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"A complete failure in a long line of successes"

Let me start this off by saying, the Spyro series is a great video game series. Don't get me wrong. The first Spyro game was simply amazing and easily lovable, and Ripto's Rage was great, with all the new "super powers" and everything. Both of them had fun gameplay, and they both had great stories. Now, when we went to Year of the Dragon, that had great gameplay also. Had a nice story, and a ton of fun mini-games. But when it comes to Enter the Dragonfly, I had an utterly horrible experience.

Gameplay 2/10
The gamplay of this game was really glitchy. The controls for this game were also really bad. Reason being that the controls were placed sort of wrong. If you try to glide, and then hover, you could end up head-butting something in mid-air and falling to your death. The one thing good about the gameplay is that Spyro now had 4 breaths to breathe out of his maw. Fire (the traditional), Lightning, Bubble, and Ice (the new ones.) That's basically all that was good out of the gameplay. Another part about the gameplay that is probably my biggest problem with it, is that it has the worst camera function that I have ever seen in a game. The camera doesn't turn when you're turning in a new direction, it takes forever to move the camera, and overall, it's very disorienting.
Also, the difficulty of this game was pathetic. I was able to beat it in under 6 hours, gathering all the dragonflies and everything. But another thing that really got on my nerves was that there were only 9 levels, and only one boss. I mean, in a Spyro game, you would expect something more than just one boss and nine levels!

Story 2/10
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly doesn't really have a story. Basically, Spyro is starting a new adventure. He is celebrating the Year of the Dragon. But then, Ripto comes out of a portal and makes all the dragonflies disappear! Oh no! Ripto goes back to where he came from, and Spyro has to rescue all the captured dragonflies. It's really corny, and especially, when you face the boss (the only boss in the game), you are expecting an epic end to make up for the awfulness of the game. But the end ends with a terrible last note. I mean, how did Ripto come back in the first place? Didn't Ripto die in Ripto's Rage?!

Graphics 6/10
The graphics are probably the only decent part of this game. The water actually ripples when you walk through it, and all the areas are quite colorful. The enemies don't look that bad either. The levels look very pleasing to the eye, and the nice, soft colors don't hurt your eyes like some other games on the Gamecube. There is one level that simulates a beach, and it copies the look and feel of a beach quite well. Not only does Spyro get to walk on the sand, but he also gets to dive and swim under the surface of the water. Overall, the graphics are okay for a Gamecube game.

Sound 2/10
The music is downright disgusting. The music that plays in each area has a special ability to get on my nerves every single time I go to that area. And the voices of the characters are dreadful. Whenever Spyro charges and bumps his head on a wall, he lets out this annoying "YOUCH!!!" every time. Not to mention Sparx and the rest of his dragonfly pals. We do not need an instruction booklet that sounds like a kazoo! Seriously! The dragonflies have awful voices, not only because you can't understand a thing they're saying, but they sound like mosquitoes and fruit flies that buzz around your ears the whole day. The dragonflies are an extremely annoying feature in this game. They will drive you insane if you listen to them long enough.

Play Time and Replayability 1/10
6 hours is all it takes. Even if you aren't amazing at video games, it will take you 6 hours at max to complete all of the stuff in this game. Maybe an hour or two more, but that's it. For a Spyro game, that is just plain cruel. You buy a game that you're expecting is good, and it's from a great video game series that usually takes 20 hours to beat per game, but you beat it in 6 hours?! That's just wrong.
The replayability is also pretty bad. Not only does the sound and story make you want to steer clear of playing this game a second time. You want to never see the case or the disc of this game again.

Final Recommendation
Do not buy this game. It is one of the biggest letdowns that I have ever had from a video game sequel. The general feeling that you get when playing this game is just not worth the money.

Gameplay: 2/10
Story: 2/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 2/10
Play Time and Replayability: 1/10
Total: 2.6/10

The final score rounds up to a:

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/20/09

Game Release: Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (US, 11/19/02)

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