"Easily, my worst game"

Let me start off by saying that I've never played a Spyro game. (I don't own a playstation) I decided to buy this game because I have heard that Spyro was an excellent series and that it was coming to gamecube. I made a huge mistake.

The gameplay was very bad. This game is incredibly short.
I collected every gem and dragonfly in five hours while losing three lives. Sparx gets incredibly annoying by telling you ever little aspect of the game. I mean come on, instruction booklets do have a purpose. Another thing that irritates me is that there is only one boss. Come on, he doesn't even use those two huge dinosaurs that accompany him. There are only nine levels for crying out loud, and they aren't even that big.

Don't even get me started on the glitches. I was in the Volcano Slide mini-game and the ground disappeared. All that was left was the characters and the background. My Sparx is now invincible and purple. And when I was doing a head bash move, I froze in that position.

The graphics are the only thing I can accept in this game.
The levels are extremly elaborate and the characters are decent-looking. They did quite well in this department.

The story is rather...bland. Spyro and his friends are celebrating the end of the Year of the Dragon. Hunter is frightened by a balloon and Spyro calls him a scaredy-cat.
*Shudders* Suddenly Ripto appears and makes all the dragonflies disappear.(Even Sparx) Then he walks back in to his portal. Now Spyro must set out to find and return the dragonflies. Well that's nice. I'm going to flame a bunch of riptocs for dragonflies? Bianca leads them to a dome place and they find Sparx (Darn, I could go through the game without him) Spyro must save the rest of the dragonflies before Ripto gets to them. Not much of a story, is it?

The music is quite good in this game. The sound is just outright horrible. Spyro's voice sounds so annoying that I hold A just to skip his voice. Sparx is just as bad. I can't understand a word he says.

In closing, I recommend you stay as far as possible from this game. If you really want to play it, rent it. You should be able to beat in a few hours. I think it would be an injustice to give this game higher then a 2. I think it would be safe to say that this game is the worst out of the Spyro series.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/19/03, Updated 07/19/03

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