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"The other Spyro games were better, this was OK"

Well if your a big fan of the Spyro series, like me, you would love this game. This game is mostly like the other Spyro games. You get to collect gems and smash pots, charge rynocs, fry sheep, and see all your favorite characters. Including........Ripto! Well the story is fairly simple to understand, Ripto appears with his minions(crush and gulp) he trys to do a magical attack but it goes wrong and all the dragonflies disappear, so it is up to Spyro to round up all 90 baby dragonflys. And spyro has some new attacks including Electric, ice, and bubble breath. These are a nice touch to an already good game. I have run into a few glitches such as; sometimes when you try to run spyro will only slide around he wont even move his legs; and somtimes when you charge a pot at does not shatter. These glitches will not ruin the game for you, dont worry. Well I will start the review now.

Graphics 9/10

These graphics are a step up from the first three games. But when you first start out the graphics will seem a little jerky and fast.

Storyline 8/10

As covered in the intro the story is simple to follow. But they could of added more. The original 3 games had more story depth to it.

Music-FX 9/10

Wow! When you first start out you will notice that spyro actually says something when he hits something. This could get a little annoying, but its cool. As for the music, well the could have made it louder, and by that I mean that they should not have put it in the background so much.

Game Play 9/10

Now this could be the only bad part. The buttons you commonly use are far apart and may be hard to learn. The PS games were much easier to control. But it was OK

Rent OR Buy???

When I saw the box in blockbuster I was all ready to rent it when I saw the memory it took up....22 BLOCKS!?!? I almost fainted when I saw that. But I rented it and found out that it only took up 7 or 8. So I would say rent first, then buy.

Well I hoped you enjoyed my review for Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly. It doesent matter if anybody else likes it, it only would appeal to a true fan of spyro(ME). So do not listen to others opinions.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/02/02, Updated 12/02/02

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