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Reviewed: 02/10/03 | Updated: 02/10/03

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Introduction - This game, Swingerz Golf, is an exclusive to the Nintendo Gamecube. It is developed by Telenet and Published by Eidos's Fresh Games.

Gameplay - The gameplay mechanics in this game is nearly flawless. The swinging technique in this game is one of the weirdest I have seen, but it works.
To work it, you must pull back the C-stick.
The meter will fill up and you push the C-stick forward at the desired percentage you want to hit it.
You can also use the control pad to decide where on the ball you wish to hit. This will enable you to put as much spin on it as you want. This leads to the game to have tons of freedom.
Also, depending on weather conditions and what part of the hole you are on (ie the fairway) is what percentage you can hit the ball. The rough will be harder to hit on, the fairway will be easier. When it is raining, it is harder to hit, when it is sunny it is easier.

Graphics - The graphics in this game are definitely inspired by anime. The courses look real and professional. The enviroments are bright and vast so this is real candy to the eye. It definitely helped me get hooked to this game. When you hit the ball their are different camera effect/angles like you will see the ball break through the screen, but that will get annoying. The different weather effects, such as a rainbow after the rain just adds to the touch of elegance.

Sound - For every course there is a different musical tune. Each one is so addictive you will end up humming them before the day is out. Each character and each caddy has a different remark depending on how the golfer did on the hole (ie birdie or bogey). The sound effects are very realistic.

Play Time/Replayability - I have had this game for two weeks and have played at least an hour a day, sometimes more. You will be stuck to this game until the very end of roughly 40 hours of gameplay. This is probably the best golf simulation on the Gamecube so you can expect to play multi-player with your friends for a while even after you beat it.

Final Recommendation - Get this game if you don't have another game that you want to get for a while, it is a real time killer.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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