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"Why couldn't they have given us Soul Reaver 2 instead??"

Blood Omen was released for the Playstation some years back. It was a decent game in its own rights, but it wasn't until Soul Reaver came out that people really started to notice the Legacy of Kain series. Both Blood Omen and Soul Reaver saw a sequel. Blood Omen 2 was released simultaneously on the PS2 and XBOX, and now a Gamecube port arrives, unfashionably late and with no extras to speak of whatsoever. That's not to say this game is a bad game, cause it's not. It's a decent adventure game that happens to be packed with an insane amount of killing, violence, and blood. If you are yearning for an adventure game on the Gamecube, and aren't very squeamish, then by all means pick this up. Anyway, on to the review!

Blood Omen 2 looked great on the PS2 and XBOX, and it still does on the Gamecube. The environments are huge, the textures are pretty good, Kain's character model looks excellent, the enemy models look decent, and the whole gothic feel to the game really feels great. However, there are some slight frame rate drops, and some really annoying pauses when the game loads a new part of a level, so I had to drop the score a little. But overall, very pretty.

I absolutely love the music in this game. It's simple, ambient approach is really fitting with the mood of this game, and picks up nicely whenever you'd expect it to. The man who voices Kain (I'm not exactly sure, but I think his name is Simon Templeman or something like that) does a wonderful job. It all makes for a very absorbing experience. The only thing that really doesn't sound too good is the voices of the enemies and suck. They never sound bad, but they are nowhere near the quality of Kain's voice work. Good stuff all around.

Before you think about buying this game, know one thing: This game is oozing with blood. From slashing at an innocent townsperson, to decapitating an unsuspecting guard, and finally, sucking the blood of the dead, lifeless corpse, you'll never find a game with more blood. Basically, the game plays like this: You control Kain (the controls feel a little wonky, by the way. Just thought that was worth noting) through some huge, but linear levels, killing everything in your path. After you kill someone, you can telepathically suck their blood. The blood sucking effect is nicely done, but you do it so often (must be hundreds of times through out the game,) that it starts to get old pretty quickly. By sucking blood, you gain experience, and by gaining experience you gain levels, thereby growing stronger. Some enemies will drop weapons, such as swords, maces, and axes, which you can pick up and use. Occasionally, you come across a puzzle. 95% of all puzzles in this game require no thinking at all, and usually involve flipping a hidden switch to open a gate. Once in a while, you'll find one that is sort of a stumper, but that's very rare. It's these braindead puzzles that break up an otherwise well-paced adventure. At the end of every level, you fight a boss. Some of the boss fights are fun, some suck. But anyways, if what I said seems like it would appeal to you (or you have a strange love for blood), then this game is probably right up your alley.

Once through the game, and you're done with it.

A decent adventure game. Not on par with your typical Zelda adventure, but if you're bored with you Gamecube for the moment, you just may want to give this one a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/15/03, Updated 07/15/03

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