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"A big, long, behemoth of a game..."

I now own two NASCAR games- Thunder 2003 and Dirt to Daytona, and this one blows the pants off Thunder... but it goes even farther than that and even challenges juggernauts like Gran Turismo.

Graphics- 6/10

The worst part of the game, plain and simple. They suffer from bland textures and PS2-esque jaggies almost the entire time. At least you can tell what's what, though cars that are farther forward on the track seem like just blurs of pixels. The one thing that brings the graphics up is the arenas, which are pretty good except for the draw distance on the stands, which is really close. Oh well...

Sound 2/10

Oh wait, the graphics aren't the worst part of the game, the sound is! The problem isn't really that its bad, but there just isn't enough of it. There's very little, if any music and during the race there's only the sound of the engines(which is good) and the occasional voice of your crew chief. This could have gone so much farther, once again, oh well...

Now that were past the depressing parts, lets get to the good stuff!!

Controls 10/10

Beautifully responsive, always real feeling and they actually change on different tracks and on different terrains. You actually have a real feel of speed, that is if you are going fast... cause even the crashes seem real, more so than most games even dream of pulling off.

Game Modes 11/10

That's right folks, 11. That is how good the modes in this game are. But the basic modes aren't the draw here, the incredible, life spanning career mode is. It follows you, an upstart racer, as you work your way through the 4 ranks of NASCAR. This mode allows you a level of customization on your car that is incredible, and just cause you go to a different race league, that doesn't mean you can't race in the former leagues that you competed in, so all that money spent on other cars isn't for nothing. No racing game of any type has even come close.

The Good-

Extremely deep career mode
Great controls
Car Creation

The Bad-

Last generation Graphics
Virtually no Sound whatsoever

Overall 8/10 (not an average)


Buy this game, you'll never regret it. Even if you don't like racing games, this is more like a kind of strategy/RPG racing game than a traditional racing game. Please, this is an often overlooked that game that hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves, lets all give it some love.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/17/03, Updated 07/17/03

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