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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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                             ,' ,,''                '',, '',
               |\,        ,' ,''                        '', ',
          ,    /  \      /.,'                              ',  ',
         | \__/    |   / ,'           ,,       ,,            ',  \
     ,__,/ ,-----,,/ /  / ,_,,,,,,_ /  \      /  \--------,,,  \  \ __,,,,_
     \   /          \, //        /     \     /   \          \   \  /       ',
      | /             /         /       \   /     \   ,       \  /'          \
     /  |            /|    ,     \       \,/      /   | \      |/             \
      \|        ,   / |    |  \    \            /     |__|     |      _,_      \
      | \       |\/   |     ,/       \        / |             /      /   \      |
       --\      \     |             / \      /  |         ___/|     |     |     |
          \      \    |            /  |      |  |          \, |      \   /      /
           \       \  |      ___,,/   |      |  |      ,     '',       ''      /
      ,,,    \       \|      \        /      |  |      |\,      /             /
      \   ''\  \      |      |       /       |  |      |  \.   / \           '
       \   /---/     ,--     |       |      ,   |,,,,,,|    '\/ --'',,,____,'
         \_\    ,_,'' /____,,'       |,,''''                   ,,,,\ \,,,,
            \ ,//_/      --,                                   ''       \_\
           \''     __     \                                    /     ,,    _'',
           /,'\   \  \   ,'  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  '',   / \   /,',,\
           ,' ,',,'  /   /,,'                                '. |   \   '''. '.
            '|     ,' _    ___ _  _  _    _  _  _  _  _  _     _    ',     \-'
                  /  |_ |\| | |_ |_| ||-||- | \|_|/_\/ _/ \|\||_ | \|  \
                 |_  |_ | | | |_ | \      ¯ |_/| \| |\_|\_/| ||  |_ /  _|
                   \         ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,          /
                    ','','''' ',,  ''',,,,,   ,,,,,''' ,,'  '''',,,','
                                  '',,     '''    ,,,''
                  |   WALKTHROUGH   |
              |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
              |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
              |      i - Introduction.........................[010100]  |
              |      ii - Controls............................[010200]  |
              |      iii - Gems...............................[010300]  |
              |      iv - Health..............................[010400]  |
              |      v - Breath...............................[010500]  |
              |      vi - Saving..............................[010600]  |
              |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
              |      i - Dragon Realms........................[020100]  |
              |      ii - Dragonfly Dojo......................[020200]  |
              |          a - Banzai Speedway..................[020201]  |
              |          b - Tank Training Arena..............[020202]  |
              |      iii - Dragon Realms......................[020300]  |
              |      iv - Crop Circle Country.................[020400]  |
              |          a - Platform Panic...................[020401]  |
              |          b - Cow Abduction....................[020402]  |
              |      v - Luau Island..........................[020500]  |
              |          a - Mantaray Farm....................[020501]  |
              |          b - Drum Song........................[020502]  |
              |      vi - Dragon Realms.......................[020600]  |
              |      vii - Cloud 9............................[020700]  |
              |          a - Rainbow Speedway.................[020701]  |
              |          b - Puffy Palace.....................[020702]  |
              |      viii - Dragon Realms.....................[020800]  |
              |      ix - Dragonfly Dojo......................[020900]  |
              |      x - Monkey Monastery.....................[021000]  |
              |          a - Turret Factories.................[021001]  |
              |          b - Ice Slide........................[021002]  |
              |      xi - Honey Marsh.........................[021100]  |
              |          a - Sticky Swamp Shootout............[021101]  |
              |          b - Honey Swamp......................[021102]  |
              |      xii - Ripto's Lair: Round 1..............[021200]  |
              |      xiii - Thieves Den.......................[021300]  |
              |          a - Wizard's Platform Maze...........[021301]  |
              |          b - Oasis Speedway...................[021302]  |
              |      xiv - Ripto's Lair: Round 2..............[021400]  |
              |      xv - Jurassic Jungle.....................[021500]  |
              |          a - Volcano Slide....................[021501]  |
              |          b - Tower of Heights.................[021502]  |
              |      xvi - Ripto's Lair: Final Round..........[021600]  |
              |  3 - Dragonflies..............................[030000]  |
              |      i - Dragon Realms........................[030100]  |
              |      ii - Dragonfly Dojo......................[030200]  |
              |      iii - Crop Circle Country................[030300]  |
              |      iv - Luau Island.........................[030400]  |
              |      v - Cloud 9..............................[030500]  |
              |      vi - Monkey Monastery....................[030600]  |
              |      vii - Honey Marsh........................[030700]  |
              |      viii - Thieves Den.......................[030800]  |
              |      ix - Jurassic Jungle.....................[030900]  |
              |  4 - Frequently Asked Questions...............[040000]  |
              |  5 - Updates..................................[050000]  |
              |  6 - Contact..................................[060000]  |
              |  7 - Copyright................................[070000]  |
                   |                                    |
                   | Author: dark52                     |
                   | Version: 1.0                       |
                   | Start Date: 06/03/08               |
                   | Last Updated: 21/03/08             |
                   | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
                   | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |
      | [010100]      Introduction      [010100] |
    Welcome to my belated FAQ/Walkthrough to the 2002 smash hit, Spyro: Enter the
    Dragonfly on Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. I would have written
    this sooner but I don't think all that highly about this game.
    Regardless of my personal opinion on the game, this walkthrough should be able
    to help anybody who's stuck anywhere in the game (excluding being stuck via
    glitch) and to reach that mythical percentage of 100.
    This is not just a rewritten version of my Dragonfly Guide but instead a
    totally new and seperate creation written from scratch that covers more than
    just where to find the 90 Baby Dragonflies in the game.
      | [010200]      Controls      [010200] |
                | Spyro the Dragon |
             | Function            | PS2               | GameCube      |
             | Move                | D-Pad             | D-Pad         |
             | Move                | Left Analog Stick | Control Stick |
             | Jump                | X                 | A             |
             | Charge/Ram Ability  | Square            | B             |
             | Breath              | O                 | X             |
             | Change Breath       | L1                | L             |
             | Show Inventory      | R1                | R             |
             | Glide               | X + X             | A + A         |
             | Glide and Hover     | X + X + Triangle  | A + A + Y     |
             | Head Bash           | X + Triangle      | A + Y         |
             | Wing Shield         | Hold L2 + R2      | Hold L + R    |
             | Look Around         | Triangle          | Y             |
                | Tank |
             | Function            | PS2               | GameCube      |
             | Move                | D-Pad             | D-Pad         |
             | Move                | Left Analog Stick | Control Stick |
             | Lower Gun           | X                 | A             |
             | Raise Gun           | Square            | B             |
             | Fire Round          | O                 | X             |
             | Rotate Turret Left  | L2                | L             |
             | Rotate Turret Right | R2                | R             |
             | Look Around         | Triangle          | Y             |
                | Plane |
             | Function            | PS2               | GameCube      |
             | Move                | D-Pad             | D-Pad         |
             | Move                | Left Analog Stick | Control Stick |
             | Fire Missiles       | X                 | A             |
             | Fire Guns           | O                 | B             |
             | Accelerate          | Square            | X?            |
             | Bank Left           | L2                | L             |
             | Bank Right          | R2                | R             |
                | UFO |
             | Function            | PS2               | GameCube      |
             | Move                | D-Pad             | D-Pad         |
             | Move                | Left Analog Stick | Control Stick |
             | Tractor Beam        | X                 | A             |
             | Speed Up            | Square            | B             |
             | Fire Energy Blasts  | O                 | X             |
                | Manta Ray |
             | Function            | PS2               | GameCube      |
             | Move                | D-Pad             | D-Pad         |
             | Move                | Left Analog Stick | Control Stick |
             | Speed Up            | Square            | B             |
             | Breath Net          | O                 | X             |
      | [010300]      Gems      [010300] |
    If you've played the previous Spyro games you'll know what gems are for. For
    collecting and for paying Moneybags off with. Each level has a finite number
    of gems within all laid out in certain places. You'll find them lying on the
    ground, inside baskets, inside vases, and inside Riptocs.
    Red Gems are worth 1.
    Green Gems are worth 2.
    Purple Gems are worth 5.
    Yellow Gems are worth either 10 or 25 depending on how they're feeling.
    Oddly the creators of the game forgot to differentiate between 10 and 25 and
    instead used the same Yellow Gem for both.
    Later on in the game, after defeating Ripto for the first time, you will gain
    the Gem Finder ability which when you press L3 + R3 (PS2) or L + R + D-Pad Up
    (GCN) Sparx will turn towards the direction of the nearest gem. Handy for
    finding those last missing bits of treasure.
      | [010400]      Health      [010400] |
    At full health Sparx is Yellow. Take one hit and he'll turn Blue. Another and
    he'll become Green. One more and he'll disappear altogether. And one final hit
    and you die, losing a life and returning to the last place you were zapped by
    Zoe, or failing that the last place you entered the level.
    To regain Sparx's colour you need to feed him butterflies. You can find these
    all over the place, simply kill the small Fodder animals and a butterfly should
    pop out all ready for eating. Each level has a different creature for Fodder
    but you should easily spot them as they're the smallest creatures in the game.
      | [010500]      Breath      [010500] |
    One of a very short list of new features that the game has is that of multiple
    breaths. At the start of the game Bianca casts a spell that allows Spyro to
    gain extra breaths by bringing a Magic Rune to the Spirit Dragon in Dragon
    Realms. There are only three runes to do with breaths, the fourth is for Wing
    Fire Breath you'll have from the very start. This is useful in defeating
    enemies of all shapes and sizes as long as they don't have armour.
    Bubble Breath you'll gain almost straight away, the rune is directly ahead from
    where you first begin the game. It is used solely for capturing the missing
    dragonflies. Remember to switch to a useful breath afterwards, breathing
    bubbles at that Ninja won't do you much good.
    The rune for Electric Breath / Lightning Breath (the game doesn't seem to be
    able to decide which) is found in the Dragonfly Dojo. This is used in much the
    same instances as Fire Breath, it can also be used to power machinery and kill
    some specific enemies.
    Ice Breath is the last one that you find, the rune for it is in Cloud 9. Ice
    Breath freezes enemies on the spot allowing you to smash them into tiny pieces
    by charging at them. It is also useful for specific enemies.
      | [010600]      Saving      [010600] |
    The game will autosave when you go into a loading screen of any kind. You can
    also manually save from within the Options menu.
    Zoe's zap doesn't constitute an actual save but it brings you back to that
    location if you happen die so that you don't have to go back to the start of
    the level again.
    For the most part this walkthrough will ignore gems, leaving you to wander the
    levels gathering them. Occasionally there are parts where there are gems that
    are often and easily missed so I may mention those.
      | [020100]      Dragon Realms      [020100] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  12%
          ----------    ----------------
    Take your first steps in the game forwards towards the green hexagonal object
    on the ground directly ahead of you. This should trigger the appearance of
    Bianca who will tell you to take the Dragon Rune over to the Dragon Spirit.
    It's good advice really, continue on a course straight forwards, pick up the
    rune, and then walk over to the large green dragon statue.
    This Dragon Spirit will bestow upon you the power of Bubble Breath. This is key
    to collecting all of the dragonflies around the realm. The level at the moment
    is fairly restricted and kind of directionless. First things first, your first
    dragonfly. About turn and look to the left of the large door (which does
    nothing!) and you should see a green thing moving about a bit. Run over to it
    and Sparx will tell you all about Bubble Breath.
    This Dragonfly is one of the annoying ones, ones that you need to capture
    yourself. Simply get close enough for Bubble Breath to capture it, this means
    charging towards it and breathing bubbles in the hope that you manage to get
    it. You might need to run around after it for a little while before you manage
    to capture it.
     |    |----------------------------o
     | 01 | Title: Front of the Castle |
     |____| Name:  Toons               |
    Next on the agenda around here is to go back to the large door where you
    started the game and continue past towards the river. At the edge turn left and
    go up the platform and towards the yellow cheetah standing at the end. Hunter
    will begin your gliding training as always.
    Follow him by gliding over the river and then up the slope where he's waiting.
    If you fall off just go down the river to where you can jump back up onto shore
    and get back up to where Hunter was. Once you succeed in following him he'll
    ask you to jump, glide and hover next. Once you make it approach Hunter again
    and he'll give you Bubbles, you don't even need to chase it down or anything.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 02 | Title: Hunter's Lesson |
     |____| Name:  Bubbles         |
    Just to the right now you'll find a Challenge Portal. Your task here is to
    flame eight scarecrows that are dotted around the level before the meter on the
    right of the screen becomes empty. The first scarecrow is directly beneath you,
    so drop down and flame it. Charge forwards now along the left and past a
    passageway (it leads to the Electric Gate) and you should spot the second
    scarecrow directly ahead. Continue hugging the wall around to the right and
    right next to the river is number three. Cross the river for the fourth, then
    charge along to the right and up to where you met Hunter before.
    The fifth scarecrow is up here, turn around and run back past the large door
    you started the game at, all the way past a waterfall to the sixth. Go left
    hugging the wall and then down a small indentation in the rocks to where the
    seventh is. And finally the eighth scarecrow is further along next to the
    Spirit Dragon statue. If you don't quite make it then just go back to the
    Challenge Portal and try again until you do rescue Jeet. Once you've beaten it
    the Challenge Portal vanishes.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 03 | Title: Flame Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Jeet            |
    Well, that's about all you can do in Dragon Realms for now. Finish collecting
    any gems you can find around the place (I believe 224 is the total you should
    be able to get, but it isn't of any real importance right now) and then head
    towards the Spirit Dragon. Jump up the platforms behind him to the right and
    talk to the tall dragon, Miyagi. Provided you've rescued at least one dragonfly
    you will be able to go to the Dragonfly Dojo, simply step on the circle next to
    Miyagi and wait for the level to load.
      | [020200]      Dragonfly Dojo      [020200] |
         | 700 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Straight away Zoe will inform you of your main challenge here, it's to unfreeze
    all the Dragon Masters. Directly ahead from where you start you should be able
    to see a red dragonfly flying about.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 04 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name:  Steffi       |
    Once you've captured her with Bubble Breath turn your attention towards where
    Zoe directed you, the first of the Dragon Senseis. You'll find him in an ice
    cube over on the pavilion directly ahead from the start of the level. Use your
    Fire Breath to thaw out Bruce and he'll open up a door ahead in the level for
    you in thanks. That's one out of five done.
    It's pretty much now going over the bridge, through that door and down the
    corridor now. Approaching the Polestaff Raptor in here will trigger Sparx to
    teach you that you can't charge the larger Riptocs, instead you'll need to
    flame it. Continue along the corridor (there are a lot of corridors in this
    game, to do with loading I assume, well, either that or the level designers
    really liked bendy corridors). At the end of it you'll find Zoe, and since this
    is the first time you've met a progress saving fairy, Sparx will tell you all
    about it himself.
    The area here is quite open, first go up to the pavilion and free the second
    Dragon Master, Jackie. He'll open some sliding doors ahead for you before
    vanishing. Before going through those doors though there are a couple of things
    to do. Go to the left side of the pavilion and glide onto the stepped platforms
    on the side, they should have a bit of water and some reeds in. On the top step
    you'll find the Electric Rune.
    Next, jump down to ground level and head over to the far side of the pavilion.
    You should spot the little green dragonfly sitting around here. Chase it down
    and capture it.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 05 | Title: In the Mists |
     |____| Name:  Shellac      |
    One more thing to do here, (aside from talking to Rusty as you can't get
    legitimately his kite just yet), go back up to where you freed Jackie and go to
    the right. Jump onto the platform with the Ninja Riptoc on it and then along
    the other platforms all leading towards a portal.
          [020201]  Banzai Speedway  [020201]
    If you've played the previous Spyro games you'll know what to expect in a
    Speedway. A race to get all of a certain type of item in a certain time, or a
    race against some local creatures.
    First it's the Time Attack. Sparx will helpfully inform you of a way to
    complete the speedway. Rings, Lanterns, Rickshaws, and finally Hang Gliding
    Ninja Riptocs. It's a half decent path, go through the rings and to the left at
    the end. You should be able to see the first of the lanterns just past a
    pavilion. Fly through it and flame to light it. Keep going through the eight
    lanterns and then land on the path below. Turn around and charge into each of
    the eight Rickshaws. Once they're done you should be at a point where you can
    just fly upwards and you'll be where the Hang Gliding Riptocs are, simply fly
    into them breathing fire, following their path in reverse. Job done. Make sure
    to select No at the results screen, the game seems intent on tricking you into
    going again.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 06 | Title: Dojo Time Trial |
     |____| Name:  Rashomon        |
    Next is the race. While it says to follow the red dots, that's not always the
    best thing to do if you want to win, though you do need to fly through the
    green rings or you fail. After the first ring dive downwards and into the
    pavilion, you'll see a blue star which will speed you up temporarily. Fly
    through it and go through the next ring up a bit. Go down to the left off the
    shown course again and you'll see another star sitting down there. Fly through
    it. Three rings later take a sharp left underneath a pavailion and through the
    star in there. Cut the corner of the next ring and then one more will be the
    lap. Repeat the same process and you should make it in first place.
    You will lap several Riptocs so don't be confused when you don't go up a place
    when overtaking sometimes. You will need to be as fast as you can be to
    actually get first place in this mini-game. Failing to get first place will
    result in the game adding fireworks to the course, you can pick these up and
    fire them at your opponents to try and slow them down a bit.
     |    |------------------o
     | 07 | Title: Dojo Race |
     |____| Name:  Yojimbo   |
    And that's it for the speedway, exit the area and get back into the Dojo.
    Now you can go through those sliding doors that Jackie opened for you earlier.
    Go down the bendy corridor and you'll emerge in another large open area again.
    Jump over to where you can see the third Dragon Master to free him. Jet will do
    absolutely nothing for you, he must have been paid off by that bear over there.
    Yes, it's Moneybags. Fresh from his time in Spooky Swamp he's still quite happy
    to take 200 gems in exchange for creating a bridge to get you across the chasm.
    Use the stones to get across and up to where the fourth Dragon Master, Toshiro,
    is frozen. He'll open up a gate ahead for you. Go to the left now and glide
    across to the large platform with a few bonsai trees on. Right where you should
    land is where you'll spot a green dragonfly.
     |    |----------------------o
     | 08 | Title: Lonely Island |
     |____| Name:  Dawn          |
    You can talk to RJ there if you want but you can't legitimately get the kite
    free just yet. Instead go towards the far end of the platform where there's a
    vortex which will take you back to where Moneybags was. Go up his bridge and
    now through the gate that Toshiro opened. You'll notice the red dragonfly
    running about there of course.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 09 | Title: In the Corridor |
     |____| Name:  Cinder          |
    Continue down the corridor and you'll reach the tank minigame.
          [020202]  Tank Training Arena  [020202]
    With no time limit and plenty of fodder around this challenge is just quite
    lengthy. There are 21 enemy tanks to destroy, they're dotted around the course
    usually hiding behind a wall or pile of rocks.
    Move forwards shooting the pile of rocks and then the fence ahead, stop once
    you reach where that fence was. Go into aiming mode and destroy the rocks up
    ahead, quickly shoot again and you should hit the tank hiding behind it. Make
    sure not to be aiming over the bunnies as they'll draw your fire but won't be
    killed (you need to run them over to get the butterflies if your health bar at
    the top is depleted).
    Round the corner and make your way further along. As you reach the next corner
    stop and take a quick glance with the camera to spot where the next tank is.
    Wait for it to fire at the wall between you, then drive forwards a little turn
    towards it and quickly fire. Your counter should go up to two. To continue on
    simply shoot at the two targets on either side of the door, then fire through
    the opening at the tank in the middle there. That's three.
    Move into the doorway and destroy all of the large rocks using your aim mode,
    then shoot the three tanks that will be just sitting around minding their own
    business, you might have to move a bit to shoot past the bunny. Head to the
    left side of the area and go down the path towards a fence. Stop at the
    entrance to that path and shoot the fence and the tank sitting behind it.
    Seven. Now you can go down there.
    Shoot the rocks and stop where they are, turn to the left and shoot the next
    big pile of rocks and the tank on the other side of them. There's a second tank
    there too, so get a little further ahead, wait for it to shoot at you then move
    so that you can shoot it. Destroy the fences on either side of the gate and
    then the targets.
    Move up to the gate and shoot all of the rocks and fences that you can from
    there, you should be able to hit four of the five tanks in the line from where
    you're sitting, the other is blocked by bunnies so move forwards and into a
    position so they're not in the way to shoot it. From there you should be able
    to take out a few more blockages and a couple more tanks hiding behind them
    upahead. Sixteen is the magic number.
    Advance towards the pink trees and shoot the rocks+tank combo directly ahead.
    Move on down that path and into the final area of the arena. Shoot the piles of
    rocks from afar and the three tanks hiding behind them. The last one is behind
    those fences, smash them and finish the job.
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 10 | Title: Tank Mini-game |
     |____| Name:  Cub            |
    Continue down the rest of the corridor and outside. Glide over the gap and
    you'll bump into a red dragonfly.
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 11 | Title: Climbing Steps |
     |____| Name:  Cloudy         |
    Go up the 'steps' (slope) to the top where you'll find the final Dragon
    Master/Sensei/Elder, Chow.
     |    |----------------------o
     | 12 | Title: Elder Dragons |
     |____| Name:  Roxie         |
    To the left of Chow you can glide down to where the third and final young
    dragon with a kite is, Dougy, (landing on the tree will rescue the kite for him
    but if you haven't got the others yet there's not much point) as well as a few
    gems. Jump back onto the very bottom of the previous platform and make your way
    back up to where Chow was again. Now glide towards the clear shimmering portal
    ahead which is the end of level portal, it'll take you back to the Dragon
    Realms. It's entirely possible to get all of the gems in this level, a few are
    along the path between the end of level portal and the start of the level, so
    you might want to try and get all 700 before leaving. You'll be back so it
    isn't entirely necessary.
      | [020300]      Dragon Realms      [020300] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  12%
          ----------    ----------------
    Back in the Dragon Realms your first visit should be to the Spirit Dragon to
    earn the Electric Breath. Now you should head towards the left end of the level
    and go down towards the Lightning Breath Gate (they seem confused with their
    naming). Give the lock a good zap with your new Electric Breath and the gates
    will swing open. Continue down the corridor and Sparx will teach you how to
    look around. Sitting in the middle of this open area is a green dragonfly.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 13 | Title: Buzzing Cold |
     |____| Name:  Kenichi      |
    There's also a Lightning Breath Challenge Portal 'round the fence to do. Switch
    to Electric Breath and go through it. The first two poles are over to the left
    on top of some bales of hay. Instead of wasting time jumping up them you can
    just zap the bottom of the bales and it'll get the pole on top. Once both are
    done go to the right and into the alcove where an alligator (named Jimmy-Bob)
    Run in there, zap the pole and dash back out. The next is just past the tree on
    the right of the entrance to the whole area. Keep to the right and drop down
    into the lower of the two paths to the water. Zap the pole and then go back and
    jump up to the higher path, run around it and the sixth pole is in the middle
    up here. Drop down and go right to the seventh, into the water and across onto
    the island for the last one.
     |    |----------------------------o
     | 14 | Title: Ligntning Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Alex                |
    Typo. Now that you're in the bay area you should look for the green dragonfly
    running about on shore.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 15 | Title: Down by the Bay |
     |____| Name:  Amie            |
    That's all of the dragonflies that you can catch for now. Gather any remaining
    gems you want to bother with and head to the ladder near where the Lightning
    Breath Challenge Portal was, climb it and talk to Farmer Bill. Seeing as you
    have enough dragonflies (six) you can jump onto the UFO and enter Crop Circle
    Country. If I've managed to get it right you should be able to have 554/700
    gems by this point.
      | [020400]      Crop Circle Country      [020400] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Farmer Dill will tell you all about the invasion of Space Riptocs you're going
    to have to deal with. Once that conversation is over go forwards and you'll see
    some Riptocs teleport in ahead of you. The larger orange ones need a flame or a
    zap to kill, the smaller green ones you can just charge.
    Go onto the bridge and stop at the gap in the middle, then jump down it. Down
    here over on the right you should find a wild green dragonfly.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 16 | Title: In the Pastures |
     |____| Name:  Akira           |
    Go up the steps to the right and then back over the bridge for real this time.
    Follow the path to Farmer Dean and go past him, and past some stepped platforms
    keeping to the right. You should spot the yellow dragonfly.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 17 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name:  Mitnick      |
    Now go jump up those platforms you just passed by to the top, zap the pole and
    a large flying saucer should descend in front of you. Jump onto it and then
    onto the second level of the barn. Go through the barn and glide to where Zoe
    is (don't forget the gems on the platforms to the left though). At the bridge
    ahead, drop down into the area below and climb the ladder on the righthand
    strut of the other side of the bridge.
     |    |-----------------------------o
     | 18 | Title: Up the Broken Bridge |
     |____| Name:  Laurent              |
    Turn around and you might be able see a portal in the wall to the right of the
    bridge. Anyway, glide down into the gap in the wall and then into the portal
          [020401]  Platform Panic  [020401]
    Farmer John will inform you of the predicament. First up you'll want to get on
    one of the blue platforms nearest to the edge. Once you're on wait for it to
    get to a piece of solid land either on the left or right of the start and jump
    off. Head Bash the green button there and then jump back onto a blue platform
    to take you back to the start. Wait there for the other blue platform to take
    you to the second green switch to Head Bash.
    This will bring a layer of pink platforms down to where you can reach them.
    Jump onto the blue platform near you and then onto one of the pink platforms.
    Use your Electric Breath on the pole there, move onto the next pink platform
    and repeat all the way around. Once all five are done the poles will appear
    connected by a beam and the green layer will descend.
    Simply stay where you are and zap the poles on the green platforms as they go
    past. Once all five of those are done, jump onto a green platform and then into
    the middle through a gap. Just quickly zap the Big Fat Raygun Riptoc and you're
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 19 | Title: Platform Panic |
     |____| Name:  Rickshaw       |
    There's only one dragonfly in here so exit the area now.
    Cross the bridge now and follow the path along and you'll get to another barn.
    Jump up the platforms before it and zap the pole. Use the UFO to get into the
    upper section of the barn and across to a platform with some gems on. Once
    you've got them jump down again and continue following the path to Zoe. You'll
    meet some Space Cows, they're just about the same as the Fraidy Cat Space
    Riptocs but they won't cower at all and they can use the laser of the Big Fat
    Raygun Riptocs.
    Continue on past Zoe to yet another barn. This one's quite important though so
    climb the ladder on the silo next to it and glide into the top part. Walk into
    the portal.
          [020402]  Cow Abduction  [020402]
    It's time to save some cows! Move towards the first cow ahead to the right and
    a UFO will probably start trying to abduct it. There's plenty of time to react
    so shoot it to stop it pulling the cow up. You'll probably need to shoot it
    again before you get there so that you can grab the cow yourself. Take it over
    to the corral in the middle where it's safe. The UFO will start abducting the
    next cow quite quickly so make sure to drop it and turn around as fast as you
    can, shooting from a distance. Just keep repeating this process until all of
    the cows are in the corral.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 20 | Title: Cow Abduction 1 |
     |____| Name:  Jingles         |
    With the addition of gold UFOs the second round is a little more difficult. You
    don't have a life bar so you can get shot as many times as you like but getting
    shot will stun you and cause you to drop a cow if you're carrying one. For each
    approach of a cow make sure to rid the skies of gold UFOs before trying to use
    the tractor beam on it otherwise you're just going to drop it anyway. Same hit
    and run tactics as before otherwise.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 21 | Title: Cow Abduction 2 |
     |____| Name:  Jdubs           |
    And that's that.
    Drop down from the barn and continue on with the path. Your next task is up
    ahead, a Super Flame Challenge Portal. First you'll want to clear the enemies
    from the field though.
    Using your aim the first four scarecrows are to the right of the challenge, the
    fifth is directly ahead between you and Zoe, sixth and seventh are to the left
    of the challenge, and the eighth is behind the tree behind you.
     |    |------------------------------o
     | 22 | Title: Super Flame Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Tetsu                 |
    Once you've freed that dragonfly it's path time. Continue up on past Zoe (again
    don't forget the gems on the left) and finally into the barn and Farmer Bill.
    Once you've talked to him use your Fire Breath on the Acme TNT in the middle of
    the cows and the door will open. Talk to Farmer Bill again and he'll reward
     |    |----------------------o
     | 23 | Title: Free the Cows |
     |____| Name:  Fiona         |
    With that done continue on through the doors you just opened, ignore the end of
    level portal. There are two things left in the level (you should be able to
    have gathered all of the gems by now). First go talk to Farmer Dill back at the
    start. You'll notice a new large blueish thing over to the right, this is one
    of the cannons he was talking about. Run over to it and zap it with your
    Electric Breath.
    Continue on with the level through to Farmer Dean, he has a task for you now
    that you've freed the cows. Use your Electric Breath on the five cows dotted
    around him to get them right up close to him, talk to Dean again and you'll get
    the dragonfly. If he says that he's missing some cows make sure that all five
    are in a sitting position, if they're not zap the ones standing and they should
    move a little closer.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 24 | Title: Cow Herding! |
     |____| Name:  Cedric       |
    Go over to the second cannon in the corner and zap it. On through the level
    again, the next cannon is by the next barn. At the barn where you went to meet
    Hunter you'll find the fourth and final cannon. Go to where the UFO crash
    landed on the other side of the barn and you'll find a red dragonfly.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 25 | Title: UFOs Attack! |
     |____| Name:  Flavie       |
    With that last dragonfly you should have 100% fully completed this level,
    there's no reason to come back ever again. Exit back to Dragon Realms.
    There's nothing new to do here just yet so go over to the water area of the
    level and take the boat to Luau Island, provided of course that you have enough
    dragonflies for Porkins to be happy (15).
      | [020500]      Luau Island      [020500] |
         | 900 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Jump off the jetty and go across the water to dry land. Here on the beach you
    should spot the first dragonfly of the level already.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 26 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name: Gary          |
    To the right you'll find in the middle of the beach a small hexagonal item, the
    Wing Shield Dragon Rune. Not the most useful of moves, but whatever. Just ahead
    of where you found Gary you should spot a button on the wall behind a green
    Tourist T-Rex. You should probably talk to Porkins behind the door first but it
    hardly matters, kill the T-Rex and flame the button. Go down the newly opened
    tunnel to the right and past Porkins.
    After you've got through that corridor, dive into the water and go left, you
    should find an underwater tunnel down there to go through. Follow it all the
    way to the other end and out the top. Here climb the ladder on the side and
    chat with Hammy there. Turn around and glide over to the T-Rexes, kill them
    both and Head Bash the switch.
    Go through the short corridor and out to where Zoe is. Head Bash the switch
    here (it'll open the gate directly ahead of you) and then go right, along the
    platforms sticking out of the wall to where there's another switch to Head
    Bash. This one opens the door below you but don't jump down just yet. Kill the
    Tikis here and then climb the ladder.
    You'll be confronted with what looks like a Challenge Portal. As soon as you
    step through it several masks with targets on their foreheads will appear
    around the area. Go into aiming mode and shoot all four of them. This will
    cause some platforms to rise up in the middle of the area and allow you to
    reach a green dragonfly that was flying about in the middle. First you might
    want to go down to the right where there are some gems and then climb back up
    the ladder there.
     |    |-------------------------o
     | 27 | Title: Tiki Fire Breath |
     |____| Name:  Homer            |
    Personally I had some trouble landing on those platforms, they seem to have a
    tendancy to make you land oddly and continue flying over it. You might also
    need to jump to capture Homer with Bubble Breath. Anyway, drop down into the
    water and head over to the corner with the red dragonfly that you freed with
    the previous Head Bash button.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 28 | Title: In the Hoosegow |
     |____| Name:  Socrates        |
    With that this area is complete. Head over to the pig you freed with the button
    next to Zoe, Hamlet, and down yet another corridor. Emerging out into another
    large open area your first port of call here will be to head over to the right,
    swim across the water and onto the land there. Climb the ladder just around the
    corner and go up.
    Go up the next ladder, kill the T-Rex and then glide into the ladder across
    from you next to the waterfall. Climb this and you're at the top. Glide down
    towards the large island in the middle of the area now.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 29 | Title: Mountaintop |
     |____| Name:  Daisy       |
    Next you'll want to go into the portal towards the far end of the area.
          [020501]  Mantaray Farm  [020501]
    It's a classic race against Hunter to do something. It's fairly simple, just go
    about pointing your Mantaray in the direction of the baby Mantarays and shoot
    the net. The reload time is a bit slow so try and make sure to aim at least
    half decently. Hunter is pretty useless at this task so it shouldn't take much
    to beat him. Oh, and avoid the octopus enemies as you do have a health meter.
    The game either takes 3 minutes or it ends if you get 11.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 30 | Title: Mantaray     |
     |____| Name:  Krishnamurti |
    Head on back to Luau Island again.
    Dive into the water and go down through the tunnel to the left. Swim through
    the gaps in the net blocking the corridor to get through to yet another large
    open area. Swim to the other side of the area and out onto land. Go to the
    right and up the ladder and up to where you'll find another pig trapped. Head
    Bash the switch next to the gate to open it. Talk to Chili again to get your
     |    |----------------------o
     | 31 | Title: Chili the Pig |
     |____| Name:  Dill          |
    Ignore the corridor behind him for now and keep on along the top here going
    right. Glide to the wooden platforms sticking out of the wall. Here you'll find
    a green dragonfly.
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 32 | Title: Behind the Statue |
     |____| Name:  Scuttlebutt       |
    What statue? Keep going along to the end where you can safely glide down onto
    the large version of the boat you came to Luau Island on. Flame the cannon and
    it will smash a large pile of rocks, go into that opening and you'll find a
    yellow dragonfly.
     |    |------------------o
     | 33 | Title: Landslide |
     |____| Name:  Plato     |
    Head back up to Chili and go down the corridor behind him, past the Return Home
    portal and you'll emerge back at the start, but higher up. Keep along up here
    (if you fall there's a new vortex at the near end to let you get back up
    quickly) and into the portal at the other end. You can have all the gems in the
    level at this point by the way.
          [020502]  Drum Song  [020502]
    Two rounds of a nice simple memory game. The first time has fewer parts to the
    song of course. Luckily the drum players are laid out in the positions of the
    buttons on the controller so it'll make it easier than remembering which does
    what. Simply repeat the one move, then they add another to that first one, then
    another to those two and so on. The first round has you hit the drums six
    times, you don't need to keep the same rhythm as the drummers so no need to
    worry about that.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 34 | Title: Drum Song 1 |
     |____| Name:  Terral      |
    And the second round consists of nine drum hits.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 35 | Title: Drum Song 2 |
     |____| Name:  Maverick    |
    If you're really having trouble remembering that many in a row then you can
    just keep pausing the game and write down the pattern as they play it. With
    that dragonfly caught you've completed Luau Island.
    Head back to Dragon Realms now.
      | [020600]      Dragon Realms      [020600] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  12%
          ----------    ----------------
    Just another quick stop, make sure to go to the Spirit Dragon and gain the Wing
    Shield ability from the Dragon Rune you picked up in Luau Island. Then go talk
    to Pudgy nearby up on the platform behind you. Step into the vortex and you're
    off to Cloud 9.
      | [020700]      Cloud 9      [020700] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Talk to Powder up ahead to get the lowdown on Cloud 9, your task here is to fix
    some machines powering an hourglass. Proceed down the ramp, kill the Large
    Angel Riptoc and pick up the Ice Breath Dragon Rune just to the left a little.
    Next glide across the gap directly infront. You will need to hover to get onto
    the platform, step into the whirlwind and once you get to the top turn quite
    far to the right and glide over to the platform with four unjoined pillars at
    each corner.
    Continue on to the other side of the platform and glide down to the next one,
    it's got a large machine on top, not unlike the cannons in Crop Circle Country.
    Once over there step into the whirlwind and then use your Electric Breath on
    the three little things on its side. It should then tilt up a bit and fire a
    red beam towards the large hourglass in the middle of the level. Once you've
    done that glide down towards the next platform, close to the start again.
    Go up the steps and then into the whirlwind here. A bit to the left of where
    you land a platform will move between this platform and above the very start,
    jump onboard and take a ride. Once on the outer rim of this go around and into
    the portal.
          [020701]  Rainbow Speedway  [020701]
    Sparx as usual is giving out helpful advice for a simple way of completing the
    speedway. That's rings, stars, go-carts and then flying Riptocs. Simple really.
    Fly through the rings, once you get to the end of those flame the jumping stars
    as you go past them, make sure to dive downwards after the first to get the
    Once all eight of those stars are gone, bank to the right and head down to the
    rainbow racetrack where you can charge into the go-karts as they come towards
    you. Once you've killed all of them fly upwards and find the flightpath of the
    Bed Planes and fly into them flaming as you go.
     |    |---------------------------o
     | 36 | Title: Rainbow Time Trial |
     |____| Name:  Tashistation       |
    The race is fairly tame here, fly through five normally, then veer off a little
    to the right to fly through a star to burst through six and seven, keep going
    off course to hit another star, veer back to the left to fly through the eighth
    ring, a few rings later there's a star in a dip between two close together
    rings and then a large gap between rings.
    Here veer to the right and go through some pillars to find a star over the
    rainbow racetrack and speed through to the end of the lap. Repeat for the next
    two times around and you should make it.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 37 | Title: Rainbow Race |
     |____| Name:  Grayson      |
    Back in Cloud 9 again you'll want to jump down back to where you originally
    started from, go down the ramp and go right and into the building. Follow this
    through to the left and along the path, past a Cupid Raptor, two Large Angel
    Riptocs and go further inside and along the corridor in there.
    At the end of the corridor you'll find a room with a large pool, make sure to
    collect the gems in the water here. Go to the left and go up along the
    platforms right around the room and to the top, head out into the open area.
    Go forwards and talk to the bear in the middle, Thimble will ask you to get his
    magic wand back from a thief. That's fair enough, you'll find the thief on the
    opposite side of the building to Thimble. Simply chase him down and either
    charge into him or flame him as you get close. Once you kill him pick up the
    wand and talk to Thimble again, he'll start the swirly behind him. Step into
    Glide down from here onto the platform just outside, keep going along the
    platforms up here to the left. There should be a yellow dragonfly flying around
    up here or on the rainbow. It's generally difficult to catch this one what with
    the many small platforms and having to go a distance if you fall off or if it
    flies back to the platforms when you glide to the rainbow. To help you can try
    directing it from the ground so that it a bit up the rainbow, then when you get
    up there you will be able to chase it along the rainbow and Bubble Breath it.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 38 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name:  Savino       |
    Anyway, go up to the end of the rainbow and glide to the second of the Cloud 9
    machines. Zap the three bits around it to get it working. Now glide back to the
    mainland again, through the exit on the far side of the swirly which a Storm
    Cloud is blocking. You guessed it, a corridor.
    At the end keep going past a Large Angel Riptoc and then jump down onto a
    little circle platform. Jump up to the next platform where you'll meet a Storm
    Cloud and a Cupid Raptor like directly on top of each other. Glide the gap to
    the right, you should make it but you might need a hover. There's a rather
    pointless moving platform between you and the next platform, just glide down to
    it and step into the whirlwind in the middle of it.
    Turn round to the left and use the moving platform there to get up to the third
    machine. From the front of the machine if you look forwards you should spot a
    green dragonfly jumping about on one of the four pillars ahead. Glide to the
    closest one and then to the one with the dragonfly on.
     |    |-------------------------o
     | 39 | Title: Pillar to Pillar |
     |____| Name:  Sylvia           |
    From the opposite pillar from Sylvia you should be able to glide a long way
    down to the next platform, or you could take the moving platform between there
    and the whirlwind platform. Head into the corridor and immediately you'll meet
    a red dragonfly to chase after.
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 40 | Title: Around the Way |
     |____| Name:  Iceboy         |
    Continue down the corridor and out past Zoe up a long stepped slope to where
    you'll meet Nimble. It's a simple task, simply walk through the 'portal', aim
    at the Storm Clouds over the water and fire. For the five clouds five super
    flames should do the trick. Once they're all gone talk to Nimble again.
     |    |-----------------------------o
     | 41 | Title: Thunder Cloud Attack |
     |____| Name:  Takehiro             |
    Take the hint and swim down through an underwater tunnel in the pool, not
    forgetting to collect the gems around the rim of course. On the other side
    you'll come across a slightly tricky bit of gliding to do. You'll need to glide
    from the just to the right of the exit of the pool to the next platform,
    hovering at the end of the jump. Zap the machine to finish off that task. If
    you're lucky a rather annoying flickering (epileptics beware, seriously, it's a
    rather stupid design)  ball of energy should surround the hourglass and it will
    start turning. Usually though the game will have glitched and you won't get the
    snazzy effect, you'll still be able to claim the reward in a bit though.
    Glide to the next platform using the same kind of gliding as you used to get to
    this one. Cross the ramp and Danny will give you a dragonfly if you've managed
    to turn all of the machines on.
     |    |----------------------------o
     | 42 | Title: Hourglass Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Rick                |
    Ignore the Return Home Portal (every level it's in a stupid place!) and go down
    the corridor in the bottom of the building ahead (not forgetting the gems to
    either side of the building). Once outside jump down onto a moving platform to
    yet another of those pillared platforms and gather the gems there. Turn around
    and go back up the moving platform and look at the wall, climb the ladder there
    and jump inside the clock tower. Flying around inside here you'll find a red
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 43 | Title: To Clock Tower |
     |____| Name:  Goose          |
    Continue upwards through the room,up a ladder and to the left and then across
    some gears in the middle of the room to a portal on the opposite side.
          [020702]  Puffy Palace  [020702]
    Pudgy (the voice changing bear) instructs you on the use of the spitfire,
    another new vehicle for Spyro. The trick in this mini-game is to circle the
    area endlessly, shooting a bit at each of the four battleships and trying to
    stay out of line of fire of the Bed Planes, running one down won't really work
    as they'll fire and hit you even if you do manage to kill them.
    Keep on circling damaging them bit by bit until you eventually win. If a Bed
    Plane looks like it could be a threat just bank to the left or right, whichever
    way you're circling. Oh, and tediously keep tapping the fire missile button.
    There is a time limit of some kind so you will need to try and hit the ships
    most of the time.
     |    |----------------------------o
     | 44 | Title: Spitfire - Sky Base |
     |____| Name:  Tweedle             |
    Return to Cloud 9 to finish it off.
    Jump down to the entrance to the Clock Tower again and you should notice
    platforms to the left and right of the ladder you climbed. Jump onto the left
    one and go find the final dragonfly of the level.
     |    |-------------------------o
     | 45 | Title: Lip of the Clock |
     |____| Name:  Margaret         |
    With that there's just one little thing left to do, if you've collected the
    right amount of gems you should be missing just 14 now. Those last few gems are
    nearby. Go over to the other side of the ladder now and to the corner of the
    Clock Tower facing the start of the level. Glide around the clouds to the right
    and land on top of the middle part of the entrance to where there is a pool.
    You should find the last 14 gems around the rim of this. Once you've got them
    all head back to the Dragon Realms, never to return again.
    A rather odd scene with Ripto will play out, probably just to remind you that
    Ripto is in the game or something.
      | [020800]      Dragon Realms      [020800] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  12%
          ----------    ----------------
    The last major visit to the Dragon Realms at last. First take your Ice Breath
    Dragon Rune to the Spirit Dragon and gain Ice Breath. Jump up the platforms to
    the right and make your way to the Ice Gate which you can now (legitimately)
    get through.
    Part way along the corridor to the next area Sparx will teach you how to read
    the Atlas, useful if you hadn't worked it out halfway through the game already.
    Continue on and go left when you emerge in an open area. Here you'll see a
    temple, in the area in front of it you'll see a green dragonfly to catch.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 46 | Title: Buzzing Heat |
     |____| Name:  Fluffy       |
    Gather the gems and turn around again, instead going to the right of the
    corridor you arrived down, and down another corridor. Run along into the open
    where you'll find another green dragonfly.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 47 | Title: Beyond the Gate |
     |____| Name:  Masa            |
    And there's an Ice Breath Challenge Portal right next to him. The task this
    time is to put out eight fires. The first is just inside the decorated archway,
    second and third along the outside a little, fourth down the corridor back to
    the temple area. Keep on down the corridor, the fifth is to the left of the
    exit, the sixth over to the right. Seven and eight are in the area with the
    temple, on both sides of it.
     |    |----------------------o
     | 48 | Title: Ice Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Howie         |
    Head back to the area where the Challenge Portal was and go up the steps on the
    left side of the area, gliding over several gaps to get up to an icy area with
    a large balloon. There should be a dragonfly flying about underneath the
    pavilion next to it.
     |    |-------------------------o
     | 49 | Title: Balloon's shadow |
     |____| Name:  Sandra           |
    The monkey next to it, Brother Krankel should let you into Monkey Monastery if
    you've managed to collect 32 dragonflies. You can either go in here and then
    warp to Dragonfly Dojo so that you can just warp back here quickly once you're
    done there, or you can warp to Dragonfly Dojo now, come back to the Dragon
    Realms and then take the balloon to Monkey Monastery. Either way you should now
    have completed Dragon Realms with all 800 gems found and 10 dragonflies caught.
      | [020900]      Dragonfly Dojo      [020900] |
         | 700 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    There's only one thing to do here, rescue the kites. The first dragon to help
    is in the misty area. The second is in the area with Moneybags and the third is
    in the final area near the Return Home Portal. Use Ice Breath on the dragons
    and then jump onto the ice cube they become. Use that to jump up onto the
    platform with the tree behind them and you should trigger the kite to slowly
    fall down to the dragon. Make sure to talk to the dragon before leaving for the
    next one. On the third one (whichever) you'll be rewarded.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 50 | Title: Baby Dragons |
     |____| Name:  Moony        |
    That should finish off the level. Time to head to Monkey Monastery.
      | [021000]      Monkey Monastery      [021000] |
         | 900 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Talk to Brother Krankel just ahead of you and he'll tell you that there's
    really no task but killing Riptocs. Glide over the large gap to the platform
    below, on which you'll find some Mammoths like those you may have fought in
    Spyro: Year of the Dragon. A flame should take care of them, you'll also spot a
    small yellow dragonfly buzzing around here, chase it and Bubble Breath it.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 51 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name:  Foamy        |
    Cross the slippery ice and go up the steps towards the wooden doors, turn to
    the right (you might be able to hear a dragonfly but you can't get to it just
    yet) and go down the path there. Glide over the chasm towards the locked chest,
    without the key you're just going to have to pass by for now. Fly over another
    gap and onto some ice. Go up the slope to the right and again glide over a gap
    onto some ice. Go left.
    After killing the two new types of Riptoc go speak to the small yeti standing
    by the house, it's Bartholomew, Bentley's little brother. He gives you the real
    task of the level, saving 5 yeti from their ice prisons. Move along and glide
    over the gap infront of Bartholomew's house and then down to the right
    (forwards is blocked by several ice barriers) where there's a Snowball Riptoc
    Marauder waiting.
    Go up the slope to the top where you'll find Brother Ricci meditating. Talk to
    him and then glide to the turret behind you and use it to smash the ice
    barriers that were blocking the way. Once you've done that step into the
    whirlwind to the right and it'll take you over to the first yeti that you just
    opened the way to. Flame the ice to free Nigel.
    Drop down and go to the left (not the way with Zoe), go up the steps to the end
    and glide down to the icy platform layer above where you've previously been. Go
    to the left all the way to the end where you'll find a little red dragonfly.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 52 | Title: On the Ledge |
     |____| Name:  Holly        |
    Glide down and continue on down that path with Zoe now. Jump over the gap and
    slide along the ice going left. Jump another gap, more ice and then another gap
    to where there's a Snowball Riptoc Marauder. Keep on going forwards over the
    gaps until you reach Brother Marcus surrounded by Riptocs. Kill them and then
    talk to him. He'll tell you to kill some flying Riptocs for him. Step into the
    whirlwind over to the right and you'll be taken upwards.
    Kill the Riptocs on the ice and jump onto the turret at the end next to Zoe.
    Shoot the ice barrier to the right and one of the Flying Riptocs (the high up
    one) before gliding down to a second turret a bit lower on the left. Use it to
    shoot the remaining two Flying Riptocs and an ice barrier below the previous
    platform. Jump off and you'll get a dragonfly.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 53 | Title: Hunting Wiptocs |
     |____| Name:  Gaku            |
    Now, glide towards Brother Marcus and then step into the whirlwind down there.
    Use it to glide into the spot below the place it would take you to
    automatically and where you just smashed an ice barrier. Free the yeti, Simon,
    that's the second of five. Glide back down to the whirlwind again and go back
    up to the turret next to Zoe.
    Glide down towards the Return Home Portal ahead and talk to Brother Ian. He'll
    tell you to fire the firework, which you should do now. This will smash some
    ice up to the right. We're nowhere near done with the level yet, go behind the
    portal and to the left. Up the platforms jumping over the many gaps all the way
    to the top and the third yeti, Gunther. Turn around and once again glide down
    to the whirlwind by Brother Marcus. Go up to where Zoe is and then glide around
    the corner to the right.
    If you lit the firework down by the Return Home Portal the ice should be gone.
    The key is here so make sure to pick it up before continuing. Jump and glide
    along the several icy circular platforms all the way up to the end and a
          [021001]  Turret Factories  [021001]
    Mandy will inform you of the situation, you'll be using the spitfire again and
    destroying Riptoc factories. Each one only takes a single bomb hit to be
    destroyed, the main challenge here is getting all twenty of them in the time
    limit, and not getting shot down of course.
    The path is fairly simple, destroy the one ahead and keep flying forwards, go
    to the right a bit and through a couple of large statues, smash the factory on
    the left, fly up over the barrier. Shoot the turret on the floor and go left,
    shoot the factory in the middle of the mountains, continuing straight on shoot
    the next one and then two over the river again. Go to the left across the lake
    and round the mountain going right.
    Destroy the next pack of three factories plus turret and continue forwards,
    another two factories going under a bridge. Go to the right after the second
    one following the path of factories along and over the river. Bomb the two
    factories over there and head right along the river. Destroy the factory at the
    end, turn to the right and destroy the final three in the area back on the
    other side of the river. Simple.
     |    |-----------------------------o
     | 54 | Title: Spitfire - Factories |
     |____| Name:  John                 |
    Head back to the Monkey Monastery now.
    Turn right and glide down along the wall and land in the cave there. You'll
    find Yeti #4, Caleb, inside. Once you've freed him continue gliding downwards
    towards the Return Home Portal. Go right and down the path you didn't take
    before, at the end of the path stop and glide across to the final frozen yeti
    directly infront of you.
    Once Hobart has been freed jump down and you'll find yourself right back near
    the start. Go up the steps and you'll notice that the door is now open here,
    go through the door, capture the little green dragonfly.
     |    |-------------------------o
     | 55 | Title: Behind the Doors |
     |____| Name:  Damsel           |
    Go up the steps and then to the left up a slope. At the end of that slope is
    another green dragonfly.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 56 | Title: On Thin Ice |
     |____| Name:  Shadow      |
    Head back down the slope and now up the steps to the right. This will lead to a
    portal (and the last of the gems in the level).
          [021002]  Ice Slide  [021002]
    Brother Doug will tell you about the slide, another new type of mini-game.
    Basically you slide down a long slope before the time runs out. You get more
    time by going through pairs of flags and you need to jump over a lot of gaps.
    In this level at the fork in the path your best bet is going left.
    If you find yourself getting launched in a direction that you don't really want
    to go in (because there are flags you'll miss for example) make sure to jump
    earlier and you should not be thrown off course. Practice makes perfect here so
    get to grips with the course and you should make it down easily the first time.
    Talk to Doug at the bottom to get your prize.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 57 | Title: Ice Slide 1 |
     |____| Name:  Cueburt     |
    Sparx for some reason is the one to tell you about the second slide. It's the
    same course but you move a little quicker and have a much shorter time limit,
    basically you need to go through every single flag on the way down.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 58 | Title: Ice Slide 2 |
     |____| Name:  Dancer      |
    Unless you really liked that and want to go again for fun, it's time to finish
    off the Monkey Monk Monastery.
    Go back down the steps and through the door, go left along the original path to
    where the locked chest is. If you picked up the key earlier you can open it and
    free the blue dragonfly inside.
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 59 | Title: Locked in a Chest |
     |____| Name:  Young             |
    Continue on through the level a short way until you get to Bartholomew.
    Assuming you've freed all five yetis you can claim the last dragonfly of the
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 60 | Title: Save the Yetis |
     |____| Name:  Jewelwing      |
    And with that you've finished the level. Head back to the Dragon Realms, find
    Jimmy-bob down near the entrance to Crop Circle Country, and hop onboard the
    honeycomb raft to Honey Marsh.
      | [021100]      Honey Marsh      [021100] |
         | 800 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Talk to Jimmy-bob and he'll ask you to rid Honey Marsh of some Honey Stills. Go
    forwards and to the left, make sure to smash the beehives as they contain gems.
    Watch out for the Banjo Raptors and the Super Soaker Riptoc up ahead, the
    Banjos you can just charge down easily but the Super Soaker you need to avoid
    his rather laser like shot and flame him.
    Keep on along this path until you reach the first Honey Still, it's a pair of
    large barrels that will be bouncing. Get close to the little wheel in the
    middle and flame it to turn the Still off, also kill the large Bee here for the
    gem. Go right along the platforms and up the steps to the top. You should spot
    the second Honey Still up ahead, get to it and turn it off.
    Keep going right past a couple of bees you'll need to kill and onto solid land
    again. You should be able to see the third Honey Still above you. Continue up
    the platforms to it and turn it off. You should then spot a thief running about
    up here.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 61 | Title: Thief Chase |
     |____| Name:  Duckweed    |
    Once you've caught the thief head into the portal just to the right of Zoe.
          [021101]  Sticky Swamp Shootout  [021101]
    A race against time in a tank, great. Russell-Bob will let you know what's
    going on. First you should move forwards onto the honeycomb boat and shoot the
    log blocking the path. Once the boat reaches the other side drive off and
    forwards, shooting the beehives and the Grenade Riptocs hiding behind them.
    Keeping moving round the corner and shoot the rival tank up ahead. The Riptocs
    up high you can kill by shooting the wooden structure they're standing on.
    Round the next corner and, either in aiming or normal mode raising the cannon,
    shoot the three bees up by the flower. At the next corner shoot the beehives on
    the ground from a distance and the Riptocs hiding behind them. Destroy the
    three bees up by the large beehive and then drive onto the honeycomb boat.
    You'll be in aiming mode for the rest of the level now, if you don't have at
    least 50 seconds on the clock you're not going to make it. Shoot the log in the
    way and then the two bees straight ahead after it. Roundin the first corner
    you'll see a trio of bees up by a pair of flowers, shoot them and then the
    three bees hovering in the middle of the river just past them.
    Shoot the next log and the bees next to a beehive directly ahead from it.
    You'll then round the final corner, shoot the tank on the ground and then shoot
    the three bees up in the air to finish. If you missed any bees then you'll just
    have to start over.
     |    |-------------------o
     | 62 | Title: Honey Tank |
     |____| Name:  Pliskin    |
    There's no second dragonfly in here so head out.
    From where you appear go to the right a bit and then forwards across the honey
    river. Go through the tree and out the other side, to the left of the exit is a
    small red dragonfly hiding behind the tree.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 63 | Title: Around the Bend |
     |____| Name:  Suzuki          |
    That's this area done, aside from the ton of gems perhaps, so go to the far end
    and jump up the wooden platforms. Instead of taking the path with the flower,
    go to the left at the top and continue along wood. Jump up onto the tops of the
    trees and you should find a yellow dragonfly dancing about.
     |    |----------------o
     | 64 | Title: Treetop |
     |____| Name:  Russell |
    Jump forwards to the next treetop, onto a little bit of wooden and then go left
    gliding across to a bit of wooden platform sticking out of a tree. Jump onto
    the next tree where you'll find a life, and then across to a tall flower that's
    near the last Honey Still that you turned off. On here you'll find a key. Once
    you've got that jump back to the far end of the area and continue upwards past
    the bees to Honey Still number four.
    Turn it off and go left along the honeycombs and into a corridor. Jump down the
    flowers to the end, and then turn around and go along the flowers on the lower
     |    |---------------------o
     | 65 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name:  Zwan         |
    Take the whirlwind back up or just turn around and go back to where that Banjo
    Raptor was. Continue down the corridor behind him and out to Zoe. Jump along
    the honeycomb platforms to the fifth Honey Still, just one more to go. Keep on
    going till you reach Alex-Bob. He'll give you a description of your task here.
    It's to destroy some beehives.
    Walk down to a pile of rocks below Alex-Bob and pick up a rock, you need to get
    close to the pile and Spyro should make a swallowing motion, sometimes it can
    be hard to get him to do this so just keep moving about until he does. Once
    you've got a rock fire it at the large beehive up to the left. If you aim right
    you should be able to get the other four from where you're standing. One of
    them might be a bit more tricky as you have to kill a bee infront of it before
    you can hit it, and since if you haven't destroyed the beehive the bees will
    respawn you have to act quickly.
    Once all of the beehives are destroyed talk to Alex-Bob again to get your
     |    |-----------------o
     | 66 | Title: Beehives |
     |____| Name:  Lily     |
    Time to continue up the path again, jump the river of honey, up the tree trunks
    and along some platforms to the top. At the top go left onto a platform on a
    tree. Jump down to a green dragonfly just beyond it.
     |    |---------------------------o
     | 67 | Title: Walking the Planks |
     |____| Name:  Gori               |
    Continue along this platform and along the series of them right to the end
    where there's a locked chest. Luckily you picked up the key earlier so you can
    open it straight away.
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 68 | Title: Locked in a Chest |
     |____| Name:  Tim               |
    Once you've got Tim turn around and go back up to the top of the area again and
    go right. Follow the general path over the honey river to Warren-Bob and the
    final Honey Still. Once you've turned it off talk to Warren-Bob to get the
     |    |---------------------o
     | 69 | Title: Honey Stills |
     |____| Name:  Taka         |
    Just to the left is the Return Home Portal, as usual you'll find that you're
    not quite done with the level yet. Continue on past it down the corridor to the
    left of the portal slightly hidden behind a wall of honey. At the exit jump
    onto the first honeycomb platform and then down to the right and into a portal.
          [021102]  Honey Slide  [021102]
    Two Eyed Willy will tell you about a bee that you need to chase down a slide.
    Luckily this slide is a might easier than the one in Monkey Monastery. All it
    is is you jumping over gaps, the bee doesn't really come into it. If you're
    unsure whether there's going to be a gap after the next bump in the track, jump
    anyway. Jump jump jump jump jump. After you get through a forest of thick trees
    there's a bit where the path goes really thin so stick to the left until you
    pass that.
    If you manage to make it to the bottom you win.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 70 | Title: Honey Slide |
     |____| Name:  Clubtail    |
    There's no repeat slide so head back to the level again.
    Basically you're done, just continue on with the general path through to the
    start of the level and you should manage to get the last few gems. With that
    head back to Dragon Realms.
    You now have a choice, if you have 70% or more you can fight Ripto in Ripto's
    Lair and gain the Gem Finder ability or if not head on straight to Thieves Den.
      | [021200]      Ripto's Lair: Round 1      [021200] |
    The entrance to the lair is the horizontal portal in the middle of Dragon
    Realms, if it's active you just need to jump on in.
    The fight can be simple and quick or you can draw it out fighting as it was
    probably intended. The simple way is to charge after Ripto flaming his ice
    shield as soon as he stops, he'll rush off to another spot, you run straight to
    him again and blast him again. Repeat until the shield is gone and you can get
    a hit in. He'll run off again, hit him another two times to end this.
    The lengthy way is to sit back and wait for Ripto to fire a couple of ice
    blasts towards you, walk to the side to avoid. He'll then blast three low ice
    barriers which you'll need to jump over. Then charge over to him and flame him.
    It's essentially the first method except with extra waiting and more chance of
    getting hit.
    Unless you've got 85% or 100% the fight ends here. You get returned to Dragon
    Realms with a new ability. Pressing L3 and R3 (or L + R + Up on the D-Pad for
    GCN) will make Sparx point towards the nearest gem. It's now time to go to
    Thieves Den though.
      | [021300]      Thieves Den      [021300] |
         | 700 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    Go down the slope and jump into the dragon's mouth. Foot Pad will tell you
    about their treausre being turned into monsters. And walking a little way
    further ahead Sparx will tell you about using your Wing Shield for certain
    enemies. Up in the next pile of gems you'll spot one that runs off, you'll need
    to go after this Possessed Gem and kill it to collect it. You'll be finding
    loads of those all over the level but only of the green gem variety. Oh, and
    Possessed Baskets, you'll find living baskets as well.
    Jump the gap avoiding the swinging axe and then towards the Wizard Riptoc
    standing in the pool. In order to kill him and the nine others like him you'll
    need to use Wing Shield. Simply get in a position that he'll cast a spell at
    you and use Wing Shield. Hopefully this will bounce back and hit him, if not
    you can try rotating Spyro or just moving to a different spot to try and hit
    him again.
    Jump over the next gap, you'll meet a Possessed Basket for the first time, then
    jump over the next gap after that. Again there's a Wizard Riptoc over to the
    left. Go into the next room, collect all the gems there and then step into the
    whirlwind. Make sure to get the gems behind you and then waltz off towards Zoe
    and the third Wizard Riptoc.
    Kill it and then go up the steps around the room to the fourth one. Kill that
    and then jump into the whirlwind hidden in the middle of the room. To the left
    of where you land you might notice that the wall appears to be cracked. It is.
    Charge into it and on the other side you'll find Wizard Riptoc #5 and a portal.
          [021301]  Wizard's Platform Maze  [021301]
    Remember that Platform Puzzle in Crop Circle Country? Well this is just like
    that except a bit longer. Thief will introduce it for you.
    The first part is simple, either stand on solid ground zapping all six poles as
    they go past or jump from one to the other doing the same thing. Either way
    once all six are done the platforms will change pattern taking you into the
    central area. Here you just need to zap all of the poles on the platforms
    circling. And that's it really. If the platform in the middle doesn't come down
    when you zap the last one, you've missed one.
    The best way to do it is a layer at a time. Use the second row to go around the
    outer row zapping them, then use the outer row to zap the second row. Then jump
    onto a second row to go around the third row. Then up the steps and the four
    central poles and the platform should lower. Of course this might not work
    perfectly if the platforms decide to change direction on you.
    Once on the central platform you can attack the Wizard Riptoc any way you like,
    for some reason he's not as tough as the ones in the main part of the level.
     |    |-----------------------------o
     | 71 | Title: Platform Pandemonium |
     |____| Name:  Morpheus             |
    There's only one reward in here.
    Upon appearing back in the level you'll learn that those Possessed items
    reappear even if you've got their gems, certainly makes it more annoying that's
    for sure. Anyway, forwards out of the cave and to the right, up the stepped
    platforms to the top. From here look to the middle of the room and you'll see
    three lanterns. On the one on the far right is a green dragonfly.
     |    |----------------------o
     | 72 | Title: Over the Edge |
     |____| Name:  Charlotte     |
    Its name is mixed up with one later in the level. Jump down and go to where the
    sixth Wizard Riptoc is. A little further up you'll get to a spot with axes
    swinging between small platforms, and a yellow dragonfly running between them.
     |    |-----------------------o
     | 73 | Title: Chopping Block |
     |____| Name:  Jordan         |
    Once you manage to capture him turn to the left and go into the portal in the
    middle there.
          [021302]  Oasis Speedway  [021302]
    It's a speedway. Sparx recommends rings, thieves, cobras and then finally
    camels. Me too. Fly through the rings and then bank to the right and circle the
    lighthouse flaming the Magic Carpets as you go. Once all eight are gone fly
    down to the right of the lighthouse and along the cobras. At the end of them
    you'll be at the track, fly down onto it and charge along to the left and into
    the tunnel. Keep going until all eight camels have been hit.
     |    |-------------------------o
     | 74 | Title: Oasis Time Trial |
     |____| Name:  Coppertop        |
    The path for flying is fairly straightforwards up until you get to the tunnel
    point. The game shows the red dots going around the mountain but you instead
    need to dive downwards and through the tunnel, there are two stars in here
    that'll speed you up. You then fly normally up to the lighthouse which you
    should go around and you'll find a star on the other side of it. That'll take
    you to the end of the lap. Repeat for the remaining two laps to win.
     |    |-------------------o
     | 75 | Title: Oasis Race |
     |____| Name:  Neo        |
    It's just The One race you need to do.
    Jump onto the platforms ahead and to the left towards the seventh Wizard
    Riptoc. Down the corridor you'll find the eighth sitting in a pool of water.
    Continuing on you'll meet Thiefy Yu. He'll tell you to swim and press some
    switches. Dive on into the water and charge into the four switches in the four
    recesses underwater. Once they've all been hit a gate will open.
    Make your way up the side of the room and pick up the key halfway up the slope.
    Climb the ladder and then glide to the central platform, you'll need to hover.
    Glide from there to where the gate you opened is. Kill the ninth Wizard Riptoc
    as well. In the next room gather the treasure and then glide down to the
    platform below. Keep on going past a whirlwind in the middle of the air to the
    final Wizard Riptoc.
    At the very edge here look down to the right and you should be able to see a
    basket down there. Glide down to it and you'll also find a nice red dragonfly
    sitting here.
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 76 | Title: The Lantern Perch |
     |____| Name:  Atsumi            |
    Now that should actually be called Over the Edge but it's obviously been mixed
    up somehow. From where the dragonfly was glide forwards and down to a platform
    with some gems and a whirlwind on. You'll see ahead of you a green dragonfly,
    glide over to it.
     |    |---------------------o
     | 77 | Title: On the loose |
     |____| Name:  Martin       |
    Continue up the platforms and you'll find yourself back near where that last
    Wizard Riptoc was. Jump down and along back towards the whirlwind to take you
    back to another whirlwind. Use the platforms up high and get back round to
    where you saw Martin from. Keep on going forwards another platform and then
    glide down towards the Return Home Portal and talk to Thiefy Wu to get a
    dragonfly if you've managed to kill all ten Wizard Riptocs.
     |    |------------------------o
     | 78 | Title: Wizard Riptoc's |
     |____| Name:  Micky           |
    Gather the gems around the portal and then glide across towards yet another
    whirlwind. Go into it and then glide across to a Challenge Portal.
    The first two fires to put out are behind you, glide back towards them, the
    rest you'll find in the large circular room ahead.
     |    |----------------------o
     | 79 | Title: Ice Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Marta         |
    Drop down through the floor and into the room below, keeping to the side of
    course. Grab all of the gems in here and then exit via the window. To the left
    you'll see various whirlwinds and the very start of the level. Glide to the
    left along the wall and onto a small platform sticking out. At the end of it
    you'll finally find the locked chest for that key you found earlier.
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 80 | Title: Locked in a Chest |
     |____| Name:  Racket            |
    That should finish off the level, head on back to Dragon Realms and then off to
    Jurassic Jungle via the temple and Dr. Whiskers' contraption. You could at this
    point refight Ripto but you don't get anything out of it really, I will however
    go over it.
      | [021400]      Ripto's Lair: Round 2      [021400] |
    The entrance to the lair is the horizontal portal in the middle of Dragon
    Realms, if it's active you just need to jump on in.
    The fight starts the same as the previous one, with Ripto hiding behind an Ice
    Shield. Charge after Ripto flaming his ice shield as soon as he stops, he'll
    rush off to another spot, you run straight to him again and blast him again.
    Repeat until the shield is gone and you can get a hit in.
    After you manage that he'll then enlarge himself and put up a Fire Shield. This
    is exactly the same as with an Ice Shield. Chase after him using your Ice
    Breath on it until it vanishes and you can get a single hit in to defeat him.
    Credits roll again, they really want you to know who made this thing.
      | [021500]      Jurassic Jungle      [021500] |
         | 600 Gems |  | 10 Dragonflies |  11%
          ----------    ----------------
    The last level of the game, at last. Dr. Whiskers will talk to you about R-
    1000s and T-Rex 1000s that have escaped. You're going to need to kill them as
    you go, I'm sure you would've anyway. The green enemies up ahead that have a
    round rock are the easy enemy in the level, these Small Caveman Riptocs can be
    killed by anything other than Bubble Breath. There are a number of these to
    kill in the level.
    Next enemy up is a large T-Rex 1000, it's made of metal and you need to use Ice
    or Electric Breath to kill it. Move on up the steps and then glide across the
    lava river to the other side. Not forgetting the gems to either side (there's
    also a locked chest to the right but you don't have the key just yet) go up the
    steps, over the lava and into the temple (also gems to either side of the
    Head all the way down the corridor, over the lava to the end and talk to
    Professor Copeland. He'll tell you of a puzzle in the next room. First you'll
    want to clear the room of course, then you can either go look at the clues or
    just go straight to work. In the far left and right corners you'll see two
    images on the wall. One with a green diamond and two snake markings, the other
    a yellow diamond and five snake markings. Go up the ladder near the entrance on
    the left and go left at the top. Here you'll see a picure with a purple diamond
    and four snake marks, next is a blue diamond with three and finally a red
    diamond at the end with one. If you piece that together it gives an order; Red,
    Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow.
    So using Fire Breath flame the five statues on the ground floor in that order.
    On flaming the last one a yellow dragonfly will appear in the centre of the
    room for you to collect.
     |    |-------------------o
     | 81 | Title: Gem Statue |
     |____| Name:  Scarlett   |
    Get back up that ladder again and continue on around the outside of the room.
    Just past the pictures you'll see a green dragonfly next to one of those T-Rex
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 82 | Title: Inside the Temple |
     |____| Name:  Doompa            |
    Making sure to grab the gems on top of the Gem Statues and the key on top of
    the yellow one. Make your way across the extra large gem statue and outside.
    Cross the wooden bridges and through inside again. Head along this corridor
    gliding across the lava and once again outside. Drop down at the bridge and
    walk through the Electric Breath Challenge Portal.
    Do the two nearest the actual portal here and then the three over the other
    side of the area, go up the ladder on the pyramid, go to the left, zap the
    sixth and then run along in the opposite direction getting the remaining two.
     |    |----------------------------o
     | 83 | Title: Ligntning Challenge |
     |____| Name:  Karen               |
    Now head into the proper portal.
          [021501]  Volcano Slide  [021501]
    It's another slide, and the last slide of course. Professor Squeek will give
    you a push and then it's up to you to jump over the gaps as you go. The only
    thing you can do here if you don't manage to get it first time is to keep
    practicing and learning the layout of the slide. There are some little blue
    lights that might help guide you.
    At the bottom talk to the Professor Squeek to get the reward of your usual
    mini-game blue dragonfly.
     |    |-------------------o
     | 84 | Title: Lava Slide |
     |____| Name:  Saji       |
    There's no second slide, head on out.
    Go up the ladder on the pyramind and to the left, around the corner and up the
    ladder there to get back up onto the track again. Cross the bridge, jumping
    over the gap in the middle, and attack the T-Rex 1000 on the next platform.
    Continue on over another wobbly bridge. Next you're going to need to glide down
    to some platforms that keep rising and falling, just glide all the way from the
    first one when it's at the top.
    Into the corridor and out into a large cave past Zoe. Keep going across the
    platforms and bridges until you reach a split in the track. Go forwards to Dr
    Kogan. He'll ask you to fetch his equipment from some R-1000s. Using the
    invulnerability device down the steps to the left you will now need to kill the
    Switch to Ice Breath and freeze each of them in place, then charge the ice cube
    and then finally go to where the blob of metal explodes and pick up the beaker
    it drops. The first R-1000 is directly ahead of the device, another just ahead
    and another further along to the left. Keep on going along this path and it'll
    curve back around to two more R-1000s. That's just two left now. Continue
    forwards and you'll spot a yellow dragonfly on the lava.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 85 | Title: On the Lava |
     |____| Name:  Mitch       |
    Continue forwards to the next R-1000. The last one is found right at the back,
    from the device head forwards along the righthand wall and down the path there.
    You should emerge in a location with another device and a portal. Before going
    into the portal go back to Dr Kogan to get your reward or the beakers will get
    reset when you return.
     |    |---------------------------o
     | 86 | Title: Recover Lab Pieces |
     |____| Name:  Jason              |
    Now head back to the portal and into the last ever mini-game.
          [021502]  Tower of Scary and Ridiculous Heights  [021502]
    Professor Squeek is back and more challenging than ever. The general idea is to
    avoid things. Climbing you should be able to see rocks falling towards you with
    enough time to slide out of the way or to predict the timing so that you can
    get past. Darts you should watch the pattern of lower and upper shots, the
    lower ones will hit you whilst the upper ones will miss. Spiders you just need
    to move around as quickly as possible. If you find yourself falling, charge and
    you should grab back on again. Unless of course you're dead.
    My path is to go up the right side, avoiding the rocks falling to go up to the
    right. Slide across the next rock dropper and then up at the next bit, making
    sure to be far across to the right to avoid the lone dart that makes it
    through. Time it so you can go left past those darts and straight past a
    falling rock. Go up and then to the right through a series of three sets of
    Go further right past another rock dropper and upwards. Go left after it,
    avoiding the darts, and jump to the left over a bit of solidness onto some more
    ladder. Climb up rapidly past the spiders here to get to the top and talk to
    Professor Squeek.
     |    |---------------o
     | 87 | Title: Tower  |
     |____| Name:  Warren |
    Luckily there's just the one dragonfly in here.
    Back over the lava pit with you and back over the bridges out of this cave.
    Talk to Dr Snivels next to the invulnerability device and he'll ask you to get
    something from a nearby thief for him. Going left along the lava you'll finish
    off the last three Caveman Riptocs. To chase the thief use the left path so you
    can continue around by going through another invulnerability device as
    otherwise it only lasts once around. That is if you don't manage to get it
    quickly. Once you've killed the thief go talk to Dr Snivels again, you don't
    even pick anything up.
     |    |--------------------o
     | 88 | Title: Thief Chase |
     |____| Name:  Bonky       |
    Time to cross the lava to the other side now, through another invulnerability
    device and into a room with another mouse in. Dr Egghead will give you a
    dragonfly if you've killed all of the Caveman Riptocs.
     |    |------------------------------o
     | 89 | Title: Attack of the Cavemen |
     |____| Name:  Wonky                 |
    Jump down the hole next to the good doctor and into the final room, you should
    manage to finish off your gem collection. There's still the matter of that
    final dragonfly though, head down the corridor to the left and the wall will
    open. You're back at the start. Forwards through the level only a short way to
    the locked chest to the right of the first entrance.
     |    |--------------------------o
     | 90 | Title: Locked in a Chest |
     |____| Name:  Jean Marc         |
    Not only Level Complete but Game Complete, that's 100% of the game done. Just
    one final thing to take care of now. Ripto.
      | [021600]      Ripto's Lair: Final Round      [021600] |
    The fight starts the same as the previous one, with Ripto hiding behind an Ice
    Shield. Charge after Ripto flaming his ice shield as soon as he stops, he'll
    rush off to another spot, you run straight to him again and blast him again.
    Repeat until the shield is gone and you can get a hit in.
    After you manage that he'll then enlarge himself and put up a Fire Shield. This
    is exactly the same as with an Ice Shield. Chase after him using your Ice
    Breath on it until it vanishes and you can get a single hit in.
    With 100% you'll now get to the third and final stage of the fight. It's a bit
    more tricky than the others. Ripto turns himself into a huge caveman-like
    version of himself and start his attack. Jump over the rings of ice he blasts
    out and run away from the single ice blasts (these are usually in threes).
    After doing two rings of ice he'll occasionally get his sceptre stuck in the
    ground and you'll hear an electric zapping noise. This is your cue to use your
    Electric Breath on him. Repeat about six times in total to win, the time
    inbetween you being allowed to attack varies, sometimes he'll go ages without
    getting stuck.
    You'll get a couple of ending scenes and then the credits again. That's
    everything in the game done and dusted. If you go back into your saved game
    you'll find yourself in Ripto's Lair again, simply use your Atlas to warp to
    another level if you want to go explore.
      | [030100]      Dragon Realms      [030100] |
     1. Hunter's Lesson
        To the left of the starting point and round the corner you'll find Hunter.
        Simply glide after him a couple of times and he'll give you this dragonfly.
     2. Front of the Castle
        Found wandering around to the right of the starting point.
     3. Buzzing Heat
        In the area beyond the Ice Gate near the entrance to Jurassic Jungle.
     4. Buzzing Cold
        In the middle of the open area beyond the Lightning Breath Gate.
     5. Flame Challenge
        Flame the eight scarecrows for the Flame Challenge Portal found up near
        where you finish Hunter's gliding lesson.
     6. Ice Challenge
        Complete the Ice Challenge Portal located in the area beyond the Ice Gate.
     7. Ligntning Challenge
        Complete the Lightning Breath Challange Portal.
     8. Down by the Bay
        Running around down on the shoreline past the Lightning Breath Gate.
     9. Balloon's shadow
        Beneath the pavillion next to the entrance to Monkey Monastery.
    10. Beyond the Gate
        Loose in the area beyond the Ice Gate and near to the Ice Challenge Portal.
      | [030200]      Dragonfly Dojo      [030200] |
     1. Elder Dragons
        Free all five of the Dragon Senseis.
     2. On the loose
        Directly ahead from where you start.
     3. In the Mists
        In the righthand side of the second open area.
     4. In the Corridor
        Wandering the corridor right after Moneybags' bridge.
     5. Baby Dragons
        Rescue all three baby dragons' kites.
     6. Lonely Island
        Roaming on the same platform as the second young dragon with a kite, RJ.
     7. Climbing Steps
        Running around on the slope beneath the final Dragon Master.
     8. Dojo Time Trial
        Complete the Time Trial in the Banzai Speedway.
     9. Dojo Race
        Beat the Hang Gliding Ninja Riptocs in a race in the Banzai Speedway
    10. Tank Mini-game
        Complete the Tank Training Arena mini-game.
      | [030300]      Crop Circle Country      [030300] |
     1. In the Pastures
        At the first bridge drop down into the area below it, the dragonfly should
        be on the right.
     2. On the loose
        Running around just past Farmer Dean.
     3. Up the Broken Bridge
        At the bridge with the portal to Platform Panic climb the ladder on the
     4. Cow Herding!
        Once you've freed the cows go to Farmer Dean and herd his five cows.
     5. UFOs Attack!
        Once you've freed the cows four cannons will appear throughout the level.
        Use Electric Breath on each of these in order to destroy the large UFO.
     6. Free the Cows
        Get to the end of the level and detonate the TNT.
     7. Super Flame Challenge
        Complete the Super Flame Challenge Portal near the barn with the portal to
        the Cow Abduction mini-game.
     8. Cow Abduction 1
        Complete the first round of the Cow Abduction mini-game.
     9. Cow Abduction 2
        Complete the second round of the Cow Abduction mini-game with gold UFOs.
    10. Platform Panic
        Get to the centre of the platforms in the Platform Panic mini-game.
      | [030400]      Luau Island      [030400] |
     1. Behind the Statue
        Just along from the final pig, Chili.
     2. Mountaintop
        Climb several ladders and then glide to the platform in the middle of the
        third open area.
     3. Chili the Pig
        Free all of the pigs in Luau Island.
     4. In the Hoosegow
        Head Bash a button above the prison in the second area.
     5. Landslide
        Use a cannon on a boat to smash a pile of rocks and open up a cave.
     6. Tiki Fire Breath
        Use a superflame powerup gate to smash some statues and get some platforms
        to rise and reach Homer high up.
     7. On the loose
        On the beach directly ahead from where you start the level.
     8. Mantaray
        Beat Hunter at collecting baby Mantarays.
     9. Drum Song 1
        Beat the first round of the memory game.
    10. Drum Song 2
        Beat the second round of the memory game.
      | [030500]      Cloud 9      [030500] |
     1. To Clock Tower
        Inside the Clock Tower in the area with all the gears.
     2. Around the Way
        Running about near the entrance to the corridor that leads to the Thunder
        Cloud pool.
     3. Thunder Cloud Attack
        Take care of some Storm Clouds hovering above a pool.
     4. Hourglass Challenge
        Reactivate all four machines in the level.
     5. Lip of the Clock
        Just outside the entrance to the gear area of the Clock Tower.
     6. On the loose
        Running around in the rainbow area, up high on the platforms and along the
     7. Pillar to Pillar
        Sitting happily on a pillar in the first open area after the rainbow.
     8. Rainbow Time Trial
        Complete the Time Trial of Rainbow Speedway.
     9. Rainbow Race
        Beat the Bed Planes in a race in Rainbow Speedway.
    10. Spitfire - Sky Base
        Save Puffy Palace from attack by four large flying ships.
      | [030600]      Monkey Monastery      [030600] |
     1. On the loose
        Close to the start of the level, directly ahead as you glide down.
     2. Save the Yetis
        Free all of the yetis from their ice prisons.
     3. On the Ledge
        On the ledge above Bartholomew's house.
     4. Locked in a Chest
        The key is located near the entrance to the Turret Factories and the chest
        near the start of the level.
     5. Hunting Wiptocs
        Shoot three flying riptocs down.
     6. On Thin Ice
        Up to the left in the area beyond the large doors at the start of the
     7. Behind the Doors
        Behind the doors near the start of the level, you'll need to have been
        through the whole level before they open.
     8. Ice Slide 1
        Slide down the Ice Slide before running out of time.
     9. Ice Slide 2
        Slide down the Ice Slide again before running out of time.
    10. Spitfire - Factories
        Destroy all twenty Turret Factories for Mandy.
      | [030700]      Honey Marsh      [030700] |
     1. Treetop
        On top of a tree in the area with the portal to Sticky Swamp Shootout.
     2. Locked in a Chest
        The key is found a flower along the same platforms as Russell. The chest is
        on some platforms further along near the end.
     3. Beehives
        Spit rocks to destroy some beehives for Alex-Bob.
     4. Honey Stills
        Turn off all of the Honey Stills in the level.
     5. Thief Chase
        Chase down and kill a thief.
     6. Around the Bend
        Hiding behind a tree near the portal to the Sticky Swamp Shootout.
     7. On the loose
        Sitting on a flower.
     8. Walking the Planks
        On a tree just before the locked chest.
     9. Honey Slide
        Get to the bottom of the Honey Slide.
    10. Honey Tank
        Complete the Sticky Swamp Shootout.
      | [030800]      Thieves Den      [030800] |
     1. Wizard Riptoc's
        Kill all of the Wizard Riptocs with their own spells.
     2. Locked in a Chest
        The key is on the slope in the Pool Cleaner room, the chest on a ledge to
        the left of the start of the level.
     3. Ice Challenge
        Put out all of the fires for the Ice Challenge Portal near the end of the
     4. On the loose
        Jumping about on a high up platform in the area with the final Wizard
     5. Over the Edge
        Perched in a lantern in the area with the cracked wall.
     6. Chopping Block
        Flying about along platforms with several swinging axes, the portal to
        Oasis Speedway is nearby.
     7. The Lantern Perch
        Over the edge and down to the right after the final Wizard Riptoc.
     8. Oasis Time Trial
        Complete the Time Trial in Oasis Speedway.
     9. Oasis Race
        Beat the thieves in a race through Oasis Speedway.
    10. Platform Pandemonium
        Kill the Wizard Riptoc in the centre of the platform puzzle.
      | [030900]      Jurassic Jungle      [030900] |
     1. Recover Lab Pieces
        Kill seven R-1000s on the lava for Dr Kogan and pick up the beakers they
     2. Gem Statue
        Flame the Gem Statues in the correct order; Red, Green, Blue, Purple,
     3. Ligntning Challenge
        Complete the Lightning Challenge Portal near to the Volcano Slide portal.
     4. Locked in a Chest
        Jean Marc
        The key is found on top of the yellow Gem Statue and the chest to the right
        of the first entrance in the level.
     5. Thief Chase
        Chase down a thief running about on some lava.
     6. Attack of the Cavemen
        Kill all of the Cavemen Riptocs in the level.
     7. Inside the Temple
        Up on the platform going around the edge of the room with the Gem Statues.
     8. On the Lava
        Running about on the lava with the R-1000s, use the invulnerability gadget
        to reach him.
     9. Lava Slide
        Get to the bottom of the volcano slide safely.
    10. Tower
        Get to the top of the Tower of Scary and Ridiculous Heights.
    |~-[040000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[040000]-~|
    Q: Where are those last 14 gems in Cloud 9?
    A: To get them you have to go to the Clock Tower at the end of the level and
       climb up to the top of it, go out onto the ledge and glide around the huge
       thing to the right and onto the building.
    Q: Where do I find the breaths / Dragon Runes?
    A: Bubble Breath: Right ahead of the starting point in Dragon Realms
       Lightning Breath: In Dragonfly Dojo in the reeds next to the 2nd big Dragon.
       Ice Breath: In Cloud 9 right ahead from where you start
       Wing Shield: Luau Luau Island on island opposite start
    Q: How do I beat Ripto?
    A: First his ice barrier which you have to run up to, dodging the flames, and
       flame till it melts and he gets a fire one. Use the ice breath on that one.
       If you're in the final fight with him then there will be one last challenge.
       Dodge all the blasts until you hear him struggling and then lightning breath
       the stick which is stuck in the ground. Repeat till he's dead.
    Q: How do I get the kites in Dragonfly Dojo?
    A: Use the Ice Breath on the dragons and then use them as a platform to jump
       up, you might have a bit of trouble getting the kite to trigger though so
       move around and jump back up and down until it works.
    v0.1 - 07/03/08
    Started the guide.
    v0.2 - 08/03/08
    More of the guide done through Dragonfly Dojo.
    v0.3 - 09/03/08
    Completed the Dragonfly Dojo and the next part of Dragon Realms.
    v0.4 - 10/03/08
    Finished Crop Circle Country.
    v0.5 - 13/03/08
    Back to the guide and finished Luau Island.
    v0.6 - 16/03/08
    Finished off Cloud 9, Dragon Realms and Dragonfly Dojo.
    v0.7 - 17/03/08
    Cleared Monkey Monastery.
    v0.8 - 18/03/08
    Honey Marsh = done.
    v0.9 - 19/03/08
    With Thieves Den done now it's just Jurassic Jungle left.
    v0.99 - 20/03/08
    Walkthrough done now, just need to finish the extra bits.
    v1.0 - 21/03/08
    All finished off.
    Please contact me at the follwing email address regarding the game. Make sure
    to state the name of the game in your email, to have read the Walkthrough and
    to have checked the Frequently Asked Questions section to make sure that your
    question hasn't already been answered.
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