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"Just stick with the PS1 Spyro games"

I remember getting this game. It was Christmas of 2002, and I had got this along with a few other games. I didn't play this until later that day, and I was extremely disappointed. I had played the three Playstation Spyro games, and I liked them. I bought Season of Ice for GBA, also. That was my least favorite Spyro game until this. You'll notice within 30 minutes that this game is for young kids.

Story - 2/10
The villain, Ripto, has scattered all the dragonflies over the world, including Spyro's buddy Sparx. It has a very lame story, but I didn't expect much anyway.

Graphics - 2/10
Bland, dull, and boring worlds plague this game. It's very basic. The character models look horrible. This game barely looks nicer than the PS1 games. The frame rate is horrible, too. The game has some glitches, such as when Sparx goes to eat a butterfly, yet he doesn't come back. The game froze on me a few times, also.

Sound and Music - 4/10
I must say that the voices in this game are downright awful. Spyro sounds stupid. The other characters also have horrible voices. The music is nothing special, and you're better off listening to a CD to help pass the time. The sound affects are decent, and that's about all that's good.

Gameplay - 3/10
The game is very short, which is good, because you'll want it to end quick. You'll probably be done in about 5 hours. It's also an easy game. There is only one boss in the entire game, and that just makes it less exciting. There are some mini-games, but they're not worth your time. The load times are terrible.

The basic Spyro formula returns, but it's not enough to save this game from being a disgrace to a once decent series. You'll still glide from platform to platform, breathing fire on your enemies. Spyro also has the ability to charge, which comes in handy when you want to move a bit faster or rush through enemies. Sadly the levels and enemies just feel uninspired, and that's what really drains the fun out of the game.

Replay Value - 4/10
There are gems and dragonflies to collect, but I doubt you would want to waste more of your time in this game. Collecting items is getting really old, not just in this game, but in most platformers. I can't wait until developers realize that we don't want to search out thousands of small jewels or coins or whatever. The Spyro games have always required you to pick up hundreds of gems. In the PS1 games collecting was acceptable, but now it's starting to get repetitive and boring.

Overall - 3/10
There are a lot of better platformers out there. Spyro's first game on the Gamecube was a bad one, and the Playstation 2 version isn't any better. This is possibly the worst Spyro game. Avoid this one. Even huge Spyro fans should pretend this one doesn't exist. It's a waste of time and money. As newer platforming franchises move in, the Spyro series has trouble keeping up and falls into bargain bins everywhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/02/04, Updated 08/11/05

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