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    T'ai Monique by Nightcrawler86

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 1.0  (27th of July 2003)
    BY: Christopher Wall
    EMAIL: christopher.wall@swipnet.se
     Hello everybody! Welcome to my movelist for T'ai Monique in Def Jam Vendetta.
    Here you'll find a list of T'ai's moves. 
    I'll list the commands and names of every move and also the name of the move 
    in "real wrestling-terminology" or a short explanation. This may not always be
    accurate as I'm not in any way a wrestling specialist. I have used the 
    movelists in WWE Smackdown! Shut your Mouth, or the internet, where my memory 
    was lacking. If you find any errors (which I'm sure you will) please mail me.
     I recommend you to look in my FAQ for Briggs before reading further. There 
    you'll find the explanations for the different positions you'll have to be in 
    to perform the moves. There you'll also find a General Movelist with the
    moves which are the same regardless which character you're playing as.
    NOTE: When you're reading the Movelist, remember that the names to the left
    are the "in-game names" and the names to right are the "real names" or
    explanations. The letters at the far left are the buttons you have to press.
     This section will contain explanations of the shortenings I use in the FAQ. 
    S    = the strike button (press the square button on the PS2 controller)
    G    = the grapple button (press the cross button on the PS2 controller)
    O    = the button which you use to get in and out of the ring 
           (press the triangle button on the PS2 controller)
    R    = the run button (press the circle button on the PS2 controller)
    AB   = the command to activate Blazin' Mode (move the right analog stick on 
           the PS2 controller)
    BL   = the block button (press the R1 button on the PS2 controller)
    u    = hold up on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    l    = hold left on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    r    = hold right on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    d    = hold down on the D-Pad/Left Analog Stick
    dir  = hold any direction or the specific direction for the situation on the 
           D-Pad/Left Analog Stick 
    t    = press the button that comes afterwards lightly, tap it
    h    = hold in the button that comes afterwards 
    c    = close strike
    f    = far strike
    b    = you have to bounce into the ropes before pressing the button
    r    = you have to run to do the move
    bm   = you have to be in Blazin' Mode to do the move 
    fuh  = press the button by the head of an enemy laying on the ground face-up
    fuf  = press the button by the feet of an enemy laying on the ground face-up
    fdh  = press the button by the head of an enemy laying on the ground face-down
    fdf  = press the button by the feet of an enemy laying on the ground face-down
    te   = hold the direction towards the enemy
    to   = hold the direction towards the outside of the ring
     You'll unlock T'ai at the Warehouse in Story Mode. She's a small girl with 
    leather pants and she leans towards the technical side as a wrestler.
    Standing Moves
    cS       Body Shot                Two Toe Kicks and a Throat Thrust
    cdir+S   Hot Impact               Two Thrusts
    fS       Throat Chop              Backhand Chop
    fdir+S   Slingin' Blood           Snap Kick
    hS       Wild Slash               Spinning Backhand Chop
    hdir+S   Sniper Shot              Kick to head
    S+G      Kobe Leg Sweep           Leg Sweep with both legs
    bmS+G    Shadow Boxin'            Taunt and Throat Thrust
     Rising Strike
    BL+S     Cleanin' tha Streets     Leg Sweep with both legs
     Soft Grapples
    S        Hit the Deck             Waterwheel Drop
    u+S      Slam Dance               Suplex
    l/r+S    Hard Knock Lesson        Russian Leg Sweep
    d+S      Fly Trap                 Over-the-Shoulder Throw
    G        Platinum Punch           Chop to back
    u+G      Bow Down                 Headbutt
    l/r+G    Knuckle Sandwich         Headlock Punch
    d+G      Jump Start               Punch to back
     Hard Grapples
    S        Rated-R                  Dangerous DDT
    u+S      6 Feet Under             Stalling Suplex
    l/r+S    It's On                  Side Belly to Belly
    d+S      Dragon Whip              STO
    G        Ganked                   Knee Strike
    u+G      Silver Platter           Modified Scoop Slam  
    l/r+G    Cloze ya Doorz           Rolling Leg Lock
    d+G      Act of Mercy             Reverse Armbar
     Soft Rear Grapples
    S        Grown Ass Slam           Backdrop
    G        Cheese Grater            Back Rake
     Hard Rear Grapples
    S        Straight Jacket          Aztec Suplex Pin
    G        Big Tyme                 Reverse DDT
     Rope Grapples
    tG       Broken Crutch            Puts opponent's leg on bottom rope and 
                                      jumps on it.
    hG       Lip Service              Fireman Carry into Toss onto ropes 
    Running Moves
    S        Deadman Dive             Diving Shoulder
    bS       Two Footed Fury          Drop Kick
    S+G      Shin Splint              Kitchen Sink
    bS+G     Armed and Ready          Forward Roll
    Irish Whip Moves
    tS       Drummed Out              Spinning Chop
    tG       On the Fly               Scrapbuster
    tdir+G   Parental Advisory        Sleeper Hold
    hG       Settin' Fire             Tornado DDT
    hdir+G   Up n' Over               Over-the-Shoulder Throw
    Top Turnbuckle Moves
     Opponent Standing
    R        High Stakes              Double Axe Handle
     Opponent on Ground
    R        Red Hot Ride             Diving Elbow Drop
    Apron Moves
     Opponent on the Outside
    toG      Devil's Elbow            Elbow Drop
    Opponent in Turnbuckle
    tG       Psycho Dub               Two Toe Kicks to the stomach and one to 
                                      the head
    hG       Brick City Mashin'       Tornado DDT
    Opponent on the Ground
    S        Curb Stomp               Stomp
    rS       Crooklyn Bum Drop        Running Hip Drop
    fuhG     Home Wrecker             Armbar
    fufG     Unjust Conviction        Side Leg Lock
    fdhG     Face tha Music           Camel Clutch
    fdfG     Debt Collector           Boston Crab
    Opponent on Knees
    S        Two Fistin'              Double Axe Handle
    G        Blood n' Sweat           Leg Scissor Head Hold
    Sitting Opponent
    S        Two Fistin'              Double Axe Handle
     Grapple by head 
    G        Ninja Chokeout           Sleeper Hold
    Opponent on the Outside of the Ring
     Running Jumps
    G        Stealin' Home            Baseball Slide
    bG       Stealin' Home            Baseball Slide
    All That Combo
    Standing Hard Grapple (S), Top Turnbuckle Jump (R) 
    Cat Call Combo
    Standing Soft Grapple (l/r+G), Opponent on Knees Strike (S), 
    Ground Grapple (fdfG)
    Tainted Touch Combo
    Standing Strike (cdir+S), Standing Soft Grapple (d+S), Ground Grapple (fuhG)
    Special Moves
    bmAB     Cold Shower              T'ai stands on her hands and turns around so
                                      her front is towards the opponent. She wraps
                                      her legs around his waist and suplexs him 
                                      over herself making him land on his 
                                      shoulders in a weird position. He stays in 
                                      this semi-up-side-down position as T'ai 
                                      jumps and does an Elbow Drop to his groin. 
                                      The opponent rolls forwards and lands in a 
                                      sitting position with T'ai standing behind 
                                      him. She finishes by punching his head with 
                                      both fists from opposite directions.
     Rear Grapple
    bmAB     One Night Stand          T'ai starts by grabbing the opponent's 
                                      ankles and drags them so he falls down to 
                                      the ground. She now throws his legs upwards 
                                      as she does a forward flip. She lands on his 
                                      head with her feet and catches his ankles 
                                      making his legs lie parallel with his 
                                      body. She uses his legs as support while she 
                                      jumps at the back of his head a couple of 
                                      times, then she finishes by jumping higher,
                                      releasing his ankles and come crashing
                                      down to his head with one foot.
    That's all from me! It's been fun.
    Copyright (c) 2003 Christopher Wall

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