Review by Big Hot Shot

Reviewed: 02/14/04

Terrible, just terrible.

I'm not that big of a Spyro fan, nor did I own any of his games, as I did not own a Playstation. Then Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly came for both Playstation 2, and Nintendo Gamecube. This was Spyro's first time appearing on the gamecube. I thought I should try it, so I picked it up, not knowing if it's good or not.

Unfortunately, it was the latter, and boy was I disapointed. I don't know why I got this game.

Graphics: 2/10
The worst graphics I have ever seen on the gamecube. The levels aren't that great, and the characters, well, they don't look very good. Also, the game's glitchy. Sometimes when sparx is gone, when I get a butterfly, he never comes back. Also, he sometimes chases a butterfly for a long time and stops, and won't chase any butterflies. Plus, the game freezes, and when returning from a level, he won't breathe anything for a few seconds. Very annoying,

Gameplay: 2/10
Firstly, the game is short. I could catch all the dragonflies in at least 5 hours, and it's pretty easy too. I don't lose lives very often. Plus, there's only one boss with 3 forms, that isn't much of a challenge for me. The only hard thing for me was getting the gems, but that's it. It has mini-games, but none of them don't interest me.

Story: 3/10
Well, it's not really much of a good story. Ripto has scattered all the dragonflies including Sparx. Spyro finds him and now he has to find the rest. Nothing special.

Music/Sound: 3/10
The music is nothing special. The voices annoy me though. I turn the volume down when I hear voices like Spyro, Ripto's voice doesn't sound, evil, and I can't get anything that Sparx says. The sound affects don't please me.

Rent or buy:
Don't bother buying this game, you'll regret it, like I did. Unless you are a realy big fan of Spyro, don't rent it either.

Overall: 2/10
This is my worst game out of any other game I have. It's too glitchy, the gameplay is boring, the story is not too special, and the sound and music aren't very good. Spyro's first debut on the gamecube was a bad one, and the playstation 2 version isn't good. It doesn't matter which system you get this game on. I have one bit of advice: stay very, very far away from this game. This is spyro's most disapointing game yet. Avoid it at all costs.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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