
    can target from here. Strafe out and back if it slows down. When no more come,
    ease around the door jamb and finish the room. (Ammo, and a Medi-pak.) Back
    track to get your health and shields up to max. Save?
    The next door has a double recess which makes it tough to use the left door jam
    for cover. (Tough room.) There four Officers in here. Two are tough, two are
    extra tough. You should be at or near full health and shield. There is nothing
    hard between you and the end of this level, except this room. The next level
    starts a new game as far as health and shield are concerned. You only have to
    survive this room. Unlock the door from the right side, without opening it.
    Equip the E11. Adjust your vertical aim to chest high. Approach the door from
    the center and open it.
    >>>If someone is visible, try loading the save before the room just before
    this. Make any sense? Look for *Save?* up the page a bit. Play thru the room
    before this one and see if this room plays different. (Probably not.) I
    remember two times when this happened. I'm not sure why it does, somehow they
    are alerted. *All the others (a few) had no one visible when I opened the door.
    (No one alerted, making the room much easier.)*
    I reloaded the last save until I got the first guy in the head with a Briar
    shot while strafing across the doorway. The others were agitated, and would
    stand in front of the door once in awhile. I had the head shot aim dialed, and
    just kept opening the door from the center with a charged Briar. If someone was
    there I strafed for a red cross-hair if necessary and let fly. E-11 secondary
    will also work, but aim high for head shots. These guys have shields. It is a
    much tougher room this way.<<<
    If no one is visible, slowly sweep the room with your cross-hair. You should
    get two momentary reds, one at either side of the power conduits in the middle
    of the room. Equip the thermal dets. Move forward enough to safely toss
    thermals to each side of the structure. One or two well placed thermals
    (depending on the type of Officer) will finish these two. Save? Ease your
    cross-hair around the left door jamb until you find the third Officer. Guess at
    where his head is, then hold down the E11 primary until he falls. If nothing
    happens, adjust your aim just a hair and try again.
    The fourth one is to the right. Either rush him, or run in and drop a det-pak a
    few feet inside the door then back out. Bait him to get him moving if
    necessary, then trigger it when he's near it. A thermal bounced close to him
    will also work, but is a tough toss to make. Save?
    There is Ammo, a Medi-pak and a Shield Power Converter in
    the room. And the switch to shut down the Ion cannon shields. Don't press it
    until you set up a warm welcome for the Officers and STroopers that are sure to
    Go back out into the hangar, and ride a corner lift up. Place a det-pak on the
    pillar in the corner of the lift. Place it while crouched and close to the
    pillar while the lift is at the upper level. Do the same for the other lift.
    Then trip mine the floor just outside both doors on your way back to the
    switch. Equip a gun, and press the switch. Strafe by the door to open it, and
    get things rolling.
    The trip mines should take out all three STroopers who come for you. (One may
    freeze in the next room, snipe him.) Equip the det-pak and run into the hangar.
    Trigger the explosives just after (one sec.) you pass thru the door. There
    shouldn't be any clean up needed, but switch to the E-11 anyway. Replenish your
    trip mines and det-paks if they are still here in the hangar, and ride a corner
    lift up to the ST access catwalk. Save?
    Call the lift in the center and get on. Four STroopers will be entering the
    room from the direction of the Ion cannons by the time the lift reaches the
    top. Go the opposite way thru the door. Snipe them from the doorway. Head to a
    turbo laser and blow up the Ion cannons.
    Now go back to the hangar where three STroopers will try to foil your escape.
    They will appear as you enter the hangar. Get to the first little room before
    they start firing. Snipe them from the door. You need to go the way they came,
    but the door they came out of has an auto-turret on the ceiling. The room
    beyond that is safe. (Ammo, and a Medi-pak.)
    You'll see the telltale sign of a trip mine at the entrance to the next room.
    There's also a turret high to the right inside. (Ammo Power Converter) And five
    more mines block your way once in the room. *The three at the end make for a
    very strong blast.* Out the door and up the steps lies the end of the level.
    (Medi-paks to fake you out.)
    Yavin Temple.
    >>>If you want to be able to equip all weapons in third person mode for the
    rest of the game, Press and hold the white or black button for six seconds or
    so at the very beginning of this level or the next. You have to press it while
    the weapon select bar is visible at the bottom of the screen. This will set a
    blank space as a quick button, allowing you to put the saber away (not turn it
    off) and remain in third person view. If you press _left_ on the d-pad, you
    will cycle thru the weapons in third person.<<<
    Accept the droid's offer to lead you to Luke. ;) When you've found and talked
    with him, make your way back to the ground floor. Find an unlocked door and
    head outside. Find a dark tunnel to enter, to end the level.
    Yavin Trial.
    Run, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push.
    Run, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull,
    pull, pull. Run, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. (Four more pulls and two
    more jumps for the secret.) Run, press switch, press switch, run (fast.) Run,
    jump, jump, jump. Run, pull, pull, pull, pull, run, wait, run (fast.) Run,
    push, run. Jump. Push, jump, jump. Push, jump, jump. Push, jump, jump, run.
    Press switch. Run (fast,) jump. Run, push, push, push, push. Run, jump, wait.
    Run (fast,) pull (or jump, then slash.) Scratch your head. (Big weight, little
    rope, sharp saber.) Run, throw, throw. Run, slash or hack, run.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The Streets of Nar Shaddaa. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Saber, basic force powers. Mmmm... donuts, /drool/. Saber defense is almost
    >purely defensive at this point. (Very few shots will be reflected back at the
    >enemy.) Try to get a feel for the firing tempo of your enemies, so you can use
    >force or attack in between shots or volleys.
    >New weapon, Disruptor Rifle. The light saber will not block it. (Kyle may
    start to block it very sporadically later in the game.)
    >New enemies, Alien Scum. (Gran, Weequay, Rodians.) The Weequay use Bowcasters
    >exclusively. The Rodians either Blaster Rifles, or Disruptor Rifles. The Gran
    >either Blaster Rifles, or Thermal dets.
    Find the front door of the bar and enter. You'll be stripped of your weapons at
    the door. Save? You'll be free to roam most of the first floor. Your access to
    a ramp leading to the second floor will be blocked. As will access to the
    kitchen. You'll find a room with a Shield Power Converter, behind and to the
    left of a cockfight pit. When you have a feel for the area, select force speed
    and belly up to the bar. The bartender will recommend a _Ruby Bliels_.
    When the cut scene's over, use force speed to run to the room with the
    converter. Once inside, face the doorway and select pull. Wait to see if anyone
    shows up. Sometimes many do, and other times none. If a kamikaze Gran with
    thermals shows up, quickly pull him down and finish him with a top-down hack or
    saber throw. These Gran are the main threat in the bar for now. If you're
    lucky, they both will fall into the pit. They can still hit you from there if
    you get to close, however.
    If it's a Rodian that comes, move in close and he'll either skewer himself or
    die by ricochet. Move out of the room into the hall when they quit coming to
    the door. They will usually stop at the corner by the pit and fire from there
    while you're in the hall. (If they don't fall in the pit.) For the Weequay,
    Rodians, and the Gran with a rifle, time a force pull between shots (or volleys
    of shots) then finish with the saber. Save whenever you make a kill without
    taking damage. When they stop coming, use force speed then select push.
    Run into the kitchen and push the center reefer(?) (bookshelf-shaped rectangle)
    on the far wall. It will reveal a secret room. (Two Bactas and some Power Cell
    Ammo.) Run inside and fight from the left side of the doorway if possible. Use
    the left edge for cover and kill the enemies that get close to the door with
    saber throws if they can't hit you. If their fire is getting by the doorway
    edge, time a force pull and finish with a saber throw. When two are firing line
    them up and let their rounds work for you. It should be over soon. Save?
    Check the _lower_ level for stragglers. Then clear out the pit and grab the
    weapons. @Option2. Go over to one of the recessed booths. Aim at the table and
    the little hand will appear. Press the use button to open another secret area.
    (Large Shield Generator, Bacta, and Thermal Dets.) Follow the ramp that leads
    up to a door. Select force push and open it. Push the kneeling sniper to the
    floor and saber him. You're done killing for a bit. (The bar room can play out
    many different ways. You may be better off loading the first save of the level
    if you are having trouble.)
    Head up the ramp behind the Rodian you just killed and find the office. Up a
    short flight of stairs are your weapons. And a switch to raise the metal
    curtain around the bar. Press it and go back downstairs. Grab the two Bactas
    behind the bar and press the switch. The switch opens all the doors to the
    outside. As soon as the cut scene ends, a Rodian with a Disruptor will enter
    the upper door into the bar. So quickly back away from the switch, and run to
    the left and underneath him. Back into the room until you can shoot him in his
    cute little head.
    Go back into the kitchen. Around the corner at the bottom of the ramp is a
    door. Open it and kill the Weequay that comes thru it. Step outside and turn
    left. Back up to the wall and aim at the elevated walkway on the building to
    the right. Zoom in with the Disruptor and find three eyes. Charge up a shot and
    disrupt the Gran. Head back inside to the door on the second floor.
    There is a Gran with thermals on the far side of the street outside the door.
    (Disruptor Rifle and some Ammo in the corner.) Strafe from cover to take him
    out. Switch to third person view. Then move into the doorway to a spot directly
    under the door. Turn, and move up to the left door jamb. Use the third person
    camera to look around the corner.
    You'll see a Rodian close on the walkway outside, and beyond him a building.
    Above the door are three windows and an open area with a crate to the right of
    the windows. One sniper is easy to see in the left window. There is another
    harder to see in the right window. Equip the Briar and ease out until you can
    just see the whole open area with a crate.
    Put the cross-hair on the top edge of the crate, then move _it_ left until it
    turns red. (This is much easier with the sensitivity turned all the way down.)
    Charge up a secondary shot and let it fly. When the cross-hair is white again,
    ease out until you can just see the entire middle window. Find and kill the
    other sniper. Then ease out a bit more and do the same to the Rodian on the
    walkway close to you.
    Head back downstairs and go out the front door, turn right and go to the corner
    of the bar. Go around the corner to the left, and down to the next corner of
    this building. There is a Rodian sniper directly above, on the walkway with red
    lights. Save?
    Turn left, then back away from the walkway while looking up until you can head
    shoot him. (Watch that hole, you should be right next to it.) Go back to the
    bar the way you came. Once you're back at the second floor door, move out onto
    the walkway and turn left. Run almost to the corner but stop short. Push,
    saber, or shoot the Rodian who runs up. Save?
    Turn to the right check out the round looking little building across the way.
    There's a Weequay patrolling the walkway around it. Snipe him with the
    Disruptor. Around the corner you will see a bridge to far side. When you
    approach the bridge, two Weequay will come for you from the door on the other
    side of the bridge. Equip the saber for protection, and run to the bridge. Face
    these guys and see what happens. They will usually do at least half your work
    for you. Finish the job with the force and the saber if need be. Save?
    Inside the room across the bridge a Bomber Gran waits by a hole in the ceiling.
    Snipe him. Press the switch in the corner to bring down the lift. A couple of
    Weequay will be on it. Keep them both in front of you and it should work out
    OK. Save?
    Ride the lift up, and get off without going thru the broken glass. The wall is
    cracked next to the lift. When you move past the glass wall into the room, a
    Weequay and a Bomber Gran will blow the wall and come out. Back up until the
    wall goes, then move forward. Give the Weequay a push, and then quickly move in
    and push the Gran. Kill the Gran before he gets up, then take out the Weequay.
    Save? *A well-timed det-pak on the floor near the wall can take them both out
    if you have one.* (Ammo and Thermal Dets.)
    Enter the room they came out of (Bacta) and go thru the door in the corner. Use
    speed, then run thru the next door and kill the Rodian. Go back inside to the
    room with holes in the floor, and push the crate (and the Rodian behind it) off
    the ledge. The crate is hollow, so... Stepping out the doorway here will
    trigger a Sniper across the street, so go back thru the other room.
    Go thru the two doors and out onto the ledge. Move up near the corner, but not
    past it. Jump across to the balcony next door, and quickly go thru the door to
    the left. Turn right as soon as you enter the room, and smack into a wall.
    Use the door jamb for cover and take out the Rodian sniper across the street.
    He likes to move around, and can be tough to snipe. Use third person view to
    look around the door jamb safely. Then try to find him with the cross-hair. If
    he isn't visible, strafe out into the doorway and back. When he is no more,
    move into the room while hugging the right wall. Save?
    There are a Gran and a Rodian above you, so stay near the wall. Break the glass
    and use the Disruptor to make short work of these two. Switch to the saber and
    cut thru the two cowardly boxes. Grab the stuff if you need it (Large Shield
    Generator and a Battery) and cut the lock off the door. Go back thru the hole
    in the boxes and out the front door.
    Ease up the ramp until you can snipe the Bomber Gran above. Then move up some
    more to get the Weequay on the landing. Walk up the ramp and over to where the
    Gran was. Move over toward the balcony but not onto it. Use the third person
    camera to look down the street. Below is a brightly lit small ledge with
    another Rodian waiting to snipe you. Use the post for cover, and snipe him
    Go thru the door up here and grab what you need. (Trip mines, and Ammo.) The
    door inside leads down to the ledge above the boxes. (Bacta) Save? Make your
    way to the lower balcony, and jump up onto the railing. You need to jump down
    to the glass roof below. Aim for a beam or you'll fall thru the glass and hurt
    yourself. Break the glass to fall into the room. (Bacta and a Small Shield
    Generator.) Before you press the switch, head outside and zoom in on the glass
    bridge up the street.
    Wait a bit and a Weequay should walk by. He's walking on a _breakable glass_
    floor. Any ideas? Head back in and press the switch. It extends a bridge to the
    far side. Leave the room and head to the right. Kill the Weequay guarding the
    lift. Go thru the door and push the box onto the floor switch to bring down the
    lift. (Ammo.) Push the box off the switch and ride to the top. Get off the lift
    and kill the Weequay around the corner.
    Press the switch to lower a ramp in here. Now put your back against the wall
    opposite the switch, and zoom in on the boat hanging near the left side of the
    glass bridge. (You'll need to be close to the edge.) Look around a bit, and you
    will find a wee bit of a Rodian to disrupt. There is another one that can't be
    seen from here. Don't go up the ramp right now, or you'll trigger the boat to
    drop. Instead, take the lift back down, and _run_ across the bridge and into
    the little building with a glass roof.
    Turn around to face the glass bridge and hanging boat. Strafe to the right wall
    and back up until you can see the boat. Zoom in and look around. You should
    find enough Rodian up there for another Disruptor shot. Equip your saber and
    select speed. Save? Go back up to where you pressed the last switch, and run
    (speed) up the narrow ledge. Stop short of the corner, and quickly use the
    camera to look around it.
    When the Rodian has turned and is walking away, rush in for the kill. (Ammo.)
    Look down thru the skylight into the room and wait for the Weequay to walk by.
    (If he's been alerted, he may be stationary, go ahead and drop in.) Quickly
    jump up onto the skylight and move forward until you are over the block. Crouch
    and hack the glass to fall thru. (Bacta) Remain crouched and move forward
    enough to head shoot the Rodian, or toss a thermal at him. Next find the
    Weequay and kill him. *Avoid the half of the block closest to the boat.* When
    the room is clear, drop off side of the block farthest from the boat. Save?
    Move up until you can see all three windows. (Ammo and two small Shield
    Generators.) Run to the corner between the two windows to the right. Break the
    glass if it's there, and snipe the three guys in the little scow. (Ammo.) There
    is a door in here, and behind it a lift. It leads only to a couple of secret
    areas, and the associated goodies. *Secret #3: Two Large Shield Generators,
    Det-Paks, Power Cell Ammo, and two Bacta. Secret #4: Two Bacta, Ammo, a Shield
    Power Converter, and an Ammo Power Converter.* Two or three more enemies will
    also be triggered. If you need or want the stuff,
    >>>ride the lift up and go thru the door. Once in awhile there will be a Gran
    behind the door, but usually not. If so pull him, and finish with a saber
    throw. There is a Rodian on the next building, just around the end of the entry
    way and to the right. Strafe out, throw a fully charged secondary thermal,
    strafe in, adjust aim and repeat if necessary. Speed helps. Move to the corner
    and look around it.
    There's a Gran in the middle of the bridge. When you kill him, the bridge will
    blow. Save? Before you jump the gap in the bridge, move to the next corner.
    Ease your cross-hair around it and take out the Rodian. Go back to the bridge
    and jump across. As soon as you get to the wall on the other side, look up to
    the left. Jump up onto the sloping ledge, and from there to the wide bridge.
    The stuff you seek is in plain view. Drop back down, go around the corner where
    you last killed a Rodian, and move to the end of the walkway. You can see the
    secret area way down there to the left of the bar.
    You'll be jumping to the tops of the lights, and then to the tops of door
    frames. Then dropping down to the walkways. At the bottom, jump to the top of
    the little building and then to the secret area. From there, jump to the
    walkway in front of the bar, and make your way back up to the skylight room.<<<
    If not (or if you're back,) run out the man-sized window and land on the ledge
    below. Get yourself over close to the moving scow and prepare to jump on. Then
    jump from the boat to the ledge with a door. It will open to another lift.
    *Time the jump to land on the boat at when it's closest to you. It's best to
    jump a hair early, rather than late. The far end of the boat is actually a
    small solid platform, although it looks hollow. Jump up on it, then make the
    second jump.*
    Ride the lift up and walk onto the glass bridge. There are a couple of Det
    charges on one of the bridge beams that will go off when approach, so shoot
    them now. On the other side (Thermal Dets.) you'll see an explosive crate,
    shoot it and enter the hole it made. Saber the electrical conduit in the corner
    to make the water outside safe.
    Out by the water is a locked door with an un extended bridge underneath. Pull
    the bridge out and jump onto it. With the third person camera you can see a
    Weequay up in the corner. Toss a thermal his way. After the scream subsides,
    hop on up there. (There is another secret across the street. You will have to
    jump to it from the top of the bridge, and jump back. (Two Bacta, a Battery,
    and a Large Shield Generator.))
    There is a switch and an R5 unit up here. Also a grate above the ledge to the
    right of the switch. Ignore the switch and push the R5 into the street. You'll
    need to jump onto the panel the R5 removed next to the switch. (Put Kyle's
    right shoulder to the wall and move to the panel. Turn him toward the wall a
    few degrees. Press jump, and _then_ tap forward to land on the piece of metal.)
    Turn around and jump up to the ledge. Smash the grate and enter the duct.
    Follow it to another grate, and smash it then enter the larger duct. (Thermal
    Dets, and Det-Paks.) Walk down the slope to a T in the duct. To the left is
    nothing, but will register the secret. To the right is an explosive crate to
    clear the way to the garbage barge you need to ride. And also Ammo, Bacta, a
    Battery, and a Large Shield Generator. The mystery Gran may show up on a
    walkway above and start tossing Thermals. Hey,...
    Shoot the explosives, and then drop to the barge. Select push and keep your
    eyes open. When the barge stops, use force push on the little traffic light on
    the left side of the doorway to turn it blue. Do the same at the next door.
    Ride the barge to the end of the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Nar Shaddaa Hideout. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You'll be on the barge. As soon as it stops, run to the front of it and jump up
    to the pipes. Jump from there up to the ledge above. Secret area. (Shield Power
    Converter, Ammo Power Converter, two Bacta.) Make your way down to the floor.
    >>>If you fall onto the conveyor, you can destroy the bars on the open side to
    get out. You can get back up to the secret from the conveyor, but it's easier
    just to die and restart at this point. You may want to get back to the secret
    area later. From the ledge above the top part of the conveyor, you can jump up
    to the pipes. You will have to crouch at the top of the jump to make it, and
    aim the jump to avoid the overhang above the ledge you jump from. It's not
    easy, but doable.<<<
    There's another Bacta in the corner. @Extra1. Go thru the door and "sniff"
    around. There's a bunch of Gran on the walkways above. Head straight down the
    center of the room. The second garbage masher to the left has no bin under the
    chute. Jump up onto a ledge inside the chute. *The chute is sloped into the
    masher so don't jump real hard and don't press forward too much.* Run thru the
    masher and out the other side. There's Bacta, and Ammo in the corner of the
    masher. (Tough to get.) There's also a Bacta near the door to the next room.
    Go just thru the door and stop to check things out. There's a Rodian behind a
    slit to the right. You can get a Disruptor shot targeted without being seen. A
    Gran patrols the walkway above. The Gran can be sniped at the far end of the
    walkway as he crosses in front of you. It's easier though to just throw a
    secondary thermal at the ceiling above him, as he goes by overhead. Use his
    shadow for a reference. Save?
    The way across the crates is fairly obvious. You can jump all the gaps, or just
    run off the edge for the lower ones. (Bacta and a Large Shield Generator.)
    *There is a short-cut early on, if you don't need the stuff in the corner.*
    There will be a box in your way above that can be pulled. You end up in a hall
    that takes you around to the catwalk the Gran was on. (Thermal Dets, and Ammo
    to the left.)
    The catwalk leads to another hall, and then a short tunnel. Pull the garbage
    bin towards you, and head back the way you came. (There's a Small Shield
    Generator around the corner from the bin.) When you reach the far side of the
    catwalk, look down to see the entrance below you. Drop down. You'll have to go
    back thru the trash compactor.
    Turn right out of the trash compactor, and head straight for the door after you
    drop from the chute. Run thru it, into the room where this level began. Save?
    (If you haven't heard or felt any thermals from the Gran up on the walkways
    while you were out among the trash compactors, you may want to run around out
    there until you do. Letting them see you will save some baiting later on.
    You're pretty safe as long as your moving. When you're sure they've seen you,
    come back here.)
    Go back out the door, turn right and go around the corner to the left. Then go
    thru the first door to the right. Run past the Rodians behind the slits on
    either side. Shoot the explosives to blow a hole in the wall. Ease over toward
    the hole and you'll get a shot at a Rodian. Then move thru the hole into the
    room. There's another Rodian around the corner to the left. He's probably
    looking away, but will turn around slowly when you see him. Thermal, snipe,
    speed and saber, it's your choice but kill him. Use the slot to snipe the one
    on the other side of the door. (Or shut the slit with the switch, but you'll
    have to kill him later.)
    Go back out into the room before this one. Slash the crates in the corner that
    can be destroyed. Move around next to the wall and find the hidden panel. (The
    little hand will appear.) Press use to open a panel, then enter the secret
    room. Move to the far end and climb the crates. Follow the crates to the other
    end (Det-Paks) and drop down. Large Shield Generator, and a Bacta. Press the
    switch to lower the glass, and step thru. Turn right and find the single box in
    the corner that can be pulled.
    It covered a hole, crouch and go thru it. A short hall leads to a T. Kill the
    Rodian to the left, and then follow the tunnel to another movable trash bin.
    Push this one to expose a glowing conveyor. (Hot.) *There is a secret area
    above the hall just before you get to the trash bin. (Large Shield Generator.)*
    You need to get into the trough to the left of conveyor. Save?
    Tap-jump to it, or just run across and drop into it. (Force jumps are bad news
    in here.) Get to the far end of the trough as soon as you are in it. Break the
    glass in the window across the way, then move right until you can snipe the
    Rodian guarding the switch. Then use push on the switch to open the door. Run
    or jump across and enter the room. (Ammo.)
    The gauntlet.
    Follow the hall to the corner and look down the next leg. It's dark but you
    should be able to make out a closed slit. There are three Gran bombers above
    the room the slot faces, and a Rodian behind the slit. Select and use speed,
    then select push or pull and run thru the room. Angle left when you enter, then
    turn right just before the tunnel entrance in the far corner of the room. Turn
    right again to be face to face with the Rodian sniper. Kill him quick.
    Then go into the tunnel and turn around. Crouch and ease back into the room you
    just ran thru. (Hug the right wall.) There are three holes in the ceiling, each
    with a Gran. The farthest will offer the first sniping opportunity as you
    slowly move toward the entryway. Next will be the hole next to it. The last
    hole is right above the entryway.
    This guy has a sixth sense. While still crouched in first person view, ease
    forward until you can see about half of the hole, then bounce a fully charged
    thermal off the edge of the hole and up into the Gran. Turn and head down the
    tunnel. (You can also just leave these Gran. You will have to kill one later, a
    snipe from the door to the password room. Easier, but you won't get the goodies
    they have. (Bacta and thermals.)) Save?
    There are three pulpits with slots along the right wall. If you killed the
    Rodian snipers earlier while getting the third secret, just walk by them. (If
    not, equip the E11 and approach them slowly while hugging the right wall.
    Adjust your aim as you move, and when the slot opens let loose with secondary
    fire. Once you have an aiming point just use the left stick to move to the next
    At the top of the ramp at the end of the hall a Gran is waiting. Crouch, then
    ease up until his legs are just visible and disrupt his molecular continuity.
    Save? Stop short of the top of the ramp, and look around the corner with the
    third person cam. You'll see an opening to the right. Another Gran is just
    around the corner of that opening. Strafe out onto the landing, and as soon as
    you see him strafe back. Look around with the third person cam again for aim,
    and then bounce a thermal or two his way. You can also snipe him if your
    careful. Once he's gone, Slowly move up the hall. (Thermals.)
    Keep an eye on the end of the hall. The Gran on the upper walkways should come
    around the corner up there one or two at a time when they sense your back in
    the area. Give the second wave some time, they have a ways to come.
    (If they don't, you'll need to bait them. Go up the ramp and around the corner.
    Then quickly run thru the door, and then run clear back to the tunnel with
    pulpits. (There is a Weequay to the right just outside the door, so have your
    saber out.)
    Then move back to the corner, and ease around again.) When one shows, quickly
    back around the corner. Put your back to the wall, and slowly strafe back out
    to take a look. If you got back around the corner quickly, they will stop far
    enough up the ramp that you can snipe them without them attacking. If they
    start throwing thermals, load the last save and try again, or strafe out and
    back from the corner to take them out. (If there's only one that's close and
    throwing thermals, use speed and push then saber him on the ground.)
    When all four are dead, move up the ramp and destroy the grate on the right
    wall. Jump into the duct and follow it to look down on a room with an explosive
    crate. (And a Rodian if you didn't kill him earlier.) Shoot the crate to blow
    holes in a couple of walls, then back-track, drop out of the duct and turn
    left. There is a room below with crates on one side stacked up to the level
    your on. Two Rodians and a Weequay hang out down there.
    Hug the wall and back down the crates to the second one. Ease out to the edge
    and throw a Det-Pak down as close to the overhang as you can. Trigger it, then
    use third person to check out the damage. Hopefully, you'll see three guns. If
    not, toss down another. (There are plenty more ahead.) Move to the far end of
    the room on top of the crates. (Small Shield Generator.)
    Drop down into the corner of the room and cleanup if necessary. Collect the
    stuff (Ammo and a Bacta) and slash the lock off the door. Go thru the new hole
    in the wall to the left, then follow the hall down to the cells. (Slash the
    door lock for access to the masher room.) Talk to Lando who'll give you a
    Looking for Beedo.
    Make your way back thru the room you just cleared, and climb the boxes and move
    out into the hall with the duct. Go up the ramp and around the corner. Save?
    Equip the saber and run thru the door, then quickly turn right to face the
    Weequay if he's still alive. Immediately back away from him a few feet to avoid
    being sniped by a Rodian in the far corner of the room. When he runs close
    enough, pull him down and finish him. (Thermals in the corner.)
    Turn left to face the far end of the room, and strafe left to the corner. Find
    the Gran on the lateral walkway to the right and snipe him. Then run to the
    crates he was near. (Det-Paks. There are more Det-Paks up here in a corner.
    Also two Small Shield Generators, a Seeker Drone, and other misc. items on
    crates that can be reached from these catwalks.)
    Run to the wall and follow it to end of the walkway. A Rodian will run out of
    the room below out onto the platform in front of it. (If he isn't already out.)
    Back up to safety, then ease forward enough to head shoot him. Jump across to
    the roof for the stuff if you need it. (Ammo, Small Shield Generator.) Enter
    the room. (Thermals.) Go thru the door at the end of the hall for a Bacta and
    Thermals. Then approach the other door to be queried for the password Lando
    Go thru the door that opens, and then down the hall and onto the lift. Get off
    at the top and follow the short hall to another lift. Save? Step onto and then
    back off of it to make it go down. Run along the top left edge of the wall that
    falls with the lift to enter the secret area. (Bacta, Small Shield Generators.)
    If you are close to the lift it will cycle up and down. Snipe the two Weequay
    who are stationary from up here.
    Then jump or ride down and slash the 'door.' The left slit at the end of this
    room harbors a Rodian sniper, so stay to the right of center for now. There's
    an auto-turret on a track in the tunnel to the left also. Take out the Weequay
    who runs in and out of the room when you get a chance, then snipe the Rodian.
    (Note the Ammo Power Converter inside.) Save?
    Snipe the first traveling turret from the cover of the tunnel entrance. You can
    saber throw it, but it can be tough. There are two more of these track mounted
    turrets guarding the tunnel. The next one is easily shot from the tunnel
    entrance as it approaches and stops momentarily. The last one can be a bit
    tougher to take out safely. Use your saber to block its fire as you ease around
    the corner of the tunnel. Find the sweet spot where it fires slightly over you,
    but you can get a red cross-hair. Switch to a ranged weapon and take it out.
    (You'll have to strafe out just a bit to get a red cross-hair with a gun.)
    Next move clear to the left wall and zoom in on the Weequay under glass at the
    end of the tunnel. If the small piece of cracked glass is still there shoot it
    out, then snipe him. There are a few slits along the right wall, four have
    Rodians behind them. Snipe them as you move down the tunnel. *If you wing one,
    he may come for you.*
    Around the corner at the far end waits a Weequay. Kill him. Save? Use push to
    press the switch behind the glass, then go thru the door. Avoid the next door
    until you've collected the goodies. (Ammo, Medi-Pak, and a Shield Power
    Converter.) Save? The next room is a gladiator ring of sorts. Select speed, and
    equip your favorite anti-turret weapon. Enter the room.
    The Gladiator pit.
    After the cut scene, four auto-turrets on tracks will wind up and start firing.
    Run right up to the door in front of you and center yourself on it. If you are
    in the sweet spot, you will take no damage. Turn around, and calmly take out
    the turrets one by one. Note the square door to the left. (If the sweet spot
    eludes you, slowing down the control sensitivity and circle strafing can also
    work well.) As soon as the last turret explodes, hit speed and equip the saber.
    Move toward the square door while angle strafing to keep your saber between you
    and the Weequay pouring from the room that has been exposed. Run into the room
    and get behind the left door jamb. (Left as you enter.) Select force pull, and
    aim near the ammo in the far corner. As the Weequay enter and stop, pull and
    then saber throw them. (They may switch spots to stop at.) Strafe to the other
    corner to bait them if they become reluctant to enter. Snipe any stragglers.
    When all five are dead, collect the stuff in this room. (Ammo, Small Shield
    Generator, Medi-Pak.) Then move to the center of the big room.
    The two doors either side of the observation room each have three Rodians
    waiting behind. Equip your thermals and select speed. Charge up a secondary
    fully and run up to one of the doors, hitting speed as you approach. As soon as
    the door opens, start backing up as you throw the thermal in the middle of the
    three. Immediately start charging another thermal, and head to the other door.
    Do the same with it. If all went well the place will get very quiet. Save?
    Go thru one of the doors and up the ramp to the observation room. (Bacta,
    Ammo.) Press the switch near the window to free Lando. Then press the switch
    under the desk to open the secret area behind. (Shield Power Converter, Ammo,
    Bacta.) If you have less than fifty shield points, wait to use the converter.
    Surf down the red tunnel down to a ledge that overlooks a stairway. Snipe the
    Rodian under the stairs and drop down.
    Push the switch under the stairs to get the stuff he was guarding. (Ammo, Trip
    Mines, Bacta, and a Large Shield Generator.) If you need to get back up to the
    gladiator arena, use the lift above the stairs. Go thru the door into the cell
    area to hook up with Lando. *There is another Seeker Drone in one of the side
    corridors down here.* Follow him to the lift and ride it up to finish the
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Nar Shaddaa Starpad. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Mind-trick. (See the "Force Tips" section.)
    Move into the room at the top of the lift. (Ammo Power Converter.) There is a
    Bomber Gran patrolling. Take him, or let Lando. Follow Lando to the next lift
    and ride up. At the top, Lando takes over for a bit. (Bacta.) When Kyle gets
    his legs back, move onto the lift and ride down. Once outside the hangar,
    you'll see a door with a saber lock on it at the end of a bridge. Save? Leave
    it for now, and head to the left around the hangar.
    Go past the large hangar door and around two more corners. You'll see a group
    of storage tanks (rounded edges) and large metal boxes on the other side of a
    deep chasm, and a walkway. A Weequay patrols the walkway and storage area. Kill
    him. *If you have trouble with moving targets, snipe him with the Disruptor
    while he's in the storage area. Part of his patrol there will have him walking
    directly away from you. (And shortly there after back towards you.) An easy
    shot, but not a lot of time to get it off.*
    Continue around the hangar but stop short of the end of the short tunnel you've
    entered. Find and snipe the Gran ahead. Hug the wall and keep going until you
    find a locked door on the left. Go a couple feet past the door and turn around.
    You'll see some orange lights, and to the left and below those a horizontal
    window. Just left of the window is a vertical slit. Zoom in to see just enough
    Rodian to snipe. Next, jump to the top of the door frame, and face the building
    opposite. You should be able to just see the top of another sniper's head. (If
    not, he's behind the beam, strafe left a little.) Take him out with a fully
    charged Disruptor shot thru the glass. Save?
    Now head back the way you came, to where you shot the patrolling Weequay. There
    are two Gran on the tops of the metal boxes in the storage area across the
    abyss. And another Weequay walking a short patrol between the tanks and boxes
    on the right side. Locate and snipe the Weequay first to be safe, then take out
    the two Gran.
    Now make your way to the door with a saber lock, and slash the lock. There may
    be a Weequay just inside, but he's usually in the hall behind the first door to
    the left. Kill him and go down the hall. There are two more Weequay in the next
    room, and a Rodian with a Disruptor in the right corner. Move up to the door
    close enough to open it and take out the Weequay as they show up. (Mind-trick?)
    When they're both gone, hit speed and run thru the room on the left side of the
    deep red hole. Run up to the wall, and move toward the half pillar which should
    block the Rodian from shooting. (Large Shield Generator.) Snipe him around the
    pillar. Grab his Disruptor for the ammo and a Battery or two if need be, then
    go thru the door into a very dark room. Save?
    There is a Weequay patrolling the far side of this room. He will see your
    saber, so sheath it or equip a gun and put on the LAG. Go right from the door,
    then jump over the dark colored tank. Follow the passage way around to the left
    to a short opening, crouch and go thru it. Aim down the passage way ahead and
    turn off the goggles. When the Weequay shows up and turns around, take him out
    quickly. Turn the LAG back on, go the way he came. You'll come to a T, to the
    left are some Det-Paks to the right some Bacta and the exit.
    Outside the door is the storage area, jump up onto the metal box in front of
    you. There will be two tanks close and ahead, and a another to the right
    (Thermal Dets.) Jump to the right most tank ahead, and move halfway to the end
    of it. Turn left and face the center of the building that spans the chasm
    between the hangar and the wide walkway on the right.
    In third person view, tap strafe to the right while watching the right edge of
    the building your facing. Stop as soon as you see a bit of white show up at
    that edge. It's a Rodian sniper. Set up your vertical aim, then switch to the
    Disruptor and tap strafe until you can see enough of his shoulder for a shot.
    *Remember, you can strafe and remain zoomed if you crouch.* A tough shot to set
    up, but satisfying to let fly.
    There is a Weequay at the end of the tank you're on (Power Cell Ammo,) and
    another in the corner behind the square boxes. Kill them. Now move down the
    walkway slowly. Stop when Lando asks for assistance. Hug the wall and zoom in
    on the area just below the orange light up ahead. You will see two auto-
    turrets, take them out for Lando. There is also a Gran near the top auto-
    turret. If you can't see him, strafe left a bit and he should be visible.
    (Watch the edge.) Save?
    Make your way along the right walkway as far the corner of the building on the
    left. (The one that spans the chasm.) Wait for the patrolling Weequay to walk
    into view on the other side of the chasm, and then snipe him. Save? Behind the
    door in the corner just ahead are two Weequay who usually rush out as soon as
    the door opens.
    Select mind-trick and the saber, then hug the wall and move to the door jamb.
    Back up a couple of feet, then trick, throw, trick, throw as they exit. *If
    they get by you, back away and keep them in front of you.* When they're gone,
    look up and find the slit above and to the left of the door. Toss a det-pak
    thru the slit and then set it off. Now turn to face away from the door, and
    zoom in on the far end of the chasm. You'll see two Weequay to snipe eventually.
    When they are no more, move just into the room behind you and look around the
    corner with the third person cam. You should see a Gran and a Rodian close
    together by some pipes. Ease your cross-hair around the corner and snipe them.
    Equip your saber again and look further around the corner to see another Gran.
    Kill him. Now move past this room. Around the next corner there's a Rodian,
    snipe him and move toward where he was.
    Run past the two windows and into the corner near them. Ease your cross-hair
    around the corner and snipe the Rodian up on the walkway above. Then move to
    the right side of the windows to where you can see the walkway the Rodian was
    on go into a tunnel. Fire a couple of rounds into the first few feet of the
    tunnel and get back into the corner. In about 15 seconds another Rodian should
    appear, snipe him. (If he doesn't show, strafe out of the corner and back in.)
    Now go out the door and follow the walkway out to the pad with three lights on
    it. Jump up to the pulpit above that housed the auto-turrets you shot for
    Lando. Enter the room (Bacta, Ammo, and two Small Shield Generators) and turn
    left. Note the Weequay as move toward the tunnel. Move out and trick-saber him,
    then follow the tunnel. Around the next corner is another Weequay, samo. And
    again around the next corner and thru a door. (If the second Rodian failed to
    show before, he'll be here with the third Weequay.) Go thru the unlocked door
    and up the ramp to a switch. (Bacta.) Lando calls to tell you the hangar is
    open after you press it.
    The hangar.
    The two side doors at the bottom of the ramp are also now open. (Before you
    leave, there is a secret area adjacent to the roof of this control room. It can
    be reached by jumping thru the window directly above the switch. Or by jumping
    thru the window above the door frame. (Crouch at the top of this jump.) Grab
    the stuff if you need it and drop back down into this room. (Two Large Shield
    Generators and more Bacta.))
    Go back down the ramp and thru the door. Turn left and go thru the now open
    side door. Walk down the ramp and follow the walkway to where it widens out.
    Plant a det-pak here, and another a few feet on. (They will make things easier
    later on.) Now make your way around the hangar to the front door. Don't go in
    Notice Lando standing by the refueling valve. Shortly after you cross the
    threshold three Weequay, a Rodian, and a Gran will come thru the back door.
    When they're gone nine or ten more Gran, Weequay, and Rodians will come thru
    one of the doors. And after them a final wave of five. If Lando dies, it's game
    over. And Lando tends toward brash. Save. (If you are low on electric power, go
    back to the room with the deep red hole and batteries, then come back here.
    (You'll be running thru the very dark room again.))
    Select speed and run down the right side of the ship, getting under the middle
    of it when you can. Stop just before you get to the ramp that leads up into the
    ship. When the first guy fires at you, run around the ramp and out the door.
    Run across the bridge and thru the now unlocked door. Run up the ramps and move
    to the switch. Watch the enemies come back out the door. When three have made
    it out, run back down the ramps, go across the bridge and back into the hangar.
    (If less than three come out the door, Lando will probably die. load the last
    save and try again. Three is a toss up.)
    Lando should still be near one of the fuel valves. Get to Lando, if anyone's in
    here besides him, kill them. On either side of the hangar there is grate in the
    floor near the wall. On one side it's covered by a pushable box. On the other
    side it's covered by a stack of slashable boxes. Expose the grate, then pull
    Lando over near it. (He'll complain, but be fine usually.) Break the grate and
    push Lando down into the hole.
    Equip the det-paks and go into Lando's ship. Make your way to the top of the
    second ramp, and set off the det-paks you planted earlier. (If you didn't plant
    the det-paks, or they don't do the trick: Move to the back door, and snipe the
    enemies to the left. Quickly get back to the ship when the second to last one
    Equip your saber and select mind trick. Kill anyone that comes in. Then head
    out the door up here and onto the party deck. Ease over to the edge that
    overlooks the side that Lando's on. There may be some guys staring at the hole.
    Take them out, closest first. Wait a few seconds to see if anyone takes their
    place. Then use third person to check closer to the ship.
    Move to the other side and take out anything on that side. When both sides and
    the hole remain clear, cautiously leave the ship, and clear the room. (Have
    speed and your other fav. force handy. The Bomber Gran and Rodians are the main
    threat.) Look around now. There is Ammo, Bacta, and a Power Converter of each
    flavor. (Save the green for a bit later.) Use jump and pull to get Lando out of
    his foxhole. Save?
    He should head to the rear of the ship and tell you to watch his butt. Equip
    the saber and your fav. force power. Stand at the top of the entrance ramp and
    repel all borders. When they stop coming, leave the ship and clear the room.
    (Be careful no one gets into the ship.)
    Lando will have mentioned a new problem. The roof doors need to be opened, and
    the fuel turned on. The switches for the roof sections are reached by going
    into the holes on either side of the hangar floor. (If you are considering
    going outside for shield generators, it is only safe to go thru the front door
    and to the room with the deep red hole. There are a bunch of new snipers
    outside.) Save?
    Go into the hole that was/is covered by a pushable box. Follow the tunnel to
    grate at the end. Equip the saber and mind trick. Throw the saber to destroy
    the grate, then hold down the force button. If one of the Weequay runs across
    the opening and is stunned by the mind trick, throw the saber and kill him.
    Move out to the edge of the tunnel now, but not beyond.
    You will likely take Bowcaster fire from the right. Turn toward it and ease out
    just enough to target a mind trick. He will probably walk toward you for a
    saber throw. If not mind trick him again. If he just won't move closer, ease
    out enough to saber throw, but be aware there's a bomber Gran directly
    When it seems safe to switch from the saber to Thermals, do so and bounce one
    off the wall into the Gran above you. When he's dead move out of the tunnel and
    into the room. Go to the left and ease around the corner. If there's a Weequay
    there, kill him. Then go the other direction.
    This next Weequay will likely be moving. Use mind trick to settle him down a
    bit and then settle him all the way down. Go back the other way and up the ramp
    enough to head shoot the Rodian at the top. Press the five switches in this
    room to open the roof section. Save? (Thermal Dets, and two Small Shield
    Generators in here.) One door down and one to go. Save?
    Head back to the hangar and drop into the hole on the other side At the end of
    the tunnel is another grate overhead. Break it from inside the tunnel. Then
    carefully search for a target with the E11 or Briar before moving out of the
    shelter of the tunnel. They will be to the left. Two Weequay and a Rodian with
    a blaster. It may take awhile for these guys to decide where they want to be,
    so be patient.
    When you can't target anyone from the tunnel, equip the saber and mind trick.
    Move out of the tunnel into the hole. Face left toward the farthest wall and
    back up to the edge of the hole. Jump up just enough to clear the hole and back
    to the wall. (No force jump.) Take out any remaining enemies in front of you.
    When it's quiet, turn around and hug the left wall. Slowly back up until you
    can just see enough of the Gran's head to shoot him in it.
    When he's dead, use the third person cam to locate the Rodian up there. Back up
    and kill him. Jump up to where they were. Clear the room from up here if need
    be. Press the four switches in the center and then the one in the corner.
    (Ammo, and Bacta.) Now find the door out of this room and move close enough to
    open it. (Note that it is a chopper style door.) Move thru it just enough so
    that it won't hit you when it comes down.
    Turn left and look around the corner in third person. You'll see a Rodian
    sniper up near the light stalk. Ease up and out until you can snipe him from
    cover. Tough shot. Save? Now back to third person and locate another on top of
    the big tank. Take him out. Save?
    Third person again to look even further around the corner as you move up and
    see two more up on a ledge and close. Snipe them both from this cover. Save?
    Now ease up the walkway watching the same roof the first Rodian was on (by the
    light post,) but further right. It's a bomber Gran, and will show up in the
    hole between the top of the near tank, and the circular pipe attached to it as
    you move closer. Kill him.
    Now move up to the brown tank to where you can see the walkway that goes over
    to the big tank. The fuel valves are on top of the little brown tank, but
    there's one more sniper watching them. So run across the walkway and around to
    the right. Follow the wide walkway up to the building that had the hangar door
    Go up the ramp thru the building and start down the ramp on the other side of
    the building. Stop short of the corner. Look around the corner in third person.
    To the left of the highest orange light up on a roof is the last Sniper. (A
    very small target.) Ease your cross-hair around the corner and use the orange
    light for a reference to find and snipe him. Save?
    Go back thru the building and down the ramp. (Look up to the right to see a
    light colored short ramp, and above it a ledge. There's a secret up there.
    (Large Shield Generator, Trip Mines, and a Seeker Drone.) You will have to jump
    onto the ramp from near the door.)
    Continue on to the brown tank and jump up (crouch at the top of the jump) to
    the fuel valves. It's crooked X on the left (blue,) and 'No Smoking' on the
    right (red.) Lando will call to tell you get back to the ship. Back-track to
    fill up, and then get back to the ship, and go up to the cockpit. Lando will
    need one last favor. When he asks, use the panel in the corner to access the
    nose gun and take out Reelo and his leftover henchmen. And it's off to Cloud
    City you go.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Bespin Undercity A. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Force Heal.
    Lando has dropped you off at the bottom of the city. *I recommend binding
    mind-trick to a quick button here.* Turn right and move along the walkway until
    you spot a grate. Stay off to the side to avoid the extreme draft as the piston
    makes its down-stroke. Break the grate from the side, and when the piston stops
    at your level quickly crouch and go thru the hole. Turn and face the opening
    you just came thru. (A Weequay should now be right in front of you at the top.)
    Mind-trick the Weequay as the lift nears the top. Then target him and saber
    throw as the lift stops. Jump off and start running around the edge of the
    hole. (You're sure to notice the Shield Power Converter, but I'll mention it
    anyway.) As you near the first Gran veer to the outside and push him off the
    edge. If the other one doesn't stop chasing you, reverse your direction. (Try
    to time it so the lift is going down.)
    When these three guys are gone, move around the rim of the hole and locate an
    opening above. Save? Secret area. (Small Shield Generator, and another Seeker
    Drone.) *A lot of seeker drones showing up as secret booty, wonder what that
    means? Soon.* To get to the secret, jump up to the opening from the sloped
    buttress while the piston is at the top. It's a tough jump, crouching at the
    edge of the opening may help. (You might want to pull this generator out onto
    the piston and then up to the floor to make it easier to get later.) Save?
    There is only one door in here, and it is tied to the cycle of the piston. It
    will only open when the piston is stopped. (When the light above the door is
    white.) In the next room are two Weequay and two Rodians with blasters.
    @Option3. Go to the door and place a primary fire trip-mine just inside as soon
    as it opens. Strafe away to avoid being hit, and equip your saber. Select a
    force power (I like mind-trick) and watch the door from one side.
    If the door doesn't open on the next white cycle, move in and back out to open
    it on the next. You should get two and sometimes three of the enemy with the
    mine. Use force and the saber to finish the remaining ones as they come thru
    the door. Go thru the door and up the stairs to the left. Save?
    You'll come to a door, and to the left of that there's an elevator just around
    the corner. *The elevator leads up to an optional room. You'll have to fight a
    bomber Gran, two Weequay, and two Rodians for a Small Shield Generator and some
    Bacta. I'd pass.* Select mind trick and run by the door to open it to bait the
    two bomber Gran and two Weequay inside. Run around the corner toward the
    elevator I just mentioned. Stop short of the elevator a few feet, turn around
    and hug the left wall. Aim at where they will come around the corner, and hold
    down the force button. (With mind-trick.)
    As soon as the first Gran hits the cross-hair and stops, release the force
    button, and throw your saber. As soon as the saber has done its work, press the
    force button again for the next Gran. You will probably have to go after the
    Weequay. When it's safe, enter the room they came out of. Save?
    An Ugnaught is hard at work at a console in here. And if you nose around you'll
    find another elevator. (Three Weequay, and a Rodian for Blaster Ammo and a
    couple of Bacta.) The switch on the Ugnaught's console opens the door to the
    furnace room. You can press the switch yourself and run like the wind thru
    there, or mind trick the Ugnaught from the door to work the switch to gain a
    little breathing room.
    (To get back thru the fiery room, use speed to slow things down. Then run to
    the door with the Disruptor equipped. Zoom in on the Ugnaught's head and mind-
    trick him to open the door. You might want to bind mind-trick to a quick button
    if you didn't before. Makes things go a little... quicker.)
    Going up, and up.
    Past the fire room is a lift. Ride it up. As it nears the top look up and find
    the door and get to the left of it. Look around the door jamb with the third
    person cam. Straight across you'll see a small open elevator moving between the
    tier you're on and the next. To the left of that, and at your level is a support
    for the glowing pipe that encircles the room. On the left side of the support
    is a Rodian sniper. Ease the Briar cross-hair around the door jamb and...
    Now you can step out into the room and look around. There are four small
    elevators cycling. (Two directly above you.) You'll notice a red force field
    lattice appear whenever the elevators are stopped. The glowing tubes that
    circle the room are not your friend, avoid touching them. There are also more
    enemies above.
    Select speed, and when the red lattice appears, use it to run across the hole
    and jump to the support just to the right of the elevator. You want to land on
    the small platform to the immediate right of the support. Then crouch and duck
    into the hole. There is some ammo here. (There is ammo somewhere on every
    tier.) Ease out of the other side of the hole. A Weequay above and on the far
    side will start firing when he spots you. He isn't very accurate at this range,
    so just quickly zoom in and disrupt his world. Save?
    When the lattice reappears, run to the elevator to your right. (These elevators
    can be deadly if you stray from the center while riding them, and I'm not
    talking about the fall.) At the top of this elevator run to the closest support
    to the right. Again, jump to it and duck into the hole. (Be quick about it, a
    Rodian sniper has a clear shot.)
    Ease to the right side of the hole and use the third person cam to check out
    the next higher tier. On the right side of the support directly opposite you is
    the Rodian sniper. He's ducking and will be hard to see and target. *He won't
    fire when the lattice between you is active, so you can use this time to strafe
    out with the Disruptor, and zoom in to get a bead on him. You will be in a
    forced crouch as long as you don't move to far from the hole, so no need to
    hold the crouch button to stay zoomed. Use speed to slow things down. Then you
    can strafe back in and have your vertical aim set.* Ease the cross-hair around
    and get it red, then send a fully charged Briar secondary his way.
    When he's gone, get to the elevator and ride it up. Save? (You can also just
    run straight to the elevator and then toss a thermal at him as you near his
    level.) This time run to the support just left of the elevator opposite. Ease
    out of the right side of the hole and take care of another inaccurate Weequay.
    Now get to, and ride the last elevator up to the top. There will be a door to
    the left. Two Weequay and a bomber Gran wait behind it. When you can, run to
    the right side of the support that is just to the right of the door. Don't go
    into the hole yet. Aim at the door and use speed. Move into the hole and go a
    little past halfway thru. The door will start to open. Back up to where you
    can't be seen. The Weequay will now be outside. Ease the Briar cross-hair
    around the corner and take out the nearest one.
    The Gran will come out now if you are past the center of the hole. Back up so
    he doesn't see you and toss a thermal your way. (If he didn't come out, use
    speed and move forward again to bring him out.) Snipe him and the Weequay as
    well, then get to the door. (Large Shield Generator, and a Bacta.) Inside
    you'll find the final lift. Underneath it the final secret. (Small Shield
    Generator, Ammo, and a Bacta.) Back track and fill up if you need to, then come
    back here and ride the lift to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Bespin Undercity B. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >The Reborn Jedi Zombies make their debut in this level. I try to avoid saber
    >battles early in the walkthrough, but that's not always possible. So even if
    >you aren't much of a swordsman, you should save and battle these guys for the
    >experience. (And fun.) Try different combos of force power and saber tactics.
    >Then if it doesn't work out, try the method this walkthrough offers to get
    >by. "The method" will involve the saber more later on, so get in some
    >practice now.
    At the top of the lift is short hall with an Ammo Power Converter and a door.
    On the other side of the door two Weequay and a Rodian (Blaster Rifle) are
    patrolling. Just work the doorway with the saber and your fav. force power.
    Then check out the room. (Ammo, Thermals and Bacta.) Slash the grate to the
    right of the door. (Facing the door.) Save?
    Jump into the tube and hang on to your saber. Don't touch the left stick, and
    you _should_ land on a platform. Look up to see more platforms above you.
    You'll see air rushing upwards in a regular cycle. Jump toward the closest
    platform above when the air starts rushing. Use a force on the Rodian who
    awaits as you drop to the platform. The next platform is guarded by a Weequay.
    The one after that, two Weequay. Save?
    The top platform is a quite large. The better to fight a saber battle on?
    Select force speed. Then head on up. When you land a cut scene starts. The
    first Reborn of the game will soon be dropping in. (He's immune to push and
    pull in the air.) Whup his butt with your light saber. Speed should give you
    enough of an advantage. Especially if he saber throws. ***Or quickly get to his
    side of the large pillar in the center of the platform after he makes the jump
    over the gap. He will usually just twiddle his thumbs and pace. And he seems to
    have a problem dodging Disruptor shots. (At least those "below the belt.") Two
    good shots and he's usually toast.***
    Kyle will start a monologue in the vein of "quacks like duck." When he's
    finished talking, the door on the other side will open. Two Rodians will come
    out. They'll know where you are, and how to use the air jets to get over to
    you. So equip the saber and run to the left as soon as red hooded stranger goes
    down. (Don't save or go to the menu here, it will cut Kyle's speech short and
    the door will open prematurely.)
    The little jets will boost you over the gap. On the other side, get quickly to
    the left side of the door and turn to aim at the closest stairway. Select push
    and use it when ever one of these guys comes out. (If you got to the door quick
    enough, no one will exit. Look around the door jamb to see what's what. You can
    snipe them one by one around the door jamb.)
    As soon as you go thru this door, two more Rodians and two more Weequay will
    come running from around the corner. Get back outside and aim at the stairway
    from the left side of the door again. Push every time you see one exit. With a
    little practice, you should be putting all four in the side pocket. Enter the
    hallway once it's safe and go to the stairs. (Ammo Power Converter.)
    Around the corner past the stairs are a couple of bomber Gran. Save? Ease the
    camera around the corner to size them up. If you decide to push their thermals
    back in their faces (very satisfying,) get in fairly close. There's Shield
    Power Converter near them, but save it if your less than fifty shields.
    When you open the door, you'll see another Reborn waiting patiently on the
    platform above. Select your LAG, then move into the room. Aim over his head,
    and wait for him to jump. When he does give him a push, then run to the left
    and up the stairs. Follow the wall around under another stairway. Turn on the
    LAG if you need to and duck into the hole under the stairs. Secret area. (Two
    Small Shield Generators, Ammo, and a Bacta.)
    Turn around, turn off the LAG and get to the left side of the opening. Select
    push and strafe over in front of the opening. Push when jumps, and if he falls
    move out a bit and throw your saber before he gets up. Move back into the hole
    and repeat 'till he doesn't get up.
    Watch your force meter, it does no good to get him down if you can't follow up
    with a throw. *If he grips you and you lose much health, get to the left and
    close to the opening. Heal, then move back over in front of the opening. He
    rolls forward sometimes as he gets off the floor. It doesn't hurt to push when
    he does. If he gets inside, put your back to a corner and slash and push for
    all your worth.* A door will open above when he dies. Save?
    Three Rodians will be up there. Leave the secret area and put your back to the
    outside wall. Strafe around to the right until you can snipe the Rodians with
    the Disruptor. Check out the two rooms now. (Ammo, and a Bacta.) In the upper
    room is the R5 Lando programmed. Set it free and get on the lift with it. End
    'o level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Bespin Streets. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >New weapon, Heavy Repeater. Primary can be blocked by a lightsaber, but won't
    >be reflected back. This gives it potential against saber wielding enemies.
    >Concussion secondary.
    >New enemy, Trandoshan.
    >Force grip. (See the "Force Tips" section.)
    >Somewhere in this level Kyle began to intermittently dodge Disruptor shots
    >from Rodian matrix style dodge if standing still, and use speed for a moment if
    >he was moving. I couldn't get him to do it consistently, so I gave up trying.
    When the lift reaches the top you'll get control of your legs back. Jump up
    onto the ledge to the left. (Bacta.) Open the door and move in close to the
    trip-mine beams. Pull the Repeater out of the Trandoshan's hands. Then pull him
    down to the mines as you back up to a safe distance. When he's cleared the way,
    enter the room. (Large Shield Generator.)
    Press the switch, and run back past the droid. Jump onto the rising lift and
    beat it to the door. Get to the left side and face the security lock. When the
    droid turns to access the lock, move in behind it to trap it between you and
    the door jamb when the door opens. Strafe right just a hair to avoid being shot
    by a Weequay on a ledge outside. Turn to face the hall.
    This veranda is heavily trip-mined. Leave the high ones, they can be used to
    your advantage. Use a blaster weapon to take out the close one. Then switch to
    the Disruptor and take out the rest that are visible. Three of the lower mines
    will be hidden by pillars. Save? Use the Repeater secondary to explode them.
    The closest one is on the left side of the hall. The farther two are across
    from each other. Save? When the hall is clear, back up to free the droid, then
    move to left side of the door.(If the R5 is stuck, use pull to give it a tug.)
    Ease the cross-hair around the corner and nail the Weequay on the ledge across
    the pit. Then run up to the first support and use it for cover to snipe the
    Rodian. (Mind the trip mine.) Finally, take out the Gran at the end. Wait until
    the droid has gone thru the door at the end of the veranda and disappeared,
    then fire a couple of blaster rounds thru that door. Now go back thru the first
    door, get to the left of it, and select your fav. force. (Mind-trick is my fav.
    force power here.) The trip-mines should get three guys. Work the doorway. *Try
    holding the force button down if using mind trick.* Saber throw the last two
    after the force does its thing. When it's over, head down the veranda. Save?
    The next room has couple of Tie fighters parked, and a double door at one end.
    The droid will have parked itself in a side room. Secret area. (Ammo Power
    Converter.) There are no enemies in the room thru the double door, but some in
    a side room off of that. Select speed and go thru the double door. Turn left
    and move along the wall until you see one of them bolt for the door. Hit the
    speed and run back to the first door the R5 unlocked. Force and saber throw
    until no more come thru. (These guys will keep walking when mind-tricked so
    work close to the edge of the door. You can use the secret room for this also,
    but it tougher. They don't like to come in.)
    You will probably have to kill at least one straggler. When all four are dead,
    check out the two rooms for goodies. (Ammo, two Small Shield Generators.) Save?
    At one end of the main room is a saber-locked door. As soon as you open it two
    Weequay, a Rodian, and a Gran will see you. Cut the lock and get to the left of
    the door. Fav. force and saber again. Save?
    Go out the door into an open area. There will be a small door to the left.
    Nothing in there but a Gran and a Weequay. Move on down toward the bigger door.
    When you approach it a Reborn will appear on the ledge above and to the right.
    The Repeater secondary in conjunction with force push can be a deadly combo
    with this flavor of Jedi wannabe. Play with it 'till it works. Save?
    Go thru the double doors and hook up with a Rebel 'Barney.' He will follow you
    and provide assistance of a sort. (He's no more accurate than Jan, but with a
    lesser rate of fire.) Move up to the other door just close enough to open it.
    Use the Disruptor on the Rodian across the street and slightly to the right,
    and then on the Trandoshan in the corner further to the right.
    Another Rodian and a Weequay are on the way, from down the street to the left.
    Take them as they came thru the door. Barney of course will help. (I personally
    prefer to work alone, most of the time anyway. But I don't like to kill
    friendlies. The one cloud car back where the Reborn appeared works well as a
    pen. ;) This walkthrough assumes the Barneys are penned or dead.)
    Move back to the doorway and find the Gran on a ledge above, across the street.
    Snipe him. Turn left out of the door and head down the street. Around the first
    corner to the left is a Trandoshan. (Ammo.) Kill him. As you approach the next
    corner, firing will start. Get behind the cloud car, and snipe the hard to see
    Rodian and the cannon jockey at the end of the street. It will get quiet. Save?
    Turn around and look up at the ledge style walkway on the buildings to the
    left. You will see a small door nearby. To the right of that, straight down the
    street is a veranda on the same level as the door. Select speed and move the
    sidewalk closest to the door, then back down the street away from the door.
    When the door opens, hit speed and run back to the door where you entered the
    streets proper.
    Go inside and then strafe out and back in to see if the Rodian sniper that came
    out the door noticed you. Also check the walkways on the other side of the
    street between here and the veranda. (If the Rodian fired, ease the Briar
    cross-hair out and find him.) Move out into the street and zoom in on the
    Rodian with the Disruptor. When he's gone, find the Gran that came out onto the
    veranda. (Probably still on the far end of the veranda.)
    Now cross the street and move down to the second street lamp. Look up at the
    veranda and tap strafe left until you see a Rodian sniper's head. Zoom in and
    pop it. (Sometimes another Rodian sniper will show up on the walkway near the
    hangar. I'm not sure why, it may be random or stray fire landing near him. He
    will have made his presence known by now if that's the case. Punt, or load the
    last save.) Save?
    Head for the hangar now, keeping an eye on the walkways above. When you draw
    fire, hit speed and retreat to behind the cloud car. Get up close to it, right
    behind the engine. Watch for the Rodian that will come out of the door. He will
    most likely get stuck at the center of the make shift barricade. *If doesn't,
    mind-trick him as he comes around the corner of the car, and kill him there.*
    Select mind-trick, and zoom in with the Disruptor. He'll be dancing around a
    bit. Aim chest high and calm him down with a shot of mind-trick. And zap.
    Now get to the left wall and ease down toward the door. As soon as the Rodian
    up top fires, move back just 'till he stops firing. Zoom in and try to get a
    shot. If you can't see him crouch and tap strafe until you can. Once he's
    history, run to the left side of the big door. Look around the edge of the door
    for a Weequay on the ledge inside. If you find him, snipe him. If not, he's
    above you. Back into the street until a head shot presents itself. Take it.
    There is a Large Shield Generator, some Bacta and various Ammo near the
    barricade and laser cannon. Make your way to the lift in the hangar. Save? At
    the top two Rodians will come around the far corner to the left. (Looking
    toward the door.) Run off the lift when it reaches the top. Hit speed and run
    to the corner underneath them. Then back away until you see a head. Pow. And
    then another. (The second one can be tough to see if the light is behind him.)
    Above the streets.
    Heal, then ride the lift up. Go left to circle the big room and grab the Ammo
    and Bacta. Nearby is a small darkened tunnel in a shallow alcove. Jump up into
    it for a secret area. (Ammo, Small Shield Generator, and Bacta.) Then follow
    the walkway down the street to the door the Rodian sniper came out awhile back.
    As soon as it opens, the two Weequay inside will be aware of your presence.
    They are hard to call. They may or may not run out. I like to just strafe over
    in front of the door and push, then saber throw. (Be close to the door.) With a
    little luck, you'll get them both with one throw. Repeat if necessary. As you
    enter the hall they were in, a Rodian will come out of a door to the left.
    Saber fodder. Inside that room is a Shield Power Converter.
    Follow the hallway around the corner to another door. When you go thru it, two
    Rodians will come running. Speed, push, throw, hack. Or push, throw, throw.
    Or... The next room (how many doors does that make?) has two more Rodians. (I
    recommend mind-trick, these two will walk right to your saber throw.) Save?
    There are some Thermal-Dets in the corner by the door. (Also a Bacta in another
    corner.) Careful though, once that door's been opened, two Weequay and a bomber
    Gran will soon arrive.
    The other door is saber-locked. Behind it are two Barneys. (And not much else.)
    If you choose to free the guards, they will usually handle the next three
    enemies OK, with a little help. (Force power, directed at the doorway from off
    to the side.) If you choose to go it alone, force push seems the safest power
    when dealing with bomber Gran. If you run back a door or two these guys will
    string out, with the Gran usually in the lead.
    Go out the door and follow the walkway. About halfway around the second round
    building, two Rodians and a Weequay will attack from ahead. Push works great,
    but you may want the Weequays ammo. Ease on around this building until another
    Weequay fires on you from afar. He's a long ways off, so you're pretty safe.
    Kill him now though. Save?
    As soon as you take a few more steps, two Rodian snipers will appear. One
    around the corner next to a lift there, and the other near the top of the round
    building across the top of the wall. Use speed, then select push. Run around
    the building your next to and push the Rodian by the lift. Kill him quickly if
    he doesn't fall off. Turn around and run across the top of the wall before the
    one up top gets a bead. (Ammo.) Save?
    Back away from the building just far enough to target the sniper above, then
    kill him. Go back to the lift and ride it down. Go to the right and stop when
    you get next to the big door. Notice the little door above has opened. Run back
    the lift you rode down and press the switch. A bomber Gran will come out of the
    door and will try to get close enough to toss thermals. Run back to the big
    door and snipe him from there. Now ride the other lift up and head to the door
    he came out of. Save?
    There's a Rodian, a Weequay, and a Trandoshan left inside. (I like mind-trick
    and saber throw from a forty-five degree angle to side of the door.) Press the
    tiny switch inside to open one of the huge doors below. (Two Small Shield
    Generators, and a couple of Bacta.) Ride the lift down and go thru the door.
    Behind each of the matching monoliths a Reborn awaits. (Two different flavors.)
    One is susceptible to Repeater secondary fire, the other just pushes it back.
    Note the elevator. Select speed and run along the sidewalk on the left. Just
    after you see the one closest to you, use speed and run to the elevator. Get on
    and press the switch. Turn around, hopefully to see that the Reborn have
    decided to stay and guard the opposed obelisks. If not load the last save and
    try again. (If you have trouble getting them to stay, try baiting them over
    close to the big door. Then hit speed and run down the right side to the
    elevator.) Avoid jumping in the sight of the Reborn, they seem to sometimes
    take it as a taunt.
    Up top there will be a bridge with a series of buttresses (that's wrong but...)
    on either side. Behind each buttress is a trip-mine that isn't activated. (And
    a few more up on the railing.) Use the Repeater secondary to clear the mines
    behind the first two buttresses on each side. Lob a shot in just beyond each
    buttress. Don't move past the second buttress on the left while doing this.
    When you're done use speed and move up to the second buttress on the right,
    then get behind the second buttress on the left and crouch. Wait for the speed
    to wear off. Stand back up and aim toward the nearest enemy/ies. Now pull the
    right stick back to raise the vertical aim as high as it will go. Fire of a
    couple secondaries, then bring the aim down to watch them land. Adjust the aim
    and repeat until it's clear. Save? @Option4. Clear the rest of the bridge of
    mines if you want, then reload your Repeater with the Ammo around the corner
    from the lift.
    Cross the bridge and follow the left wall to the window. Ease up to the railing
    in third person and locate the two Rodians guarding a door down below. Go back
    to where the Rodians won't see you, and jump up onto the little ledge along the
    right wall. Move up to where you can see the one to the right of the door.
    Snipe him and move forward just beyond the corner. Tap strafe to the right
    until you can get a red cross-hair on the other one and snipe him. Turn to the
    right and jump down into the water. Equip the saber and move to the door.
    Use the camera to peer around the door jamb and check out yet another veranda.
    There will be a Weequay close and a Rodian patrolling farther down. (There is
    another Weequay around the corner.) Force and saber. (If the Rodian doesn't
    return from his patrol, going back thru the door may get him moving. Also, the
    second Weequay sometimes shows up with the Rodian.) Try to stay close to the
    door, or keep moving while dealing with these guys. (There's a Rodian sniper on
    a ledge across a pit to the right who may fire.)
    When it gets quiet again, stay to the right and move down just short of the end
    of the second bench. Crouch and zoom in on the ledge straight ahead. You should
    be able to find the legs of a Rodian sniper. Paper tiger. Save? Stand up,
    switch to third person and turn to the right to look around the edge of the
    wall. You will see another Rodian up on the ledge somewhere. (If not, strafe
    left until you see him.)
    Run to the first roof support pillar and use it for cover. Try to get a red
    cross-hair on this guy and kill him. It may take a few tries, he's slippery.
    When you're done (Save?) follow the veranda around the corner. Take out the
    Weequay if he's still here. Inside the room at the end of the veranda are a
    Weequay and a Rodian. Also four STroopers further around to the right. Take out
    the two aliens from the door way with force and saber. Then look over the edge
    of the railing out on the veranda. Save? There's a narrow bit of ledge visible
    below. Secret area. (Two Small Shield Converters, and another Seeker Drone.)
    When you've made it back up to the door, use speed to run past the STroopers
    and into the little room with a Ammo Power Converter and some Thermal-Dets.
    Take out the troopers one by one. In the next little room is another Power
    Converter (green flavor.) There are two more STroopers to kill in the room thru
    the door, also a lift.
    At the top of the lift are two Officers (one with heavy shields and a key,) a
    Rodian sniper, a bomber Gran, a Weequay, and a STrooper. Equip the Repeater,
    select speed and ride the lift up. Near the top, activate speed then select
    push and elevate the Repeater aim slightly. As soon as you see the Gran, aim at
    him then hold down the secondary trigger and start slowly strafing left. The
    Rodian and Gran are the most dangerous.
    Once they're gone, and the Officers have run from the room you should have no
    trouble. Switch to the saber, and finish off the STrooper and Weequay if you
    need to. Then heal and grab the stuff in here. (Bacta, and Ammo.)
    Get the left side of the door, then tap strafe right until you can snipe the
    first Officer. Snipe the other one if he's there, then back away from the door.
    Use speed and run thru the door. The Reborn will jump over your head most
    likely, if not run around him. Run over the Officer with the dark uniform to
    grab the Security Key he has. (If there is nothing in this level you need, you
    can try running around the cloud car and back into the other room. If you're
    quick, with a bit of luck you can unlock, open, and go thru the door. A few
    steps down the hall will end the level.)
    Run by the cloud car and off the edge. Land on the wall below and turn left.
    You should recognize the area. Make your way to the tiny switch that opens the
    huge door. (Monoliths.) Heal. Open the door and ride the lift down. The Reborn
    you left here will begin moving toward you as soon as you near the door. Get to
    the other big door and watch. When the time looks right, use speed and run
    around the hole and go thru the door. Use speed again as soon as you can and
    head straight to the elevator. Make your way back to the room with the security
    door you now have a key for. Unlock it, and enter to end the level.
          :             :
          Bespin Platform.
    >Rank 2 saber defense. Wider arc, faster blocking, a noticeable percentage of
    >shots will now be reflected back toward your foes.
    >New weapon, Golan Arms FC-1. Its primary can be blocked by a light saber, but
    >isn't reflected back. (Like the Repeater.) The primaries also bounce a short
    >ways. The secondary fires two bouncing timed explosives which behave exactly
    >like primary thermal-detonators.
    >New Enemy, the Squad Leader. They carry non-blaster style weapons. Repeaters
    >or FC-1s. The saber will not reflect the primary fire of either weapon. Some
    >individuals will fire secondary rounds. A single one is no problem, but two or
    >more become a bit more challenging. Push or pull, followed by rushing in and
    >making quick (short) saber throws is an option. Saber defense moves will kill
    >if the saber is touching his body.
    >You're in Imperial territory now, no alien scum. So ammo for the Disruptor and
    >Bowcaster will be a little less abundant. On the bright side, no more Rodian
    >snipers, or Bomber Gran.
    Save? Above and to the left, a Reborn waits for you. He will drop from his
    perch as soon as you approach the pillar he's near, or he senses a cross-hair.
    His perch leaves him vulnerable to push or pull. Equip the trusty Repeater, and
    select push. Move up close, then aim below him. Push, then target him and let
    loose with primary fire as you move in close. (He is in such a bad position
    when he falls to the floor that almost any gun will work. (A quick saber kill
    is also a possibility.) Pull actually works better, but you will have to get it
    off quickly as you move the cross-hair onto him.) If it goes bad, load the last
    save and try again. Save?
    Move up to the door at the end of the hall and open it. You'll see two
    STroopers and two Squad Leaders far off near a crystal light, an unlocked door
    to the left close, and some trip-mines just beyond that. (The doors to the
    right are locked.) The STroopers are patrolling, and the Squad Leaders are
    stationary. There is an Officer and two more STroopers in the room to the left.
    Run thru the door to the left, turn right, then back up to the wall. Face your
    enemies and see what the level-2 saber defense can do. If you have a chance to
    safely pull an FC-1 away from a commander, go ahead and do it. They will pick
    up a rifle, but that's fine. When everyone with normal weapons has met there
    end, go after the remaining Flechetters if any. Force and saber of course.
    Grab the Ammo in here and move up _to_ the round area with the crystal light in
    the middle. Save? There are two doors and a lift. Two STroopers will come out
    of the left door when you move into the room. So move over to the door and get
    rid of them now. Now go thru the other door. (The center door.)
    Around the first corner is a wall o' mines, around the next an assault sentry
    gun. Leave the mines for now, and tap strafe to where you can safely snipe the
    assault sentry. Use the Disruptor to aim if you want, but use a blaster weapon
    to shoot. Keep your saber equipped for protection until you have found a safe
    position. (Anywhere in the lower section of an assault sentry is vulnerable,
    but the gun itself is not.) Now jump up on the ledge opposite the wall o' mines
    and move forward to trigger them. (Just out of range.) Continue down the ledge
    until you can snipe another assault sentry farther down the hall. You are out
    of its sensor range so no need to hide. Save?
    Move up to the closest of two doors on the right side of the hall here. About
    twenty feet or so away. Knock on the door with the Briar. If no one answers,
    move up a few feet and knock again. When you get an answer, back down the hall
    until you can just see the other door. Zoom in with the Disruptor and aim at
    the wood of the door. Switch to the Briar and send two or three rounds at it. A
    lone STrooper will come out to investigate, zoom in and vaporize him with the
    Disruptor. Immediately switch to your saber and retreat to the room you made
    your first stand in.
    Same corner, same tactic. Four STroopers, and a Squad Leader will head your
    way. Let the saber defense work its magic again until it's just you and the
    Squad Leader. Force and saber time again. Go back into the crystal light room,
    and go thru the other door. (The one on the left.) A hall that curves to the
    right. Around the first corner and near the ceiling, three LBoDs are waiting.
    Not a problem now that you have the lightsaber.
    Just let these droids kill themselves by bouncing rounds off your saber. (Saber
    swings and throw as well as lightning can speed things up, but carry a slightly
    higher risk.) Around the next corner is another assault sentry. You can use a
    radius damage weapon on it. Or run in, then saber it while circling it. (You
    can literally strafe circles around these, even without speed.) Lightning works
    also, but it's harder to aim.
    Now go into the room all the STroopers came out of. There is a bunch of Ammo in
    here also Trip-mines, a couple of Batteries, and a Bacta. Behind two familiar
    droids under the stairs is a secret area. (Small Shield Generator, Bacta.) (The
    larger one's first response when you press the use button near him is not
    repeated again with subsequent presses. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but...) In
    the room above is an Officer with a key you need. Take it from his lifeless
    Time to use the elevator back in the crystal light room. Before you press the
    switch, look up. Around the corner at the top, three Squad Leaders and four
    STroopers await you. Use speed then select push and run thru the opening and
    turn left. Head straight for the pack and press push. If they all go down, use
    an Top-Down Hack to take out the nearest Squad Leader. (On the left.) Back up
    the stairs and into the corner by the elevator and let the saber defense thin
    things out. Strafe right if things slow down to try and put a few of the
    blaster rounds into the Squad Leaders. If you're lucky, a few will find a Squad
    Leader or two. Watch it though, they will try to "get behind him." Patience
    here, trying to use force under heavy fire is dangerous.
    When only Squad Leaders remain, slowly move back into the opening that leads to
    the elevator shaft. You may get a chance to pull a weapon away. If no one
    comes, look around the corner. Red cross-hair, E11 secondary. Get back to the
    saber in case they rush you. When there are only one or two select push and go
    after them. (It will help later on if you can get thru this with full shields.)
    There are three droids waiting above the glass roof of this hall. The first two
    can be taken out with the Disruptor right thru the glass. They won't attack
    even though they can see you. The last one will come thru the glass before you
    can see it. The saber will make short work of it. There is a door on the far
    end with a security lock next to it. You have the key, so unlock it. Behind the
    door is another Reborn. He'll attack as soon as the door opens. I'll offer two
    possible tactics for him besides the traditional Jedi saber butt kicking.
    @Option5. Save?
    Tactic #1: Equip the FC-1, select pull, and get centered on the doorway. Aim at
    the bottom of the door and move forward to open it. As soon as it opens part
    way and you see his feet, pull. If he goes down, one quick solid shot from the
    FC-1 will end it. If you miss with the pull, load the last save. If you can
    time the pull right it's a sure bet. (You can try adding speed to the tactic,
    but I find it diddles the timing.) As soon as he's dead, equip the saber for
    protection from the Squad Leader and STrooper that are also in that room.
    Finish the STroopers.
    Tactic #2: Equip the saber and use speed. Run by the door to open it and then
    run to the elevator shaft. Drop down into it and run into the room.
    Line1. Heal. Bind push and select pull, and when your force has returned, ride
    the elevator up. Move into the opening, and wait for the Reborn to attack.
    Ignore the STroopers and the Reborn if he just passes by the door. When he
    comes towards you, throw the saber first and then use pull while backing off
    the edge. At best he'll be pulled to his death, at worst he'll grip you and
    drop you to yours. More likely is he will be hit by the returning saber, or
    will drop down unharmed. If he's hit he may stay at the opening. If he's not at
    the opening above, goto line2. Aim at or near him, switch to the FC-1. Select
    push then fire. He'll jump down. Try to push him while he's in the air. Then
    quickly target him and lean on the primary trigger while continuing to push.
    Ride up and take out the STroopers.
    Line2. If he didn't drop down goto line1. Get back on the elevator and press
    the switch, then turn and push in his direction. If he gets on, goto line3.
    Kill the STroopers at the top and heal. Then select push and move back into the
    opening. Get clear to the edge so he can't land. He will start jumping up to
    attack you. Slash and push. If he lands in the little alcoves to either side of
    the opening, he will soon try to jump over and get in. Push.
    Line3. Pull or push and attack him to gain time until the elevator starts up.
    When it's halfway up or so, jump up to one of the small ledges to either side
    of the opening. Keep attacking and using force until the elevator goes down,
    then play it the same as if you were in the opening.
    One of these tactics should work sooner or later. (Barring an infinite loop.)
    Spaghetti code, yuck. It would be nice to get thru unscathed, but just
    surviving will work. (Be sure to heal.)
    Inside the room is a security camera console. Use it to see a whole lot of
    enemies running into the building you're in. Go just outside the room and look
    down the hall. You can't see them, but around the corner are three Squad
    Leaders, two STroopers, and an Officer. At least one of the Squad Leaders likes
    to use the FC-1 secondary.
    Equip the FC-1 and select mind-trick. Fire a couple orange balls down toward
    the corner and count to three. (Aim high so they bounce around the corner.)
    Fire a few more if you want, then get back inside the room. Equip the saber and
    from a position about forty-five degrees left of the door and maybe five feet
    back, aim just to the right of the left edge of the doorway. Hold down the
    force button until the first one is tricked, then run in and hack or slash him.
    Back away to where you were while mind-tricking again. Repeat.
    You can saber throw once in awhile, but watch the force meter. Mind-trick will
    drain the force meter to zero if you don't release it after it finds a target,
    so let loose as soon as you see the blue particles. (Grip can also work well
    combined with saber throws and attacks, but the timing is a little tougher.)
    With a modicum of luck, you'll soon have a nice pile of bodies at the door.
    Go to the elevator now and select speed. Down below in the crystal light room,
    is an Officer (with the key to the rooms that are still locked below.) With him
    are five Squad Leaders and a STrooper. *If you have full shield, and are happy
    with your ammo situation there's no reason to fight.* Press the switch and get
    on the elevator.
    As soon as it starts down use speed and select push. Turn to the right about an
    eighth turn and when you can get off, do. Use push as you get to the floor and
    two to four of the guys on the right will go down. *If you are leaving, run
    thru the door to the right, and don't look back. Tavion awaits you thru the
    door at the end of the hall.*
    If you need the Shield and Ammo Power Converters in the locked side rooms, head
    down the hall to the left and thru the first door to the right. If the trip-
    mines are still intact in this hall, you can work the door like you did
    upstairs. If not then put your back to the wall and let the saber block. Pull
    weapons from the Squad Leaders when you can and hang on. Switch to grip when it
    seems right, and saber throw while they choke. (One Squad Leader uses the FC-1
    secondary sometimes. And he grips it tighter than normal. Other times he fires
    only primary inside the room. If it goes bad the first time, it will likely go
    much better the next try.) When it's over find the officer's body. Save?
    Get the key and use it across the hall. The door to the right of the lock has
    the ammo power converter, the one to the left the shield converter. It also
    houses a Reborn. He won't come off his perch until you enter the room though.
    Select and use speed, then switch to push. Run just inside to see him drop off
    the wall, then back out and run to the elevator and press the switch. Turn and
    push him if he's about to get on the elevator.
    At the top go into the opening and turn around. Get to the edge and wait for
    him to jump up and attack. Hold down the force and attack buttons and aim in
    his general direction. He should soon be laying at the bottom. *If he didn't
    make it to the elevator, select push and call it up. Face toward where the
    switch will be, and press it as soon as you see it. Turn around and push to
    keep him off. If he gets on or doesn't end up at the bottom, load the last save
    and try different timing with the run to the elevator.* @Option6.
    Go back down and fill up. (Shield management.) This shield converter has one
    hundred shield points, the only one in the game. Hmm. Tavion awaits you at the
    end of the long hall. Save?
                             The Lizard's Apprentice
    There will be a cut scene, and afterward she'll take a few seconds to decide if
    she really wants to kill such a cute bearded man with a light saber. Her
    heart's black though, and she'll come for you. If you want to saber her into
    submission, you could be in for battle. (There is a bacta in one of the
    tunnels, and a Small Shield Generator in another.) @Option7. With just the
    medium style and baby force powers you don't have much to work with.
    You can try speed, but I had the best luck with pull. Her tendency toward
    acrobatics seems to leave her vulnerable to pull. Used constantly it seems to
    break her rhythm somewhat. It will break a grip by her just like push, but
    seems to leave her on her face more often. (And closer to you.) Move around a
    lot with the force button held down and you can catch her napping once in
    awhile. When she's on the ground, you should be able to get at least one "Top
    Down Hack" in. (Two or three if you've practiced chaining them in one spot.)
    (See the "Lightsaber Tips" section near top for more on Top Down Hack.) And
    usually a parting slash as you strafe away as she gets up. Save whenever you
    get in a lick or two without taking damage.
    A seeker let loose at the beginning _can_ make the duel much easier. (There are
    plenty more drones to be had ahead.) You need to use it before she targets you,
    though. And stay away from her until she focuses on the seeker. Then quickly
    (speed?) get behind her while she is focused on a seeker. A pull almost always
    takes her down from the back. If you stay out of her face, she will usually get
    up still intent on the destroying the drone. (Stay on the side of her opposite
    the drone while you hack and then back away.) Overall, this is a nice battle to
    have behind you. When she cries uncle, it's over.
    Cut scene, end of level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Cairn Bay. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Fast saber style. (See the "Lightsaber Tips section.) It is fast enough to get
    >in a swing between volleys of gun fire if you time it right.
    >Check to see if mind-trick is absorbed by the walls in this level. In my copy
    it was. If so you will no longer be able to hold down the force button.
    >I also was not damaged by falling, no matter the height. This was also the
    >case in a few later levels.
    Turn left as soon as you have control and run behind the hauler and down the
    ramp into the storage area. Turn around and let the two worker bees and the
    STrooper kill themselves. Then take out the Squad Leader. *There is another
    Squad Leader above on the grating ledge who uses secondary shotgun fire, so
    stay near the bottom of the ramp.*
    Now move up to the post at the top of the ramp and use it for cover to snipe
    the four guys above. The two doors on the ledge above the ship are unlocked,
    but only lead to locked doors. There's Ammo in both storage areas.
    (You've acquired a new saber style. (Fast.) This is a good place to try it out.
    Try crouching, then press and hold forward, then press attack. If you see a
    move that might go by the name of crotch-ripper, you've executed what I
    consider the best saber move of the game. The Forward Lunge. It's reasonably
    fast, and very powerful. The only weakness is that it must be aimed more
    precisely than the horizontal slashes. Practice it until you can execute it
    quickly at will.)
    Go thru the door in storage area you fought from and turn right. (Large Shield
    Generator.) Save. Open the door just past the shield generator to meet up with
    Luke. After the cut scene, STroopers and Squad Leaders will pour thru the
    doors. Pick a force, and help Luke out if you want. He'll do just fine either
    way though. Same goes with the Reborn that attack from above after the
    STroopers are all dead.
    There are two Small Shield Generators in one storage area, Ammo and a large
    stain in the other. (Is that a face?) Go thru the door you haven't been thru
    yet. Around the first corner are two STroopers, around the next a Squad Leader
    and a door. Inside the room are three Officers and a Squad Leader. One Officer
    has a key for the lock-box in here. (Assault Sentry.)
    There's a Shield Power Converter in here also, and three switches. Press the
    two in the corners to power up the lifts in huge bay visible thru the window by
    the other switch. Look thru the window at the bay and press the last switch. A
    major battle down the drain. Oh, well. So it goes. Head back to the hangar
    where you met Luke. You'll run into a STrooper and a Squad Leader on the way.
    In the hangar storage area is a Squad Leader, and there are three STroopers an
    Officer and another Squad Leader in the hangar proper. None are a real threat
    though, usually. Go thru the hangar and out the door in the opposite storage
    room (stain.)
    Go up the ramp this time and to the door. Use the console to see that there is
    a Squad Leader at the top of each lift. They have Repeaters and will lob
    concussion grenades so open the door and run to the nearest lift. They may have
    seen you, so move to a point between them. Then ease out into the room until
    you can target them with the Discombobulator rifle. Zoom in on each one and
    either fry them or mind trick them into forgetting they saw you.
    Go to the lift farthest from the door and call it down, then ride it up. *Kill
    the Squad Leader if he's still alive when you get to the top. Push?* Turn and
    look out into the bay. On the wall close is a hole in a support that you can
    jump to. And another beyond that. It's dark there but there is a grate you can
    saber at the back of the second one. (You can put on your LAG or just feel
    around with the saber until it tells you it's found something breakable.)
    Secret area. (Assault Sentry, and two Batteries.)
    Go thru the door into the control room, and back into the corner to your left.
    When everybody has shot themselves to death, press the switch at the far end of
    the room. Keep pressing it until the indicator on the right side of the panel
    is lit. You can kill the other Squad Leader if you want. Now press the switch
    at the other end of the room. This should cause the hangar doors to the right
    to start opening. Save?
    Turn around and exit, stage left. Take the lift down. At the bottom run into
    the hangar and turn left. One of the Squad Leaders above has an FC-1 set on
    secondary, so back down into the nearest corner of the storage area quickly. If
    you get lucky the Squad Leader above will rain down orange balls on some of
    your foes. When the guys on the lower level have all been sent to Imperial
    Valhalla, deal with the ones up top. You can exit the storage area safely from
    the other end. (You have picked up level-2 saber throw. Steerable. The guys up
    top are prime targets for this, but head shooting is faster.)
    When they've joined their comrades, check out the room for goodies. (Thermals,
    Ammo.) There is also a lock-box. (Large Shield Converter.) Use the shuttle to
    jump to the lattice walkway above. Jump up and slash the grate in the center
    and then jump into the duct it covered. Turn right at the corner and press the
    switch in the open area to deactivate the blue force field on the floor. Before
    dropping down, back into the duct that brought you here.
    A few feet back and you should notice a pair of fancy Reborn boots in the duct
    below. Save? This guy has major trouble blocking Bowcaster bounce shots aimed
    in front of him from here, but he is also one of the easiest Reborn saber kills
    in the game now that you have the fast saber style. *These confined quarters do
    not favor zombie faux-Jedi over a man with blue lightsaber style.*
    Select the blue (fast) stance. Use speed, drop down, enter the duct, stop, link
    Forward Lunge saber moves 'till he buckles. ("Forward Lunge" It's in the book,
    or see the "Lightsaber Tips" section for a description. It displaces the gun
    attacks in this walkthrough as the easiest tactic for Jedi type enemies.)
    Another method is to select push, move just into the duct and wait for him to
    attack. As soon as he starts toward you, use the move. If he grips, push. (Your
    saber need not be activated when you start a move.) Not foolproof, but close.
    Follow the duct he was guarding to the corner, then turn right. Take the next
    left to get to the next open area and switch. Press the switch, turn around and
    drop down. Take the duct to the right, then turn left. Press the switch and
    drop down. You'll be on a large grate.
    There's another smaller grate on this level. Find it, then snipe the Officer
    below. Drop into the control room he was in and press the switch. (Supply key,
    and two Small Shield Converters.) Turn around, one of the guys outside may come
    in. The switch here is one half of a two-part lock. The other switch is in the
    control room opposite this one.
    Kill everyone outside (Ammo) and go into the second control room. Press the
    switch to finish unlocking the door at the bottom of the ramp. There's another
    switch on a wall. Press it to deactivate the security in the room behind you.
    When you leave this room, an Officer, a Squad Leader, and three STroopers will
    come thru the small door outside. Kill them and go down the ramp and thru the
    unlocked door. There's an Ammo Power Converter and a Battery near the door. A
    lock-box with a Seeker Drone is down at the end of the hall.
    One of the elevators is stuck in its shaft, in you go. Destroy the grate and
    jump into the duct. Save. Destroy the next grate, and wait for the elevator.
    Drop onto it as it rises, and don't turn. Ride for a cycle and you'll see where
    you need to get off. Get off while it's going down. Wait for the next elevator,
    and get on. Again, don't turn.
    You'll see that you are going to have to jump. Save. You'll want to jump when
    the elevator is slightly lower than the opening. You will also want to hit the
    jump button at the middle of the elevator your standing on (after starting a
    run from the back of the elevator shaft). It also seems to help if the elevator
    is going down. Get on the next elevator and drop thru the hole in the ceiling
    to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Cairn Assembly. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Rank-2 Grip. (See the "Force Tips" section.)
    >New weapon, Destructive Electro Magnetic Pulse 2 gun. (DEMP gun.) Very
    >effective on mech. enemies. Some damage to tissue, but generally ineffective
    >against live targets.
    You'll still be in the elevator but it's stopped. A dark-side droid will give
    you away. Destroy it for vengeance. Ah, sweet vengeance. (You can pull it into
    the elevator and destroy it to avoid detection, but that will gain you little.)
    Three worker bees, and a Squad Leader will now attack. Kill them. (If you move
    to the left inside the elevator, you'll be in the sights of an auto-turret.)
    Run out and turn left to get to safety.
    There's another turret around the other corner. (Your saber throw works well
    around corners with a little practice.) Take them both out, then mind-trick the
    officer at the switch. He'll unlock the door for you. Go thru the door and
    thank him for his trouble. (Ammo.) Go thru the other door in here and kill the
    two Officers and two STroopers. (Ammo.) Take a gander at the assembly bay, then
    look around the room you're in.
    There's a door at one end, and a lift at the other. Ride the lift up, then kill
    the Officer (Supply Key) and Squad Leader up here. (Shield Power Converter,
    Ammo.) Save the shield converter if you're less than fifty, there's quite a few
    shield generators ahead. There's also a switch in here, the significance of
    which eludes me. It moves an access platform at the top of the assault lander
    visible thru the window slightly away from it. Press it or no? I didn't.
    Go back down and thru the door. Another lift, another ride. Go thru the door
    and you'll be in the assembly bay. There's a couple of worker bees on the floor
    to kill. There's also some Ammo, Batteries, and a lock-box. (Two Small Shield
    Generators.) There is another door at the top of a lift in the corner, but it's
    locked. Climb the assault lander frame to where you can jump to the walkway on
    one wall. Save.
    Make the jump and slash the grate. Move inside and destroy the four important
    looking round tubes in here to make the robotic welding unit outside go
    bonkers. Move out to the edge of the walkway and watch the explosion that opens
    an exit. Go back down pretty much the way you came up. Head thru the hole to
    find a survivor. Not for long, eh? The big door will open as you approach it.
    In the next room are two STroopers, two worker bees, and a Squad Leader to
    kill. (Ammo, and Thermals.)
    On one side of the room is a door that opens on another door. In the next room
    and the hallway off of it are two STroopers, two Officers, six Squad Leaders,
    and a worker bee. 'Could get hectic (Kurt?) (You could just get to a corner
    inside this next room, and let saber defense do its thing. The second wave of
    Squad Leaders can be a problem, though.)
    Select speed and go thru the first door. Use speed and press the switch to open
    the door. Run thru the room and bear right. (Jump over any obstacles, or give
    them a push.) At the end of the hall turn right again. Head straight for the
    door switch and press it. Quickly get thru the door and off to one side. Wait
    'till the door closes, then select grip and position yourself to the left of
    the door at a forty-five-degree angle.
    Open the door and there should be a guy there. If you're in the right spot,
    he's the only one that can fire. Push and hold the force button to choke him,
    then strafe to the left a bit to be safe. The door will close but the grip
    works thru walls once you have someone in it. When it lets go, he's dead. Get
    back into position and let the force build back up if need be. Open the door
    and do it again. After a while the remaining guys may get understandably leery
    of the door. Strafe out with it open to try and bait them in. When nobody will
    move to the trap, move just inside the door and mop up.
    When it gets real quiet, snipe the assault sentry at the top of the ramp ahead.
    Now turn left and go back toward the consoles. There's usually an Officer
    (Supply Key) there to kill. Grab the goodies (Ammo, Seeker Drone) and use the
    consoles to see what's ahead and behind. Now go back to where the sentry was
    and take out another one at the bottom of the ramp. Move down the ramp and to
    the left side of the door.
    There's an Officer far off and a worker bee close to the right in the next
    room, and a Squad Leader close to the left. The Squad Leader fires orange
    balls. Open the door with the saber equipped for protection and locate the
    first two guys. (You'll notice that your electrical tampering earlier has
    apparently had some far reaching effects.) The first two guys are relatively
    easy to snipe using the door jamb for cover. You'll probably have to open the
    door a few times, though. Save?
    Use speed then open the door and run in to the safe spot behind the boxes.
    (Mind the electricity.) Head shoot the Squad Leader from here. Save? Jedi-jump
    your way over to the barrels with blue on them. Mind-trick the STrooper who's
    firing at you, then fry or head shoot him. (The ten-second level-2 mind-trick
    makes this much less stressful.) From the next set of boxes you can get into
    the assault lander. (Batteries.)
    Ride the lift, then go thru the window and drop down to the walkway. Head to
    the control booth and press the switch on the left to turn off the rogue power
    below. Your choice again on the other switch. I didn't push it. (Large Shield
    Generator, Ammo Power Converter, and Ammo.) Ride the lift in the corner down to
    the floor. Save?
    Back track for a shield boost if you need to. When you get back, move over to
    the iris style door and open it. There are three Squad Leader's behind it,
    glued to the floor. Move close to the door to start it opening, then back up
    behind the boxes in front of it. Snipe the guy on the right around the edge of
    the box with one of your blaster weapons. (You'll need to be quick.) Then open
    the door again and get to the left where only the center guy can see you and
    choke him to death. Open the door a final time to choke and saber the last guy.
    Center yourself on the next door and ease up 'till it opens. Let the STrooper
    kill himself with his own fire. A Squad Leader will show up after the STrooper
    dies. Back up and let the door close. Get the left of the door, then strafe
    right a bit to open it. Grip the close Squad Leader, then strafe left to avoid
    the fire of the one up above if he's firing. Hold the grip 'till it lets go.
    Open the door and run up close to the boxes that the assault sentry is on.
    Throw your saber over and behind the sentry then let go of the trigger. When
    you get it right, it will take out the sentry on its return.
    Now go around the right side of the boxes. Ease down the wall until you can see
    the Squad Leader on the other side of the room. He won't fire but you can
    target him for a head shot or two. Move up to where you can do the same to the
    first guy on this side. (You can also use your saber again like you did with
    the sentry.) Move down to the last guy and finish the room. Save?
    The walkway above leads to a door. The one on the other side of the room has
    some Ammo. Enter the next room and check it out. There's a dark-side R2
    cruising around, and trip-mine beams left and right. Also a Seeker Drone in the
    same spot as the last one you found, and two security consoles to the left. To
    the right you'll see a lift. Jump over the trip-mine trigger beams, but look up
    before you do. *The sloped ceiling will change your trajectory if you hit it.
    You can use it, or avoid it.* You can also use saber throw to take out one of
    the lower mines. If you do jump over them, you should blow up the lower ones
    once you're inside anyway. Grab the drone, use the consoles if you wish, and
    ride the lift down. (Two Small Shield Generators, and Ammo.)
    In the next room two Reborn of different flavors await. Save? Select grip, open
    the door and move a few steps out. As soon as the one on the right stops, use
    grip and choke him to death. As soon as he goes, the other will attack. Get
    away from the door and avoid his attacks while your force meter fills enough
    for a grip. You can't choke him to death but the Rank-2 grip will stun him.
    Continue to avoid him while trying to connect with a grip. When you do, start
    working toward him using short grips to stun. Attack with a Forward Lunge when
    you get within range. If it connects, he's dead, if not try again.
    The combination of Rank-2 grip and a solid connection with the Forward Lunge is
    devastating to Reborn. Combined with speed, it's almost too easy. If they are
    using push to break the grip, use short duration grips. *See the "Lightsaber
    Tips" section for a description of "Forward Lunge"* @Option8. When he's gone
    head out into the room they were in, and look around. Save? Nothing here, head
    thru the two iris doors into a room with six large crates in two rows of three.
    Stop inside the door.
    As you approach the crates, two AT-XXs will bust out of the end crates of the
    row closest. So from the door, run to and jump up onto the center crate. Move
    onto the center crate in the other row and crouch. Face the pilotless mechs and
    wait for them to get hung up at the end of the rows. Get to the center of the
    crate, then back away from the two to the edge of the crate. (There's another
    one of these things in a crate behind you. It's fine as long as you don't step
    on it, or get in front of it.)
    Stand and throw your saber slightly right of the one closest to you. Hold down
    the trigger, and adjust the height with the right stick 'till it's spinning
    around and hitting the mech's torso. Keep it up 'till it goes down. The other
    should move into position for its turn. (There's a DEMP gun on the floor in an
    open crate to the left of the big crates that works well on these guys. Grab it
    on the way to the top of the crates to use it instead of the saber throw. It's
    effective on most mechanical enemies. The downside is the same as any gun,
    needs ammo and no saber defense.)
    When it gets quiet, drop down and put your saber in the last one's face. He'll
    be restricted by the crate and an easy "kill." Use lightning to speed things
    up. Avoid swinging or throwing the saber. Strafe back and forth in a small area
    to get contact with the guns. These guys can take a lot more punishment than
    other enemies, but other than that they present little more threat than a
    STrooper. If they don't get behind you, your safe for the most part.
    Afterward, another Reborn may announce himself. He's up on the walkway in front
    of the door. He slept thru force push class, so choke him. (Be sure your force
    meter's full.) There's a grate in one corner you can break. Secret Area. (Two
    Large Shield Generators, Thermals, DEMP Ammo, and an Assault Sentry.) Save?
    Inside the next room is a lift. Turn toward the blue light as the lift nears
    the top to be facing the right direction. At the top you'll find a fire fight
    with three Officers, five STroopers, and a Squad Leader. (This outfit's top
    heavy, no wonder they're failing.) An auto-turret will also join in the fray.
    Move out into the room to get the second turret firing, you've got places to
    go. When yours is the only heartbeat in the room, back up to where the turrets
    can't hit you, and take them out. Now that it's safe, cruise the room for
    bootie. (Ammo, Bacta, a Battery, two Small Shield Generators, and an assault
    sentry in the lock-box.)
    There's a door at the end of a hall. Use speed then open the door. Run to the
    end of the room jumping over anyone who gets in the way. Turn around as you
    near the switch. Now slowly make your way back toward the door, taking care not
    let anyone get behind you. When it gets still, check out the room. Save?
    Two of the five Officers have Supply Keys. Two E-11s and two Repeaters lie on
    the floor. There's some Ammo and two Small Shield Generators near one wall. And
    a switch at the end of the room. When you press it the assault lander will
    move, and Kyle will find another little piece of his puzzle. The only way to go
    seems to be back.
    At the door you'll be sure, there's a Reborn waiting on the other side.
    @Option9. Use speed, then run to the lock-box and get behind it. Select push
    and wait for him to make the mistake of jumping next to a deep hole. (He loves
    to jump.) You may have to strafe out and back a few times to get him where you
    want him, but sooner or later he'll make his last mistake.
    You can also use grip and the Forward Lunge on him. He's a quick pusher though,
    so use short grips. Call the lift and ride it down. At the bottom go thru the
    door to face another Reborn. Speed, grip, Forward Lunge. Go thru the iris door
    to face two more Reborn. The one with the yellow hood can be choked. Dance
    around the other one 'till you have enough force for a grip or two, finish with
    the Forward Lunge.
    As soon as the second one dies an AT-ST will come out of a door near the
    assault lander and come gunning for you. Avoid its fire and get to the room
    with the assault lander. There will be a door to the left of the lander. If you
    go thru it now, the ST will probably follow you in and create problems. So
    instead go the other side of the lander for cover. Save?
    Carefully bait the ST to the side of the lander opposite the door if it's not
    already there. When its feet are off the conveyor, make a run for the door. Go
    thru the left side of it and turn left as soon as you are inside. Get to the
    corner and turn to face the assault sentry. It will have started to activate
    but shouldn't be firing. Save?
    Moving much farther into the room will bring four Squad Leaders running. At the
    far end of the room are stairs on both sides that lead to the walkway above.
    Under the stairs are holes leading to a maintenance tunnel. Upstairs is Ammo of
    all flavors, below is the exit and Power Converters of both types. *If you need
    the ammo up above, take out the sentries and move toward the stairs to bring
    the Squad Leaders out. If you fight from a cubby hole a sentry was in, it isn't
    too bad. Just wait for a chance to grip and saber throw. There will usually be
    times when only one of them can fire at you. When it's just you and the last
    one, chase him down and do something ugly.*
    If you don't need major ammo, use speed and run toward the stairs. Avoid the
    Squad Leaders that will be coming out. At the stairs turn right then hug the
    wall and run off into the hole at the end. You should land past the trip-mines.
    Clear the mines to get to the converters and the hole in the middle. Drop into
    the hole to end this level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Cairn Reactor. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >New weapon, the Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System. Primary fire is a high
    >explosive tipped self-propelled missile, the secondary is homing.
    You'll be facing a Reborn right off the bat, with cyclic bad joojoo beams
    between you and him. Run past the first beam to the safe area between, then
    choke this little red riding hood. Then run past the next beam and move to the
    corner. (The entire tube these beams are in is deadly, not just the beams.) Use
    force speed just after the beam activates, then run down the tunnel, and turn
    into the side shaft on the left. Stop as soon as you are safe from the beam
    behind you. You'll be facing another Reborn.
    He paid attention in force push class. Save? First move up to where you're
    between the first two lights. He won't arm himself, and you'll be within force
    range. (Bind force speed to one of the quick buttons here.) For a gun kill, use
    the trusty FC-1 primary. Speed works well with it. He likes to saber-throw, and
    he's wide open when he does. (Don't get hit.) You can rush in and out while
    firing to throw him off. Pull or push held down for distraction while firing
    can work. Many times he won't get his saber out or get off a force move when
    you first attack. If that attack was an FC-1 shot he'll be done.
    For a saber kill, use speed, select and use grip, then rush in and tear him
    apart with fast style saber moves while he's stunned. (A single well-aimed
    Forward Lunge will also do.) *See the "Lightsaber Tips" section for a
    description of "Forward Lunge"* Save?
    Let your force meter fill, then make the next tunnel run. There's another
    Reborn waiting, and he'll be close when you exit the tunnel. Hit the speed and
    make the run. Kill the waiting Reborn or just run by him and past the first
    beams to the safe area behind them. He'll soon try to follow, but his timing is
    usually off.
    When he's no longer a threat, throw your saber at the bright pink crystals to
    turn off the beams and blow a couple of holes in the wall. Move to the big one
    and prepare to make another tunnel run. Save? *If you try hard enough with the
    third person cam, you can see some steam leaking from a broken pipe near the
    ceiling out in the tunnel. You'll also see that the pipe is in a vertical
    These beams were hard to judge on my game. I ended up backing up close to the
    hole to put the third person cam in the hole. When I saw the glow of the beam
    on Kyle's back, I used speed and backed into the tunnel. Take the first right
    to find a dead worker bee and some Medi-paks. There's a T at the end of this
    short tunnel. It's a trap.
    So go back out into the long tunnel after the next beam cycle and continue on
    to the corner. *In my game, the beams here were hard to judge, not at all
    consistent in timing.* Another Reborn is waiting patiently. Speed, grip, rush,
    unzip again. Look around the next corner to see the source of the bad beamery,
    and a switch.
    Run in when it's safe and hit the switch. (Assault Sentry, Small Shield
    Generator, Medi-pak.) You can back-track or take the other open tunnel for a
    minor short cut. You're heading back to the vertical shaft near the pink
    crystals. A little red Reborn hood will drop from the shaft just asking to be
    choked. Oblige him and use the piping to climb the shaft.
    At the top follow the short tunnel to an open area. Small jumping puzzle. Turn
    left and make your way to the second low platform. Save? Wait for the beam to
    stop, then jump up onto the platform and look up at the next. Repeat. Jump from
    the highest one up into the opening where a door will open. Kill the Squad
    Leader, STrooper, and two worker bees inside, and go thru the door.
    Turn right and run off the lattice walkway onto the ledge. Move down the ledge
    and drop to the highest pipe, and then to the pipe beside it. Crouch and move
    over the walkway, then drop down. Kill the Squad Leader that's here and move
    away from the door you came in. You'll need to get to the other side of the
    rotating red reactor thingy. Go high or go low, but get across.
    Follow the walkway to the end where you'll see some pipes to drop to. Jump over
    to the two pipes that form a bridge to the other side. There are three worker
    bees below (Ammo, Medi-Pak,) drop down and kill them if you want. Jump up to
    the opening and follow the tunnel to the next section. Use the pipes to get to
    the other side and jump up to the opening there. Around the corner two Squad
    Leaders are chatting. They have to go.
    In the room they were looking out into are three worker bees down on the floor,
    and three Squad Leaders and two STroopers at windows above (at the far end).
    You can snipe a few of the Squad Leaders and STroopers using the corner here
    for cover. Then drop down to the ledge on the left. Drop down to the bees and
    kill them if you want. Make your way to the far end the room.
    Find the little hole in either corner and make your way under it. Jump up thru
    the hole and kill the remaining enemies. (Ammo, Medis.) Thru the doorway are
    two worker bees to kill. You need to get to the far end of this room. Touching
    the rotating arms will have the same effect as being shot with a fully charged
    Disruptor rifle. You'll notice a Reborn waiting for you a ways ahead if your
    eyes are good. Save?
    Make your way down the rotating arm just before the Reborn. If you don't mind
    wasting the ammo, he has trouble blocking Disruptor shots to the 'lower torso.'
    Or just run by him. He may follow, but seems unaware of the dangers of the
    rotating arms, and the steep sides. Before you jump over the last two arms,
    zoom in and check out the large platform you're heading for. Take out the two
    sentries you'll see. (Disruptor ammo is a little scarce.)
    Four STroopers will come out the door after the next jump. Let them commit
    suicide using your saber defense, then make the last jump. In the next familiar
    looking hallway pipes are running overhead. There's an Assault Sentry on the
    highest one. Thru the next door is another Reborn. He's susceptible to grip so
    no big deal. However, there's also two worker bees to the right of the door.
    And three STroopers and a Squad Leader at the far end on two platforms that
    will rise when you enter the room. Not to mention an Officer on a lower level
    to the right. Save?
    Select grip and go thru the door. Turn left a quarter turn and run off the edge
    to drop down to the lowest ledge on this side. Move over to the right wall and
    let your saber defense kill the two STroopers who fire at you from above. When
    they're dead, ease back to the left and snipe the Squad Leader and STrooper up
    high on the other side.
    Then jump back up to the highest flat ledge, and shoot at the Reborn if he
    doesn't attack. Grip will kill him. Then head over to where the worker bees
    are, and take care of them. Kill the Officer next, and take his key. Use it on
    the lock-box in the corner if you want another Assault Sentry. If you'd rather
    have another Seeker Drone, hang onto the key. (Ammo.) Ride the lift down to the
    lower area. *There's a switch that will start the transport on a trip around
    the edge. A rocket wielding Squad Leader will soon appear at the far end intent
    on cutting the trip short. You'll have to take him out, and jump from the
    transport to the nearest structure before it falls to the depths below.*
    If you don't press the switch, you won't have to deal with the rocket man. Just
    jump over to the nearest structure hanging from the wall. And then make your
    way around the room jumping from structure to structure. If you ride the
    transport you'll save a few jumps, but it's much more risky. Your choice.
    When you get to the other end, a worker bee will attack. There will be a lift,
    but before you ride follow the narrow ledge around the corner if you want the
    secret. (Thermals and a Battery.) At the top of the lift are two STroopers and
    a Squad Leader. (Batteries, a Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System, and Ammo.)
    *Some of the enemies here will raise their hands and not seek weapons after
    you've force pulled them. You now have the option of taking prisoners. They
    won't follow or take orders, but are no longer a threat. A few will try to fool
    you though. Moral dilemma.*
    Deal with these three and go thru the door. There's a bridge leading to a door
    guarded by two more STroopers. If you follow the ledge around both sides of the
    building, you'll find some Bacta, a Large Shield Generator, and some Ammo.
    Inside the door it's dark. And still a long ways down. Turn left or right and
    go the far end of the room. Take the large lift up.
    At the top there are two Officers at each of two consoles on either side.
    There's a switch you need to press on the right. These guys have no keys so
    push them off if you want. Note the door with a security lock. Call the lift
    and ride it back down. There are four STroopers below you can snipe from up
    here, or deal with them when you go down. Take either of the small lifts. On
    this level is a large lift and a lock-box. If you kept the key, grab the seeker
    drone. Save?
    At the bottom of this lift are five Officers, one of which has the key to the
    locked door at the top. There is also a Reborn that doesn't like to be choked.
    Grip and a Forward Lunge will take him, but the Officers may get in a shot or
    two. Better to just use speed near the bottom, run to and kill the light
    uniformed Officer on the left side, and grab his key. Run back to the lift, and
    ride it back up. It may take a few tries, but it will work. Make your way to
    the top and unlock the door. On the other side are two STroopers and a Squad
    Leader who fires FC-1 secondaries. So take him out first and quick, and go thru
    the door to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Cairn Dock. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >I'll not be pointing out Ammo any longer. You should have stopped needing
    >much of it levels ago. You'll have to find your own Batteries, Bacta, and
    >Medis too. I'll also stop counting enemies unless it seems important to know.
    >New enemy, Saber wielding Shadow Troopers. Tougher hides, slicker moves,
    >more force.
    Go thru the door into a room full of boxes. There are three other doors. One is
    locked. Thru the iris door you'll find a veritable arsenal, and a Power
    Converter of each type. There are also an Assault Sentry and a Seeker Drone.
    Thru the other door is a room where dark STrooper style armor hangs in glass
    cases. A ramp leads down to what looks to be a training area. Grab whatever
    stuff you can carry from the arsenal, and go just into the training area.
    As soon as you move close to the end of the glass platform, two Dark STroopers
    will emerge from a hole in the center of the room. These guys have tough suits,
    sweet moves, and plenty of force power savvy. Do we have to start with two?
    Aarrgghh. Save? I tried a lot of different things with these two combative
    cortosis ("mutated red" variety ;) clad contenders for the training room
    throne. Two tactics stand out. They have a high probability of success if
    applied correctly, but may take some practice to make work. (There is a Small
    Shield Generator on one of the platforms, BTW.) *This a great place to load the
    last save a few times and get a feel for saber battles with Shadow Troopers.*
    First, strafe off the glass platform to drop down to the floor below, then back
    up to the wall.
    Tactic #1: Select blue style for the saber, then equip the Merr-Sonn PMS, and
    select speed. Bind force push to one of the 'quick' buttons. Select the seeker
    drones. Aim for the center of the hole they emerge from, then lower the
    cross-hair to the edge of the large hole. (Where the floor drops about a foot.)
    Use speed then select grip and without changing the vertical aim, move forward
    to where the cross-hair is on the point where the lid meets the edge of the
    hole the Shadow Troopers are hiding in. (The far edge of the small hole's lid.)
    *Getting in, aimed, and firing needs to happen smoothly for this to work. If
    you spend much time moving forward and back to be aimed correctly, you won't
    stand a chance.* Fire two or three quick shots, then start circle strafing
    (left seems natural to me) _slowly_ around the hole. The vertical aim should be
    the same as you set up before. (Where the lid met the edge of the hole.) Fire
    whenever you are on target or close. Continue to fire even if some of the
    rounds are being pushed back. The strafe _should_ keep you safe.
    If you have trouble maintaining your aim, consider changing the sensitivity
    settings of the sticks. If you rock at circle strafing you can get away with a
    faster strafe. If the game smiles on you, the STroopers that enter the room
    when the Shadow Troopers have died will soon announce themselves. If it frowns,
    load the last save. If one Shadow Trooper dies and the other doesn't, equip the
    saber and let loose a seeker. *The seeker is optional, it distracts him but
    also can cause him to ready his saber sooner after a grip. He may also turn
    toward it. It _can_ buy you time to get your wits and locate the green pill and
    build force, though.* Save?
    As soon as you can, target the Shadow Trooper then grip him and move in. (Hold
    the force button down while moving toward him.) As soon as he breaks the grip,
    hit him with another, a short one this time. Keep moving in and using short
    grips until you are within striking distance, then deliver a Forward Lunge. If
    you miss, try again. *See the "Lightsaber Tips" section for a description of
    the "Forward Lunge" if you need one.* If you run low on force and the force
    crystal (large green pill) wasn't trapped in the hole, find and get to it for a
    boost. If gripped, use push to break. (Quick button.)
    Tactic #2: Equip the saber (fast style) and select the seeker drone. Bind force
    push to one of the 'quick' buttons. Use speed, then select pull. Run to the
    center of the hole the Shadow Troopers are in and look straight down. (You
    don't have to be in the exact center.) As the cover retracts you'll move with
    it, turn to face the center of the hole if necessary. If you can make out your
    two adversaries, try to aim between them. (Don't raise the vertical aim
    When you have your aim and the cover is almost retracted, press and _hold_
    jump. Near the top of your jump, use pull then immediately pull back on the
    left stick to move out of the way. If the game smiles, they will both be flung
    up into the rafters. And shortly there after drop their booty. If the game
    frowns, grimaces, or farts, load the last save. If only one is launched, select
    grip and let loose a seeker. Save? Then use the tactic above to fight him. You
    will be down on force and will want to get to the green pill sooner than above
    if the fight lasts very long.
    Tactic #3: Huh? If you find the grip, Forward Lunge combo easy to do under
    pressure, try taking on both Shadows at the same time. With a seeker loose, you
    can usually fight one at a time. If you bind speed to the other quick button,
    you can use it after a successful grip (his saber extinguished) to give you an
    even greater advantage. This can be risky, your force meter will be low. If you
    pull it off on the first one and get his force pill, you'll be in good shape.
    Kill the STroopers that show up, then enter the room to get the Security Key
    from the Officer inside. Go back thru the arena and the room with the suits to
    the ante room with the locked door. Hit the arsenal rooms again, then use the
    Security Key. Follow the hall to a room with a lift and a switch to activate
    it. After Kyle observes that stealth will be required, ride the lift down.
    Save? Before you go thru the door down here, select mind-trick and sheath your
    saber. (Bind it to a quick button. It can be heard as well as seen.) Turn right
    as you enter the room and crouch.
    Ease around the boxes and mind-trick the worker bee and nearest STrooper.
    Quickly get into the duct on the right. Follow it clear to the end and exit.
    There's another Shield Power Converter in the building to the left. If you need
    to use it, sneak thru the front door (easier just to wait a bit, though).
    There's a lift nearby, ride it up. Save? @Extra2.
    There will be some elongated egg-shaped generators that look unhealthy to be
    near in one direction. In the other direction you'll see a narrow ledge over on
    the building. Jump to it and find the short tunnel that leads inside. There is
    an Officer across the room on same level as you. And some worker bees below at
    their panels. The Officer will sound the alarm near him if he sees you and gets
    to it. Kill him. (Pull is quick.) *Once he's dead you can kill the guys below
    and use the power converter.*
    Press the switch to power down the generators for a short time. Then go back
    outside thru the little hole and jump back across. Jump between two generators
    on the right end, find the steps and get to safety before the generators come
    back on. There are three Officers (Supply Key) standing at panels here. If you
    move just onto the steps, they won't turn around. (No saber.) They like to run
    to the next section, so kill them quickly.
    *You can duck at the right side of the steps and pull two of them over you to
    an electrical death. (Wait for the generators to come back on first.) The one
    with the key is heavy though, and you'll have to kill him another way.* There's
    a Small Shield Generator in the lock-box. Save at the lock-box. The next room
    will have quite a few enemies including a Squad Leader with a Merr-Sonn, but at
    least the alarm is broken. And they are on an elevator that doesn't come up
    until you move into the next hall. Save?
    Ready your saber then move to the corner and run thru the small opening into a
    long passage way. Use speed just before you enter the passage way then select
    pull. At the end of the hall go thru the opening on the left side. Turn left
    just past the first stack of crates, then right at the end of them. You'll see
    a large square hole in the floor. A lift is headed up inside the hole with most
    of the enemies on it. There is an Officer to the right of the hole, ignore him.
    Run straight for the middle of the hole.
    About ten feet away aim at your feet and run right off into the hole. When you
    are over the middle of the lift, hit pull. Keep going to the edge of the lift
    to avoid being killed or injured by falling bodies. O_o Turn toward the right
    to block the Officers fire if he's alive. Mop up the room if necessary and grab
    the Security Key off the little machine. *This may take a few tries to get
    right, but when it works it works very well. And while it is quite noisy, it's
    kinda' fun. *Save?
    There's an Assault Sentry on one of the crates. Use the key on the door and go
    thru the next room. Hug the wall to avoid be zapped by the electrified pipes.
    The next door opens on one corner of a room with a pit of more deadly looking
    pipes between you and the other end. Get to the wall to the left and move along
    it until the small crate stops you. You'll be able to aim at the alarm between
    the door and the vertical pipe from there.
    Equip the Merr-Sonn and aim at the lower edge of the red light on the alarm,
    and wait for the guy that's patrolling to get near the Officer. Fire two
    primary missiles by holding down the trigger. This usually takes down the
    Officer and STroopers. Maintain the aiming point and fire one more primary as
    soon as you see the Squad Leader. The missile should make it to the alarm
    before him. Use the pipes in the far corner to jump up to the machine and get
    *You can also use speed or crouch to get to the other end of the room. Then
    climb the pipes up to the top of the machine and go across. Drop down to the
    ledge crouched, and then down to the next edge and get into the corner. You can
    then stand undetected. Snipe the Officer with the Disruptor then switch to the
    saber and drop down to guard the alarm.*
    The Officer has a Supply Key for the lock-box. (Bacta.) Go thru another room of
    pipes to avoid and into a small open area. There is a Secret area up in the
    corner opposite the other door in here. Use the light to get up to the narrow
    ledge to the left of the door. Save? Douse the saber then find and go thru the
    small hole and move to the switch. (There are a couple of Small Shield
    Generators near the switch.) Charge up with the power bot if you need to, and
    select the LAG if you want. When you press the switch, it will turn off the
    lights in the room momentarily. You need to make your way to the door on the
    other side of the room, and go thru it while the room is dark.
    There is plenty of time, but you need to hurry for a different reason. An
    Officer will begin to patrol when the lights go out. So move quickly to the
    left wall (looking out into the room) after you activate the LAG and press the
    switch. Crouch and drop down then follow the wall to the door switch. Quickly
    press it and go thru the door. When the door closes you can safely stand and
    fire up the saber.
    *This room can be tricky to get thru. If you are getting caught, try adding
    force speed to the mix. Or stopping between the rows of Officers and mind-
    tricking the one walking, and the one at the left side switch array.*
    There are two Officers in the next room that need to be killed before they can
    get to alarms. (The one on the right seems to have heavier shields, make sure
    he's dead.) Two Reborn are also just beyond the door. They are both close and
    will attack as soon as they see you. Ready your saber and use speed then press
    the switch to open the door. Get to and kill both Officers quickly, then run
    and jump your way to the lift at the far end of the room. @Option10. Ride the
    lift up, then use speed again and follow the catwalk to the ship. The door on
    this side is locked, but the one on the other side of the ship is open. Enter
    the Doomgiver to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Doom Communications. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Rank 3 Saber defense. Higher percentage of shot reflections.
    As soon as you move very far STroopers will attack. Try out your new Rank-3
    saber defense. The STroopers should soon be gone. Find the elevator and ride it
    down, then exit and get to a corner. More STroopers will fire at your saber
    until they die. The Squad Leader you may have to kill. There are two
    auto-turrets down here, get close and they will commit mechanical suicide. The
    only door is locked but the switch is nearby, watch your back though. (Small
    Shield Generator.) More STroopers and an Officer (Security Key) will arrive.
    There's a Large Shield Generator in one of the side rooms. Beyond the two rooms
    is a door. Kill the Squad Leader and ride the lift up. Kill the Officer and get
    his Supply Key. Save?
    You'll notice a small opening with a blue force field blocking entry on either
    side of the room. Also, two side doors beyond the consoles and a locked door at
    the far end. There are grates in the ceilings of both side rooms. The one in
    the room to the right leads to a secret area guarded by interrogator droids.
    Ow. (Thermals, Trip-Mines, and a Large Shield Generator in a lock-box.) If you
    can't use the shield, just save the key.
    *Use saber throw or the DEMP gun to take out the droids. The DEMP takes two
    primary shots to destroy one, but the first shot pushes them away. A secondary
    will destroy multiple droids when it contacts them. If they get close, they
    inject you with something that decreases your health and distorts your vision.
    You'll also take a small shield hit. You can heal in between the health hits.
    (Press the force button after each "oo-augh.") You may want to bind health to
    a quick button. Force push can give you some breathing room.*
    Destroy the grate in the other room and jump up into the duct. (More droids.)
    You can go left or right from the grate. To the left is a room with a lock-box.
    (Seeker Drone.) To the right is another grate. In the room below the grate is
    an Officer (Supply Key) at a switch. There are some R5s in here too. Open the
    door that leads back to the room you were in before, then press the switch to
    control one of the droids.
    Steer the droid thru the door and to the far end of the hall. Go thru the small
    opening to the right. Move around the room until you find a droid size door.
    Press the blinking red switch next to it. (Assault Sentry.) The guards will
    notice and attack the droid. Grab another one and steer it to the opening on
    left this time. Open the locked door, and exit the console. Save?
    Go into the side room to your left and on into the next room. Kill the Squad
    Leader and STroopers then take the lift down. There's a Shield Power Converter
    in an alcove in this room. Open the silver door and then back into the room
    once you've been noticed. Take out the two attack mice that will come for you.
    Then go back out into the room and take care of the STroopers and auto-turrets.
    Make your way to the vertical pipes in the center of the room. Behind the pipes
    is a section of glass floor. *There is a secret area around the corner off a
    narrow ledge to the left.*
    Crash thru the section of glass floor, but be prepared for a droid or two (or
    three, or...). When it's safe, ride the lift at the far end up and kill the
    worker bees at the top. (Ammo, Medi-Paks.) There are four switches by the
    window. *FYI Each calls a tram. The two outer switches call the lower trams,
    the inner ones the upper trams.* Call the left lower (or all,) and then go thru
    one of the doors. STroopers will come to be slaughtered. When they are no more,
    make your way to the door you haven't been thru yet. (Bottom of the stairs to
    the left, from the room with the switches you just pushed.)
    There's a Ammo Power Converter, a couple doors and a lift. Ride the lift up and
    kill the Squad Leader and STroopers to collect the Assault Sentry the droid
    made available earlier. Ride back down and take the lower tram. Save? *Try
    throwing your saber as the tram moves. Throw in the opposite direction the tram
    is moving. Oops.* At the other end go up the stairs. There are a couple of
    sentries at the top. (And around just about every corner.) Officers, Squad
    Leaders and STroopers in large numbers also call this hall home. (Ammo.) Kill
    them all. (Or let them kill each other and themselves.)
    When it's over, find the Officer and get his Security Key. Open the door with
    it, and take out the Squad Leaders, STroopers, and sentries in this room. The
    console for the comm. array is at one end of the room, but it's offline. There
    are two side doors. Clear out the STroopers that are behind them, then check
    out the room they led to. There are three color-coded booths, each with a
    console inside showing symbols. Look in your Data-pad for the code. (Scroll.)
    You will need to ride the lift down and find the rooms with the symbols in your
    Data-pad. When you press the switch in a room, the symbol displayed will be
    locked into the console of the corresponding booth above. When all three
    symbols have been entered above, the comm. array will be brought online. There
    are three levels of rooms. The top level is red, the next is green, and the
    lowest level is blue. There are nine rooms per level. You'll be jumping and
    running off the edges to get to the symbols. It's a long ways down in here, and
    there are a few worker bees in here who don't like to be surprised. You might
    want to save often. When all the symbols have been locked in, make your way
    back up to the comm. console.
    The 'top down' diagram below shows the location of the correct symbols.
                                      Secret: x
                           On a ledge behind the blue room.
                  |-----------|      |----[x]----|      |-----------|
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |           |      |   Blue    |      |           |
                  |           |      |  (Lower   |      |           |
                  |           |      |   Level)  |      |           |
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |-----------|      |-----------|      |-----------|
                  |-----------|      |-----------|      |-----------|
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |-----------|      |-----------|      |-----------|
                  |-----------|      |-----------|      |-----------|
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |    Red    |      |           |      |   Green   |
                  |   (Top    |      |           |      |  (Middle  |
                  |   Level)  |      |           |      |   Level)  |
                  |           |      |           |      |           |
                  |-----------|      |-----------|      |-----------|
                                        |    |
                                        |    |
    I would go for the blue symbol first, from the lift. Run off, run off, run off
    straight down the left side of the center rooms after the first drop. (From the
    left side of the ledge at the lift, move to the center for the last drop to the
    doorway.) There's a secret area behind this room on a small ledge. (Seeker
    Drone, Det-Paks, Bacta.)
    Then go back down the center rooms on the blue level roofs. At the end turn
    left, and jump up into the doorway of green room for the second symbol. Jump up
    to the green roof opposite the doorway, and then jump across to the green roof
    ahead. Jump up to the walkway, turn around and enter the room with the final
    symbol. Jump from the walkway to the roof of the green room nearest the lift.
    Jump up to the ledge around the lift and ride the lift up.
    *There is a pictorial walkthrough for this puzzle at:
    http://www.geocities.com/doninss/JKII (New toy. :)
    When you get back to the room with the symbol booths, press the switch in each
    booth to enter the symbol displayed. Make your way to the comm array, and press
    the switch. (When you press this switch, the door to the rest of the level
    locks, if you need anything behind you get it first.) When the cut scene ends,
    go back out into the booth room and behind the blue booth the door is open. Go
    thru it to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Doom Detention. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Rank 3 Mind Tricks. For fifteen seconds the target will be your friend. He
    >will attack anything that would target you including mechanical enemies. You
    >will be targeted by other enemies if they can see you. If not, your buddy
    >becomes the target. You must be closer to Officers to use it on them. If your
    >buddy can see no enemies he'll try to get to and stay near you. Using
    >mind-trick on him again before the first one has worn off has no effect. When
    >he's your buddy even saber swipes won't bring him out of it. My fav. buddy
    >carries an FC-1. He's effective enough and easy to retire. *I take them out
    >the most humane way possible in the game. (If screaming is any indication.)
    >Fully charged Disruptor shot to the head.*
    Around the first corner, a Squad Leader is talking with a STrooper. You can try
    out the rank 3 mind-trick on one if want or just kill them yourself. Move into
    the next room and advance until you are fired on. Get to a corner and let these
    guys thin themselves out. One of the Officers has a Security Key. When it's
    quiet, explore the room.
    There's an auto-turret over the door at the far end to take out. The lock-box
    is close to where you came in. (Assault Sentry.) The walkway by the large
    window has a Power Converter at each end. The Security Key unlocks the door off
    the walkway. There's a lift inside that goes to a room with an Officer (supply
    Key) and a Shadow Trooper inside. There's also a mini game. Save?
    If you want to go in, connecting a Forward Lunge after a grip can take out the
    Shadow Trooper in one shot. *See the "Lightsaber Tips" section for a
    description of "Forward Lunge"* If he starts breaking the grip with push,
    switch to short duration grips from close to striking distance. If you decide
    to use speed, use it just after the grip to avoid him using speed to match.
    When you're all done in here, take out the turret and go thru the door.
    Hold fast in the doorway and block. Mind-tricking an FC-1 bearing Squad Leader
    can speed things up considerably. Be careful though, using even a quick casting
    force lets down your guard. Around the corner is another door that opens on a
    large hangar. Save?
    There's a Merr-Sonn packin' Squad Leader inside that may give you trouble.
    (There are also plenty of other enemies.) So equip the Disruptor and move
    slowly toward the door slightly right of center. When the door opens zoom in on
    the Squad Leader on the left and at the far end of the room while charging a
    shot. Let fly with a fully charged shot, then strafe clear of the door while
    equipping the saber. Get to a corner and do your best to make it quiet.
    Enter the room and finish the stragglers, then move over to the next door.
    Clear this next room from the doorway if you can. (It's a bit wide.) Retreat to
    the hangar if anyone gets by you. If you can mind-trick the guy with an FC-1,
    he'll clear the room pronto. Turn left and go thru the right door into a
    control room.
    Press the switch on the right side of the console to uncover the lift in the
    floor and power up the switch on the left. Press it to vent the hangar to space
    and observe the result. Press it again to close the door, then go to the other
    control room. Press the left switch to uncover the lift in the middle of the
    hangar, then head for that lift. It will take you down to a very big tunnel.
    *Behind the lift (at the bottom) is a Secret Area.*
    Around the corner are two AT-XXs. Take them out with a saber dance and
    lightning, or bait them onto the lift and run off and into the tunnel as it
    starts up. Go about halfway down the hall and use speed. Run thru the big room
    and get on the lift. Get off at the top facing the center of the room and let
    the reflected auto-turret fire take out the STroopers who will appear. Move
    left and jump up onto the ledge and then jump over the little booth with a
    window. Use the turret fire to clear out this side, then enter the booth.
    Press the switch and the middle door below will open. There are a couple Large
    Shield Generators in one of the entry ways up here. Ride the lift down and get
    quickly across the room and into the tunnel out of turret range. (You will have
    to run past the dozing AT-XX to be safe from the auto-turrets.) Destroy the AT-
    XX and move to the lift. Ride the lift up and kill the few guys at the top.
    Another hangar.
    Get to the door and kill the guys inside. Go into the control room and use the
    panel like before to clear the next hangar of enemies. Make your way to the
    door on the far side of the hangar you just emptied, and clear the familiar
    looking L shaped room from the doorway. Make your way to the end of that room
    and open the door there. Kill the STroopers and look around.
    There are two Small Shield Generators in here. The other door in here is locked
    but there's a grate above it. Jump up to the pipes and slash the grate. Inside
    is a flimsy looking ceiling. Just inside the grate is a secret area, look up.
    (Small Shield Generator, Seeker Drone, and Det-Paks.) You can safely walk
    around and not be seen thru the grates in the ceiling. You can see thru the
    grates but it's hard to make out much detail. You need to find a Squad Leader
    who's carrying a Merr-Sonn PMS.
    Make your way across the ceiling to the far end around a corner. If you look
    lengthwise thru the third grate from the end, you should see a stationary Squad
    Leader. Zoom in with the binocs to see that he has the Merr-Sonn. *The FC-1s
    are easy to recognize, but the Repeaters and the Merr-Sonn look similar. Look
    for the absence of the familiar green stock of the Repeater. The barrels are
    also noticeably different when zoomed in.*
    Take him out with fully charged Disruptor shot to the head. (Right thru the
    grate.) As soon as you shoot, head back to the hole you came in thru, and go
    back out onto the pipes. Toss a saber or thermal out to open a hole in the
    ceiling and get things going. Let the STroopers and Officers thin out the ranks
    with reflected fire from your saber-defense, then start looking for targets to
    When it gets real slow move in, drop down, clean up. Two of the Officers have
    keys. One a Supply Key for the lock-box in here (Seeker Drone) and the other a
    Security Key for the door. Thru the door is a lift, ride it down. Find the door
    and enter the next room, and kill the Officer at the switch array. The hangar
    across the way is where you're headed. Save?
    Either door will lead you there. Both doors lead to the hangar, and you'll face
    the same number and type of enemies on the way. The left door offers a slight
    advantage when you get to the hangar. Go thru it, and kill the cloaked Shadow
    Trooper at the end of the hall. Be careful not to open the door there while
    fighting him, or you might have unexpected company.
    >>>If you haven't tried adding speed to the deadly combo of grip and Forward
    Lunge yet, now is a fine time to do so. Bind speed to a quick button if you
    haven't already. (Push should be bound to the other quick button.) Select grip
    and move up to within gripping distance. Grip this guy and as soon as he breaks
    or you release the grip, hit speed and run to him. You have a lot of time, and
    therefore a lot of choices. (In addition to giving you more time, force speed
    also seems to increase the damage delivered by the saber.)
    You can take him out in a single with the Forward Lunge or a strong style Top-
    Down Hack. Or tear him to pieces with fast or medium style linked short
    slashes. For a novel kill run to him with fast style selected, then turn around
    to put him at your back. Press attack and pull back on the left stick to Stab
    Backwards. Also an instant kill if it connects. See the "Lightsaber Tips"
    section for more on "Forward Lunge" "Top-Down Hack" "linked short slashes".<<<
    When you're done, go to the next door to open it, and clear the room from
    there. Go thru the door at the far end into a small ante room. Behind the next
    door is the hangar. Save?
    There's a cloaked Shadow Trooper on the right side of the shuttle. And a
    missile toting Squad Leader up on the walkway in front of the shuttle. There's
    also some misc. enemies patrolling and stationary. Snipe the Squad Leader
    behind the shuttle with a fully charged Disruptor shot to the head. Time it so
    the STrooper patrolling behind the shuttle is moving away if you can.
    Immediately equip the saber and select grip if not already selected. Stay in
    front of and near enough the door to prevent the gun-toters from getting in.
    When the Shadow Trooper starts thru the door, grip and then kill him. If he
    gets in, avoid him and look for a chance to grip. Ignore the STroopers and
    concentrate on the saber wielder. They will stop firing when he gets close. If
    you score with the grip exploit it. *If you left shield generators behind you,
    you can afford quite a lot of damage. If not, you can still afford a fifty-
    shield loss.*
    Next ease into the doorway just enough to snipe the Squad Leader up on the
    walkway directly in front of the shuttle. Move into the room and mop up. Make
    your way up to the open door at the end of the walkway and kill the Officer
    there. (Ammo and Shield Power Converters.) Mind-trick the Officer behind the
    glass, and when he unlocks the door go thru. One of the open cells has a weak
    wall down low. Secret area. (Two Small Shield Generators.)
    Find the locked cell door and open it for a reunion with Jan. Kill the Officer,
    then leap frog the door switches with Jan to get back out of the cell block.
    Backtrack now for whatever you need, then go to the door on the opposite end of
    the walkway to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Doom Shields. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >Rank 3 grip. You can move the victim around with the right stick while
    >choking him. He'll drop his weapon. (Even with just a short duration grip.)
    >If you move while holding down the force button, he goes with you. (Includes
    Save? Go thru the door and kill the STroopers out there. One will run inside
    for help, so don't go past the first door until it's been quiet for a bit.
    There's a STrooper you can snipe at a window in the room out in the middle of
    the big black hole. When it's been quiet a few seconds, head down to the last
    door. Make your way slowly and check just inside the doors for stragglers. Go
    thru the last door and start down the stairs. Wait for the AT-XX to walk by and
    spot you.
    Turn it to scrap with your saber, then go down the stairs. There's an auto-
    turret on the ceiling just around the corner to the right. You can use your
    saber to reflect its fire back at it. But it's quicker to use radius damage
    from the DEMP gun secondary. *There are more AT-XXs in the long hall behind
    you. You can destroy them now or just leave them.* When it explodes continue
    around the corner and go up the stairs. Kill the STroopers guarding the door.
    Lay a Det-pak in the middle of the landing between the two flights of stairs
    for future use. (If you have one.) Saber throw the Officer from the doorway,
    then enter and clear the room. One of the Officers has a Supply Key, and
    there's a Shield Power Converter in here. (Save it for later.) Press the switch
    in the corner and watch thru the window to see a bridge extend. Outside the
    door at the bottom of the first flight of stairs, some imperials have arrived.
    One Squad Leader likes to fire secondary FC-1. Use speed and select push. Run
    out and push 'em down. Saber the one on the left first to be safe, then kill
    the others. (Set off the explosives now. ;) Make your way to the bridge you
    extended and jump up to the door. Press the switch, then go inside and get the
    Security Key from the Officer. Note the hatches on the floor. Take the bridge
    back to the 'mainland'. (Company will arrive on the way.)
    Go thru the door directly ahead, and then thru the door just inside. Kill the
    Squad Leaders and use the key. *If you didn't destroy the AT-XXs in the hall
    before, and one of these guys leaves the room, you may face an AT-XX outside
    the room.* Press the switch to open the hatches you saw. Enemies will come to
    investigate the unauthorized switch pressing activity. Get back to the hatches
    and drop thru the one to the left and farthest from the door. Follow the
    tunnels to another hatch overhead. 'Push' it open, and jump up. Save?
    Thru the door is a Reborn. (Hmm, must be heading into the cabin class section
    of the ship.) Grip, speed, saber. Go thru the other door down here and kill
    everyone inside. *Your saber may go thru the force fields here, but it's a
    waste of time.* Ride the lift to a room just like this one, and clear it out.
    (Supply Key.) Go out the door and onto the walkway. Thru the door ahead are two
    Small Shield Generators. The walkway above is where you have to go. It is trip-
    mined, but the short section at one end is clear.
    Jump up and clear the mine blocking the long section. Jump over to the door and
    go thru it. Break the window and drop down into the room below. Two of the
    weaker variety of Reborn will ambush. Bounce them off the walls with grip and
    the right stick. The doorway leads to a U-shaped hallway with Shield Power
    Converter at one end. (Save it if you can.) Ride the lift you find up and
    destroy the AT-XXs at the top. Save?
    Go thru the door and down the short hall into the shield generator room. You'll
    notice four power conduits surrounded by blue force fields around the perimeter
    of the room. Destroy the junction boxes above them to lower the force fields.
    Then destroy the exposed conduits themselves. When the last conduit goes,
    Admiral Fyar will show.
                             Bad Boy in a big blue bubble.
    His bubble shield resists all attacks, but can be brought down temporarily by
    repeated explosive rounds, or repeated saber hacks and/ or slashes. If you
    touch it, you will be injured and thrown back. The shield emanates from a black
    antenna behind his head. If you destroy it while the shields are down, it won't
    reactivate. (This also damages him considerably.) While his shield is down, all
    attacks will damage him. When it reactivates it will violently repulse anything
    near it as it expands. (Including missiles and you.) His shields will take
    longer to recharge every time they go down. By the third or fourth recharge,
    you will plenty of time to make a kill.
    While his shield is up, his attacks are Repeater primary for close and
    secondary for far. When his shield is down temporarily, he adds a swipe with
    his melee when very close. When the antenna has been destroyed, he will switch
    to what looks like a narrow focused force lightning beam for his far attack.
    You can use either the big black columns or the cone shaped remains of the
    shield generator in the center of the room for cover while you fire explosives
    to bring down his shield. I find the FC-1 secondary to my liking for his
    shield. To use the saber to bring down his shield, let him to run to you and
    stop. Between his Repeater volleys, swipe once with the saber. (The blue stance
    has speed in it's favor, the medium has reach.) If his shield doesn't brighten
    momentarily, you're too far away, move up a hair. (This is what usually happens
    the first try.) If you are pushed away, you were too close, start over. Once
    you find the spot, look straight down to see what it looks like. The next time
    you should be able to get right to the magic spot. Two or three solid hits will
    drop his shield. The timing is tight between the volleys, but you shouldn't be
    hurt that much if you're off. (It's hard to pull off, but if you can be
    slightly higher than him, one swipe can bring down his shield.) A deployed
    seeker drone will stun him momentarily when it hits the top of the shield.
    (You'll see the shield change.) If you're ready, it's a free swipe at the
    As far as taking out his antenna goes, it can be hard to hit. The FC-1's
    bouncing multiple shards stand a good chance. Or you can walk the Repeater's
    primary into it. The Bowcaster secondary aimed a hair low. Or... All of these
    should be attempted from behind him of course. What doesn't seem to work are
    explosives. The antenna seems unaffected by radius damage. For the saber I had
    the best luck with the medium and strong styles. (More time to adjust aim as
    the move was executed.) Or a saber throw. Speed is in order no matter. I found
    assault sentries ineffective, but seeker drones were a definite distraction.
    Personally I find the antenna more trouble than it's worth. As long as the
    rounds are hitting him, then nothing wasted I guess. But try not to get hit by
    the expanding shield.
    When his shields are down (permanently or not) he goes down relatively quick
    with sustained heavy fire or saber attacks. All energy weapons will work, with
    the FC-1 and Repeater seeming to have an edge. The E-11 is right up there,
    though. For the saber fast style suits me, for sheer numbers of blows delivered
    if no other reason. And a saber hit just as the shield starts to go up can
    bring it back down immediately. (Much more likely with the fast style.) Either
    method (gun or saber) should be executed from behind, and with speed. (Behind
    is not as important for the guns.)
    Speed should be selected. Your fav. gun should be bound to a quick button.
    Second fav. gun or heal bound to the other.
    Pure gun, pure saber, mix and match. Whatever you're comfortable with. I like
    pure saber, but usually lose a few shield points. @Extra3.
    When the Admiral has met his Doom, the Rogues will begin to tear the ship
    apart. The gravity will go and you'll be skating on thin air. You have to get
    back to the hall where you destroyed the first AT-XX. You have plenty of time,
    so take yours. (Kyle is over reacting.) Near the top of the room is a cubby
    hole in the wall. Secret Area. (Seeker Drone, Small Shield Generator.) Cruise
    on up and find it to get familiar with the control scheme. Note that crouch
    takes you down. When you have been there, head for the door at the bottom.
    Heal? Save?
    There's a gas leak that's ignited. Move toward the door slowly and as you go
    thru the door look up and press and hold forward. Crouch at the top to raise
    your feet, then bring the cross-hair level the crouch should bring you down at
    the wall. Go thru the door and turn right. Heal? Save?
    Another gas leak. Past the flames is the elevator shaft. At the bottom are
    electrical arcs. It's hard to avoid being hurt here. Get inside, stable, and
    pointed toward the door. (But not pointed down.) Start down by tapping crouch,
    then turn on speed near the bottom and bolt thru the door. Around the corner to
    the right is the shield converter. Heal? Save?
    Go thru the doorway into the room where you choked the two Reborn. You have to
    go back thru the window up above. There are electrical arcs inside, but these
    have a pattern. Get directly below the window and out a few feet from the wall.
    Look straight up and tap forward. You want to rise to the window very slowly.
    Look up and as the window come into view, watch the arcs for the dead spot.
    Time it if you can to miss the electricity, but go thru fast. Hit speed right
    _after_ you see the arcs stop, then go thru. Heal? Save?
    Go thru the door and look around. There will be two attack droids buzzing
    about. Get to a wall and let them try out your saber defense. (There were a
    couple of small shields in the room here earlier.) Then drop to the bottom
    slowly, looking for the open doorway. There's four more droids outside. If they
    come in, take them out here. If not ease out into the hall and do it.
    In the side rooms off this hall are two Small Shield Generators, and two lock-
    boxes. (Assault Sentry, Seeker Drone.) Also lots of Ammo. Up the stairs in the
    room with the switch for the bridge is the shield power converter you saved.
    Use it if you need to. Find the stairway that's lit and go thru the door out
    into the 'big black hole' room. More droids are waiting out here. You can avoid
    them by hugging the wall and crouching. Turn right and go thru the second to
    last door. At the bottom of the stairs, the grav-gens will come back online.
    Head thru the door down the hall to meet up with Janners and end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yavin Swamp A. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    >New enemy, Swamp Trooper. FC-1 or Repeater for a weapon. They have camo armor,
    >and SCUBA. Not surprisingly they prefer the water. They are honorable also. I
    >have yet to see one pick up weapon after being disarmed.
    >Grip seems to be the only consistent force with underwater enemies. A quick
    >grip will disarm, sometimes from a very long distance. (The results may be
    >surprising.) Grip can be used when Kyle is underwater, and his weapons will
    >also fire. The saber goes out but Kyle will still swing the handle. You can
    >use the water for cover in some instances. And you can't be seen by eyes above
    >water level when Kyle's whole body is submerged. STroopers, Squad Leaders, and
    >even Shadow Troopers can drown. (Kyle too.)
    Give your eyes an hour to adjust to bright flat fog, then move to the edge of
    the bushes and look around. There is a _tree with a curved trunk nearby_ to the
    right, and Swamp Trooper beyond a rock in the water ahead and slightly left.
    Kill or disarm him and head up the canyon. As you go keep an eye out for more
    Swamp Troopers lurking in the water.
    You'll come to a dam, with a small lake above it where a couple of Swamp
    Troopers are swimming. Send them to the bottom, and drink in the scenery. The
    canyon narrows and gets rocky ahead. A perfect spot for an ambush. Head around
    the right side of the lake. Deep water. And then an opening to a very small
    side 'room.' Not a bad place to fight if you prefer tight quarters. Now make
    your way to the right side of the base of the big tree. Save?
    Jump up onto the rock on the right. Turn to face back down the canyon and look
    up. Two Shadow Troopers will drop down from near the tree if you move up the
    canyon very far. (If they didn't just now.) Back up until they drop and run for
    the little 'room' by the lake. They may only follow a short distance. Move out
    until you can see them and one should head your way. You may have to bait him
    to the 'room' by showing yourself. *Bait him further down the swamp if you want
    more room to fight.* Kill him as you've killed the others before him. Grip,
    speed, saber. *Try speed then grip if vice versa isn't working well. These guys
    may need to be choked twice to get them to sheath their sabers. Tough necks.*
    Bait the other one down or go to him. When he's dead, jump back up onto the
    rock by the tree. Jump up just onto the next higher rock and locate the cloaked
    Shadow Trooper at the end of the rock. Kill him, then drop down and move up
    past two trees to another rock. @Option11. Jump up on the rock and look around.
    From the rock you will see a STrooper in the water close and there's another
    beyond a bush to the right of him. Kill them both, then turn left and move
    around the edge of the pool. There'll be a two Small Shield Generators in the
    grass near a tree (hard to see) and then you'll find some bacta. There's a
    split in the wall just past the bacta. Jump up into the split and hold forward.
    You'll slide into a hidden stash. (Large Shield Generator, and some Rockets.)
    It can be a bit of a pain to get back out. (The entrance isn't the exit.)
    Continue around the pool and enter the narrow canyon. Ease slowly up the left
    wall when you reach the grass. A STrooper will attack with an E-11. Stop and
    kill him. Strafe to the right side of the canyon and then move up 'till you can
    see a Swamper in the water under a piece of debris leaning against the right
    wall. There is another on a ledge above and to the left of him. He can be hard
    to see. Disrupt them both and move up to the leaning debris. Snipe the STrooper
    in the assault lander. @Extra4.
    Then move up to where you can barely see the base of the bush just in front of
    the tree to the left of the lander. He can be hard to find with the cross-hair.
    If you can get a red cross-hair, blast him. Otherwise get him firing at you to
    make him easy to find, then mind-trick him and quickly grip him as he
    approaches. *You can kill Swampers with a gun if your under water. (Watch your
    air.) You can grip them underwater also. Or drop an explosive device at their
    feet. :)* To the left and above you, a little rock will be jutting out of the
    canyon wall. It's kind of hard to make out. There's a Large Shield Generator up
    Move on past the lander and when a Swamper fires, move over close and kill or
    disarm him. There's a tunnel under the little waterfall where he was, and a
    Swamper in the pool on the other side of it. 'Best to snipe him from by the big
    tree before he sees you. He can be hard to find, though. When he's dead, go
    thru the tunnel if you haven't already, then find and kill the other Swamper in
    this little section. Jump up onto the flat rock and look for the cave that
    leads out of here. @Extra5.
    Jump into the cave and then up to the next rock. Up the slope in a tight corner
    a Secret Area will register. I found no item there. (There is a large shield
    generator on other difficulty levels.) At the other end of the cave there will
    be a framed head shot waiting to happen. Slide down and go to the opening in
    the rock. Find the STrooper in the bush to the left with your cross-hair, then
    snipe him. Find and snipe another in the bush between you and the big tree.
    Equip the saber and move out of the opening but not into deep water.
    There's a STrooper to the left. If he isn't trying to shoot himself, find and
    snipe him. Now get across the lake and get your saber re-lit. If you aren't
    being fired on, loose a fully charged Briar at the probe droid to wake it up,
    then destroy it with lightning when it gets near enough. When it's peaceful
    again, clear the area around the ruins. Down past the three columns are some
    STroopers and a Shadow Trooper. There's no reason to go down there except for
    the saber battle. @Extra6.
    So head up the canyon, away from the three columns. There'll be a STrooper in
    the grass, then a Swamper in a pond at some more columns. You'll go thru a hole
    in the rock and come to the edge of a lake. Snipe the silhouetted Swamper on
    the far side. Swim across hugging the right wall and ease around the corner.
    Kill or disarm the Swamper playing fort, and also the two in the water just
    past him. Avoid getting too close to the opening in the wall or a Shadow
    Trooper may attack. There's nothing on down the canyon except a Swamper.
    So go thru the opening in the large block wall. The Shadow Trooper
    should be waiting in the tunnel. He shouldn't be a problem in here. *You can
    bait him outside, then run thru the tunnel if you don't want to fight.* At the
    top of the ramp around the corner, there's a Shield Power Converter and Ammo.
    Through the opening is the end of the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yavin Swamp B. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    @Extra8. To your left will be a Swamper, to the right in the depths is a
    secret. (Thermal Belt, Assault Sentry.) Deal with the Swamper then move up to
    where he was standing. You'll see a rock dam you'll be jumping to. When you
    land on the dam, a skirmish will soon break out between a few Swampers and a
    lone Rebel guard a short ways ahead. The guard will almost certainly die
    without your help. Hero or avenger, your choice. If it's hero, use speed and
    get moving. Save?
    Hero: The Barney is standing on a bridge around the corner to the right from
    the rock dam. The easiest way is to just get to a spot near him and draw fire
    while he shoots. You can grip or mind trick to speed things along. Mind
    tricking them may confuse the Barney, though. And as always, using force while
    under heavy fire is risky. If you run down the right side of the canyon and
    jump from the shallow water just past the last rock, you can make it across the
    without losing your saber. You can also just speed thru the deep water and
    quickly re-light your saber when it's out of the water again. (The saber will
    stay lit if you swing it, but of course you won't be blocking.) This guy may
    want to follow you if he can see no enemies. You can trap him by the bridge.
    Avenger: Make the jump to the rock dam and ignore the noise when it starts.
    Move up past the first tree while hugging the left wall. You'll come to a
    little beach, move up on it and get to the canyon wall. Back up as far as you
    can. From this vantage point, you should be able to target two or three
    Swampers with the Disruptor. One to the left of the fallen column and big tree,
    and one or two more to the right of them. (If there's two to the right one may
    fire, but inaccurately.) Strafe right after that to snipe one more to the left
    of the tree.
    Make your way onto the fallen column up ahead, and move to the end. To the left,
    in between two brown fallen columns you'll see the head of a Swamper to shoot or
    grip. (Save your Disruptor ammo.) Saber time. Drop just off the end of the
    column down onto a rock. Continue to face where you killed the last one, and
    strafe right until another one fires. Kill or disarm him, then turn right and
    head down the canyon. You'll come to a portable bridge where the guard made his
    valiant stand.
    *There is another Swamper guarding some rocket ammo up a dead end behind the
    brown fallen columns.* Save? Make your way from the bridge to just short of a
    palm tree where the canyon narrows. You'll hear the sounds of another skirmish.
    Hero: There are two Rebel guards taking on a two Swampers. They sometimes both
    make it but one usually dies. If you want to make a difference, you need to get
    there quick (speed.) Take the left bridge and either quickly kill or grip the
    two attackers, or get them to see you and shift their fire. Check out the area,
    then go back to the V bridges.
    Avenger: Snipe the Swamper you can see from the palm tree. Then move up to the
    two bridges forming a V. They lead to the ends of a circular canyon. Make a
    loop and end up back here. (Shield and Ammo Power Converters.) Kill any
    Swampers left standing.
    Look left of the circular canyon to see a third canyon entrance. Head into it
    staying on the right edge to avoid dousing your saber. At the end of the
    bridge, deal with a Swamper in the water. There's another in the water behind
    the end of the sloping rock out-cropping to the right. Jump over to the slope
    and move up to take care of him. Over in the corner is a somewhat hidden
    entrance to the last section of this canyon. Save? Jump over to it. The sound
    of battle will soon be heard.
    Hero: Hit speed and start running as soon as you hit the ground. You'll want
    the DEMP gun or the Merr-Sonn handy. Get a bead on the AT-ST and take it out
    quick. As soon as it goes down, switch to the saber and get the attention of
    the STroopers and Squad Leader that hang with it. If the guards are still alive
    now, they will probably all make it. When it's quiet, backtrack for ammo and
    shields, then come back here. (Don't forget the Swamper that you passed.) ***If
    this doesn't save all four guards, try running past the AT when you get here.
    Run toward the lander and hug the right wall after you get by the AT. There is
    a big hole there that is safe.
    Let the guards take out the enemies they can see, while you bide your time.
    Ease out until you can get a bead on the AT, taking out any STroopers or Squad
    Leaders that you need to. Take it slow and locate it with the third person cam
    first. If there aren't many ground troops left, you can find the distance where
    a saber throw tears at it and dance around it till it drops.*** Both methods
    seem to depend on luck at least a little for all four guards to survive. I had
    the best with the second one.
    Avenger: As you pass thru the narrow opening look up to the right. The top of
    the rock leads to another way in. There's a Small Shield Generator and rocket
    Ammo up there. Also a head shot on an unsuspecting Swamper. Wait for the din of
    the battle to subside, then head up the canyon hugging the left wall. As you
    leave the shallow water, the AT-ST that pounded the Rebel defenders should come
    into view. *The end the level is around the next corner to the right. You can
    just run past everything and into the assault lander.*
    The DEMP gun will drop the AT very quickly, as will the Merr-Sonn. There are
    two S-Troopers and two Squad Leaders that hang with the AT that may also need
    to be killed. (Unlike Swampers these guys will pick up a weapon in a heart beat
    after being disarmed.) The assault lander should be in view, if not it's just
    around the corner. There will be few more STroopers to kill between it and you.
    Enter the assault lander to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yavin Canyon A. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    There's an empty ST ahead, all gassed up and with your name on it. *The AT is a
    mini game in itself, there are tactics I guess but success hinges in large part
    on mastering its sluggish handling. (Armor comes at a price.) This walkthrough
    goes on foot.* There is a Secret area in the upper area of the assault lander
    behind you. (All kinds of stuff, check it out.)
    Move past the mech and look down the canyon. There's a ledge with the first
    kill standing on it. Warm up your sniping eye on this guy, but save the
    Disruptor ammo. Then move down close to the lower ledge near where he used to
    be, and wait for the STroopers to come. Kill them in any number of ways, then
    jump up onto the lower ledge. Jump up to the higher ledge and get to the
    farthest edge down the canyon. Put your back against the wall.
    You'll be looking down a leg of the river. Above where it makes the next bend,
    you can make out a couple of rock ledges like the one you're on. There are two
    Squad Leaders with Merr-Sonns over there. One on the ledge at your level, and
    another above him and to the left. Save? Zoom in with the Disruptor and find
    them, then snipe the higher one. 'Unzoom' quickly and strafe left if the lower
    one has noticed and fires. *If the second one fires, load the last save or ease
    around the edge of the canyon until you can just target his upper body and he
    is unable to fire.* He usually doesn't so snipe him.
    Head over to where they were. *On the way you'll pass a cave on the right.
    (Thermals, Det-Paks, Trip-Mines.)* Look down stream and snipe the Swamper in
    the water down by the broken wall. Now head to the wall staying on the left
    side of the canyon. You may take a little laser cannon fire as you approach,
    but it will be aimed at where you were. Get to the side of the canyon and jump
    up onto the lower ledge of the wall. And then up to the large top ledge. You'll
    be taking fire from one or two laser cannons. Get behind the buttress and up
    against it, then tap-strafe back out until the right one starts firing.
    Get a red cross-hair while the saber blocks and then tap strafe slowly back
    until it stops. (You may want to slow down the sensitivity for this.) Save?
    Switch to the Briar and quickly back to the saber. If the gun fires, strafe
    left a hair more. Get a red cross-hair around the corner and fire off four or
    five primary rounds. Try the secondary if he doesn't die, or the E-11 primary.
    Do the same for the other cannon, then move up about three feet around the
    corner of the buttress.
    Locate a rounded ledge to the left and a ways above you. Zoom in with the
    Disruptor and zap the Squad Leader up there. (Crank the sensitivity back up
    now.) Equip the Merr-Sonn and move up toward the edge of the wall until you can
    get a solid shot at the ST zoning below. Fire three quick primary shots, then
    strafe out of the way. ***There is a Shadow Trooper over between the turbo
    lasers if you want him. Grip, speed, saber. On top near the laser cannons there
    is Disruptor ammo and some rockets. To the right of the wall is a cave with a
    couple Large Shield Generators and more rockets. You can get to it all without
    fighting him, though.***
    Drop down off the wall and head toward the left end of the wall the turbo
    lasers are on. You can jump up to where the Squad Leader was from near there
    and enter a cave. Secret area. (Assault Sentry, Large Shield Generator.)
    @Extra9. There is a live assault sentry in there also. You can use the ledges
    in the cave to drop down to some batteries. Then climb back up, or follow the
    lower cave to some debris and get out.
    Follow the canyon around to some columns and deal with the lone Swamper. Walk
    by the column laying in the stream about to its middle. Kill the STroopers who
    come running, and get ready to run a gauntlet. Select speed and build full
    force if you need to. Then head down the canyon, and hit speed when you see the
    first cannon fire. Stay on the right side until close to the AT, then make for
    the middle of the viney wall where it's broken. Hit speed again when it runs
    You'll need to get into the cubby hole to the left when you get to the rock
    face behind the wall. Go _all the way_ into the hole and then turn around to
    face the turbo laser up on the wall. Back as far into the hole as you can. The
    AT may fire a rocket but the wall should protect you from damage. Select mind-
    trick and target the guy on the laser cannon. Mind-trick him repeatedly until
    he cannot find a target, then snipe him while he's in a stupor. Select grip and
    ease out into the canyon.
    He should have cleared the place except for a Shadow Trooper. He is usually
    near the laser cannon up the canyon. There are also two Small Shield Generators
    by that cannon. Jump over the wall to end the level. *You can also just run the
    gauntlet and jump to the end of the level. You will only be able to use speed
    once. You'll need to make two efficient jumps from the far right side of the
    canyon, or you'll run out of force.* @Extra10
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yavin Canyon B. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Leave the Shield Power Converter if you're less than fifty. Save? Get next to
    the dark wall and jump clear over the huge rock shard. (Another unattended ST
    with the key in the ignition.) Turn left in the air to stay close to the wall,
    and hit the ground running. Follow the wall to the other side of the canyon.
    Use the special looking rocks that make your saber growl to climb up to a cave
    entrance above.
    Follow the cave, stopping when you see the glow of bacta. (Two Large Shield
    Generators, Rockets.) There is a PMS packing Squad Leader around the corner,
    but you'll be safe if you run to the front of the stuff. Snipe the Squad Leader
    or something, then take what you can. Move up to the mouth of the cave. Outside
    to the right are a couple of laser cannons on towers. Mind-trick the jockey of
    one into killing the other, then snipe the survivor. There's an AT between the
    two towers you can rocket or leave. Save?
    Drop off the other side of the ledge down to sloped the canyon wall. Heal.
    Enter the cave on the other side and follow it 'till a laser cannon fires.
    Mind-trick the gunner and he'll soon be killed by his buddies. Ease out and
    mind trick the one to the left of the first. When he finishes firing to your
    right and starts firing above you, kill him.
    Move out of the cave and look right. You'll see an AT by the tower. Take it
    from here with the Merr-Sonn. (Or wait and saber throw it in a second. Face the
    cave and back into the canyon while looking up. There's a Squad Leader you need
    to kill on the square looking rock above. It's the left most light colored rock
    up there. When he lays at your feet, move over to the tower and take out the AT
    if you didn't before. *There are two more rocket Squad Leaders up on a ledge
    near where the first one was, but on the other side of the rock bridge. They
    aren't a threat unless you go up the canyon.* @Extra11.
    Go thru the assault lander and cross the lake. At the head of the canyon is a
    cave up in the rocks. There's a Shadow Trooper just inside. Bait him out with a
    saber throw from the rock below the entrance, then kill or jump past him and
    enter. Drop down the hole in the cave to end the level. *Remember to fill up on
    shields before you go.*
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yavin Courtyard. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You've dropped into a room with three STroopers, kill them and grab ammo if you
    need it. The tunnel leads to a familiar room. The Basement of the Temple.
    Priority one in this level is Kyle stays healthy. Saving the good guys is down
    the list a ways. (Possible though.) Use speed and select lighting and jump into
    the tunnel. Run thru the depression, and to the left side of the hole where
    four enemies are attacking the guards inside. _Stop short of the unbroken
    floor_ and use lightning on the three you can reach. The fourth will probably
    turn and fire, but will soon fall.
    You may have noticed three Squad Leaders enter the bay at the far end. Let your
    force charge to max then move thru hole just into the bay. When the three come
    down to fight, one or two should be targeting you. Just block for the most part
    and try to avoid putting any guards between you and them. If it gets down to
    Squad Leaders just firing at guards, run up and use lightning. (Don't move out
    more than about half way to the next set of pillars.) *If you are trying to
    save all the guards and there are less than three, load the last save.* Save?
    Let your force recharge, then head for the right side of the stack of crates
    past the elevator. Hit speed about halfway to the first pillar, and tap the
    force button (lightning) as you get close to the Squad Leader. Finish with the
    saber as you reach him. Wait for the speed to wear off if it hasn't, then
    continue on around the crates. Aim for the hole by the pillar.
    Two Squad Leaders will come thru. Use the pillar to prevent the second one from
    aiming at you. When your force meter gets back up to half, run around the right
    side of the pillar. (Watch out for the rubble on the floor.) Use lighting as
    soon as you see one. Get close enough for it to kill both if you can, but be
    sure to get the one with a Merr-Sonn. (Second one.) Move _into_ the hole in the
    wall and turn around. Back into the room until you can make out two heads up
    Mind-trick the left guy and wait for him finish. Put him out of his shameful
    misery, then jump up into the little hole to your left. Turn around and aim at
    the far corner of the room, then press only the jump button. (Wheeee, hee hee,
    hmm...) Jump on up to the top and then up to the next ledge. Stand in the
    opening until the seeker is the only thing firing. Go into the room and get a
    feel for the timing, then show the seeker who's boss. (Saber throws seem almost
    'homing.') Thru the door are a student and his trainer. Save.
    They will soon be attacked by a Shadow Trooper and a half dozen Reborn or so.
    Stay at the edge of the fray, helping out when you can. Lightning is hard to
    beat. It can drain your force down fast though. (Swallow the green pill as soon
    as you see it, and lean on the lightning button again immediately.) Take a
    swipe with the saber when you get a chance if you want. When it thins out,
    switch to grip and watch out for the Shadow if he's alive.
    At this time it's a good idea to get close to your compadres if you're not. The
    kid usually makes it, and sometimes both. When it's quiet, mind-trick and kill
    the Squad Leader above, or walk your saber into him. Save? *This room and the
    next are good places to polish up on your saber skills. Reload and practice
    linked short slashing in medium and fast styles up close and personal. (Or your
    fav. moves.) Practice with and without speed. See the "Lightsaber Tips" section
    for more on "linked short slashes."*
    There are a couple of Seeker Drones in a doorway up here to pick up. Follow the
    hall to a door and run thru. There is another saber battle raging below.
    @Option12. Find the hole in the glass and drop down and do it again. These two
    light-siders will stick with you when the room's clear, so it's nice if they
    survive. @Option13.
    Check out the narrow cave-like dogleg hallway leading to a locked door. Looks
    like a good place to funnel your foes. It is in fact an excellent place to
    fight from alone. *Depending on how much you been able to help your allies, if
    they're with you at all they will be getting weak. If there are two left and
    you want to leave them alive, the best bet is to trap them in the glass
    hallways behind you. You should go back and stock up on seekers if you can and
    need to, anyway.*
    Move out of the room thru a short passage way that leads to the elevators. Move
    toward the elevators until a Shadow Trooper drops down, then help your allies
    out with grip or lightning. *If you are alone, grip, speed saber.* Move past
    the elevators a bit and some Reborn will attack from around the corner.
    Lightning if you are helping out, retreat to the dogleg if you're alone.
    Head past the elevators and down the hall toward the open courtyard. Out in the
    courtyard are more Shadows and Reborn. (There's a Large Shield Generator on one
    side out here.) Help your allies if you brought them for as long as they hold
    out, then retreat to the room with the push blocks. Fight what's left of your
    enemies one by one from the door in the narrow dogleg hall. Grip, speed, saber.
    On the far side of the courtyard are the passage and door to a final outside
    area where Desann will drop into the lower temple. He'll leave two Shadows to
    dissuade you from following. Their deaths are the key to the stairs. The dogleg
    hall back in the push block room is the safest place to fight them, but the
    side rooms here can also be used to your advantage. Go near the stairs after
    'obtaining the key.' And you will push them open. Drop down to end the level.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yavin Final. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Like Yavin Trial you will be on a quest for a saber. This one in the hands of a
    scum bag squeeze-napper however. Break the rocks blocking the way with your
    saber. Turn to the right and run thru a room where the sky seems to be falling.
    Jump up onto the ledge and run into the tunnel. Stare at the wall to the left
    until you know what to do. Save? At the top of the ramp is a gauntlet of fire,
    run thru if you're a master of platform timing. If not, push will put out the
    first two torches permanently, and the second two for a short time. 'Might want
    to use speed after the third push.
    You'll then come to a room with three Desanns, and three ways to go. The false
    wall to the right is deadly. The center leads only to illusion. *Or maybe not,
    a seeker released there attacks.* The left it is then. Around the first corner
    you'll spot a leaky pipe. Leak = weak. There's a fire in your way just ahead.
    Once the flames are doused, run to and drop down the hole beyond.
    Push the block with a sign on it in front of you to open a short passage way.
    Run in, turn left and push the knee high sign/ switch to open another passage
    way back where you dropped in. Avoid being crushed by the moving blocks. Speed
    can help but if it runs at the wrong moment, it may get you killed. Use it on
    the last moving block though. Save when you get past them all. Desann is just
    ahead thru the short tunnel.
    *He's quite the Jedi and you should try to experience all of his attacks before
    trying to beat him. His lightning and grip are outrageous. He's fast and his
    saber packs a wallop. He will laugh at most of your force attacks. He will
    sometimes grip and then send you around the room like a pinball. He has a
    thick, tough lizard leather hide that makes cortosis seem weak. I've seen
    people write on the net that he's too easy to beat. Perhaps for some, but on
    Jedi Master I found him plenty formidable.* Select speed, bind heal (or bacta)
    and push to buttons, then move on in.
                                  The Lizard Lord
    After the cut scene ends, you'll have a few seconds before he attacks, so use
    the free time to fire up the beam you saw earlier in the center of the room.
    The switches on the sides of the room (upper level) need to be pulled out, be
    sure be centered on them and aim in the middle. The beam will light shortly but
    just for a while, so drop down and jump thru it. (Try not to over jump and use
    a lot of force.) Use speed and find him. (Start counting to yourself when you
    hit speed.)
    You will be invulnerable for just more than two continuous uses of force speed.
    (Avoid force jumping to save force for a quick second use of speed while
    invulnerable.) Get to him (in his face) and short slash with medium or fast
    style. (See the "Lightsaber Tips" section near top for more on linked short
    slashes.) *Any moves will work, but these work fairly quickly and are easy to
    do.* When speed runs out (note how high you counted,) use it again as soon as
    you have enough force, and start counting again. Get in a few licks if you can,
    but get out and headed up top before the speed runs out. Keep an eye on him as
    much as possible and use the top walkway to avoid him until the beam glows
    again. *Heal if you need to.*
    Drop down and wait just a bit if he is still up top, to maximize the time you
    have to attack. Then jump thru and hurt him again. Save whenever you get in a
    few licks and make it back to the top successfully. (Sometimes he will be in a
    force mood and you might want to just to try and get away as soon as possible.)
    You can try force push to break his grips, but... Persist, and you will
    persevere. @Option15.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owari ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Credits. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by Azraelot. (Matthew Rorie.):
    For all the secrets, I can't remember which I found, so I'll credit them all to
    his walkthrough. See his walkthrough for specific credit. (If you are listed in
    that walkthrough and want to be credited specifically in this one, just ask.
    I'll be happy to put you in.)
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by Azraelot. (Matthew Rorie.):
    For many of the tactics presented. (Mostly in the levels after Nar Shaddaa
    Streets.) *Specific credits below.* Some of these of these were modified or
    added to, all were tested repeatedly. I had discovered them myself in some
    cases prior to reading them in that walkthrough. However, I did read much of
    the walkthrough and want to be fair and give credit where it's due, or even
    just may be. If you feel you were left out, holler.
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by "Azraelot." (Matthew Rorie.):
    I used this walkthrough to refresh my memory many times.
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by "Billy Lee" for alternate
    perspectives on the game.
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by "black hole sun" for
    alternate perspectives on the game.
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by "KyleKatrn" for alternate
    perspectives on the game.
    The walkthrough at GameFAQs (and other sites) by "Legomondo" for alternate
    perspectives on the game.
    Jeff Veasey. For a nice tight (fast) site with walkthroughs, moderated gaming
    forums, and more. (Without pop-ups.)
    Leeboblue. For the short-cut described in @Extra1.
    **The following credits are all duplicates of ones given in the walkthrough at
    GameFAQs (and many other sites) by Azraelot (Matthew Rorie.)**
    "Azraelot (Matthew Rorie)": Falling STroopers, Artus Mine A.
    "A few people": The stun baton as a superior 'bug zapper,' Artus Mine B.
    "SpeedySlim2": Easy way to board the garbage scow, Nar Shaddaa Streets.
    "Odd Ball": Destroying the grate as a way out of the deadly conveyor, Nar
    Shaddaa Streets.
    "Mitch": Crouch technique to strafe with the Disruptor rifle.
    "Chris Redfield": R5 corral technique, Bespin Streets.
    "Will Donald": 'Too easy' win with Tavion, Bespin Platform.
    "John Doe and Maxguy 25": Avoiding the Merr-Sonn attack on the 'floating
    platform,' Cairn Reactor.
    "Clayton McNeil": The pull from above technique for
    the two Shadow Troopers in a can, Cairn Dock.
    "Chris Bloomfield": Technique for large groups of enemies by using pull from
    above them.
    "Por Que, Cyclops de Baba, Andysoft, levthan, Sam Nicolitsi, woodrow
    Stonechild, NemesisII_the_sequel, Perry Gruver, Denis Seguin, uninspired979":
    Galak Fyar tactics, Doom Shields.
    "Azraelot (Matthew Rorie)": Lightning as an excellent force for the Jedi
    battles, Yavin Courtyard.
    "Samsurin Welch" Keep the Jedi alive, they will follow, Yavin Courtyard.
    "David Bruce": Luke's 'private space,' Yavin Courtyard.
    Again, if you think you should be credited (and would like to be,) give me a
    shout at the addy near the top.
    PowerEdit(Demo) : Text editing.
    FreeSpell(Free) : Spell-checking.
    TextPad(Demo) : Typo-checking.
    JavE(I owe him a postcard) : ASCII pic.
    Photoshop : ASCII pic.
    Starwarsnet <http://www.starwarsnet.co.uk/>: Star Wars resource.
    Star Wars <http://www.starwars.com/>: Star Wars resource.
    For game credits see MobyGames.
    ~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Storage. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Glitches: I managed to get hopelessly stuck a in corner of the room at the top
    of the bug ridden tunnels in Artus Detention. Same thing between a light-post
    and a sloped corner in one of the rooms in Cairn Dock. And many places off the
    beaten track in the later Yavin levels.
    In the later levels the walls and floors absorbed mind-trick force.
    In some levels Kyle took no damage from falling. The first one I noticed was
    Cairn Bay. Weeee. The controller vibrated but the meter showed no hit.
    The right stick would sometimes act as a jump button after loading a save.
    (Upon release.) as soon as I pressed the A button to jump the stick would
    revert to normal (crouch.) I would have liked this as a controller option.
    Grip would work over extremely long distances in Yavin Swamp sometimes. Almost
    always immediately lethal.
    Tavion's Saber was about a foot long one time. She was very ineffective with it
    to say the least. It was a 'saveable' situation. (One of my fav. saves.)
    @Jan dies. If Jan keeps dying, or you'd rather she not help, you may want to
    corral her. After she kills the Storm Trooper and the Officer, lead her around
    the back of the shuttle to the drums you climbed before. Push in into the V
    formed by the drums. Then, staying as close to her as you can, go back under
    the shuttle to the other side of the drums. Save?
    Climb up onto the ledge again and follow the normal walkthrough above. (Snipe
    the patrolling Storm Trooper and run to the far side of the pad the Turbo Laser
    is on.) Hug the rock wall when you move to the corner to survey the scene
    though, or she may run around the back of the shuttle. Instead of Jan killing
    the STroopers while you draw their attention, you'll kill them yourself.
    Jump up to bait them over to the edge just above you if need be. (Careful to
    get back close to the wall after you jump.) If that doesn't bring them in, move
    up the hump to expose yourself, then quickly get back to safety. Be patient, it
    may take a few seconds for them to decide where to go.
    You can carefully back away from the wall (or strafe right) and head shoot the
    ones that come to the spot directly above you. They will sometimes line up to
    fill that spot, and other times will need to be baited by showing yourself.
    They may also end up at a spot just to the right of the big gun. Ease up the
    hump to get a shot at them there.
    If they end up all bunched up far to the right, move down to the corner of the
    pad and use it for cover to snipe around. Or load the last save. When the last
    one (usually on the balcony) is dead, Jan _will_ find a way to get to, and
    shoot the door. *She may show up at any time, but usually stays corralled until
    they're all dead.*
    >This was the original tactic, but I decided it was more trouble than it's
    >worth. It's kind of cool to snipe these guys, though. I couldn't help
    >wondering why the dev. team put this grate here.
    Run back out the entrance door as Jan runs in. Drop down and go into the little
    tunnel again. Turn right and go to the switch you pressed earlier. Walk down
    the stairs about halfway. Look up at the ceiling and notice the explosive crate
    sitting over a hole. You should also see a Storm Trooper. Charge up the Briar
    and take him out clean. Wait for a second or two. Another STrooper should run
    across your view. Wait a few more seconds for him to either stabilize or run
    If he stays, move back up the stairs and line up a shot. Take him out clean as
    well. (Winging one of these guys will make things harder.) If he runs back you
    may have to set up a shot at the top of a jump. The third (and last) one isn't
    too bad once you find the spot. *On the little ledge around the circular part
    of this room.* If he bolts because you hit the explosive crate, check the other
    grate. You can't destroy it, but you can shoot thru it.
    If something goes wrong, load the last save and try it again. If that doesn't
    work, move on. *You can actually skip this part, but it does make the next
    phase a little easier.* Head back up to the control room, and press switches 3
    and 4.
    @Option2. You can also just run straight to the kitchen and use push to get
    into the secret area, and fight from there. It plays a little more consistent
    this way, but you don't take advantage of the pit. And you will probably have
    to deal with the two Gran bombers at the same time.
    @Option3. An alternate method. After killing the Weequay and two Gran in the
    piston room, you can just run clear to the room with the Ugnaught. It is better
    to use the stairs and door to the right to get there. (The enemies from the
    stairs room will tend to come into the Ugnaught room thru the door you used.)
    You'll want to end up at a spot behind the bullet proof glass and right next
    the console where an Ugnaught is working. (A relatively safe position.) If you
    hit speed just after you leave the room with the piston, it should carry you
    almost to the Ugnaught. Select push after you use speed and use it on the two
    guys at the top of the stairs as you approach the door to the Ugnaught room.
    Once you're behind the glass, face the door you didn't come thru just in case,
    and wait for everyone to settle down. The enemy prefers certain spots in this
    room. One is close to the small opening to the right of the console, and
    another at the far end of the room in line with the first spot. The Disruptor
    zoomed works well. *You may have to move just a bit to see them.*
    In front of the glass on the left side of the room is also popular. Mind trick
    followed by quickly strafing out with Bowcaster and delivering a secondary fire
    to the head works well here. If two are close there, mind-trick both to be
    safe. You may have to leave the booth briefly to bait stragglers. The downside
    here is the Ugnaught sometimes dies. The next door you go thru will be a one-
    way door in this case. Meaning no access later to the shield converter and
    generators behind you. (You can pull and push the generators past the door and
    have access to them, but not the converter.) Your call.
    You don't have to kill any of these guys, actually. You can just press the
    switch and speed past them and thru the furnace room. It's actually a lot
    easier, but you'll play hell getting back to the shield converter later if you
    need it. There is another shield converter before the end of the level, as well
    as seventy-five points worth of shield generators. Again, your call.
    @Option4. *This can make things a bit easier later on in this level.* Move over
    by the elevator and use the Disruptor or binocs to locate the Reborn with
    bright embroidery on his outfit. He also has a dark blue diamond on the top of
    his hood. If he's away from the other one, lob a shot at him with the Repeater
    secondary. Adjust your aim and when he starts jumping, fire three or four
    rounds 'for effect.' Repeat 'till he lays down his saber. Do this before you
    pick up the Repeater ammo.
    @Option5. For a saber kill I'd suggest pull, followed by Top Down Hacks when
    he's down. Try to get him down with a pull as the door opens and he's dropping
    to the floor to start things off on the right foot. (And finish if your lucky.)
    *Many people seem to like speed, though.* The two gun-toters will try to get
    out the door when they see you. And while they won't fire during a saber
    battle, as soon as you stray far from the Reborn they will figure it's over and
    open up. If your back happens to be close to the FC-1, it can really hurt.
    @Option6. For a gun kill here it's the FC-1 and push, speed, or pull. Fight him
    outside rather than in. For saber I'd say push or pull followed by Top Down
    Hacks while he's down. Start inside and move out if it get's too intense.
    *Again, many people seem to like speed, though. If he throws his saber you'll
    have him.*
    If you want a tougher than normal fight with Tavion, bait him to the door that
    leads to her. He will be there after the cut scene, and you can battle both at
    the same time. :]
    @Option7. For a 'too easy' win you should jump up onto the larger of the two
    fancy crates to the right of the hauler ship right away. If she doesn't jump
    onto the ship after she starts moving, load the last save. If she does, quickly
    aim at her and then pull back on the left stick. Aim almost as high as you can.
    Did I mention force pull? She'll jump over and try to land on your head. As she
    comes down, adjust your aim to target her, and pull just before she lands. If
    your aim and timing are right, it'll be over. *Push will also work, and is
    easier to aim but I had the best luck with pull.*
    For a gun 'kill' on her try the FC-1, speed or pull, and a seeker. As with the
    saber, you need to release the drone before she targets you. And avoid her
    until she zones on the drone. Then try to get and stay behind her while firing
    at her feet when using speed. (Try to avoid hitting the drone.) Or hit her with
    force pull and flechettes from behind when she focuses on the seeker. If the
    pull takes her down, move in a bit and try to finish her while she's down.
    These _can_ both work well. *By "behind" I only mean more than ninety degrees
    left or right of front center.*
    I'll also mention that you don't have to fight her outside. The door is open,
    so you can bait her to anywhere in the level. It's a different fight in close
    quarters. She can be hard to get to the second floor though, she has trouble
    with the elevator shaft. In fact she will usually break her leg sooner or later
    just jumping around in there if you stand at the edge of the opening above it.
    (Another 'too easy' win.) *If you ditch her first you can rest up inside also.
    If you killed the Reborn guarding the shield converter, you can go to it for a
    boost if any is left. (Grab the shield generator near the famous droids first
    if it's still there and it's prudent.)*
    @Option8. For a novel gun kill: After the first Reborn collapses from the grip,
    run to the right and make a lap around the assault lander. Run to the door,
    open it and run inside. As soon as you're inside jump up onto the lift and
    enter the room above. Get to one side of the lift opening and wait a second or
    two. If it's safe, save. Then move onto the lift and back off to send it down
    without you going with it.
    If it get's stuck, you know where he is. If it doesn't, use the third person
    camera to see if he made it inside. *If he's still outside, drop down and go to
    the door. Open it then back up to the wall. When he starts in, jump up into the
    room above.* If he's under the lift, equip the Bowcaster or FC-1. *The
    Bowcaster is a little safer, but the ammo is scarce and you may go thru some.
    The FC-1 is a little harder to aim, but works well. You've saved so, try both?*
    If he's under the lift, when it goes down and stops, bounce three or four
    Bowcaster secondaries or FC-1 primaries down toward him. If he comes out from
    under the lift strafe off to the side. If he doesn't, repeat until he screams.
    If he's isn't under the lift, usually he's on one side of the lift or the
    other, close to the wall and jumping once in awhile. If so, back into the room a
    bit and equip the FC-1.
    Aim to bounce orange balls in his general vicinity, and fire a couple times.
    Wait for all the rounds to explode. Move you point of aim slightly if he didn't
    scream. Repeat 'till he goes down. *The Repeater secondary can also work when
    he's on the sides. It's best if you can see his sword as he's jumping, and time
    a shot into the corner when he's at the same level as the explosion.*
    If you see him anywhere other than the three places mentioned during this, move
    back away from the lift and to one side of the room. Then ease back out and
    find him again.
    @Option9. This is a very hard method of _not_ killing this guy. Select speed
    and get to the lift. Be sure to just nick him with the saber on the way. (Count
    a little coup.) Press the switch and then get behind the lock-box. When the
    lift gets to the top, watch it. As soon as the lift leaves, run to it and drop
    off the edge to land on it, then drop off it and down to the floor. Leaving him
    the choice of death or the shame of the coup. This can be tough to pull off, if
    the lift is close to the top he may drop down to it and follow you. If it's too
    far down, you'll die. Heal.
    @Option10. If you want to kill the two Reborn use speed and select push or
    grip, then open the door and quickly kill the Officers. If you are fast and
    lucky you can get back thru the door before it closes. Use push or grip to try
    and keep them out until the door closes. (Which may kill them if they are in
    the doorway.) Then rebuild your force, open the door and fight one at a time.
    The blue hooded one can be choked to death.
    @Option11. If you want to take on all three Shadow Troopers at once here, I
    recommend trying the little hole (just big enough to get in) in the left wall
    as you stand on the rock facing the third (cloaked) Shadow. Once you know where
    the hole is, it's easy to get into it and turned around before they have a
    chance to attack. By making like a moray eel, you can quickly leave three
    shadows lying face down in a tight little group. Grip, speed, forward lunge.
    You can retire to the cave after each one, or grab the pill and turn to face
    the next one.
    You can also just run past all three Shadows. Use speed and jump over the third
    one as he's dropping to the rock. You should go clear over the first tree. Jump
    up on to the rock past the second tree, then turn left and run along the wall.
    You usually won't be followed past the rock. If you are followed it will be by
    just the third one.
    @Option12. You can just run from here to the area with the stairs. You will
    still have to kill the two Shadows who guard the stairway, however. And you
    won't be able to use the dogleg. The side rooms there aren't bad to fight from,
    @Option13. You can get the two Jedi in the first room to help the rest of the
    way also, but it isn't easy. First you must pull them up into the glass
    hallway. From there you push and pull them to the next room and get them down.
    Then get them to the exit. They will usually start fighting from there, when
    the Shadow drops down. Keep them close to the action and they will pitch in.
    *You can also grip them and they will follow you, but they (you?) will have
    slipped to the dark side.*
    @Option14. If you jump up near the elevators just past the push block room, you
    can get to Luke's 'private space.' (Where you met with him before.) There are
    four Shadow Troopers up there conspiring to despoil the walls with lightsaber
    graffiti. Luke's your bud, so... *Try baiting as many as you can to the dogleg
    at first. Then when the first bunch is gone, head back up. If you run into more
    than one on the way retreat. If just one, grip, speed, saber.*
    @Option15. For a gun kill, the FC-1 with speed or pull can work. It's not
    nearly as dependable as the saber and the beam though. If you have a seeker or
    two it can be much easier. Pop a seeker up top near the edge, and wait for him
    to target it. Hit speed, move down the edge a ways, then drop down and wait for
    a saber throw. When he throws (at the seeker) rush him and hold down the
    primary. He will probably try to swing the throw around and catch you with it.
    Alternate between crouch and stand, or strafe to avoid being hit. If he starts
    chasing you, it's probably over. (There is a "magic" distance where you can hit
    him with most of the fletchette spread, but not divert his attention from the
    seeker. Try to hit him from behind or the side, to minimize his saber
    If he targets the drone and throws, this can work very quickly. Sometimes he
    just won't go down. If he doesn't go down or pulls your weapon away, you can
    always wuss out on the gun kill. ;] Switch to your saber and try to get up top.
    Then switch to the saber method. (Beam, speed, saber, escape, save.)
    @Extra1. (What follows is a major short-cut thru the first part of this level.
    (Thanks to Leeboblue.) Many of the enemies will be by-passed.) Turn right as
    soon as you enter the compactor room. Hug the wall, and move down to the next
    door. Jump up onto the the teensy ledge formed by the little square just to the
    right of the door. (Use the same method described for jumping onto the panel
    near the R-5, near the end of "Nar Shaddaa Streets.")
    From the square, jump up onto the light above, and from there up to the crate.
    Look toward the center of the room. Off to the left will be the closest Gran
    Bomber patrolling in and out of view on the catwalks. Save? Snipe him with the
    disruptor. (Tough shot.) Farther to the left, near the closest corner another
    Gran will patrol in and out of view. Snipe him also (try to catch him as he
    turns around.)
    Now jump up onto the crate in the corner (you'll have to crouch after jumping
    to get in there.) Look down the wall toward the far end of the room. Snipe the
    Gran patrolling down there, and then drop of the crate by moving in his
    direction. Jump up onto the catwalk, and move to where it turns. Find and snipe
    the two Gran at the far end (or rush them.) Go back to the door near where you
    jumped up to the catwalk, and go thru it.
    Destroy the grate around the corner, and jump into the duct. (Follow the
    walkthrough from here, but don't go past the corner at the lower end of the
    hall after you leave the duct, unless you want to face more enemies than you
    have to. If you want the second and third secrets, grab them on the way to
    Lando. Be aware you will trigger the door guards by going thru the doors.)
    @Extra2. (What follows is a major short-cut thru this level. No secret, no
    goodies, but the easiest route by far.) You'll see a STrooper way off and above
    you. Zoom in and vaporize him. To your right is a huge structure. The
    Doomgiver. There's a very large fuel nozzle connecting the ship to the building
    below. Make your way over to where it meets the ship. *You may be seen while
    making the next few jumps. Load the last save and try again, if they _fire_.*
    Jump on the nozzle and crouch. Jump up onto the ship and crouch again. Move up
    the slope to a narrow ledge. Up above a bridge rests on an opening in the ship.
    Save? Jump up into the opening. There's a Squad Leader patrolling up here, he
    won't see unless you jump up onto the bridge. Turn around and look down the
    ship. You'll see a slope at about the same level as you. Jump to it and move to
    the top. Follow the ledge around the end of the ship and to a dark wall. Jump
    to the top of it, and from there up onto the ship. Make your way over to the
    ship's bridge (windows) and jump up. There's a locked door on one side and the
    end of the level on the other. Doomgiver ride ahead.
    ***There is a way to get the secret without fighting the Reborn from up here.
    The secret isn't particularly grand (Thermals and a Bacta) but it is a secret
    and there's a possibly interesting glitch. WARNING!!! Possible danger to your
    'suspension of disbelief' or 'immersion.' From the locked door on the ship's
    bridge, follow the catwalk to a door. Ride the lift down and make your way thru
    or over the boxes to the door. Open it but don't go in.
    Go back to the lift and ride it up. Follow the catwalk back to the ship's
    bridge. Drop down to the top of the dark wall you used to get up here, and the
    make your way over to the roof with stacks of boxes. Go to the side of the
    building without boxes this time and use the ledges to drop down. (Where you
    would normally enter the building with a light switch and power bot.) Grab the
    secret if you want then go thru the two doors here to enter the empty room.
    Make your way to the door on the other side of the room. Go thru it and the
    next. Hee hee :) You know the way to the end of the level.***
    @Extra3. There is a way to glitch Fyar. I only mention it for the giggle
    factor. You will need at least one seeker to pull it off. Let the seeker go
    over by one of the black columns, then hide from Fyar by watching for his
    bubble. You'll need to not be seen by him. After awhile he should fail to
    appear. Use the third person cam to peep around a corner and find out which
    direction he's facing. Approach him from behind.
    @Extra4. You can get up to the top of the assault lander if you like that sort
    of thing. A couple of easy jumps. WARNING!!! Possible danger to your
    'suspension of disbelief' or 'immersion.' This is also the starting point of a
    'jumping puzzle' of sorts. From here to the beginning of the level without
    touching the ground. Not _too_ tough, that comes later. There may or may not be
    a reward. ;) If you like Jedi jumpin' and are one to explore and search out the
    areas most folks never see, I think you may be pleased with what the dev. team
    left (or put) in the Yavin levels.
    @Extra5. The 'jumping puzzle' in this teensy section is just getting topside.
    Short but tricky.
    @Extra6. Or to get to the 'jumping puzzle' topside. It isn't much of a puzzle,
    actually. You can bait the Shadow Trooper that waits on the beach past the
    columns and get him to jump up, though. A different place for a saber battle.
    @Extra7. Well, there is another topside 'jumping puzzle' that starts down
    there. It ends at the top of the stone wall. _Tough_ in a couple o' spots, but
    fun and very satisfying to complete.
    @Extra8. One big optional 'jumping puzzle' topside here. It starts within a few
    feet of the beginning of the level, and runs to the end. Or does it? If you
    like jumping from the edge of a knife onto postage stamp, you'll love it. (OK,
    I might be exaggerating a hair.) The jumping is a challenge as is just finding
    the way. *If you can follow the puzzle as far as it goes, a close up of
    something special awaits. (Getting almost there just gets you a view of it.)
    "Wiherc fach mits?"* Actually, this puzzle forks near the end, one fork leads
    to the close-up, the other to a head on view. Both forks will test you, but in
    different ways.
    @Extra9. I could find access to some of the 'topside' in this level. The only
    puzzle I found was locating a way up. You can visit the top of the waterfall,
    and get a very close look at the ties and X-wings. You can have a tie fly thru
    you in fact. There may be a way to see more, but I couldn't find it.
    @Extra10. You can just run thru the whole level speeding where necessary,
    stopping to rebuild force in safe areas. 0 Secrets 0 Shots O Kills. 0.00%
    Accuracy. With a little luck, 0 damage. You can get thru all of Yavin swamp and
    canyon like this incidentally. You'll miss everything, though. It's good as a
    mini game after you've finished the levels.
    @Extra11. I could find access to a little of the 'topside' in this level. The
    only puzzle I found was locating a way up. Not much to see or do. There is a
    rectangular room below the stream bed visible thru some undrawn textures from
    one vantage point. Part of the temple? You'll need the ST to get up.
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