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"Spyro returns for an OK-experience"


Well, its simple... I wanted a game with spunk and since I had recently found enjoyment in Spyro 1 and 2 for the PSX, I thought a GC Spyro would be absolutely wonderful... or so I believed.

STORY: 5/10

Continuing off from where Spyro 3 ends (or as I learned), the dragon festival is about to end and the young dragons are about to receive their dragonfly partners when suddenly an evil force (a.k.a. RIPTO) returns to create havoc and in attempt to... capture the dragonflies... actually spreads them all over the land. Spyro must now save all 90 dragonflies and fix his greedy craving for gems. Lovely isnt it?


While not being a great game to look at, it isnt the worst by any means. It's vibrant atmospheres and great looking scenary is that straight out of a Mario game... almost... All the levels have nice effects and some interesting highlights to them. The character models are wonderfully animated when in cut-scenes and in idle, however, fail to keep the grace when you control Spyro. Sometimes he freezes up as you move him and can get stuck in a sitting position as you "glide" him by some "magical force" around the map.... (must be a joke from the testing-crew... cuz thats one heck of a glitch) Sometimes another flaw is in the loading of a level... sometimes you dont even GET THE WHOLE LEVEL. It's problems like these that make the game very unattractive at times.

AUDIO: 6/10

The music in this game is very nice overall. It's cheery-atmospheric and pretty enjoyable. The voice-acting on the other hand.... should've been given to the apes because they could have definitely given a better performance than these high-grade voice actors.. There is no emotion what-so-ever at times in the scenario the character may be in and the emphasis on some words is a little too over the top. Sound effects are for the most part.. crisp and clean but still lack in comparison with its other rival games.


The gameplay itself isnt horrible at all... as a matter a fact, its what keeps me coming back for seconds because it's so addicting. You go around and collect a certain amount of jewels in every level along with 10 dragonflies then repeat for the next level and so on till you've completed the game. Simple? Ha... not really but its not overly ridiculous either. By the end of the game, if you havent collected all 7000 gems or all those d-flies, you almost feel a dying need to complete the task in order to win the game's pride-approval. I find this game to be very fun and enjoyable with its array of skills carried over from previous Spyro games as well as the many breath techniques. All and all, its fun and yet challenging (sometimes annoying with its glitches.. and there are many but if you look beyond those, you have yourself one heck of a great game)


Ehh... Once you complete it, no reason why you dont need to try again collecting all the jewels to see if you can match your perfect 100% rating.. you might find that it might be a little more enjoyable the second time around, also.


I'd say buy it if its under $15, otherwise rent it.. but dont say I didnt warn you when you might JUST enjoy it a little more than you thought you did the second time 'round because of its good gameplay! (Consider buying it if you have the courage)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/04

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