"A party not worth the invitation."

How many Monopoly ports have several companies made over the years? Ten? A hundred? A million? These ports of the Monopoly games have been mostly really horrible for some strange reason. And this game's one of them. It has the problem of over-complicating things to make it more "fun".

The graphics are really nice. I can say for a fact that the boards looked cool. I love the Ancient boards the best. Something about it must be really interesting. (hey...isn't that a camel?) The player pieces look real nice as well. They really look spotless and cool. The futuristic pieces looked the best out of all the variations the pieces have. They look so shiny and amazing.

What's with all that party music in the background? It's really terrible to listen to, let alone try to enjoy a nice game of Monopoly. There's no tune I ever enjoyed in this game. And that's the main reason I muted my TV while playing this game.

The sound? Yes, the sound is horrible as well. The dice rolls are very unrealistic. And that's the only sound I ever witnessed in the entire game. I was so sick of the dice rolling around unrealistically, I ended up muting my TV. Again.

The controls are a bother. While I try to read a lot of what is the control for that and so and so, the print made my eyes roll over so much I couldn't read a single sentence. Even with glasses on, it was terrible. As of now, I'm guessing what the controls for trading and properties are, since the text for the control prompts made my eyes blind. But the only thing good about the controls is that they responded real well. How can I tell, you ask? While trying to do something (like trading), I pressed a button that would most likely fill in for that action and it worked perfectly. That's the only good thing about the controls.

The whole point about this game is managing stuff. Your main goal is to make the other players bankrupt. In order to do so, you buy properties and make them look good. You also have to watch over your money and you can get bankrupt yourself. I can't tell you how many times I've been bankrupt, even with wise purchases and money profits.

I tallied up all of my losses and about 90% of them is entirely luck-related loss. There's no real way in where you're going. Also, luck is lingering in every corner. So, I can't possibly have any real fun winning this game without worrying about luck. I only made it to a win maybe once or twice, and no more!

One board should take you around 4 hours to beat. But trying to deal with luck is one problem. Another is that the theme doesn't change any real rules at all! That means that if you've played one board, you've played them all! And unless you want to play it again, you have no reason for playing this game again!

Monopoly Party! suffers from bad sounds and very intolerable gameplay. If you can survive luck better than I did, please rent this game at best. If not, just skip it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/19/10

Game Release: Monopoly Party! (US, 11/20/02)

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