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"Ace Golf - Title says it all!"

Introduction - This is the review of the PAL version of Swingerz Golf, known as Ace Golf. The game is developed by Telenet Japan Co, Ltd, and is distributed by Eidos Interactive.
Gameplay - When you play a game such as Mario Golf on the N64, which is an 'arcadey', fun based game, or you play Tiger Woods PGA Tour, which is more of a simulation game, there's always a bit of you wanting a game that is a bit of both. Ace Golf is that game.
The first thing that you will notice upon playing this game, is the control style. Gone are the days like in Mario Golf where you tap the 'A' button to make the cursor travel to the end of a bar and back. Ace Golf employs a far more skillful way to hit the ball. It involves you using the C - Stick. Imagine the bar at the bottom of the screen, just like in Mario Golf, but instead of pressing 'A' to make the cursor start to move, you pull back on the C - Stick, and then when when the cursor reaches the end of the bar, you 'hit' the C - Stick forward in as perfect a straight line as you can, and by doing that, you hit the ball.Also, the straighter that you move the stick forwards, the straighter your shot will be. Simple eh?
Ummm, not really, because this game will need to be played quite a bit in order to get the hang of this new control style. Another thing you will need to take into account is the weather (Storng winds that can knock your ball off its target trajectory), and also the surface that you are playing on (If you are in the rough, when you hit the ball, it won't travel as far as it would if it was on the fairway). So all these different things need to be taken into account!
Graphics/Sound - Ace Golf is well presented visually, and audibly. First thing when you see the game is that the characters all have the Japanese 'Anime' feel to them, but though they are well built, the texture on their skins aren't the best.
The courses are very impressive, with every hole being a High Resolution treat for the family. There are bunkers, roughs, and weather conditions all to contend with on each course, so be warned!
Play Time/Replayability - How does 40+ hours, and 1 - 4 players alternating sound? How does over 15 unlockable characters hidden in there including players AND caddies? How does fully customizable and upgradable equipment sound? Thought so.
Final Recommendation - This is a great game to fill the gap for any golf fan that is waiting for Mario Golf to come out, a great game in all.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/19/03, Updated 07/19/03

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