Additional ArtistMark Dinse
Additional ArtistChris Kauffman
Additional ProgrammingJoel Dinolt
ArtistMark Dixon
ArtistJay Friedman
ArtistPaul Gravett
ArtistCarlos Hernandez
ArtistJoel Ishler
ArtistDave Packer
ArtistNels Potts
ArtistAnthony Reeves
ArtistAnthony Schmill
Assistant ProducerChris Julian
Associate DirectorsJesse Caceres
Associate DirectorsDennis Cheng
Associate DirectorsYobo Shen
AudioBarry Blum
AudioLance Page
DesignVincent Baez
DesignSylvain Dubrofsky
DesignThomas Foss
DesignChristopher Lucich
Executive DirectorKudo Tsunoda
Executive ProducerEd Daly
Executive ProducerCarl Jones
Executive ProducerPhil Rutherford
Executive ProducerKelly Turner
External Development ManagerBrian Clayton
Lead ArtistTim Fawcett
Lead ArtistJeff Gregory
Lead ArtistBen Hebb
Lead DesignerBill White
Lead TestCarl Kam
Music CompositionGreg Turner
ProducerDennis Cheng
ProducerNeil Sloane
Production Vice PresidentJeff Cretcher
ProgrammingJeff Beckham
ProgrammingAdrian Brown
ProgrammingPaul Carpenter
ProgrammingMatt Craig
ProgrammingJon Dapin
ProgrammingNicholas Hendricks
ProgrammingMiles Horak
ProgrammingChris MacDonald
ProgrammingPaul Mottram
ProgrammingSergey Savchenko
Quality AssuranceChris Bewick
Quality AssuranceEd Porter
Quality AssurancePhil Rycraft
Quality Assurance ManagerLisa Charman
Quality Assurance ManagerNeil Sloane
Senior Software EngineerSteve Birch
Senior Software EngineerPhil Rutherford
Software Engineer DirectorSimon Everett
Technical LeadBrad McKee
Test SupervisorJeremy Mahler
Voice ActingSusan Blu
Voice ActingJim Cummings
Voice ActingNika Futterman
Voice ActingMichael M. Simpson


Data and credits for this game contributed by FrozenFlame44, Blueberry Buttface, and Guard Master.

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