"A Sleeper to be Reckoned With"

Summary: This is a game that one would call moto-cross although really it is much more extreme then that. I would say that this game is a cross between Jackass and motocross so extreme sports fans, listen up. I think that most of the people who0 enjoyed games like the Tony Hawk skating series and games like Aggresive Inline will like this game even though they may get alittle bored because it doesn't have as much to offer as those two, but it is still pretty fun. So here it is, Freekstyle(yes i am spelling it right).

Career 8/10: This is actually a really fun mode. When my little brother picked this game up and asked me to play I said, ''Are you kidding me? I don't play games like this!!'' However it only took me about ten minutes of watching hiom race then be taunted by an opponent to realize that this game is actually pretty cool. The career mode, although actually alittle frustrating at times, keeps you very hooked with long and challenging races, and incentives to keep racing. The ability to get different bikes and players that have just taunted you feels glorifying and doing tricks then busting into Freekstyle is also very satisfying.

Multiplayer 8/10: Although this muliplayer doesn't really offer much depth, with the right person it can actually be very fun. The only downside to this mode was that you couldn't race but it was still fun to [pull off amazing tricks and watch your opponents jaws drop.

Tricks 7/10: These tricks were pretty fun to learn and pretty cool to watch but i still didn't get much joy from them. The selection of dooable tricks wasn't big. What I mean by that is that there were a lot of tricks to do but not alot of tricks that were realistic in real life. Still though, they were pretty fun and pretty cool to watch also.

Career- 8/10
Overall: 8/10- This was a very very simple game but i really did not find much wrong with it. Fans of motocross will like this, fans of Jackass will love it, and fans of both will adore it. Don't pick this up without renting it first, because it doesn't have enough to offer for most people to buy this. Still a fun game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/03, Updated 01/02/03

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