Review by GillianSeed

"Boredom.. to the MAX"

I got this game for 20 bucks on sale and I still felt ripped off. Here are the many reasons why you should avoid this game at all costs.

Story: 1/10: Not saying i expect to much of a story out of any racing game, but this garbage that they stick in before the races is unnacceptable. At the beginning of every race your rider and another rider argue (oh no) why are they so mad at eachother, who knows? this attempt at giving the races depth and meaning is a big failure, and why are these guys racing eachother i dont know, and i dont care. they shouldnt have even tried to make it all deep with the story, this type of game doesnt make any sense from the start so why try to jewel it up.

Graphics 8/10: This is the one good thing about this game, the levels are detailed and the riders have plenty of animations, there are particle effects smoke, dust, flames, transparency, its all there, but the gameplay is so boring and frustrating this portion of the score doesnt even matter.

Gameplay 1/10: UGGHHHH why, why did they decide to make the A.I. handicapped, you can never get any distance ahead of them no matter how many tricks you pull or how much you boost. Once I did a whole race boosting every second and at the last foot from the finish line the guy in second place comes flying by. Why does the computer have superhuman abilities, shouldnt it be on equal footing YES. When it comes down to it winning or losing a race all depends on luck in this game. You can beat it easily if you just have the patience to sit and race over and over and over till the luck of the draw has you in first without the stupid rubber band A.I. flying past you. Although this game has a trick system similiar to SSX (a great game) and the same sort of extreme courses it is nowhere near as fun or entertaining.

Sound 4/10: The engines sound great, just like real dirtbikes, the music however is not so good. It is the same old heavy rock electric guitar type stuff that they always stick in the \'\'extreme\'\' games. When it comes down to it the music is really all about personal preference. Another problem with the music is that the songs are preset for each track, so you have to listen to the song for that track and no other, why did they make it like this I dont know.

Overall 2/10: Although the Graphics are good and the sound is decent, the rubber band A.I. ruins this game, it frustrates to no end, instead of buying this get MX Superfly, its a bad game but its better than this junky game if you need a dirtbike fix.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 08/08/03

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