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"Like every other Spyro game"

This is it Spyro fans. The return of Ripto. He’s back from Avalar in all his glory. Only to steal all the dragonflies, the source of power in all of the Dragon worlds. It’s up to Spyro to bring them all back. Look out Ripto!

The start of practically all Spyro games in the entire series. This time, the new plot twist is dragonflies. Great, another thing for us to collect. Like all Spyro games. You would think interactive would come up with a new plot twist to keep gamers interested. I don’t think so said the critics.

The game comes with new game play to try to keep the loyal Spyro fan interested. With new flame attacks such as ice, lightning, and water it adds to the value of the entire game. But for the average fan, that isn’t enough to keep you interested. Also, there are new mini-games and tasks that Spyro has to complete such as moving a tank around and shooting enemies down. Its ok for a while, but it gets rather repetitive. In Spyro games past you’ve had more then 1 home world but now, you don’t. You have larger levels off of home worlds but less levels all together which makes the game rather boring as you go through.

The controls of the game are ok. At times you have to jump a few times to get in a hover to make a certain jump but overall it isn’t disappointing, you just have to get used to having so many buttons on a Gamecube to do it. Also, this game adds in a new Spyro move, a defense curl which proves to be rather helpful throughout the game.

I must say, the graphics for this game are truly awesome. The best for a Spyro game ever and also one of the best pieces of work I have seen for any new generation platform so far. That has been one thing that I have never been disappointed for throughout the Spyro series whichever platform it may be on is its graphics.

The sound for this game, like all Spyro games is annoying and repetitive. If you play it long enough, you learn to just not think about it but for the normal player it can drive you up the way especially with the game’s long levels and repetitive tasks.

This game has almost no replay value whatsoever. Its like all Spyro games, collect something, beat a big boss, then win. There’s nothing to it and its extremely easy. Gamers should have no problem beating this game in no time.

Definitely rent this game before you but it. Even if you think you’re the best Spyro fan ever, you’ll regret buying this, like I did. Please, save yourself 50 dollars and don’t buy this game.

***Pros to Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly***

-Great graphics, best for any Spyro game out there

-Its mult-platform for Gamecube and PS2

-Ripto’s back.

-The levels are bigger

***Cons for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly***

- The game play is boring.

-The plot is unoriginal.

- The sound is repetitive.

- There are not that many levels

-The controls are a little faulty.

The bottom line to this game is, even if you like Spyro, save yourself some money and buy a game that’s a little more original then this.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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