Review by myrrthsicopath

Reviewed: 08/28/03

Help Wanted: Must Be Ridiculously Powerful Vampire

This review is coming to you from a person who has been intrigued by vampires for most of their life. If you play role-playing games such as Vampire: The Masquerade, or AD&D, or something similar, then the chances are, you will get a huge enjoyment out of this game.

Looking for a vampire fix? This game is relatively cheap and many hours long! Go freaking buy it! It's 15 bucks new!

Graphics: All of the cutscenes are in real-time polygons, but they come across very well. The mouths are always matched to the voices perfectly, and there are only minimal problems with being able to see things go through/into walls. 8/10

Story: THIS GAME HAS THE GREATEST, MOST IN-DEPTH STORY YOU WILL FIND IN A VAMPIRE GAME, EVER. If you are tired of many disappointing vampire movies and games and books that come out, or if you're someone who likes the pen-and-paper games I mentioned, you will love the depth of the story that this game offers. 1000/10

Sound: It'll do. I'm not big on sound in my games. The dialogue is always good, and it's just amusing as all heck sometimes to watch Kain bare his fangs and hiss, because you KNOW he's not in any danger he can't immediately get out of. 9/10

Gameplay: While it can be argued that the hack 'n' slash factor becomes repetetive, there's always new weapons and new lores that keep things entertaining. And don't forget- this is one of the only decent vampire games out there that doesn't play like a Diablo clone. I never got tired of it. And man, those enemies get kind of tough later on! I also enjoyed that the bosses are all sort of intuitive with what you learned in the level. The lores are so fun! In the later levels, you just block your opponents' attacks with your bare arms, then pick them up and light them on fire with your mind! Tell me that's not worth it! 9/10

Control: Easy to pick up and use. The first level teaches you how to do everything. The new lores, that you pick up Mega Man style, by defeating bosses, are easy to activate. 9/10

Replayability: Unfortunately, there is only one story to play through as, but it is a rather guilty pleasure to go back through and just be evil and slaughter everyone. The story is very deep, so you might come back for that. 6/10

Buy/Rent: I would buy this game again, because I loved it. Since it is cheaper now than nearly all games (look for it at Best Buy), I suggest just buying it.

Blood Omen 2 is rated M for Blood and Gore, and Violence. There is a lot of both in this game. I wouldn't suggest it for younger players, because of these factors and of the game's very dark nature.

Overall: 9/10 (not an average) The coolness factor this game has deserves at least one play-through by anyone interested in the topics involved: vampires, redemption, antiheroes, etc.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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