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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bilboboy

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    						By Bilboboy
    One ring to rule them all,
    One ring to find them,
    One ring to bring them all,
    And in the darkness bind them,
    In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie
       Table of Contents
    1.The Legend of The Ring
    7.Attack on Weathertop
    8.Gates of Moria
    9.Balin's Tomb
    11.Fangorn Forest
    12.Plains of Rohan
    13.The West Fold
    14.Gap of Rohan
    15.Helms Deep - Deeping Wall
    16.Helms Deep - Breached Level
    17.Helms Deep - Hornburg Courtyard
    18.Secret Level - Strategy
    19.Secret Codes
    20.Thanks to
    The Legend of the ring
    It began with the forging of the great rings. Three were given to the elves,
    wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven to the dwarf lords, great miners
    and craftsmen of the mountain halls.  Nine rings were gifted to the race
    of men who, above all else desire power. For within these rings was bound
    the strength and will to govern each race. But they were all of them,
    deceived, for another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires
    of Mount Doom, the dark Lord Sauron forged, in secret a master ring to
    control all others, and into this ring he poured his cruelty, malice and
    his will to dominate all life.
    The One ring
    The one ring, and innocent looking gold band, is by far the most dangerous
    object in the whole of Middle Earth. Put it on and the wearer becomes
    completely invisible. Using its powers of invisibility draws the
    attention of the dark lord Sauron who may dispatch sinister creatures to
    retrieve it. The one ring has a strange and corruptive influence, causing
    greed and powerlust to many who are exposed to it. Possessing the one ring
    can prolong the life of its keeper but corruption from the one ring will
    eventual turn a hobbit into a hideous monster. The one ring was forged,
    thousands of years ago by the dark lord Sauron, in the fires of Mount Doom.
    He was close to using the one ring to seize complete control of Middle
    Earth when it was cut from his hand in battle. Sauron has been trying to
    recapture the one ring ever since losing it, and if he does, Middle Earth
    will be plunged into an age of violence and sorrow. To prevent Sauron from
    possessing the one ring, it must be destroyed forever, and this can only
    be accomplished by throwing it back into the fiery chasms of Mount Doom.
    Frodo shows remarkable resistance to the ring's evil influence so he
    volunteers to carry it on the perilous journey to Mount Doom.
       This section is a biography of each of the three playable characters
    available after completing the  "Weathertop" mission. In my next update,
    I will probably add the biography of the secret character, who is unlocked
    after completing the secret level with any of the three characters
    mentioned below.
    Men are weak, or at least this is the commonly held belief in Middle earth.
    Three thousand years ago, Isildur, King of the Men of Gondor, gained great
    renown when he cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron, ending his villainous
    reign. Soon after, however, he chose not to destroy The One Ring when he had
    a chance to cast it into the fires of Mount Doom, and thus Men are known to
    be weak in character and not entirely trustworthy.
    Aragorn can change all of that. He is a ranger, a strong man skilled in the
    use of many weapons including swords. Aragorn is trained to survive in every
    situation. Many know him as Strider, but few are aware of his true identity
    as son of Arathorn and heir to Isildur's throne. He is the rightful King of
    Gondor, and a force to be reckoned with.
    Legolas is a noble Elven prince, deadly accurate with his Elven bow and
    knowledgeable in
    wilderness lore. Because he is an elf, Legolas has exceptional sight and
    hearing, and although
     he will never die of old age, he can be hurt or killed in battle. Legolas
    is kind and graceful,
    and he has a deep love for the peaceful side of nature. He and his valuable
    bow attack are
    great assets to the Fellowship.
    Gimli is a stubborn dwarf who makes up for his lack of height and grace with
    great strength,
    bravery, and tenacity. Gimli fears nothing when he has his trusty axe in hand,
    and his temper
    makes him formidable when angry. His gruff disposition keeps him from making
    friends easily, but as a member of the Fellowship he is a tough and loyal
    ally. Gimli especially dislikes elves, however during his adventures with
    the Fellowship he develops an unlikely friendship with Legolas. Gimli is very
    proud of his heritage, and looks forward to seeing his cousin Balin in the
    Mines of Moria.
    Move			Left analog stick
    Speed Attack			X button / right analog
    Fierce Attack			Triangle button / right
    analog stick
    Knock Back			O or R3 button
    Parry			Square button or R1 button
    Killing Move			R2 button
    Equip ranged weapon		      L1 button
    Fire ranged weapon		      X button / right analog
    Jump Back		      L2 button
      Level 1 Upgrades
      Triple Strike -------------- X X X ------------------- Purchased
      Double Hack ------------ Triangle Triangle ----------- Purchased
      Shadow Strike --------------- R 2 -------------------- Purchased
      Combat Kick ------------------ O --------------------- Purchased
      Sword Parry --------------- Square ------------------- Purchased
      Dunedain Bow --------------------------------------- Purchased
     Level 2 Upgrades
     Rush Attack --------------------- X O ----------------- 3000
     Rising Attack -------------------- X ------------------ 8000
     Isildurs Swift Terror ------ X X Triangle ------------- 5000
     Isildurs War Rush ------------ X O R 2 ---------------- 5000
     Ranger Fury ---------------- Hold Triangle ------------ 2000
     Strength of the -------------------------------------- 10000
     Level 4 Upgrades
     Goblin Bane ----------------- Square X R2 -------------- 4000
     Charge Attack ------------------- X O ------------------ 4000
     Isildurs Death Charge -------- X O Triangle ------------ 5000
     Isildurs Gambit ------------- X Triangle X X ----------- 5000
     Rohan Bow --------------------------------------------- 4000
     Strength of Isildur ---------------------------------- 10000
     Level 6 Upgrades
     Orc Bane -------------------- Square X R2	-------------- 6000
     Isildurs Deliverance ----- Triangle X X Triangle ------- 5000
     Strength of Elendil --------------------------------- 10000
     Wilderness Rage --------------------------------------- 4000
     Master Swordsman ------------------------------------- 10000
     Level 8 Upgrades
     Bane of Saruman -------------- Square X R2 ------------- 8000
     Isildurs Judgement ----- Triangle Triangle O Triangle -- 5000
     Strength of Argonath-------------------------------- 10000
     Wrath of Numenor -------------------------------------- 6000
     Gondor Bow -------------------------------------------- 6000
     Level 1 Upgrades
     Triple Strike ------------------ X X X ------------- Purchased
     Double Hack	--------------- Triangle Triangle ------ Purchased
     Shadow Strike ------------------- R 2 -------------- Purchased
     Combat Kick --------------------- O ---------------- Purchased
     Knife Parry ------------------- Square ------------- Purchased
     Mirkwood Longbow  --------------------------------- Purchased
     Level 2 Upgrades
     Rush Attack --------------------  X O --------------- 3000
     Elrond's Swift Terror ------- X X Triangle ---------- 5000
     Elrond's War Rush ------------- X O R 2 ------------- 5000
     Elven Fury ----------------- Hold Triangle ---------- 2000
     Force of Celeborn -------------------------------- 10000
     Rivendell Longbow ---------------------------------- 6000
     Level 4 Upgrades
     Goblin Bane ---------------- Square X R 2 ----------- 4000
     Rising Attack -------------------- X ---------------- 8000
     Charge Attack ------------------- X O --------------- 4000
     Elrond's Death Charge ------- X O Triangle ---------- 5000
     Elrond's Gambit ------------ X Triangle X X --------- 5000
     Lothlorien Longbow -------------------------------- 6000
     Level 6 Upgrades
     Orc Bane ------------------- Square X R 2 ----------- 6000
     Elrond's Deliverance --- Triangle X X Triangle ------ 5000
     Dragon Fire Arrows ---------------------------------- 8000
     Force of Galadriel  -------------------------------- 10000
     Gil-galad's Rage ----------------------------------- 4000
     Level 8 Upgrades
     Bane of Saruman  ----------- Square X R 2 ----------- 8000
     Elrond's Judgement ----- Triangle X X Triangle ------ 5000
     Mithril Arrows ------------------------------------- 10000
     Elven Bow Mastery -------------------------------- 10000
     Level 1 Upgrades
     Triple Strike --------------- X X X ------------- Purchased
     Double Hack	----------- Triangle Triangle ------- Purchased
     Shadow Strike ----------------- R 2 ------------- Purchased
     Axe Thrust --------------------- O	------------- Purchased
     Axe Parry -------------------- Square ----------- Purchased
     Erebor Axes  ----------------------------------- Purchased
     Level 2 Upgrades
     Rush Attack ------------------- X O ------------------ 3000
     Balin's Swift Terror ------- X X Triangle ------------ 5000
     Balin's War Rush ------------- X O R 2 --------------- 5000
     Dwarven Fury -------------- Hold Triangle ------------ 2000
     Might of Rock  ------------------------------------ 10000
     Might of Iron  ------------------------------------ 10000
     Level 4 Upgrades
     Goblin Bane ---------------- Square X R 2 ------------- 4000
     Rising Attack -------------------- X ------------------ 8000
     Charge Attack ------------------- X O ----------------- 4000
     Balin's Death Charge -------- X O Triangle ------------ 5000
     Balin's Gambit ------------- X Triangle X X ----------- 5000
     Rune of Protection  ---------------------------------- 6000
     Level 6 Upgrades
     Orc Bane -------------------- Square X R 2 ------------- 6000
     Balin's Deliverance ----- Triangle X X Triangle -------- 5000
     Might of Balin  ------------------------------------- 10000
     Might of Gloin  ------------------------------------- 10000
     Moria Axes  ------------------------------------------- 4000
     Mountain Rage  ---------------------------------------- 4000
     Level 8 Upgrades
     Bane of Saruman ------------- Square X R 2 ------------- 8000
     Balin's Judgement ---- Triangle Triangle O Triangle ---- 5000
     Might of Khazad-dum --------------------------------- 10000
     Wrath of Moria --------------------------------------- 6000
     Misty Mountain Axes  ---------------------------------- 6000
     Axe Mastery of Kings --------------------------------- 10000
    Now I've got all the boring, but necessary stuff out of the way, I can
    now do what I set out to do. That is to give you a walkthrough to one of
    the best games of all time.
    Nothing too difficult here, infact I'd say this is a pretty nice and easy
    start to the game. The first character you play as is Isildur, who is also
    the secret character. The battle you are in now is actually the one you
    see in the prologue of The Fellowship of the ring, which is why the level
    is called "Prologue" surprisingly enough.
    In the top right hand corner of the screen you will get hints on how to
    fight the orcs that come at you. Tapping the square button when you're
    fighting will cause your character to parry and defend himself against
    attack The X button will cause your character to do a lunge attack with
    his sword, this is useful when you've got a whole crowd of shield less
    enemies who need to be disposed of quickly. The triangle button will allow
    your character to use a fierce attack, which will either knock down a
    shield less enemy, or break the shield of an enemy with a shield. If you
    knock and enemy down, pressing R2 will kill them instantly, which is useful
    if there are  a lot of them around.
    When you kill an enemy, you get a rating of either fair, good, excellent
    or perfect, which basically tells you how well you killed the enemy. NOTE:
    you can only get a perfect rank if your sword is glowing blue. One thing
    to watch out for is the fireball that occasionally come out of Mount Doom,
    it does kill enemies, but it also takes a massive chunk off your health,
    so watch out for that. It's almost impossible to die in this level, but
    if you do, don't give up and stick at it.
    When the mission is over, you get a ranking, which tells you how well you've
    done in that level.
    A movie opens up this scenario, now you are controlling Aragorn a
    ranger/man who
     uses a sword and bow. Keep in mind the basic moves that you learned in
    the last mission.
     Your main objective is to protect Frodo, the Ring-bearer, from the
    Ringwraiths who will stop at nothing to find The One Ring.  When you finally
    gain control of Aragorn he holds a lit torch which is the only thing that
    will hurt the Ringwraiths. The first Ringwraith  will be around you
    somewhere, use Triangle to light it on fire then immediately after hit
    Square or R1 to block the Ringwraiths attack. If your torch happens to
    go out then run next to the fire and hit Triangle to relight your  torch.
    NOTE- You can only hurt the Ringwraiths with a lit torch. Run back up to
    the wraith and then hit Triangle again and Square or R1 to parry the
    counterattack. After repeating this strategy it will finally die, then
    a few others come and attack you. Relight your torch if you need to and
    use the same strategy as before for both of them until they die. Frodo
    will now put on the ring, and you have to be on your guard. Whenever a
    ringwraith comes on the scene, kill him using the same strategy as before.
    After a couple of wraiths have been dispatched, Frodo will then get stabbed
    by a ringwraith.
     Now all you need to do is kill the final two wraiths to complete the mission.
    Gates of Moria
    This mission is the first mission where you can choose who to play as.
    The three characters are Aragorn the ranger, Legolas the elf and Gimli
    the dwarf. There is no best character for this mission, personally I found
    Gimli the easiest to handle and Legolas the best for killing large groups
    of enemies quickly, but you can work out who to play as yourself. On this
    mission, you'll be travelling with another member of the Fellowship. If
    you play as Aragorn you will have Gimli with you, If you play as Gimli
    you'll have Aragorn with you, and if you play as Legolas you'll have Gimli
    with you.
    Anyway, once you gain control of who-ever you're playing as, run forward
    down the path and follow it until you hear Gimli say, "There are orcs,
    many of them". When this happens, run forward slightly and you'll see orcs
    coming down the hill towards you. Get out your bow and shoot a few of them,
    you probably won't kill a lot of them, but every little bit helps !! Now,
    get out your sword and start hacking away at them, and, when you can kick
    a few of them off the cliff, that's a good way to get and excellent rating
    on this mission.
    Once they have been dispatched walk a little further down the path and
    some more orcs will come busting through the wall on the left, dispatch
    these like the previous set, and carry on. You now get a cool cut scene
    of Aragorn / Legolas shooting and killing an orc who is about to kill Gimli.
    Once this cut scene is over, Gimli says "ambush"!!!  and as you round the
    corner you'll see three orc archers and a couple of ordinary orcs. Get
    out your bow, and try ands shoot the archer who is standing on the highest
    Once he is dead you can either kill the other orcs the same way or, you
    can run up to them, constantly parrying, or avoiding the arrows and hack
    them to bits. Personally, I prefer the second method because there is less
    chance of you being hit if you keep moving. Anyway, once they are dead
    kill the other orcs if Gimli hasn't already done so. Now, run ahead and
    the character you're playing as will go to the edge of the cliff and Gimli
    will say "We could pass through the mines of Moria. My cousin Balin would
    give us a royal welcome."
    You'll now see three archers shooting at you from afar, ignore them for
    the minute. An orc will then approach you, simply press o to kick him over
    the edge. This is the easiest way to kill him because it doesn't rely on
    you having to dodge the arrows that the archers are firing at you at the
    same time as trying to hack the orc to bits. When he is dead, take out
    your bow/throwing axes (if your Gimli) and fire at one archer to kill him.
    Then dispatch the other two the same way. Carry on up the path and orcs
    will climb the cliff to get at you.
    Either kick them over the edge or use your sword/axe and carry on up the
    path. If you're low on arrows/throwing axes be sure to pick them up from
    the dead orcs that you didn't kick over the edge. A short way up the
    pathway, a bunch of orcs will bust through the wall and begin attacking
    you. Either kill them yourself or let your partner hack away at them if
    you're low on health. Either way, once they're gone continue up the path
    and you'll see two archers shooting at you, dodge their arrows, run up
    to them and kick them both over the edge and then a few more orcs will
    come at you, be sure to kill them quickly and carry on.
    Move up the path and two more will come and attack you, kill both them,
    and the two archers that are shooting from above. Go past where they were
    firing from, and you will come to a swampy area. In this area, try your
    best to stay on land wherever possible, the main reason for this is it's
    easier to manoeuvre on land than in the deep swampy marshes, plus the
    majority of the orcs come from the swamp anyway. As you travel through
    this area, you'll be forced to parry a lot because a lot of arrows will
    be coming your way, but as long as you kill the archers quickly, and let
    your partner deal with the other orcs, you shouldn't have any real
    problems. After a while, you will come to a big lake, the entrance to Moria.
    If you need it, there is some health in the box just before you get to
    the swamp. If you don't ,proceed to the edge of the lake.
    Boss The Watcher
    The first boss of the game, and he can be a real pain in the ass. The main
    reason for this, is you have to know how to avoid having your brains smashed
    in by the huge tentacles that often come out of the water, and if he gets
    a hold on you with these tentacles, you've more or less lost the fight.
    So, let's go !!!
    After the cut scene, during which your partner gets knocked out, get as
    far into the water as you can get. Wait till the tentacles come out of
    the water, and repeatedly press R1 to block the tentacles when they try
    and hit you. Whatever happens, you don't want to let the watcher get a
    hold on you with the tentacles because it's almost impossible to get a
    hit in if he gets you.
    So when the tentacles recoil after you've blocked them, get out your sword
    and chop off one of the tentacles to make the head come out of the water.
    When it does, watch out for any other tentacles and fire an arrow, or axe
    at it and it will go red and go back into the water. Simply repeat this
    method of attack until it's dead. If you need any arrows/throwing axes
    go to the shoreline and there is some ammo on the shoreline. After it's
    dead your character will get up (perfectly fine) !! and the rest of the
    fellowship will arrive, and you will all enter Moria. Level Complete, well
    done !!!
    Balin's Tomb
    A cut scene opens this level, which introduces you to the mines
    of Moria, and introduces the ton of orcs that you are now going
    to have to fight with the rest of the fellowship. This level is
    an excellent level to get plenty of excellent or perfect ratings,
    because there are plenty of enemies to kill however you wish. In
    this level, there are two types of enemies in this level. The first
    is a shield less orc who is very agile and can get in some quite
    painful combos if you let him, but he doesn't have a shield to
    one hit with either a sword or bow will kill him, he shouldn't
    prove much of a problem.
    The next type is a shield orc. This one is a bit more difficult
    to kill because he has an annoying tendency to block you attacks
    but again if you use your combos you shouldn't much of a problem.
    So, when you can control you character commence hacking. The
    majority of this level is simply killing as many orcs as you can,
    and the good thing is, if you get low on health many of the enemies
    drop green potions which fill up your health, so enjoy killing
    the orcs, until there is a cut scene and the cave troll comes out
    to play.
    Boss The Cave Troll
    The first thing to remember about this boss is that its size isn't anything
    to be worried about. On the other hand though, its club is something to
    worry about. The trick with this boss is to take it by surprise and then
    quickly run out of the way of its club.
    So, when the battle starts run up to it and press triangle to hit him,
    then quickly run to safety as he will then smash his club on the floor,
    probably taking out a lot of orcs in the process, but that's a good thing,
    right ? Keep on hitting him and then running away until the next cut scene
    happens, during which he breaks his club and gets a chain.
    When the cut scene is over, you'll find yourself on a ledge, which looks
    over the battle and right at the cave troll who now has a chain to whip
    you with. The first thing to do is run left and there is an orc there,
    kill him quickly, and, if you have time fire an arrow/axe at the troll
    before running to safety.
    If you don't have time, don't worry, simply run to safety and then fire
    an arrow at him, quickly get to a pillar (preferably one away from the
    troll) and wait till he finishes swinging and fire another arrow at him.
    You now need to keep on doing this until he dies. There is also an orc
    that appears every now and then, kill him quickly. To do this knock him
    down with the triangle button and press R2 to kill him instantly.
    Amon Hen
    The cut scene, which introduces this level starts with Aragorn saying
    "Frodo bears the fate of us all, we must protect him" and then proceeding
    to kick ass with some really cool moves that you can't do yet. From this
    cut scene you may have noticed that the orcs Aragorn kills, are not
    ordinary orcs.
    These orcs are actually the Uruk-Hai that Saruman has been creating in
    Isengard and are a little bit harder to kill because of they generally
    attack on mass as a pose to one by itself. When you gain control, you are
    thrust right into the battle between Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn and 75
    Uruk-Hai !!!
    In this part of the level, I find combos work well, particularly
    "Saruman's Bane" if you have access to it (it's a combo that instantly
    kills an attacking Uruk-Hai) However you choose to do it your going to
    have to hack your way through every Uruk-Hai you can see in this area.
    It shouldn't be too difficult.
    The best strategy is to wait until one of your comrades starts fighting
    one and then knock it over and then press R2 to instantly kill him. Or
    you could wait till a crowd of them start attacking you and then attack
    with your sword combos. Either way, when you have killed all the Uruk-Hai
    in that area, proceed down the path which leads out of the area.
    Immediately you will see two or three Uruk-hai and an archer coming down
    the hill. Quickly deal with them and continue. A short way down this path
    you'll come across three archers, just about to start shooting. If you
    go closer to them, some more Uruk-Hai will come out of the woods.
    Kill the Uruk-Hai that came from the woods first, and then deal with the
    archers. Go under the bridge and some more Uruk-Hai will come from a spot
    where you can't see them. Kill them and then go back under the bridge,
    and to the left of it to climb up on top of the bridge.
    Smash the box to get experience and then come off the bridge and continue
    through the level. Following the path down you will eventually encounter
    three archers that fire arrows which burst into flames when they hit the
    ground. There is a wall which can be used as a shield if necessary, once
    they have been appropriately dealt with carry on down the path.
       Head down the stairs, ignoring the archer for the time being and kill the
    Uruk-Hai that comes down from the forest to attack you. Now go and feed
    the archer an arrow or two, and proceed down the stairs. Here you have
    two archers and about 10 or 11 Uruk-Hai, all of which have to be killed.
       Deal with the Uruk-Hai on the ground first, because they will kick the
    living jesus out of you, if they get the chance. Also note that the bar
    in the right hand corner of the screen with a picture of Frodo in it, may
    be running a bit low, so it is important you don't hang around when your
    killing them.
       Once they are dead, continue down the path and you will hear one of the
    two characters you're not playing as cry for help. Be sure to wade in and
    kick some serious ass, both with the two uruk-hai that attack your friends,
    and the ones on the bridge. Once they are dead, you will see a cut scene
    that Frodo escapes, thanks to either Legolas or Aragorn, depending on who
    you're not playing as. Now, proceed down the path, to meet Lurtz, the head
    of the Uruk-Hai.
    Boss Lurtz
       Lurtz was actually a final attempt by Saruman to make the ultimate warrior
    by cross breeding orcs, goblins, wargs, uruk-hai and anything else evil
    and twisted. The battle begins with him killing Boromir and your character
    swearing to kill him. Then you get put in control, and Lurtz starts firing
    arrows at you.
    You now need to fire them back, and block his arrows at the same time.
    So, get behind a pillar and when you can, fire an arrow at him. You need
    to fire, I think about three or four arrows at him. Once you've done this,
    he gets a bit mad and throws his bow away, and comes at you with an orc
    version of a sword.
    He also calls another uruk-hai to help him. Quickly kill the uruk-hai and
    continue to deal with Lurtz. If, when you killed the other uruk-hai your
    sword glowed blue, then simply use a fierce attack on Lurtz to kill him
    instantly and get a perfect kill. If it didn't however, then that's not
    a problem, you're just going to have to kill him the long way.
    What you need to do is position yourself behind a pillar so that when Lurtz
    swings his sword, it hits the pillar and gets stuck, giving you a chance
    to whack him a couple of times with your sword. Then you simply have to
    repeat this process until he is dead, and you get a cut scene.
    Fangorn Forest
    Another cut scene introduces you to one of the more, older locations of
    Middle Earth. Fangorn forest. Home of some of the oldest and wisest
    locations of Middle Earth. Including the Ents and Treebeard, the greatest
    and wisest creature in the Forest, however, your business is slightly more
    important than the scenery and inhabitants of the forest.
    The main objective of the mission is to find news or rescue Merry and Pippin
    who were captured back at Amon-Hen. So, when you get control, run along
    until you come across a fallen tree. Smash it with your fierce attack and
    proceed, with caution. When you can see another, slightly bigger tree in
    your way, draw your sword and proceed with caution.
    As you get nearer the tree, some orcs will bust through the tree and attack
    you, careful because some come from behind and some also have shields.
    My advice would be to kill the shielded orcs first because they do the
    most damage if they hit you, but it doesn't really matter how you do it,
    you just have to kill them.
    Once they have been disposed of, proceed into the tree, again, with
    caution. When you get about halfway, another, slightly nastier and tougher
    orc will drop down from the roof. If you saw the tremor of the ceiling
    and managed to get out of the way in time, fine.
     But if you didn't, and he knocked you over again, fine, you see, there
    are a few do's and don'ts with this enemy. Firstly, never openly attack
    him, he is too good at blocking and has a tendency to knock you over and
    wipe the floor with you afterwards.
    The trick is to let him knock you over, then, before he attacks again press
    x or triangle to knock him over, and then press R2 to kill him instantly.
    Or, if you don't like seeing him die in front of you, run away from him
    and shoot him constantly with arrows or throwing axes. Once he is dead,
    whack the fallen tree in front of you and carry on down the path.
    A short way down, you'll be given a cut scene which shows a few unfortunate
    orcs being thrown across your path by something. Think back to Moria.
    What's big, hairy, and likes using anything it can find as tennis balls?
    Correct !! Cave Troll. Not letting that put you off, proceed down the path
    to find him. This troll is the same as the one in Moria.
    Thick, stupid and easy to kill. But, in case you can't be bothered looking
    back to the correct part of this walkthrough, I'll remind you. After it
    has swung its club around, run up to him and give him a good whack with
    your sword, then hop back a bit and let him swing his club around some
    Keep this procedure going (hit, run back a bit and let him swing his club,
    hit, run back a bit and let him swing his club etc) until he's dead. Now,
    smash the fence in front of you and you'll get a cut scene, which shows
    a gang of orcs, gathering round pit, with something in it. When the cut
    scene is over, you can now dispose of the orcs as you wish.
    My favourite way of doing this is to give as many of them as you can to
    the thing that's in the pit. Once they are dead, there is some health in
    the container near the exit of this area, if you need it. Now continue.
    As soon as you're out of the area, you'll meet two archers and a shielded
    If you're quick you can kick them all over the edge and get an excellent
    rating for each kill. If not, then kill the shielded orc and then push
    the two archers over the edge. Or, just kill them in your own way, and
    make your way along the river, killing all the orcs as you go. Eventually,
    you'll come to a waterfall. Walk through it and go along the passageway.
    You'll now meet the second out of the four cave trolls in this level. Deal
    with him as you dealt with the last one, except be careful because there
    is a bit less room to fight this time, so don't make him come forward at
    you, keep him at a nice, safe distance and you'll be fine. After you've
    killed him, smash the fence and then carry on.
    At the end of the tunnel you'll see a plant, blocking your way. Smash it,
    and get ready to run. When you smash it, there'll be another one of those
    son of a bitch orcs from earlier on in the level. You know, the ones that
    you kill in two moves (knock down, kill).
    Well, as you've probably already worked out, you haven't got loads of room
    to fight in this time, so you'd better make it a hop back instead of a
    run. Now kill him, using the methods you used before and - what's that
    you say ? You don't know how to kill him and you can't be bothered looking
    it up. No problem ya lazy person, here's how !!
    The trick is to let him knock you over, then, before he attacks again press
    x or triangle to knock him over, and then press R2 to kill him instantly.
    After he is dead, go down the path you unlocked when you smashed the plant.
    When the screen changes angles, there will be an orc round the bend, and
    three more are just ahead.
    Once you get to the branch, smash the branch and continue. This next area
    is a brilliant place to get a lot of perfect rankings, as there are loads
    of shieldless orcs in this area, that are yours to kill how you want.
    Anyway, once they are all dead, continue, until you get a cut scene which
    shows this level's boss. Two Trolls.
    Boss The Two Trolls
    There are two ways to get to these two. The first is the right hand way,
    which involves you smashing through one plant and then fighting them. Or,
    there is the left hand way, which involves you chopping through two logs
    whilst avoiding logs that are being thrown at you by the trolls. Let's
    think. Yeah. I think I'll take the right hand way. For some reason, some
    people have problems taking the right hand way when they are playing this
    level for the first time. If this applies to you, then take the left hand
    way. It's not that hard. When you've got to them no matter how bruised
    and battered you are you'll now have to kill them, here is how.
    As you'll quickly find out, fighting two trolls at the same time instead
    of one by it self, is slightly harder, but not much. You may also have
    noticed that if you try and take them both on at the same time, you're
    going to get your ass kicked pretty quickly. So, how to kill them, well
    there are three strategies that actually work. One for each character.
    So, because I don't know who you're playing as, I'll list them all,
    starting with Gimli, the dwarf.
    When you start the fight, wait till they have both finished swinging their
    clubs around,        and then go into the arena. Approach   one and hit
    it and then hop back. The purpose of that was to separate it from its
    mate, so you've only got one troll at a time trying to smash your brains
    in, instead of two at once. Now, hit him again and then hop back to avoid
    his club. Now, it is basically the same principal as the other trolls
    in this level, with one extra thing to bear in mind. If his mate comes
    to help, then lure the troll you're fighting away from his mate, and carry
    on, don't worry, he won't follow, he's too thick to do anything as
    intelligent as that. After one of them is dead, you can deal with him
    in the same way, but now you won't have the other troll to worry about.
    Now, smash the plant to complete the level.
     The strategy for Legolas I have just received from one of my friends.
    I have tested it, and it did work for me, but if anyone finds that it
    does not work, then don't hesitate to email me and I'll remove it from
    the walkthrough.
       When the battle starts, run up to one of the trolls and whack him. Now,
    wait till he is about to strike with his club, and just   before it hits
    you, jump back and he will hit the other troll instead of you!! Now, whack
    him a few times, and then leap back and watch him hit the other troll again.
    Now, keep doing this, and they should both be defeated pretty quickly.
    If however, this method does not work, then use this strategy.
    After it has swung its club around, run up to him and give him a good whack
    with your sword, then hop back a bit and let him swing his club around
    some more. Keep this procedure going (hit, run back a bit and let him swing
    his club, hit, run back a bit and let him swing his club etc) until he's
    dead. Now do the same to the other troll and smash through the plant to
    complete the level.
    Aragorn is the only character that can take both on at once, and still
    have his brain intact. When you get control, run up to one of the trolls,
    whack him and hop back, now do the same to the other troll. Now, when he
    swings his club, quickly, run past him and give his mate a taste of your
    best and fanciest combo.
    Now, run back a bit and shoot them both with an arrow or two. Then, when
    it's safe whack them both with your sword. Keep this strategy up until
    they are both dead, smash the plant to complete the level.
    Plains of Rohan
    Yet another cut scene introduces you to the newest location of the game.
    The Village of Rohan, which looks a lot like it does in the film. You start
    off outside the village, and the idea is to work your way through the level,
    saving as many villagers as you can, before the health bar in the top right
    hand corner runs out. When you get control, either kill the two uruk-hai
    yourself, or let Gandalf do it, (it's quicker if you do it, but it doesn't
    really matter).
    Once they are dead, proceed into the village and Gandalf will say something
    along the lines of "We must save everyone that we can. Or this village
    shall fall" and then fire lighting at about four uruk-hai, killing them
    instantly. You must now finish the job. The best thing to do is to attack
    the ones that are attacking the villagers first, and then finish off the
    ones that Gandalf has started on.
    Once all the villagers in that area have been rescued, and all the uruk-hai
    killed, let Gandalf blast open the door of the burning house, and go in.
    once you're in, smash the table in front of you, and then smash the water
    barrel by the side of the stairs, to free the family. You'll then be
    attacked by an uruk-hai from the doorway. Quickly, kill him, and then
    proceed upstairs. Smash anything that's in your way and you'll find two
    Use a combo to kill them quickly, or just continually fire arrows at them.
    One thing to watch out for is the archer that appears at the doorway at
    some point during the fight. Make sure to kill him, after the other two
    are dead, because sometimes, his arrows miss you and hit the uruk-hai,
    killing them quicker. Once everyone in that house is gone, proceed
    outside. You'll now meet one of those exceptionally hard orcs that were
    in Fangorn Forest.
    You can either boot him into the fire to kill him, or use the old strategy,
    whichever you like best. Once he is dead, there are two archers on the
    roof, one of whom will give you a potion if you kill him. Run over the
    roof and shoot an arrow/axe at the barrel to put out the fire, and then
    smash the blockade to free the villagers. Kill all the ururk-hai and
    continue until a man comes out on fire. I don't think you can put him out,
    so I'd leave him and enter the house.
    When you're going down the stairs an uruk-hai attacks you, kill him and
    when you reach the door, another one busts through it and attacks you,
    kill him and help Gandalf kill the ton of uruk- hai that ambush you, just
    outside the door. After they are all dead shoot the one on the stairs and
    smash through the blockade to the left. Follow the path round and you'll
    emerge into a huge battle. This is the substitute for a boss fight.
    When the battle first starts, one of the uruk-hai shoves this family into
    a burning house, and as well as defeating all the uruk-hai, you have to
    find a way to get them out of there. Start the fight by shooting a few
    arrows at a couple of them and then go in with the combos etc, that's the
    way to go about killing the uruk-hai, as for the family you can save them,
    whenever you can get to them, depending on how much health they have.
    If they have lots of health, then you don't have to save them urgently,
    however, if they have very little health, then make saving them your top
    priority. Once all the uruk-hai are dead, and the family have been saved,
    that it. Level finished. Congrats, but, as Gandalf says "You still have
    work to do"
    The Westfold
    This level introduces you to a different type of enemy. It's a cross
    between a normal, shield less orc and an ordinary troll. It was designed
    by Saruman to create a monster that could kill a fairly large amount of
    people with minimum effort. It has the strength of a troll, but is the
    size of an orc, and has a large explosive strapped to its back, which is
    how it can kill groups of people quickly, however, they come in later on
    in the level, so, for now don't worry about them.
    The level starts with you and a member of the King's Guard (who will aid
    you on this level) standing behind a few crates of explosives and a few
    enemies. The first thing to do is kill all the enemies and destroy all
    the explosives, pretty simple. Stand back and fire an arrow/axe at the
    explosives, they will then go off and kill the enemies, two jobs in one!!
    You now need to continue down the path until you see some more explosives
    and uruk-hai running towards you.
    You can now either run towards them and kill them without hitting the
    explosives, or you can wait till they are level with the explosives and
    shoot the explosives. The first gets you more experience points, but the
    second one is easier. It doesn't matter how you kill them, jst kill them.
    Once they are all dead carry on until you meet some enemies and an archer
    blocking your path. Kill them quickly and then cross the stream. This is
    where the explosive orcs come in.
    thought I should make that clear now, it saves dumb mistakes being made
    later on. Stand back and fire an arrow at the first one, and that should
    take them all out, if it doesn't, just fire another arrow at the last one.
    Now, run down the hill and be ready because a variety of uruk-hai will
    attack you, including the explosive ones (I think).
    When you get to the bottom of the hill, the explosive orcs will come at
    you from behind, so watch out for them, and you might want to do something
    about the explosives as well. Go through the gate and there will be a cut
    scene, after which you'll see an enemy. Shoot the carts in front of you
    and then kill the remaining orcs. Now go through the gates and shoot the
    carts. A lot of explosive Uruk-Hai will now come and attack you from the
    top of the hill.
    The trick is to wait until they pause at the top of the hill and then shoot
    the front one, this will start a chain reaction, which should wipe them
    all out. Now run over the hill and help out The King's Guard. Be sure to
    destroy the explosives before your sword becomes involved in any fighting.
    Once the orcs are destroyed, smash through the cart and there will be a
    cut scene. After the cut scene, you find yourself at the edge of a lake
    with a ton of explosives and Uruk-Hai at the other side.
    Head across the lake, making sure to take care of the orcs that attack
    you, and be careful when dealing with the explosive orcs. When you get
    to the other side, shoot one of the explosives and the level is complete
    Gap of Rohan
    The cut scene introduces you to yet another new enemy of the game. The
    Warg Riders of Isengard. They are basically orcs on Wolves. Once the cut
    scene is over, you are faced with three of these wargs to kill. They aren't
    particularly challenging at this early stage of the level, so don't panic.
    When one approaches you, press triangle to kill it. Once they are all dead,
    smash through the barrels and wood in the far corner of the screen to enter
    the boss fight.
    BOSS The Warg Riders of Isengard
       When the battle starts off, the head of the wargs says, "Make them fear
    the wolves of Isengard", and they you sre. In a small battle arena with
    two warg riders to kill.
       Well, when one comes at you, use triangle and kill him. Now do the same
    to his mate. When these are dead, some warg archers come, it's the same
    principal, but watch out for the arrows they will fire at you. Now comes
    "The Daddy" of all wargs "The Whole Honchillada", basically he is the head
    warg, and you have to kill him. Pretty simple right, wrong !! The old method
    doesn't work on him, he's too tough.
       What you have to do is figure out his method of attack, and adjust yours
    accordingly. Luckily, I already worked out his attack style, so you don't
    have to. His attack style is simply this. Runs over you to start off the
    fight, then tries to run over you twice, gets up on hind legs, runs over
    you twice, gets up on hind legs, etc, etc. The only time you can attack
    him is when he is up on his hind legs so, when that happens, let rip with
    all the combos you can and attack him as much as you can. When he tries
    to knock you over, parry with R1 and he'll knock you over without taking
    any of your health. You basically need to keep this routine of parrying,
    stabbing, parrying, stabbing until he is dead. One thing to watch out for
    is that every so often he will call in a normal warg rider to attack you.
    Dispatch him in the normal way and continue the fight. A good thing about
    the normal wargs is that they leave behind green potions or arrows, so
    if you get low on health or arrows/axes you can quickly replenish your
    supply. Once you kill him, you get a cutscene and that's level complete.
    Congratulations. Now, on to Helms Deep !!
    NOTE: Be prepared for a really tough time of it when playing the three
    Helms Deep levels, because I've lost count of the number of times I've
    died, or just generally received an ass kicking of the highest order. You
    have been warned!!
    Helms Deep:  The Deeping Wall
    The first thing I'm going to do is tell you to watch the cutscene because
    it is useful if you have no clue what you're supposed to do or have not
    read the books and are not familiar with "Helms Deep". Now onto the
    strategy, here is how the level works. The wall has three sections. These
    are middle, left and right. There are also ladders for each of these
    sections which must be kept down at all costs, leave the enemy
    slaughtering to the other soldiers on the wall, because, if the ladders
    aren't up, then the enemy can't get onto the wall, simple strategy, but
    extremely effective
    The basic objective for this level is to prevent the orcs from taking
    complete control of the wall, which is where the meter in the right hand
    corner comes in. You have to keep this meter as empty as you can. Ideally,
    it shouldn't be above orange, but if it goes into red and you can get it
    back down to orange or below, then that's fine. The map in the left hand
    corner (which is better than mine !!) is a good indicator if you're not
    quite sure where you should be going next.
    When you begin the level Aragorn shouts "Take down those ladders before
    we are overrun !" you should see a ladder infront of you, press O to knock
    it down, and then knock down the other ladders which are displayed as red
    dots on your map. By the time you have knocked those down there should
    be another ladder up and some enemies should be on the wall get to that
    ladder and try and help clear out a few enemies (optional) or just hack
    your way through to the ladder and knock it down using O.
    By this time, there will be quite a few ladders  up, so go to one of them
    and knock it down. You may notice some more ladders going up, while you're
    travelling from one ladder to the next, make sure you take care of the
    ladders which have been up for a while because they will have more enemies
    on them, than the more recent ones. This rule also counts for the rest
    of this level as well.
    From now on, it's pretty much up to you, as, like I said, there is no
    definite order in which the ladders go up, just keep on fighting and
    eventually there will be a cut scene during which the orcs gather together
    their archers.  When you see arrows flying, you can do one of two things:
    You can ignore them, and continue booting down ladders and killing orcs
    (only if there a lot of ladders up) or you can run to the back and avoid
    being hit (only if there are very few ladders up).
    After a bit more kicking and fighting, there will be another cutscene,
    during which they start lobbing flaming rocks all over the shop. It is
    a very good idea to keep on the move and not get hit by these things because
    they take great chunks off your health bar, on the plus side though, they
    do take out large groups of enemies with one hit.
    After more kicking, fighting, avoiding of arrows and flaming rocks etc,
    there is another cutscene and you have finally beaten the level. Stressful
    or what. Don't worry if you die a lot because I died more in these final
    three levels than I did in the rest of the game. Just keep trying and trying
    and you will eventually beat the level. The bad news however, is that the
    next level is twice as hard and stressful !!
    Helms Deep - The Breached Wall
    Another impossible level, and then enemies just keep on coming and
    coming!! Enjoy the cut scene while it lasts because you won't get much
    chance of rest in this level, that I guarantee. The idea for this level
    is to defend the door to the caves where all the women and children are.
    Ensure the exploding Uruk-Hai get no where near the door, and those normal
    orcs that do get past must be killed immediately, regardless of their
    number. OK, let's start. The first group of enemies you have to kill are
    those exploding Uruk-Hai, so, get your bow ready, and let rip with the
    After a few minutes of this confused archery, a few normal orcs will come
    at you, a few will attack you, but the majority will head straight for
    the door. Use the rising attack on enemies with shields and a simple hack
    job on the shield less ones. Be careful though, because some more exploding
    Uruk-Hai will come, infact I would even suggest holding down triangle to
    strengthen your fury attack, as they do loads of damage.
    Just keep on your guard as each wave gets more frequent and tougher. You'll
    now get a few archers and one of those son of a bitch orcs that you first
    encountered in Fangorn Forest. Take out the archers first, then kill the
    tough one, using the same strategy as before (let him knock you down,
    fierce attack, R2 to kill instantly).
    Then there will be a cut scene during which you see the catapult that the
    enemy are rolling up to the gate. Then they will send in a cave troll and
    a fresh wave of those exploding orcs, so be extra careful. Let rip with
    the arrows to get rid of the exploding orcs and then, when you get a spare
    minute in between each group of them, get rid of the cave troll, now kill
    the remainder of the exploding orcs.
    Now for another cutscene and the best bit of fighting apart from Orthanc,
    but more on that later. An orc will come up to you, parry his attack and
    then kill him. Now proceed forward and a ton of shield orcs will come and
    attack you (hint: the fury attack is very useful for this bit).
    Once they are all dead, proceed forward and kill all the archers guarding
    the catapult, now to destroy the catapult. Kill the orc standing at the
    left side and then destroy the wooden barrier on the side of it with your
    best and strongest attacks and combos.
    When that's destroyed kill the guards of the other two parts of the
    catapult and then destroy the two parts. You'll now get a cut scene, which
    shows the catapult falling to pieces and some pretty cool axe wielding
    by Gimli. Now, that's it for this level, but the best is yet to come.
    Helms Deep - Hornburg Courtyard
    Well done!! You've made it to the last real mission of the game, and damn
    is it hard, even though you have the help of your two comrades from The
    Fellowship and the King's army. This time you have to protect the courtyard
    and the caves where the women and children are.
    After the cutscene, you get thrown right into the middle of the battle,
    and immediately get hailed with orcs, goblins and every enemy you've
    encountered so far, including Cave Trolls. As soon as you get control,
    get over to the door and start hacking away at anything that comes near
    Try not to focus on killing individual enemies, try and use your combos
    that will take out groups of them at once, however there are a lot of
    shielded enemies on this level so a lot of your combos won't work, so just
    watch out for that. After a bit, either Legolas or Aragorn (depending on
    who is not with you defending the door) will call for help.
    As quick as you can, run like hell to up the stairs and across the wall
    to where either Legolas or Aragorn is. Once you've killed all the enemies
    that were surrounding your comrade, get back down to the door pronto.
    Halfway along the wall, there will be a cut scene, while this is happening,
    tilt your left analog stick to the left, so that when the cut scene finishes
    your character is already running in the direction you want him to.
    This makes getting back down to the door slightly quicker and reduces the
    chance of you getting caught up in a fight somewhere along the wall. Once
    back at the gate, keep with the strategy of only attacking orcs who are
    actually attacking the gate and therefore not giving up too much of the
    gate's health.
    Now you have to listen carefully in this part because after about three
    minutes you'll hear either Aragorn or Gimli shout "Archers on the wall"
    now, run back up to the wall, try not to get caught up in a fight, and
    shoot all the archers, I think there are seven in total. Once they are
    all dead, run back down to the door and continue defending it.
    After what seems like an age, two cave trolls come and join the party.
    Your main job now is to kill these two because they can (and will) do a
    lot of damage to the door. When I was doing it, I completely forgot about
    the old strategy (run in, hit, jump back, run in etc) I just went all out
    and attacked both of them, and when they knocked me over I went in with
    my fierce attack and continued with my combos, this way, they die a lot
    faster and can do less damage to the door and, if you die or the door gets
    smashed in, even at this stage in the level, you have to start from the
    beginning again, which is very annoying.
    After you've beaten these two, CONGRATULATIONS you've just beaten the last
    Helms Deep level and almost beaten the game!! Now you can access the secret
    character and play the secret level.
    Secret Level - Strategy
    So, you've beaten the Helms Deep levels and are wondering what to do next.
    Well, by now you should have a character who is at level 10 in which case
    there is still the secret level to do and the secret character to unlock.
    The secret level is actually the tower of orthanc and can be quite hard
    if you're not good at fighting enemies "on mass". So, I've decided just
    to write one strategy for all three characters as it's the same level and
    concept for each character.
    Tower of Orthanc
    This level is more of a survival challenge than a level, as you only have
    one chance at completing it. By that I mean if you died you'd go back to
    the first floor and have to start all over again. This level has 20 floors,
    each with different types of enemies to kill. I found combos work well
    with floors 1-7 but after that it's really up to you how you kill them.
    Floor 1                 5 shield less uruk-hai
    Deal with these like you've dealt with them throughout the
    game. Pretty simple really.
    Floor 2                3 shielded uruk hai
                           2 un-shielded uruk hai
    Break the shields of the shielded urk-hai and then use your combos or whatever
    proves most effective and easiest.
    Floor 3                4 Dual knived uruk-hai
     	           2  shieldless uruk-hai
    Simply use all the combos you wish, as there are no shields to block them.
    The best one to use is Saruman's Bane, which instantly kills an attacking
    Floor 4	           3 shielded uruk-hai
    	           3 shield less uruk-hai
    This floor is the same principal as floor one, but there is one more shielded
    uruk-hai, so break the shields of the shielded uruk-hai and then use your
    Floor 5	           3 shielded uruk-hai
    	           3 dual-knived uruk-hai
    Kill the dual knived uruk-hai first and then use your combos and devastating
    attack on the shielded ones.
    Floor 6	           8 Archers
    Run around, dodging the arrows and the stop every so often and parry the
    arrows. Quickly shoot a few arrows at the archers to kill about three. Keep
    up this strategy for all eight of them.
    Floor 7	           4 Archers
    	           2 dual knived uruk-hai
    	           2 shield less uruk-hai
    Shoot as many archers as you can, then go for the dual-knived uruk-hai. Now
    kill the remainder
    of the archers and then the two shield less uruk-hai.
    Floor 8	           3 Archers
    	           4 shielded uruk-hai
    Run to one of the archers and quickly boot him over the edge, using O. Now
    boot the other two archers over the edge and use your combos and devastating
    attack on the shielded uruk-hai.
    Floor 9	           4 Archers
    	           2 shielded uruk-hai
    	           2 dual knived uruk-hai
    Shoot the archers first, then go for the dual-knived uruk-hai with your
    combos, then, finally use devastating attack and your combos on the shielded
    Floor 10	           2 Archers
    	           5 Uruk-hai
    Watch out for the bombs which the archers throw at you. Take out the five
    uruk-hai first, then the shoot the archers.
    Floor 11	           8 Archers
    Kill the two that run up close to you, and then just keep shooting and parrying
    until you defeat the rest, or just boot them off the edge, whichever is
    Floor 12	           2 Archers
    	           4 dual-knived uruk-hai
    	           2 Uruk-Hai
    Use combos on the Dual-Knived uruk-hai, then simply use devastating attack
    on the normal
    uruk-hai, then shoot the archers.
    Floor 13	           4 Archers
    	           4 Uruk-Hai
    Shoot the 4 archers first, and then use combos on the uruk-hai. Or, try and
    get an uruk-hai infront of you, so that when an arrow is fired at you, the
    uruk-hai gets it in the back and is instantly killed.
    Floor 14	           2 Archers
    	           2 shielded urk-hai
    Shoot the two archers, then use devastating attack on the uruk-hai's shields
    and then use Saruman's Bane on them.
    Floor 15	           4 archers
    	           1 cave troll
    Quickly, shoot all the archers, and use the usual tactics for a cave troll
    (hit, jump back, hit, jump back) etc
    Floor 16	           2 Archers
    	           2 powerful Uruk-hai
    Shoot the two archers and use devastating attack and R2 on the two
    strong uruk-hai.
    Floor 17	           4 Archers
    	           2 powerful Uruk-Hai
    	           2 Uruk-Hai
    Shoot the four archers, and then take care of the regular Uruk-Hai. Now, use
    your rising attack and R2 to kill the stronger Uruk-Hai
    Floor 18	          4 Archers
    	          1 Cave troll
    	          1 powerful uruk-hai
    Run around, shooting all the archers, and uruk-hai. Now kill the troll using
    the usual method of hitting him with your sword, jumping back, hitting him
    again etc.
    Floor 19	          2 Archers
    	          2 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai
    	          2 Cave Trolls
    Shoot the archers, and take care of the dual knived uruk-hai. Now, lure one
    troll away from the other and kill it as normal and do the same to the other
    Floor 20	          3 Cave trolls (!)
    	          2 shielded Uruk-hai
    	          3 Archers
    Run around and shoot the archers, now break the shields of the shielded
    uruk-hai and shoot them also. Now, lure on troll away from the other two and
    take them on as normal.
     Secret Codes
    After you complete the game, you get some secret codes to enhance your
    strength and battle capability. NOTE: the codes which have a star next to
    them can only be used after    they have been unlocked. To enter a code, press
    start during a level and hold down L1+L2 AND R1+R2 and then enter the code.
    Here they are:
           Add 1000 XP           	 X, Down, Down, Down
          Level 2 Skills         	Circle, Right, Circle, Right
          Level 4 Skills         	Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up
          Level 6 Skills         	Square, Left, Square, Left
          Level 8 Skills        	 X, X, Down, Down
          *Restore Missiles       	X, Down, Triangle, Up
          *Restore Health        	 Triangle, Down, X, Up
         *All Combo Upgrades    	Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
         *Devastating Attacks   	Square, Square, Circle, Circle
         *Invincibility         	Triangle, Square, X, Circle
         *Small Enemies         	Triangle, Triangle, X, X
        *Slow Motion          	 Triangle, Circle, X, Square
        *Unlimited Missiles    	Square, Circle, X, Triangle
    Thanks To
    Well that's it. I'd like to thank everyone who has been sending in their
    questions and I hope they have been of use to you. I hope to write some
    more FAQ's soon, so keep an eye out for them.
    Copyright 2003 Michael Tattersall

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