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    Penny by Nightcrawler86

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 1.0  (27th of July 2003)
    BY: Nightcrawler86
    EMAIL: christopher.wall@swipnet.se
     Hello everybody! Welcome to my movelist for Penny in Def Jam Vendetta. Here 
    you'll find a list of Penny's moves. 
    I'll list the commands and names of every move and also the name of the move 
    in "real wrestling-terminology" or a short explanation. This may not always be
    accurate as I'm not in any way a wrestling specialist. I have used the 
    movelists in WWE Smackdown! Shut your Mouth, or the internet, where my memory 
    was lacking. If you find any errors (which I'm sure you will) please mail me.
     I recommend you to look in my FAQ for Briggs before reading further. There 
    you'll find the explanations for the different positions you'll have to be in 
    to perform the moves. You'll also find a General Movelist with the moves which 
    are the same regardless which character you're playing as.
    NOTE: When you're reading the Movelist, remember that the names to the left
    are the "in-game names" and the names to right are the "real names" or
    explanations. The letters at the far left are the buttons you have to press.
     This section will contain explanations of the shortenings I use in the FAQ. 
    S    = the strike button (press the square button on the PS2 controller)
    G    = the grapple button (press the cross button on the PS2 controller)
    O    = the button which you use to get in and out of the ring 
           (press the triangle button on the PS2 controller)
    R    = the run button (press the circle button on the PS2 controller)
    AB   = the command to activate Blazin' Mode (move the right analog stick on 
           the PS2 controller)
    BL   = the block button (press the R1 button on the PS2 controller)
    u    = hold up on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    l    = hold left on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    r    = hold right on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    d    = hold down on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    dir  = hold any direction or the specific direction for the situation on the 
           D-Pad/Left Analog Stick 
    t    = press the button that comes afterwards lightly, tap it
    h    = hold in the button that comes afterwards 
    c    = close strike
    f    = far strike
    b    = you have to bounce into the ropes before pressing the button
    r    = you have to run to do the move
    bm   = you have to be in Blazin' Mode to do the move 
    fuh  = press the button by the head of an enemy laying on the ground face-up
    fuf  = press the button by the feet of an enemy laying on the ground face-up
    fdh  = press the button by the head of an enemy laying on the ground face-down
    fdf  = press the button by the feet of an enemy laying on the ground face-down
    te   = hold the direction towards the enemy
    to   = hold the direction towards the outside of the ring
     Penny is the second best female in DFV and you'll unlock her in the 
    Sanctuary in Story Mode. She wears a hot-looking school girl-uniform and she's 
    asian. She is the fastest and most agile girl, using plenty of somersaults and
    Standing Moves
    cS       Thristy Knuckles         Two Straight Punches and Low Kick
    cdir+S   Foreplay                 Uppercut and Spin Kick
    fS       On tha Money             Kick
    fdir+S   Foot Skillz              Forward Flip
    hS       Hooking Kick             Hook Kick to face
    hdir+S   Tight Bane               Back Kick to groin
    S+G      Capoeira Style           Axe Kick into Split
    bmS+G    Gritty Kickflip          Somersault Kick  
     Rising Strike
    BL+S     Mouthin' Off             Back Kick to the groin
     Soft Grapples
    S        Dog Bone                 Hook Kick
    u+S      Party Crasher            Snap Suplex
    l/r+S    Swingset Slam            Twisting Arm Forward Flip Throw
    d+S      Hard Knock Lesson        Russian Leg Sweep
    G        Stankin' Punch           European Uppercut
    u+G      Facelift                 Eye Rake
    l/r+G    Alley Cat                Arm Drag
    d+G      Retro Stylin'            Fireman Carry Takedown
     Hard Grapples
    S        Death Row Delivery       Twisting Neckbreaker
    u+S      Word Up                  Victory Roll Pin
    l/r+S    Frontin' 4 Real          Fisherman Neckbreaker
    d+S      Flap-Jakked              Reverse Russian Leg Sweep
    G        Toothless                Diving Facecrusher
    u+G      Hittin' Switches         Head Scissors Takedown  
    l/r+G    Tornado                  Two Spinning Kicks
    d+G      Grave Digga              Tornado DDT
     Soft Rear Grapples
    S        Double Down              School Boy Pin
    G        Cheese Grater            Back Rake
     Hard Rear Grapples
    S        Say My Name              Queen Suplex Pin
    G        Villaininized            Victory Roll Pin
     Rope Grapples
    tG       Broken Crutch            Puts opponent's leg on bottom rope and 
                                      jumps on it.
    hG       Lip Service              Fireman Carry into Toss onto ropes 
    Running Moves
    S        Wired Jaw                Running Slap
    bS       Hotbox Roll              Lariat
    S+G      Armed and Ready          Forward Roll
    bS+G     Hit n' Run               Vertical Body Press
     Bouncing Strike
    G        Boomerang Backflip       Lionsault
    Irish Whip Moves
    tS       Got Ganked               Jumping Roundhouse Kick
    tG       High Rollin'             Back Shoulder Toss
    tdir+G   Settin' Fire             Tornado DDT
    hG       Broken Ass               Whirl Backbreaker
    hdir+G   Gangsta Walk             Hurricanrana
    Top Turnbuckle Moves
     Opponent Standing
    R        Mic Slingin'             Vertical Body Press
    bmR      Smokin' Backflip         Moonsault
     Opponent on Ground
    R        Snapshot Splash          Five-Star Frog Splash
    bmR      Killin' Spree            450 Splash into Twisting Moonsault 
    Apron Moves
     Opponent Standing
    teG      Dark Assault             Slingshot Dropkick
     Opponent on Ground
    teG      Jailhouse Leg Drop       Slingshot Leg Drop
     Opponent on the Outside
    toG      Easy Rollin'             Springboard Moonsault
    Opponent in Turnbuckle
    tG       Psycho Dub               Two Toe Kicks to the stomach and one to 
                                      the head
    hG       Back to the Lab          Diving Hurricanrana
    Opponent on the Ground
    S        Curb Stomp               Stomp
    rS       Running Curb Stomp       Running Stomp
    fuhG     Reality Check            Leg Scissors Arm Lock and Single Leg Crab
    fufG     Death Tone               Spinning Toe Hold
    fdhG     King's Decree            Outlaw Pin
    fdfG     Full Eclipse             Mexican Surfboard
    Opponent on Knees
    S        Breakin' Ribs            Kick
    G        Twister                  Mahistrol Cradle Pin
    Sitting Opponent
    S        Breakin' Ribs            Kick
     Grapple by head
    G        Ninja Chokeout           Sleeper Hold
    Opponent on the Outside of the Ring
    toG      Reign of Pain            Springboard Moonsault
     Running Jumps
    G        Stealin' Home            Baseball Slide
    bG       Coast to Coast           Suicide Spinning Wheel Kick
    On the Rocks Combo
    Running Strike (S), Ground Strike (S), Standing Hard Rear Grapple (S) 
    Breakup Combo
    Standing Strike (S+G), Standing Strike (cdir+S), Standing Strike (cdir+S)
    Boogie Down Combo
    Standing Grapple (R), Irish Whip Hard Grapple (dir+G),  
    Standing Hard Grapple (l/r+G), Ground Grapple (fdhG)
    Special Moves
    bmAB     Butterfly Twist          Penny moves backwards and jumps towards the
                                      opponent, spinning horisontally. She
                                      flies onto the opponent's shoulders and 
                                      spins 360º around his neck. In the middle
                                      of her spin, when she is behind his head, 
                                      she grabs the opponent's head between her 
                                      thighs and takes him with her in the last 
                                      180º spin, turning him around. After Penny 
                                      has spinned she drops to the floor with the
                                      opponent's head between her thighs slamming
                                      his face to the floor with herself sitting
                                      a top of it.  
     Rear Grapple
    bmAB     Dumped                   Penny does a series of very fast kicks. She
                                      starts off by thrusting her foot into the
                                      back of the opponent's knee, making him  
                                      drop to one knee. She follows that with a 
                                      Spin Kick with the other leg to his head 
                                      causing him to fall forward. He now stands 
                                      on his knees with his butt towards Penny, 
                                      who kicks him in the groin with a nasty 
                                      looking Football Kick that makes him fly
                                      forward a bit, landing flat on his stomach. 
                                      She ends it with a double elbow drop to 
                                      the opponent's back.
    That's all from me! It's been fun.
    Copyright (c) 2003 Christopher "Nightcrawler86" Wall

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