• Codes

    Enter code of choice for the effect.

    SOMONEYAll single player events
    FTAILFlames come out of Rear Wheel
    BAKABAKAFull juice Bar
    ALLFREEKInfinite Freak Meter
    SQUATTERInvisible Bike
    BIGUPYASELFPerfect Grinds
    JUSTINBAILYPerfect Handplants
    QUEZDONTSLEEPPerfect manuals
    HURRYUPQuicker Boost Accumulation
    GOBIGNOWQuicker Freakout Meter Accumulation
    WTCHKPRSRainbow Colored Graphics
    HELMETRider wears a Helmet
    LAZYRIDRUnlimited Boost Power
    FULLHOUSUnlock 4 Unlockable Riders
    SKELETONUnlock all Keys
    BUSPASSUnlock all Tracks
    KINGSLEYUnlock level select
    FACTORYUnlocks all Bikes
    HOOKEDUPUnlocks all Gear
    BURNDUPUnlocks Burn It Up Track
    DREMHAUSUnlocks Crash Pad Arena
    LOKSMITHUnlocks Everything
    SOMONEYUnlocks everything in Single Player Mode
    TOPOCROSUnlocks Gnome Sweet Gnome Track
    SNKEEYESUnlocks Let It Ride Track
    LAUNCHITUnlocks Rocket Garden Track
    TRLRTRSHUnlocks The Burbs Arena

  • PS2 Codes that Work on the GCN

    All codes only operate in multiplayer/practice modes. Enter at the Options/Enter Codes screen.

    ALLFREEKInfinite Freekout/Boost
    NOSLEEVEUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Outfit: Tankin' It
    WINGSUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Outfit: Tiki
    KIDSGAMEUnlock Stefy Bau's Outfit: Playing Jax
    INVASIONUnlock Stefy Bau's Outfit: UFO Racer
    WHOZASKNUnlocks Brian Deegan's Bike: Dominator
    HEDBANGRUnlocks Brian Deegan's Bike: Heavy Metal
    WHATEVERUnlocks Brian Deegan's Bike: Mulisha Man
    SOLDIERUnlocks Brian Deegan's Outfit: Commander
    RIPPEDUnlocks Brian Deegan's Outfit: Muscle Bound
    COOLDUDEUnlocks Clifford Adoptante
    STOKEDUnlocks Clifford Adoptante's Bike: Hang Loose
    SUPDUDEUnlocks Clifford Adoptante's Bike: Gone Tiki
    GOFLOBROUnlocks Clifford Adoptante's Bike:Island Spirit
    GIMEGREGUnlocks Greg Albertyn
    NUMBER1Unlocks Greg Albertyn's Bike: Champion
    PATRIOTUnlocks Greg Albertyn's Bike: National Pride
    ALLSHOOKUnlocks Greg Albertyn's Bike: The King
    ILOOKGUDUnlocks Greg Albertyn's Outfit: Sharp Dresser
    COMETUnlocks Greg Albertyn's Outfit: Star Rider
    BLONDIEUnlocks Jessica Paterson
    TONBOYUnlocks Jessica Patterson's Bike: Racer Girl
    LIGHTNINUnlocks Jessica Patterson's Bike: Charged Up
    HEKACOOLUnlocks Jessica Patterson's Bike: Speedy
    LAYERSUnlocks Jessica Patterson's Outfit: Warming Up
    NOT2GRLYUnlocks Jessica Patterson's Outfit:Hoodie Style
    OVENMITTUnlocks Leeann Tweeden's Bike: Hot Stuff
    GOODLOOKUnlocks Leeann Tweeden's Bike: Seducer
    STYLINUnlocks Leeann Tweeden's Bike: Trendsetter
    THNKPINKUnlocks Leeann Tweeden's Outfit: Fun Lovin'
    SPICYUnlocks Leeann Tweeden's Outfit: Red Hot
    TOUGHGUYUnlocks Mike Jones
    KICKBUTTUnlocks Mike Jones's Bike: Beater Bike
    PLUNGERUnlocks Mike Jones's Bike: Flushed
    HORNSUnlocks Mike Jones's Bike: Lil' Demon
    BABYBLUEUnlocks Mike Jones's Outfit: Blue Collar
    BOXCARSUnlocks Mike Jones's Outfit: High Roller
    EYEDROPSUnlocks Mike Metzger's Bike: Bloodshot
    SEVENTWOUnlocks Mike Metzger's Bike: Rhino Rage
    BRRRRRAPUnlocks Mike Metzger's Bike: Rock Of Ages
    BODYARTUnlocks Mike Metzger's Outfit: All Tatted Up
    HELLOOOOUnlocks Mike Metzger's Outfit: Ecko MX
    TWONEONEUnlocks Stefy Bau's Bike: 211
    HEREIAMUnlocks Stefy Bau's Bike: Amore
    SPARKLESUnlocks Stefy Bau's Bike: Disco Tech

    Contributed By: King Vamp.


  • Full Stats

    Complete all trick combos for a character, and he or she will have full stats.

    Contributed By: maxerAA.

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