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"Not bad, but..."

This is the first Spyro game on the GameCube. It certainly did not live up to what Spyro was on the PlayStation. The sheer number of glitches and control errors make this game frustrating to play for long periods of time.

Gameplay - 3/10

The gameplay in this game is poor at best. The game would be rather easy, if not for the glitches that can freeze the game, or get you stuck to the point where a reset is necessary. The controls aren't bad yet do take some time to adjust to. There is also a huge emphasis on gliding and hovering in this game. Both are jumping features and are poorly implemented. I can remember trying to make a jump countless frustrating times, only to have to start all over again just because the jump wasn't timed exactly right. Overall the gameplay isn't all that great and it gives of the feeling of a half-finished, rushed to production game.

Story - 1/10

There is hardly any story in the game at all and what is there is hardly interesting or original. You are yet again fighting Riptos that have stolen something important from the dragons. Dragonflies. That's right, dragonflies and you have to save all 70 of them. It isn't even explained how the dragonflies managed to get to where they are so that you could collect them until you reach 75% completion in the game and the ending is poorly written and seems rushed.

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics are about the only thing that really shines in this game. probably the best seen in any Spyro game thus far.

Sound - 3/10
The sound in this game isn't bad, it's original but just doesn't seem to really stand out. It's a bit repetitive though and is annoying in some of the levels.

Replayability/Length - 3/10

This game is really short with only nine short levels to complete, you'll finish it rather quickly. There is next to no replayability as once it's finished, it's pretty much finished, and there is no real reason to play through it again. The almost non-existent mini-games are frustrating, short, and very unoriginal.

The Final Verdict

I wouldn't recommend this game in any shape or form. I really feel it isn't worth paying $50 for a half-finished game, nor is it really worth paying to rent it for a few days as it can be finished in under seven hours and leaves you wanting for more areas to explore and more to do. It really isn't worth it to even try to look for this game as it isn't worth you time or money. If it is given as a gift, I would sell it off to a second hand game store and try to get some money out of it. Overall this game isn't very good and shouldn't be an addition to your collection of GameCube games. Even if you are a huge fan of Spyro, I promise that you will be disappointed with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/20/03

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