Additional AIMichael Kupka
Additional AIPaul Masters
Additional Character SupportMichael McClelland
Additional Character SupportCarrie Meade
Additional Character SupportGreg Omelchuk
Additional Level SupportJesse Slate
Additional Level SupportTrevor Lemoine
Additional VoicesAndrew Abelson
Additional VoicesDee Bradley Baker
Additional VoicesNathan Carlson
Additional VoicesCam Clarke
Additional VoicesKat Cressida
Additional VoicesRob Dean
Additional VoicesGrey Delisle
Additional VoicesRobin Atkin Dowes
Additional VoicesAlister Duncan
Additional VoicesMichael Ensign
Additional VoicesBrian George
Additional VoicesMichael Gough
Additional VoicesJennifer Hale
Additional VoicesJames Horan
Additional VoicesTom Kane
Additional VoicesCandi Milo
Additional VoicesOliver Muirhead
Additional VoicesDaran Norris
Additional VoicesPat Pinney
Additional VoicesVictor Raider-Wexler
Additional VoicesClive Revill
Additional VoicesJoshua Seth
Additional VoicesJane Singer
Additional VoicesAndre Sogliuzzo
Additional VoicesKath Soucie
Additional VoicesSteve Staley
Additional VoicesJames Arnold Taylor
Additional VoicesJim Ward
Additional VoicesWally Wingert
AI System ArchitectJason Franklin
Art DirectorMichael Fong
Audio DirectorMarc Schaefgan
Audio EngineeringRob Brannon
BilboWaylon Calabrese
CameraAndrew Yount
Character ModelingMichael Fong
Character ModelingTom Heimann
Character ModelingBrad Marques
Character ModelingJesse Slate
Creative DirectorChuck Lupher
Enviromental EffectAlex Cheng
Enviromental EffectAndrew Yount
Executive ProducerJaime Grieves
Front End & HudJeremy Howa
Game & System DesignBey Bieckerton
Game & System DesignRand Van Fossen
Game & System DesignChuck Lupher
Game & System DesignArtie Rogers
Game & System DesignBrandon Paul Salinas
Game & System DesignRhea Shelley
GandalfJim Ward
Level ArtistLuke Gustafson
Level ArtistPaul Haskins
Level ArtistMichael Mclelland
Level ArtistCarrie Meade
Level ArtistGreg Omelchuck
Level DesignerRand Van Fossen
Level DesignerArtie Rogers
Level DesignerBrandon Paul Salinas
Level DesignerRhea Shelley
Music LogicMichael Kupka
Page Turn CinemaMichael Fong
Page Turn CinemaCarrie Meade
PuzzleDavid Russel
PuzzleAndrew Yount
PuzzlesAlex Cheng
Special EffectMike Reed
Special EffectAndrew Yount
Special Effect ArtistMartin COven
Technical DirectorAndy Thyssen
Voice Actor: GollumDaran Norris
Voice Actor: NarratorTom Kane
Voice Actor: SmaugJames Horan
Voice Actor: ThorinClive Revill
World, Weather & CharacterStevan Hird


Data and credits for this game contributed by BostonFuse51, odino, JCDC, Blueberry Buttface, Shadowplay, Mookiethebold, oliist, and Wongtan.

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