Where are the last gems in Cloud 9?

  1. I'm missing fourteen gems and spent 45 minutes searching closely. Are there any hidden areas or hard to find gems?

    User Info: Oseanis

    Oseanis - 6 years ago

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  1. Sorry if this is so late, I'm hoping you recieve this message. I just played the level and struggled for an hour to find those last gems too. What a stupid spot for 14 gems, I'll tell you. Here is what I found:

    Coming back out of the challenge, stay on the top most area of the clock gears room. You'll notice two pathways attached to the outside of the building up here. Jump out and over so that you land on one of them. Take the left one around the building, where you'll find Margaret the Dragonfly hiding from all the action. Capture her with your Bubble Breath. That should be all ten Dragonflies in the area, congratulations! However, there are still some Gems to find. Stay on the platforms outside of the secret room and face the four pillars across the way. Jump and glide towards them, and land on the one closest to you on the left. Then fly to the one in front of you, and to the one in front of that, so you're on the one on the right, farthest from where we just were. Face the two orange roofs across the way and fly and glide towards them. In between them are two small pathways with the rest of the stage's Gems. Collect them all so that the "800/800" pops up on the screen. If it doesn't, you're missing Gems, go find 'em!

    Basically, one you climb up to that secret gears room, go on the left platform outside that room. There's a dragonfly around the corner, then as you face those 4 pillars, fly to the closest one on the left. From that one, fly to the next one in front of you. Then there's one to the right, fly to that one. The farthest pillar to the right from that platform by the gears room. From that pillar, fly straight towards those two orange roofs closest together with the platform in between them. On that platform is the last gems. I hope this helps!!!

    User Info: Kolbeh2010

    Kolbeh2010 - 6 years ago 2 0

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