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"A Blood Omen not needed..."

The first Blood Omen wasn't that great and a sequel to it wasn't really that required, but this game was okay nevertheless. The player takes control of Kain like in the original but now in a 3D world similar to that of the Soul Reaver part of the series. The story was good but didn't really have anything to do with what was going on in the Soul Reaver part which is what I was hoping for.

Story 6/10
The story takes place around 200-400 years after the last Blood Omen after Kain had built an army and faced off against the "Sarafan Lord" and apparently lost. He awakes 200 later is helped by a vampire woman named Umah to fight the Sarafan Lord and get revenge. Like I said before I was kinda hoping for something related to the end of SR2 so I was really interested in this story ;(...

Gameplay 8/10
The battle was downgraded from that of Soul Reaver for some reason I'm not aware of, the blocking is better than is was in SR2 but now you can only dodge from left-to-right instead of all four directions, the weapon selection is better than that of SR and SR2 and allows you to grab opponents to see some cool ways to damage them but grabbing seems unnecessary in the end. Like in SR you gain new abilities from Bosses you face and can use them to get past puzzles and fight enemies, I personally like these abilities but once you get a certain ability called "Immolate" (this is not a spoiler its listed in the manual.) you can pretty much just auto-kill your enemies.

Graphics 7/10
The graphics are standard for the Gamecube and aren't that bad but the animation is what bugs me. Many times it seems they just made an animation and then the character appears in a different place, like in after a certain battle you end up in a place that there is no way (unless you hacked or something) you could finish the battle at, which is very annoying to me.

Sound 9/10
The voice acting is great, so is the music and I have no problem with the sound effects, they all sound just fine but don't really have anything special about them. There's nothing really special to say about the Sound in this game so...

Final Opinion
As my title states this game wasn't really needed in my opinion, I'd rather have a sequel to LoK: Defiance than this, the game is pretty fun but seems downgraded from SR2 with no particular reason that I know of at the moment. I'm glad I only payed $7 for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/11/06

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